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The day after the CCS seeding meeting

It was a long day at the Central Coast Section office, Sunday. But it’s always that way when the time comes to seed a six-division boys basketball tournament and a six-division girls basketball tournament.

While committee officials either spent their morning or afternoon there, CCS staff spent nearly 12 hours there, looking at the brackets, officiating the meeting (which was closed to the public) and trying to get things sorted out.

It’s enough to make anyone loopy.

I spent about 10 hours at CCS, sending out emails and updating my blog on Talkabout. Someone was watching; I had more than 1,300 hits on it Sunday. Only a discussion of the fate of the fire district had more hits on Sunday.

With a day to digest it, here are my takes on why things turned out the way they did for both of Half Moon Bay basketball teams. Of the team sports, basketball is the only one offered by the CCS that doesn’t seed its teams on a point system. I don’t want to call the room where the meeting took place a smoke-filled room. Smoking is not allowed. It was a snack-filled, however, as the CCS provided some food and drink for the day.

The girls received the No. 10 seed and host Carmel at 7 p.m., Tuesday. I thought Half Moon Bay would get either 7 or 8. A couple of things happened that resulted in the Cougars starting Tuesday instead of Thursday. First Lynbrook was placed in the Open Division instead of Soquel. Thus the Knights are the top seed in Half Moon Bay’s Division, Division IV. Lynbrook has a win over Eastside, another Open Division entry. Meanwhile, Soquel lost to Pinewood, also in the Open Division. Not much more needs to be said about that.

Notre Dame-Belmont was seeded ahead of Half Moon Bay for reasons I can’t explain. Notre Dame-Belmont is 6-19.

Half Moon Bay’s travel plans are not that challenging. Win Tuesday and go to Mercy of San Francisco. The winner of that game plays the quarterfinals at Notre Dame-Belmont.

With 15 teams in the bracket, the Tigers are idle Tuesday and go to Seaside, Thursday.

As for the boys, the Cougars were virtually assured of a spot in the top four when both Riordan and Soquel were placed in the Open Division.

Though I don’t have issues with Seaside, Palma, Menlo School and Half Moon Bay being the top four teams in Division IV, seeded that way, I still think Menlo School should have received the No. 1 seed. The Knights played a good preseason, highlighted by a win over Half Moon Bay. Palma has a win over Soquel, but finished behind Seaside in league play.

I think it was a good move to close the meeting to the public. The committee could talk about teams without worrying what people might say.

Now, let the games begin.


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