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Tagged already?

Say what you will about the new half-pipe skate ramp at Surfer's Beach, it is a pretty impressive structure. Permits? No. Building code? Not sure what that would be for a skate ramp. But clearly this is no backyard ramp. This is professionally built piece of equipment. The icing on the cake is a creative and well painted mural that wraps around the street side.

Now, as the paint is still drying, the first graffiti tag has already shown up. I knew it wouldn't take long, but I thought the amount of work that was put into it might garner a little more respect. Drives me crazy.

The only way that the powers-that-be will allow it to remain is if it stays well maintained and not become an eye-sore. Lets hope that visitors to the ramp recognize the amount of effort put into the construction, enjoy it while they can, and not feel compelled to 'decorate' it any further.


Have local kids paint murals on the ramps. Don't know why but there seems to be an unwritten rule about tagging murals created by ones' peers.

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I saw that ramp; impressive. I passed by the ramp twice (there and back) going to the Princeton meeting sponsored by the County.

The place was packed. There were more people at the ramp than watching the surfers.

It's nice to see a place that kids of all ages can go to have fun and socialize. I say keep it; and as Bill notes, keep it clean (please).

How about the Gang Task Force crack down and round up the gang members on the Coastside?

Two problems solved.

The ramp is sweet. Too bad the NIMBYs near the HMBHS would never allow a real skate park to be built up there.

Bill: Please post what paint you need donated (type, color and quantity) and where to deliver it.

Coasters: if you're looking to donate paint, I'd contact Tim West of El Granada. He spearheaded the project.

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I'm having a hard time finding an email address for Tim West. If anyone has a phone# or email, please post.

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Try this:

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