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We Need To Pass Measure B In Order Maintain The Technology We Bought With Measure S

When I was 16, I worked at East Side Schwinn. The guy who owned the shop was a sort of a crazy bugged eyed old coot who lived the life. Roger Rodgen was his name.

Roger enjoyed passing on his business acumen to the mechanics, which he had plenty of. Business acumen I mean. The guy lived on a 10 acre estate in Golden Valley. The kind of place where from the cul-du-sac one can't see the house at the end of the driveway.

Roger once said to me,

John, don't spend a buck trying to save a nickel. -- Roger Rodgen

In June, 2012, the Coastside Unified School District connived with Piper Jaffray to impose Measure S on both property owners and renters. One of the reasons we were told we should make this investment.

The measure will not only complete basic repairs, but will also equip classrooms with 21st-century technology and improve energy efficiency to save money—money that can be used in the classroom to improve academic programs and retain teachers.

All of those iPads, servers, and network upgrades are going save so much money that academics will be improved and we'll keep all of our teachers. Brilliance!! Sounds good too. Right?

Well.....it turns out that all that money saved by technology doesn't cover the cost of maintaining the technology. I kid you not: -- Web Link

As Roger would often say, That's a bargain at half the price!



That's all a ruse. My kid's history teacher recently showed the class this movie as a means to "teach" history at HMB HS:

Web Link

The same teacher subsequently showed the kids Twilight Zone reruns to teach them about the 1950's.

Time to flip the etch-a-sketch over and erase...

Well, at least you can watch Twilight Zone on an iPad. The district can buy the kids subscriptions to Netflix.

GRRRRRRRRRRR! All our money, all the time... that's all the school districts/teachers/lazy parents ask. Open your moth-ridden pocketbooks and shell it out, NOW!

Thanks to the last money grab from the school district, which is costing folks who can't afford it a fortune, and which is doing mostly nothing to actually teach academics, I will never again vote for another school bond measure, for anything. Period.

Maybe they can sell some of thet fancy artificial turf before it wears out completely in10 years.

They're just like City Council...raise taxes on those who can least afford it so they can squander it on things that are just not that important. Then come back begging for yet more for some excuse or other, that half the time they haven't thought through, planned for maintenance, etc.

No, Not, Never again!

The system has failed and has to be reformed.

This is obvious --- as long as we keep giving them money and expect them to do nothing different, nothing will change.

At least someone there has apparently realized that they totally wore out the "leaky roofs" thing.

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