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There is a new blog for Cougars' sports

Jarrett Dooley, assistant principal at Half Moon Bay High School, has alerted me to a new blog that he created with the help of the school's athletic department. It's a great idea and a great way to keep up on all the Cougar teams.

You can find it here:

Web Link

I'm looking into creating a link to the blog on our website, hmbreview.com.

In addition, I want to make sure everyone knows how hard sportswriter Mark Foyer works to keep folks up to the minute with Cougar results. We often post stories online right after games and he regularly tweets updates from games. If you are on Twitter, I really urge you to follow @hmbreview. Not only will you get Mark's updates, but you'll hear first when breaking news happens on the coast. We have about a thousand followers and post updates throughout the day.


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