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Devil's Slide 'trail' will be breathtaking

I planned on riding my bike over Montara Mountain on the trails to Pacifica and return through the tunnel on Saturday. But instead of continuing through the tunnel, I went up the old highway as I had noticed the gate that has been there for the last 9 months was gone. I fully expected to encounter another gate further up or possibly a no trespassing sign, at which point I would have turned around, but I found neither. I was able to ride down the surprisingly steep roadway (it doesn't seem so steep in a car) and out the other side. There is quite a bit of work still to be done it appears, but much of the road has been repaved. It was absolutely stunning. The weather certainly helped, but it was a treat to go slowly and stop at various places on Devil's Slide that we previously only zoomed through, clutching the steering wheel as tight as can be.

Who knows how long this very unique park/roadway/scenic bypass will last as any major slide will most likely not be repaired, but for the time being, this will prove to be another Coastside jewel.

As far as we know, the schedule for the official opening is still in March. We will update if we learn differently. AND BTW, I encountered a red light driving southbound out of the tunnel this evening for the first time. It was quite abrupt... just be warned that the light appears to be active.


It sounds wonderful. I am no longer able to ride a bike over the mountain. If I could, and if I encountered a "No Trespassing sign" I probably would have just kept on going. Ain't I a devil?

I looked at the other side of the "no trespassing" sign and it didn't say nothing. That sign was made for you and me. W. Guthrie This land is your land............. Web Link

Thanks for the heads up on that traffic signal. That will be a quick stop from 45mph when it's red!

Great line in a great song.

The tunnel entrances on both the South and North sides are confusing now. I didn't know bicycles were allowed in the tunnel. From the frequent sounds of emergency vehicles responding to accidents, there needs to be carefully placed instructional signs in place for all to follow.

Marc: bicycles are indeed allowed in the tunnel and fortunately there is a generous amount of room in the bike lane. The unfortunate part is that road on both sides of the tunnel is ridiculously dangerous for bikes. No shoulder whatsoever.

My guess is that once the devils slide path is officially open, most will chose to go that way although it is significantly longer and more hilly. This won't however improve the approach to the area which is the real challenge for cyclists. There is a large 'share the road' sign as you leave Pacifica but really that means that bikes need to ride in the gutter or risk getting clipped, or at the least honked at.

I am very cautious with bike riders since many of them wobble and accidentally ride in front of cars with no signal or hand sign. When I am on the slide, I slow down, much to the chagrin of cars behind me, because I don't want a bike to inadvertently swerve into my car, or the space right before my car. It seems, bike riders are becoming more dangerous to ordinary drivers than other cars or pedestrians.

Marc, you fail to understand that the roads are for bicycles, not autombiles. If you doubt that, ask any biker.

Traffic laws and stop signs do not apply to bikers. If you doubt that, ask any biker.

As a matter of fact, just ask Bill Murray.

Why are cars allowed on Devil' Slide, if as you say "roads are for bicycles". I don't know Bill Murray; unless, you are referring to "Ground Hog Day".

Ummm, Bill Murray is the publisher of the Half Moon Bay Review and the originator of this thread.

BB, you didn't answer my question.

Ouch, Boney Bills. Nailed me with the stop sign reference! Where there is no other place for cyclists to travel, then indeed 'roads are for bicycles.' Heck, there is even an official government sign that says so in Linda Mar. So it must be true. Let's move the cyclists vs. cars thread to another topic. My fault for venting a little over some recent cycling frustration.

The thread really is supposed to be about a very unique park that will soon be open on the Coastside. I'm excited to use it.

And Marc, you do know me!

Thanks for clearing up that, Bill. I don't know you Bill.

This is a bit off subject - but - there has been for months what appears to be seepage on the left side of the southbound tunnel about 1/2 way through. Is that significant?

HATE THE TUNNEL! Many more BIG trucks and CRUMMY drivers now use Hwy 1 instead of Hwy 92. Cannot get from Moss Beach to either Pacifica or HMB without getting behind one or the other or both. The lights at either end of the tunnel WILL be traffic stoppers!!!

AND... what's up with the left turn lights going on every cycle even when there's no vehicle attempting to turn left????? Happened to me Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday north-bound on Hwy 1 at: 1) Miramontes Point Rd, 2) Poplar St (JUST WHAT HWY 1 NEEDED, ANOTHER TRAFFIC LIGHT), 3) Kelly Ave (unusual to not have left turners on SB Hwy 1, but there you go...), 4) Main St. (even more unusual...), 5) Frenchman's Creek Rd (not unusual at all), 6) Santa Ana St. (not unusual at all), 7) Capistrano Rd. (sheesh!), 8) and of course, 24/7 at every light on Hwy 1 in Pacifica :(

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