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Reminder of terms/Talkabout user banned

As election season gets underway, this forum's civility is sure to be tested. I will remind and implore users to use common sense when posting. If unsure about a post, please refer to these terms of service.

Web Link

If still unsure, your post is most likely inappropriate.

FYI: As of July 21, frequent poster John Ullom (with many AKAs) has run afoul of these terms, his account terminated and he has agreed to stop posting on Talkabout. He asked that I make this clear to readers of this forum. I have obliged. He had made several posts since, as he was unclear of his status.

Thanks for all your efforts to keep this a forum where people are not afraid to read or contribute. If you see posts that are objectionable, obscene or otherwise not appropriate for a community forum, please email me at bill@hmbreview, or Editor Clay Lambert at clay@hmbreview.com and we will do our best to respond to your concern.

Thanks for understanding.


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