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Meetings about meetings...

You say you aren't busy tonight and want to participate in the civic happenings of your community? Well, you're in luck.

Tonight's meeting that can't be missed comes to you from the good folks at SamTrans, the bus people. It's at 6 tonight at the Half Moon Bay Library, but have some strong coffee before you get there.

The headline of the news release reads, "SamTrans to hold focus group meetings as part of outreach plan." From this important missive:

The outreach meetings are intended to gather input about how SamTrans should conduct outreach in the future when it considers changes to fare policy or existing services.

There are no specific proposed changes that are part of this outreach effort.

That's right. It's an outreach meeting to decide how to hold future outreach meetings.

I kid because I love. The meeting is actually mandated by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and designed as a way to ensure federally funded agencies do not discriminate on the basis of race. That's an important goal, and you can't have too much outreach.

I just wouldn't expect much of a crowd tonight.


Samtrans could follow the lead of our City Council and hire a $50,000 consultant to tell them.

But something tells me that this meeting will be run by a consultant.

It is a good thing that we have bottomless pockets and can give them more anytime they need it.

Cities throughout the east bay have begun hosting streaming video of the city council meetings online. The Fire District and Water District do as well. When will the City Council start?

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