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Mystery signage on 92

Many people have called us asking about the electric traffic sign on Highway 92 alerting people to an unnamed event on Sunday. Just talked to the city. The event is a bike ride benefitting the AIDS foundation. The road will not be closed. The sign is meant just to alert people of bikes being on the roadway between 10 am and 2 pm...Highway 92 is terrible for bike riding with absolutely no shoulder, so I suspect this will slow down traffic quite a bit.


The idea of having a bunch of casual bicyclists ride over 92 is awe inspiring.

I mean, really. Think of the mess! If you all thought the Easter Sunday meltdown inflicted on us by Mayor John Muller was bad, just wait and see what is instore.

Very very few cyclists of any ability ride on 92 and there is a reason for it. Bill is right. There is no shoulder. Climbing up on the East side is going to excruciatingly slow for everybody. They'll do OK riding down the other side but when they hit the flats, back to 8 MPH.


>>Bill is right. There is no shoulder<<

The same is true of much of highway 1 between Montara and Linda Mar. Plus, it is replete with blind curves.

Plan accordingly and please share the road. Can't we all just get along?

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Perhaps bicyclists should be assessed a mileage fee. Right now they get a free ride.

A heads up that last night the sign read 8am to 2pm. Forget that quick morning trip over the hill.

Who approved blocking a critical highway and thousands of people who need to get somewhere? Talk about causing road rage and hazards for everyone.

Enough already: the GM truck commercial blocking Highway 1. Then the Easter race crossing Hwy 1 three times. Now this on 92.

The City Council needs to do something to reduce highway blockages.

The Aids ride has happened on this route for years. The highway stays open. Its organized. Relax. Its not a big deal and it helps a great deal of sick individuals. In fact I have driven over 92 in the middle of it. Just be a bit more careful. There was no slowdown and no traffic jam.

Comparing it to our brilliant Mayors act to allow multiple crossings on Highway 1 does justice neither to the Aids ride and the people it helps, nor to the stupidity of the act of our mayor.

Thanks clearwater for the input. If cyclists are staying single file so cars can get around them then it's not quite so bad. But I wonder what the rational is for not just starting on Hwy 1 and heading south. Better visibility etc.

What happened to the straightening and wider shoulders on 92 promised in the San Mateo County Measure A road tax initiative? What happened to the promised WB 92 passing lane? Repeal Measure A!

>>If cyclists are staying single file so cars can get around them then it's not quite so bad.<<

That'll happen. Cyclists are such considerate people.


Thank you for the explanation.

In 1982 during the initial outset of HIV and AIDS, when it wasn't clear how or why the virus was spreading, and the world was holding its collective breath that we didn't have some unknown plague of epic and population altering characteristics, often at the time compared to bubonic plague or spanish flu in its possible virulence,

who was saying we wouldn't do what we could then to support whatever measures were necessary to treat the disease?

What you thought was that since my babies didn't die,

since my ex girlfriend didn't have it,

since there are now ways to live with such a back then fatal disease, sure we'll allow research and so on,

but a ride that might disrupt my leisurely ride over the hill?

I understand and am mightily behind the efforts of people to go about their business,

from people bringing their loved ones to their doctor appointments,

to the leisurely family out for a treat,

Just remember,

someone's babies are dying,

someones ex girlfriend does have it,

someone is going to contract it today,

And Klaus Nomi is dead because of it.

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Have a heart and open it today to somebody that might not have what you have,

Even if it's only to share the aisle in the supermarket, to let a kid cut in line, to not get mad at the freak driver in front of you, or to let some unknown organization, representing unknown faces, in an unknown war on something so devastating,

have a heart-

if it was your babies...

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