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Prepare for a road trip

Thanks to its 46-41 loss to Menlo School in the Central Coast Section Division IV boys basketball final Friday, the projections for what could Half Moon Bay at Sunday’s Northern California seeding meeting are hard to figure.

All I know that there will be 14 teams on the board, four from the Central Coast Section, four from the North Coast Section, four from the Sac-Joaquin Section and two from the Northern Section.

But, by the time the division is seeded, it will be a 13-team bracket. That is a Tony Bruno special lead pipe lock. Salesian, from the North Coast Section, one of the top ranked teams in the state, will be placed in the newly formed Open Division. Another lock is that the top two seeds in the NorCal Division IV Tournament will be Riordan from San Francisco and Cardinal Newman from Santa Rosa.

The rest of the seeding is all guess work. I can’t really say much since the other three sections will contend for their respective Division IV titles Saturday. But I can provide educated guesses.

I’m thinking Menlo will be a No. 3 seed. The Sac-Joaquin Section champion will be No. 4 and the Northern Section champion gets No. 5.

Soquel, who was in the CCS Open Division with Riordan, will be No. 7, avoiding meeting Menlo in the second round. I see the No. 6 seed as the runner-up from the Sac-Joaquin.

Thus comes the question of what to do with the remaining six teams, trying to avoid them meeting their section mate in the second round. I think Half Moon Bay will have to go on the road, most likely to either the winner of the Northern Section or the winner of the Sac-Joaquin Section.

Following the conclusion of Saturday's games, we will know who the section champions are.


Salesian will be replaced by St. Mary's (Berkeley) by the North Coast Section after Salesian is moved to the OPEN Division in NorCals.

Soquel should be seeded higher than Menlo School, since Soquel was selected for the C.C.S. Open Division and played Mitty to a 2 point loss and won the 5th Place Game.

Mr. Stats,

I am a little confused with St. Mary's being included. Maybe I am not sure about the rules. I am not sure how St. Mary's gets in, though it is a No. 5 seed in the NCS. But using that logic, does that mean, for example, that the Woodside girls team, which lost in the CCS D II title game Friday, gets into the NorCal Tournament if one of the other four teams in gets moved into the Open Division?

I understand the Soquel discussion.

If Mitty or another Division 2 team is moved to the NorCal OPEN Division, then the Central Coast Section can replace that team with another C.C.S. team.

But the C.C.S. did not write any rules into their ByLaws for basketball for that situation.

It seems reasonable that Woodside as Section Runner-up could replace Mitty in Division 2, if they brought the rule to the C.C.S.'s attention. But it is not guaranteed.

The North Coast Section has a rule that states that the highest seed, who lost in the quarter finals will replace any team that is put in the NorCal OPEN Division.

I would guess the seeds would go this way in division 4:

#1. Riordan

#2. Cardinal Newman

#3. Soquel

#4. Marin Catholic

#5. Menlo School (moved here to avoid placing Arcata, here)

#6. Arcata

#7. Sac-Joaquin Section Champion

#8. North Section Champion

This would give the section champions home games.

#9 or #10 would be Half Moon Bay

Teams will be placed in designated seeds #9 to #14 to avoid second round match ups with other teams in their section.

Seeds #5 to #8 will also be moved around to avoid games vs. section teams in the second round, which would force a SJS team or NS team into the #5 seed.

Mr. Stats,

Thanks for clearing me up.

Based on what you said and project, it looks like Half Moon Bay will be a No. 10 seed, and play at the home of the Sac-Joaquin Section champion. Half Moon Bay can't be a No. 9 since its second-round opponent would be Riordan, unless Cardinal Newman would be the No. 1 seed, which I don't see happening.

According to a couple of sources, the pairings will be posted at 5:30 instead of 5 p.m.

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