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So this is completely out of context...

I just noticed that I have been quoted in a "Vote Yes on the Recall" mailer that has been sent to voters in advance of the April 9 recall election. You can see it in the attached photo.

While that is flattering and all, it is also a bit dismaying.

The quote goes: "If the recall fails, the Coastside will be plunged back into endless expense -- assuming the architects can even put together a 'local fire department."

I did write that on Feb. 20. But it is part of a much longer piece that notes at least one of the folks gathering signatures for the recall was paid to do so. That piece was hardly flattering to the "Yes on Recall" forces. In fact, the first paragraph of that piece reads:

Supporters of Cal Fire — by which we mean people on the right side of the current battle for the heart of the Coastside Fire Protection District — have made some serious miscalculations in recent days. They’ve engaged in shady political practices that muddy their message and ultimately endanger the future of affordable, professional fire service on the coast.

You can read it yourself here:

Web Link

For what it's worth, I don't think the excerpt taken from my editorial is a fair portrayal of what I was saying there.


Mr. Lambert,

On the one hand I completely agree. Quoting such a small portion of the article give a false impression of you. That demonstrates a lack of respect. Not asking your permission to use your quote and your name, also seems inappropriate.

On the other side, your statement is pretty clear. Your statement is full of conviction, and the quote used fairly represents the conviction intended in the article. It isn't as if someone reworked a 2000 word article you wrote about hunting and pieced together the sentence "I'm.. a... poo... poo... head." Not the best example, because I don't know why you would be using the word poo in an article about hunting, but you get my point. It is a direct quote.

The excerpt from your editorial is not a fair portrayal of what your editorial said. It is, however, a fair portrayal of what you said.

Yes, you start off the editorial by discussing the "shady political practices" as you call them. You then state your opinion of your own opening paragraph:

"Mind you, all of this is a sideshow. These political shenanigans pale in comparison to what we stand to lose if the recall fails. If it fails, the Coastside will be plunged back into endless expense —assuming the architects can even put together a “local” fire department."

I believe the quote used in the mailer captures the spirit of your true intent, if I read your editorial correctly.

Hmmph. I have never ever seen a politico quote from newspaper editorial without including the less than flattering aspects of the editorial. I am shocked, shocked I tell you: -- Web Link

Clay, you're a better judge than I am of what quote captures the spirit of your editorial. And you were certainly clear in your dismay about aspects of the process on both sides. So I see your point.

That said, the subject of the mailer seemed to be less about the process of the recall than the desirability of it's intended result. And on that score, your position seemed to be quite clear. So on the scale of perceived sins, it strikes me as a small one.

Fair point, Plano. I do think ditching Cal Fire is a dumb idea. It doesn't necessarily follow that I support specific candidates in a recall election. Perhaps it is just weird being quoted in a campaign mailer.

Gee Clay, it looks like you are gaining an understanding of what it is like to be misunderstood.

Mr. Lambert,

Simply put, your piece takes to task the people who are in favor of a recall vote with prose of an objective theme. However, one cannot escape your personal view of the recall effort - pro recall - which is self evident in your opening paragragh:

" - by which we mean people on the right side of the current battle for the heart of the Coastside Fire Protection District - ". Key words: "right side".

The last two paragraghs of your piece cement your favorable view of the recall effort.

A humble suggestion: run your newsroom as objectively as humanly possible, and when you write an editorial, 'let your hands go', or more crassly put, 'let it all hang out'. That way there will be no confusion. Heck, why waste the effort at objectivity, it is an editorial opinion not a news story.

And for the record, I like the flavor of the Review much better than when Ms. Godshall was at the helm........

Yours in Liberty,

JD the Federalist

Clay, aren't you (or the Review) going to publish your recommendations regarding the vote sometime before April 9? This has been a common practice for the Review (and any newspaper) in past elections.

I guess if we see either no recommendation or a no-recall recommendation, we will know that; 1). either Bill Murray has taken over editorial control or, 2) the Old Guard has gotten to you.

Sure hope neither is the case. HMB needs an independent "Fourth Estate" more than most little towns.

Upon opening my Review today, I was unfortunately not exceedingly surprised to see that Clay Lambert's editorial urges readers to vote "no" on the recall. He has completely flip-flopped from months of support for CalFire and the recall effort. If you read carefully from some of the Review's more recent articles and TA postings, there was a slightly different approach regarding the recall, so you could sort of see this was coming.

Obviously, someone got to him and he buckled under the pressure. Was it Bill Murray, the Old Guard, Big Labor, or his newspaper syndicate? We'll probably never know.

Clay, you are an embarrassment to the long tradition of editorial integrity. You have done a tremendous disservice to the Coastside and you should be ashamed of yourself. I will never pay attention to anything you write again, since it is best to simply ignore hypocrites and gutless wimps.

I still have faith in the good judgment of the local voters, who have frequently ignored the Review's endorsements in the past and will do so again on April 9.

Last night, Alifano and Macintosh actually boasted about the support they claim that Clay and Bil are lending them. Of course they only mentioned the parts that serve their purposes.

Now, we will see just how the Editorial Board deals with claims that Clay and Bill stand with them but ignores the "context" of what the Editorial Board told us to do.

Tell the Board what you think, but be polite, and live with it. Is that not the advice that Bill Murray gave us? Remember, no harsh language.

You're mad at them for doing the EXACT same thing the recall supporters did and is the SUBJECT of this thread?!?!

John Charles, you are irrational.

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