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Pescadero gets its photo spread

Coastsiders may remember that last month Coastal Living magazine named Half Moon Bay one of the "happiest" seaside towns. The local chamber of commerce even memorialized the good press with a small sign along Highway 92 at the entrance of town.

Well, Pescadero can now take a bow. The capital of the South Coast is one of five places listed among the "best beach towns" on the West Coast in the August issue of Via magazine. The magazine is distributed to AAA members on the West Coast.

Many of the usual -- and delicious -- landmarks are mentioned, including Duarte's Tavern and Arcangeli's Grocery. Also getting a nod is the somewhat lesser-known (though no less delicious) food at Mercado y Taqueria.

Also on the list: Encinitas and Fort Bragg in California, and Long Beach, Wash., as well as Pacific City, Ore.

Congrats on the well-deserved notice.


How ironic that the "small sign along Highway 92 at the entrance of town" is on land owned by Peninsula Open Space Trust.

The option to purchase the weed lot was obtained by the City Council of 2005 without benefit of a signed appraisal to support the purchase price and without the funds to make the purchase. In most localities in the State of California, that would be deemed illegal.

Now it sits, fallow and forlorn. So happy, right?

"The capital of the South Coast is one of five places listed among the "best beach towns" on the West Coast in the August issue of Via magazine." - - - - - Pescadero has a beach?

Not one of my favorites either. Better off hanging around here for food and views and stuff to do.

Yes, Pescadero has a beach: Pescadero State Beach!

They also mentioned (and had photos of) Harley Farms, which is an absolute treat! I love Pescadero (and I'm a La Hondan!)


As a Southcoaster, and more specifically, a Loma Martian, I must commend you for the heads up of Pescadero's new national notoriety.

I must also set the record straight for the 'HMB is better' crowd.

Pescadero's tacqueria spanks the junk Mexican food y'all are consuming, Cindy's pizza and sandwiches smoke the cardboard y'all are consuming, our IDES's secret Chamarita meat recipe is far superior to the shoe leather y'all are consuming, and no restraunteer north of us can match the ambiance of Duarte's.

One more statement of fact, down here the farmers are the real thing and the men of steel and the women who love them live in the hills east of Pescadero.

Yours in Liberty,

JD the Federalist

So high school!

Yes precocious, JD has been called a juvenile by better than you and me, but then that's what makes him so interesting.

Hey JD; long time no see. Nice to know you're still out there, even if it is only in print. You are right that Pescadero is a very special place. Some say very special people live in that very special place. Who am I to argue?

I might, however, offer a little perspective to a bit of your chest beating. That tacqueria you brag on is just an extension of the Mother Ship here in HMB: 3 Amigos. Nothing unique or special there. As for the "cardboard" we consume around these parts, me thinks you may be living a little too close to some of those infamous hemp fields we've heard so much about over there. Duarte's is Duarte's; a very special place indeed -- but there is more to life than a bowl of artichoke soup and a slice of good homemade pie. You might want to get out a little more often. I will give you the Chamarita meat; it's the best, by far, but it has been changing over the years, and not for the better, HMB's has not changed. It's good, but not near as good as Pescadero's; gotta go with you on that one.

One more statement of ... question? What the heck does your closing statement mean? "...men of steel..." pahleeze.

Best to ya JD, and give Darla a hug for us northerners, will ya?

PS: might want to move that still a little further from the house. That would make for more time between drinks, and more exercise to get those drinks, which might make for more reasoned comments. Got nothin but luv for you, man.

One more thing, now that I think about it JD: you wanna talk about farmers? You think you've got a corner on that? Think again.

REAL farmers, like the ones we have up here, not only farm just like the ones you have there, but our farmers have the additional skills of being able to dodge all those people that throw themselves in front of the tractors! Your farmers don't get the opportunity to practice those skills.

Further, although there is much discussion around these parts about the infamous red legged frog and it's cousin the SF Garter Snake, all we've seen is pictures of dead ones placed in local fields. You guys have the real McCoy!

Life isn't quite as simple in the big city as it is in our laid back neighbor.

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