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About that story

I received an email from a parent of a former Half Moon Bay High School girls soccer player, one who graduated several years ago, who is unhappy with my Feb. 5 story about the girls soccer team.

In the story, I mentioned problems with coaching in the 2010-11 season. I wasn’t blaming Magi Mata. Mata is not at fault for what happened that year since she stepped down as coach shortly after the 2009-10 season ended.

For anyone who may have misinterpreted, please accept my humble apology. It was not my intent to anger or upset anyone. I only wanted to praise current coach Katie Moore for the job she is doing now, not only bringing it back to the level Mata helped attain, which was very competitive, but raise it a bit.

It is my belief that if Moore had taken over for Mata, the 2010-11 season would have been a good one.


Probably should put that in the paper if that's where the story ran so the same readers would see it.

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