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A big thank-you to local firefighters

It was an unusual day at the offices of the Half Moon Bay Review. In the end, we were without power and went home early.

That's because a transformer blew down the street and somehow the resulting surge sent power through our plumbing. That resulted in a dangerous situation that sent toxic smoke billowing from under the sink in our break room. I should say, that is the preliminary judgment of emergency crews at the scene; I certainly wouldn't vouch for any of that.

At this writing, firefighters are still at the scene. And, like so many in my situation, I have nothing but praise for those firefighters.

When someone on the staff noted the smoke, I dialed 911. Within a minute -- several seconds after my call -- the first fire truck was on the scene and firefighters were assessing the situation. There were maybe a dozen Coastside Fire Protection District/Cal Fire firefighters working the scene for the next two hours. Every single one of them was helpful, polite, professional, empathetic and competent. They offered to retrieve personal effects after we were safely evacuated. They kept us up-to-date with what they were doing and when we might return to the building. They even offered to secure the building when the PG&E crew was finished so we didn't have to wait around all night.

It is really terrific to know we can expect that kind of service whenever we have an emergency.

Please know: I do not intend this thank-you as any kind of political statement. I'm not suggesting that these Cal Fire guys and gals are any more well trained or better prepared than firefighters in San Mateo or other municipal services. This is in keeping with what I hear about firefighters in communities like ours all across the country.

I'm simply saying the crew that responded to our emergency today was absolutely exemplary. And we're grateful.


I am not surprised. I hear bad things about law enforcement from time to time, but I can't remember ever hearing anything bad about firefighters.

One question: Did you dial 911 on a land-line or on a cell. I have resd that 911 on cell phones is not the same as 911 on land lines.

I used a land line.

I believe dialing 911 on a cell phone takes one to the CHP Dispatcher.

Anyone know ?

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