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Our newsy matriarch visits

It was a quiet and sunny Thursday afternoon and fresh breeze blew through the door at the Half Moon Bay offices. Then something quite remarkable came through the door too: Mae Dunn, a real Renaissance woman in Review history. She did a little of everything — proofread stories, folded the papers, even washed the windows, beginning back in the 1920s when her father George owned the paper.

Newspapers were in Mae’s blood: all her uncles on her dad’s side were in the newspaper business, she said. Her dad would go around town himself to sniff out and collect stories.

But it was a different town, and a different Review office, back then.

The office was all on one floor, with no little steps like the ones there now, she said. There once was a press in the backroom; now that space is a lunchroom. Even the weather was different — it was foggier more often, she recalled.

But every day she came in to work, and spend time with her friend Bev Ashcraft. The paper came out on Thursday back then instead of Wednesday.

Living nearby in Half Moon Bay, she likes to visit.

“I always want to come,” she said. “And see what you’re doing to it.”

Coming along with her was fellow Coastsider and masseuse Joan Madson, who visits her each week to give massages, have lunch, chat and reminisce.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said Madson, smiling happily. “I get to spend time with her. “We drive around and she rattles history.”


"“I always want to come,” she said. “And see what you’re doing to it.”

Maybe she won't want to come anymore if there is not a new bridge.

It's amazing the Review has been around so long and wonderful that Mae Dunn can still pay a visit to the same paper her father ran. Thanks for the nice story.

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