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CCS basketball seeding updates

The meeting has begun behind closed doors.

The first item: the girls tournament. The eight Open Division teams are Sacred Heart Cathedral, Mitty, St. Ignatius, Eastside, St. Francis, Wilcox, Pinewood and Lynbrook. Soquel didn't make it, meaning it will be the No. 1 seed in Division IV and making Half Moon Bay's hopes for being seeded 5-8 a bit more challenging.

This will be thread for all CCS updates, minus Division IV, where both of Half Moon Bay's teams will play.

Division I is now being seeded.


Girls Division I update:

1. Gunn

2. Santa Teresa

3. N. Salinas

4. Piedmont Hills

Those teams are off until the quarterfinals

5. Oak Grove

6. San Benito

7. Evergreen Valley

8. Milpitas

Off until Thursday.

Tuesday's schedule

Independence at No. 9 Menlo-Atherton, winner to play at Milpitas

Sequoia at No. 12 Homestead, winner to play at Oak Grove

Santa Clara at No. 10 Salinas, winner to play Evergreen Valley

Monta Vista at No. 11 Watsonville, winner to play at San Benito.

Both, the Monta Vista-Watsonville and Sequoia-Homestead games to start at 7 p.m. All other games starting times: TBA

Division II now being seeded.

The Half Moon Bay Girls Basketball is ranked #8 in the division in the C.C.S. by the Cal Preps Computers

Division II

1. Presentation

2. Westmoor

3. Westmont

4. Los Altos.

Those teams are off until Saturday. This is a 12-team bracket. The following games are to be played Thursday. With exception of the 10-7 game, all games are TBA

No. 9 Willow Glen at No. 8 Leigh

No. 12 Lincoln at No. 5 Mountain View

No. 10 Leland at No. 7 South San Francisco, 7 p.m.

No. 11 El Camino at No. 6 Woodside

Division III going now.

The Division IV Girls #8 seed will be decided by games played by Half Moon Bay and Harker vs. San Jose and King's Academy.

Harker beat San Jose and King's Academy, but lost to King's Academy twice.

HMB beat King's Academy and lost to San Jose

Division III

1. Burlingame

2. Branham

3. Notre Dame-San Jose

4. Mills

Off until Saturday

5. Valley Christian

6. Christopher

7. Saratoga

On scouting trips Tuesday

No. 9 Santa Cruz at No. 8 San Mateo, Thursday, 7 p.m.

N. Monterey at San Jose, 7 p.m., winner at Christopher

Del Mar at No. 10 Terra Nova, winner at Saratoga

Live Oak at No. 12 Soledad, winner at Valley Christian

Division IV being seeded now.


Your Opinion...

would Lynrook have been seeded number one in D2?

Here's Division IV

1. Soquel

2. Menlo School

3. Scotts Valley

4. Gunderson

Off until Saturday

The following teams are off until Thursday, but having scouting trips

5. Sacred Heart Prep

6. Monte Vista Christian

7. Mercy-SF

Thursday game

No. 9 Notre Dame-Belmont at No. 8 Seaside


Harker at No. 11 Oceana, winner at Monte Vista Christian

Carmel at No. 10 Half Moon Bay, winner at Mercy-SF, 7 p.m.

King City at No. 12 The Kings Academy, winner at Sacred Heart Prep

For Jazz, Yes.


Do you know if Lynbrook asked unofficially to not

be placed in the Open Division?


This great thanks for doing this for us.

I can wait to see if Burlingame play for a CCS title.

Did you see Mills beat Burlingame by 1?

I know the second time they played Bgame won by 19...

Here's Division V

1. Pacific Collegiate

2. Notre Dame-Salinas

3. St. Francis-CCC

4. Crystal Springs-Uplands

Those teams are off until Saturday

Here are Thursday's match-ups.

Oakwood vs. No. 8 Summit Prep at Sequoia, time TBA

East Palo Alto Academy vs. No. 5 Immaculate Conception Academy at Mercy-SF, 7:30 p.m.

Alma Heights @ No. 7 Anzar, 7 p.m.

Jewish Community at No. 6 Catalina, 7 p.m.

Now, a little break before the boys meeting.


I don't what happened in regards to Lynbrook since the door was closed. Sorry I can't be more help.


D5 another one I can't wait to see little Pacific Collegiate

play for a CCS title!!!

I have never seen MoGreen play I asume you have?


All in all I think this is great...

many schools that can't afford to recruit

get a chance to play for a CCS title!!!


Do you know the times for the Girls Open Division Consolation Games

on Feb 26 at Oak Grove?

Semi Final Times are 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday for both the boys and girls

Officially, all the times for the consolation semifinals are TBA. That's how it's listed on the bracket. It is now, according to the clock on my computer, 2:01. The boys seeding meeting has started. Figure on the Open Division to be seeded within one hour. Figure on Half Moon Bay not making it into the Open Division. Figure on learning about the Cougars' CCS plans by 5:30 this afternoon.

I got the times from the 2013 Information Bulletin that is posted on the C.C.S. Web Site.

Boys open Division

1. Mitty

2. Serra

3. Sacred Heart Cathedral

4. Riordan

5. Palo Alto

6. Piedmont Hills

7. El Camino

8. Soquel

Friday games

At Santa Clara High School

El Camino vs. Serra, 5:30 p.m.

Piedmont Hills vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral, 8 p.m.

At Piedmont Hills

Soquel vs. Mitty, 5:30 p.m.

Palo Alto vs. Riordan, 8 p.m.

Boys Division I

Off until Saturday


San Benito

Santa Teresa

Evergreen Valley

5-8, off until Thursday

Oak Grove





Wilcox at No. 9 Menlo-Atherton, winner at Salinas

Alisal at No. 12 Alvarez, winner at Oak Grove

Carlmont at No. 10 Santa Clara, winner Milpitas

Some sites have doubleheaders. I'm not comfortable posting official starting times.

Doubleheaders on Tuesday and Thursday have scheduled 5:30 PM Girls and 7:30 PM Boys Games start times. But that could change if a team is coming from more than 1 & 1/2 hours away.

Here's boys Division II

Off until Saturday

1. Westmoor

2. Leigh

3. St. Francis

4. Willow Glen

5-8, off until Thursday

5. Leland

6. Aragon

7. Mountain View

8. Los Altos


Yerba Buena at No. 9 Lincoln, winner at Los Altos

Overfelt at No. 12 Woodside, winner at Leland

Pajaro Valley at No. 10 Los Gatos, winner at Mountain View

Mt. Pleasant at No. 11 Pioneer, winner at Aragon

I'm guessing they are about halfway through Division III

Thanks for the added info ARHS Stats.

Boys Division III

Off until Saturday

1. St. Ignatius

2. Burlingame

3. Mills

4. Saratoga

5-8, off until Thursday

5. Santa Cruz

6. Aptos

7. Monterey

8. Hillsdale


N. Monterey County at No. 9 Prospect, winner at Hillsdale

No. 12 Valley Christian at Del Mar, winner at Santa Cruz

Gilroy at No. 10 Christopher, winner at Monterey

Sobrato at No. 11 Terra Nova

Del Mar won a league title.

Division IV comes shortly.

Del Mar won the West Valley Division of the B.V.A.L.

Del Mar won 20 games on the season.

Here's Division IV

Boys Division III

Off until Saturday

1. Seaside

2. Palma

3. Menlo School

4. Half Moon Bay

5-8, off until Thursday

5. Sacred Heart Prep

6. Harker

10. Carmel at No. 7 Gunderson

No. 9 Kings Academy at No. 8 Monte Vista Christian


Stevenson at No. 11 Pacific Grove, winner at Harker

King City at No. 12 Greenfield, winner at Sacred Heart Prep.

I will have separate thread for Half Moon Bay after Division V is done.

Just noticed a little typo. Last post was all Division IV.

The final bracket, Boys Division V

Boys Division V

Off until Saturday

1. Alma Heights

2. Pinewood

3. St. Francis CCC

4. Eastside College Prep

Thursday’s games

All game start at 7 p.m.

No. 11 Oakwood at No. 6 Thomas More

No. 10 Jewish Community at No. 7 Crystal Springs-Uplands

No. 12 Downtown College Prep vs. No. 5 East Palo Alto Academy at Alma Heights

No. 9 North Valley Baptist vs. No. 8 Trinity Christian at Cypress Community Church

That is it for the brackets. Some thoughts later.

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