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Moss Beach Park is more than a playground

Twice as many people as seats were at the MCC meeting on Wednesday to discuss the recent sale of the Moss Beach Park. The how and why and what to do about it were really not the topic. Rather it was a chance for the community to express what the park meant to them. And it means a lot. And it means a lot to me.

I, too, am proud to say I was there to help build the park. (My proudest moment was connecting the little 'telephone' tube so kids can talk to Old Mossy's captain). The decorative top of one of the swing set posts? Yep. Some of my finest carpentry skills on display.

I can't say I slept at the park, or took a week off of work, as some had mentioned at the meeting. But I'll be damned if it is not one of the things I am most proud of in the entire community. And I guarantee that is case for hundreds of others.

Just a playground? No. Somehow it transcends that. As someone said at the meeting. They came with a shovel and left with a hundred new friends. Indeed.

I am cautiously optimistic that this is just a bump in the road for the park. That at this time 5 years from now kids will still be talking with the captain of the SS Mossy. Its too painful to think about it any other way.


Did you take part? Do you remember what you built? Does your kid have a favorite spot? (I'm partial to the swinging surfboard myself) Would love to read about what the park means to you...


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I feel very sad for all of those who worked so hard to build this park. I remember attending recreation meetings where they were discussing their plans including building rest rooms. This is a very good example of why there should be a coastside recreation district. Perhaps Don Horsley could lead the discussion with LAFCO and representatives of the coastside. This should not have happened. The County Recreation Department could also be another alternative to managing and financing this park. So much work was done by volunteers, but it does show that their needs to be a formal organization in charge who can make sure taxes are paid and the property protected. I hope you are able to resolve this problem and establish a permanent solution.

How many communities pay any taxes on their parks at all? This park was sold for what - $88,000 to be subdivided for five houses? Where in the entire bay area can you buy vacant lots for that price? The one house lot behind our house was for sale years ago for over $300,000! It sounds like some kind of under the table shananagins where in nobody knows what is going on. It starts with the county tax collector whose office should know better than this...to auction a community park to a developer.

I agree with precocious. Something smells mighty foul.

Does anybody know the property ID number or how to obtain it? Maybe we can get ahold of the deed and see if there are any restrictions on converting the donated property.

The Parcel Number is:



Darin. I do think its fascinating that the picture does not match the parcel on the bid4assets site.

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What is amazing to me is that the County employee who put together the tax auction materials could just use their GIS system, do a parcel search and see from the aerial map that this is Moss Beach Park. I would hope that that would raise some red flags. One would assume that that type of due diligence is what is necessary to put together such an auction.


Title report ordered - including copies of past grant deeds.

Chicago Title is handling the search, it takes a few days. I will let the group know.


By the way, don't blame the County. The county Tax Assessors office apparently sent notices which were returned, marked not deliverable, is my understanding.

The owner, a non-profit, first fell down on their obligations to:

A.) Maintain a P.O. Box for notifications

B.) Filing taxes and the required 990 form to keep their non-profit status current

C.) Paying the required Property Taxes.c(for 5 years)

Tax lien sales are a municipal entity's last resort to collect delinquent taxes AFTER remaining unpaid for 5 years.

SHOULD this get resolved, hopefully a more diligent, involved group of stake holders will pay attention to details. Obviously many things "fell through the cracks" so please don't assume it's the County's fault.

As Bill Murray has said "Twice as many people as seats were at the MCC meeting on Wednesday to discuss the recent sale of the Moss Beach Park".

The new meeting location is far to small for popular concerns to be voiced by citizens, as there is woefully inadequate seating, poor ventilation, a very cramped area for a large audience which spilled out into the kitchen, the hallway, the filing room and along the walls behind the MCC directors.

This item was not on the agenda, therefore this was addressed under the public comment portion, before they could begin their regular agenda, so I pleaded that should they later choose to agendize the issue, hopefully to be attended by Supervisor Don Horsley, to PLEASE schedule it in a room with better acoustics, more room for a large audiences and adequate seating.

Children of the Coastside, Rejoice!!!! -- Web Link

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