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When Richie Havens played Half Moon Bay

A big shout out to Facebook fan Gerrie Linn, who remembered that Richie Havens rocked the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival.

I went back and looked. Turns out the year was 1994. Havens wasn't the grand marshal -- the legendary Joe DiMaggio held that honor that year -- but he did play both Saturday and Sunday during the festival. According to our coverage, he played "Freedom/Motherless Child," the Woodstock opener, and some of his Bob Dylan covers. (Sorry... Tried to post a photo, but it didn't work in the format.)

I mention all this, of course, because Havens died on Monday. His sound was completely unique and he lives on in my album collection.


He sure could pick - and he made it look so easy.

For those who have not heard or for those who want to one more time.

Web Link

I did not catch him at Woodstock, but I saw him the year I live in Paris at L'Opera, a very ornate venue. As I recall, back in the seventies there was quite a vibrant jazz scene there too.....but I did hang out with Artists. When I moved here, I used to cook dinner to KJAZ- They had a show called "Dinner Jazz" whichalways put me in a mello mood.

This -Boney Bills- and the -trolltracker- can finally agree on one thing, Havens was a wonderful artist. It's too bad we cannot agree on the proper mentorship of Freedom the Motherless Child. Adoption by the state is not an option.


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