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Computer Science at the High School?

I've been talking with local leaders casually for years about the need for some sort of computer science class at the high school with no traction.

Are there other parents out there who might be interested in getting together to kick around ideas what we might do to offer computer science to students?

From my view when I say "computer science" I'm talking more than programming--I'm talking about the *ideas* of computer science and the social context of computers--programming itself but also mathematics, the history of computations and issues like privacy and copyright. Just like "biology" at the high school is more than learning the techniques of dissection or "art" is more than how to use a paintbrush. The goal is not to train more programmers per se but to serve the educational mission in the same way that the other liberal arts do.

I'm not a IT person but would love to hear what other parents think.

Post here or e-mail me at darin@darinboville.com and we can figure out a good time and place to meet to kick around ideas.



I am not a parent but I do know how to program in a few languages and have taught classes in bicycle repair. Keep me in the loop.

Wait a minute. Are you saying that the have no computer science classes at the CUSD?

Really? Maybe we should tell them about Silicon Valley. Lots of jobs there. Or so I hear.

Great idea Darin.

I think they need to teach a little bit of programming, but a lot more of what Darin is referring to.

Computer Science is using Excel to build financial models.

Computer Science is designing eCommerce websites to fit patterns of behavior.

Computer Science is, shudder, collecting taxes and analyzing the results.

You get the picture. It is not always evident how it is used, but it is always used.

I'm building a Death Star in my garage and desperately need Fortran programmers. Count me in, Darin.

A few people responded, willing to kick ideas around. But i was hoping for a few more.

If you are interested in discussing this issue please e-mail me at darin@darinboville.com

You need not be a programmer or even work in the IT field. You need not even agree with my conception of "computer science" that I outlined above. You just need to have a recognition that computer science, in some form, should be made available to high school students.

No long term obligation. No obligation at all. Ping me if you are interested in sharing your thoughts or wish to learn more.


Grand idea, but I have heard anecdotes that high school classrooms have insufficient heat. If they can't manage to even keep students warm with their $81 BILLION dollars, God help us.

Oh, wait, they want to re-do the track & football fields however!

$81 Billion dollars? Wow, the Boosters are kicking butt!

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