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I sent out a messed up breaking news alert

Just wanted to apologize for a screw up on my end.

We had big breaking news of a legislative attempt to assure public access to Martin's Beach today. So I attempted to send it as a breaking news alert to readers who have signed up for them. Unfortunately, I did something wrong and resent one dealing with the Mavericks surf contest.

Obviously, the Mavericks surf contest won't be running again.

Sorry for the confusion and here's that story from Martin's Beach: Web Link


No worries.

Hope Jerry Hill carries the ball all the way on this one. It sets a huge precedent if millionaires are able to buy their own beach and keep everyone else off. Evidently a San Mateo judge thinks this is just dandy to do that.

Not sure I get it. Private property? Private. Simple. Doesn't matter if it's desert, mountain, beach, island, forest, etc. The owner owns it. The owner should have the say as to who tiptoes through his/her tulips.

Here we go again. There are enough millionaires just in this state that they could buy up the entire California coastline if they were permitted to do so. Is that what you want?

you're right precocious,

Khosla laughed when he thought he got this one of a kind deal.

38 million is an idea to him.

Just like having his own private Northern California malibu style beachfront with one of a kind surfing and fishing was an idea to him.

It seems like it was bad advice he got.

Blame his own lawyer's or the previous owner's lawyer's disclosure and expertise.

They couldn't see this happening?

If this guy's name is on any future ballot I hope people will remember his ruling to keep the every day riff raff off Martin's Beach...Judge Gerald Buchwald.

In October, a San Mateo County Superior Court judge ruled in one of the suits that Khosla was within his rights to bar the public from the beach. In his ruling, Judge Gerald Buchwald concluded that opening the beach to the public would effectively amount to eminent domain. He indicated that eminent domain could violate the federal property rights guaranteed in a 19th century Mexican land grant.

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