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Grad Night Needs Your Help

Organizers of the Half Moon Bay High School Grad Night are looking for a helping hand from Coastsiders to ensure success for the annual event, which provides graduating high school seniors with a fun and safe environment to celebrate the milestone of their graduation on that night.

They plan a silent auction, along with food and a raffle, for the evening of Wednesday, April 27, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in Princeton.

Organizers bill this event as a major fundraiser for the Grad Night event, and invite Coastsiders to pass along the names of individuals associated with businesses or companies.

Donations of services or items are also welcome from Coastsiders, and as examples, organizers list the following:

*time at a vacation home;

*transferable frequent-flier miles;

*A dessert, or quiche, of the month for a family;

*services such as housecleaning, gardening, housepainting;

*lessons in dance, surfing, cooking, knitting etc.;

*tickets to sports events such as football, baseball or hockey, or theatrical events;

*handmade craft items such as pottery, quilting, jewelry, gift baskets filled with fun items.

Donated items ca be mailed to HMBHS Grad Night at P.O. Box 2401, El Granada, Calif. 94018-2401. Or, e-mail information to auction organizer Donna McCurdy at dwmccurdy@aol.com or call her at 728-3905.

Grad Night itself will follow the high school graduation on the evening of June 8, at a surprise location to be announced.

For further information, call McCurdy at that number.


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