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Congratulations to Doc Heath for 25 years

Half Moon Bay chiropractor Mark Heath had always been concerned for living things and taking care of them — a feeling fostered by his father, a Southern California veterinarian, and later his stepfather, late Half Moon Bay chiropractor Wayne Oler (a pretty nice guy, if you remember him.)

> Then one day he witnessed his veterinarian father drawing blood from a canine patient. The sight made him black out.

> For Heath that ended any ideas of going into medicine. But he was intrigued by Oler’s way of helping human patients with chiropractic adjustments. “I thought wow, that was really neat,” he said, and that led to his becoming a chiropractor himself.

> That was 25 years ago and Heath is still adjusting patients, in the office where he began, at 339 Main St. in Half Moon Bay.

> This Saturday, Oct. 9, he will have an open house at that office from 2 to 5 p.m., to celebrate that milestone and thank his patients “for 25 years of trust.”

> Trust, of course, comes into play between you and the M.D. who’s reading your X-rays. But it kind of also figures when the doctor is standing behind you, his fingers flitting over your neck muscles, poised for a quick adjustment — then CHING! You’re either adjusted, or this is the next Stephen King movie.

> “It’s an artistic experience” adjusting someone, says the former guitar player for bluegrass band Snakes in the Grass. “It’s two people doing a dance.”

> I’ve been a patient of Dr. Heath for many years, and for me, after a few days of everyday stresses, I’ve always felt a lot better after an adjustment — and a helping of Heath’s down-home cheeriness.

> More than that, there’s an element of awe that someone can remain in business for a quarter-century, and in the same spot yet, in a constantly shifting world. For many, life is and should be about moving onward and upward, embracing change to reach potential. Still, sometimes it can feel like a guilty pleasure to interact with something that’s lasted.

> “Part of me feel blessed, grateful, for being part of the community for 25 years,” Heath says.

> Maybe it’s due to the fact that it is a small community, where interactions tend to be more personal and connections more immediate than in a large metropolitan area. Maybe it’s the fact that for many of us, a visit to this doctor is steps away, not a log drive, from our workplaces. Or maybe it is Heath’s focus on something bigger. He's got strong convictions of faith, and while I may not attend his church, I can respect that.

> “For me, the bigger picture is what God is doing through me, in the lives of other people. The feeling that I’m being used for a purpose,” he said. “That’s what’s kept me young.”

> It's nice to see someone who looks onward and upward, in any way.

> “I see (being a local chiropractor) less as a job and more of a life experience,” Heath remarked on my last visit. “It’s more about who I am than what I do.” And after 25 years, he says, he’s doing that on a deeper level now — when he is “honored (that patients) are trusting me.”

> See you at the doc’s office Saturday!


Speaking of pain in the necks, is this not a violation of the TA Code?

Harrumph @ soda. Stacy, you've captured Mark's attitude so well - professionally skilled and personally caring, empathetic, and just the right touch of humor. A real asset to the community. He's kept me going for years. Congrats to him, and don't forget Kathy and her smilin' face, all part of the healing experience. Go Giants!

I think that Clay can make an exception for 25 years of service on Coastside and all the great things they do for this community.

Great write up Stacy! Kathy is a sweetheart.

Way to go Dr. Heath, and to another 25 years!

Your patient,

Mike Alifano

Mark is one of the best, kindest gentleman I've had the pleasure of knowing in Half Moon Bay. He is the epitome of professional expertise, caring, and selfless giving. Mark and Kathy can always be counted on to contribute to local causes, whether it involves his hilarious auctioneering style, excellent musicality, or donations of time or money.

If we all behaved like the Heaths, this would be a truly wonderful place. Mark and Kathy are jewels of this community, and I can't thank them enough. This is not advertising in any way - this is recognition of lives very well lived.

And lastly, and this is just for Mark -


Congratulations, Mark! You'll always be Sir Toby Belch, to me, though...

Fine Congratulations but why doesn't the staff write a article in the Actual Review where more people can read about this person and his years of service yadda yadda yaddda?

Here it looks and reads like a advertisement and anyone else who may want to give recognition to a job well done and names the business will be edited or just deleted. But, I guess the rules only apply to the commoners of town. (like everything else)

Either the rule applies for everyone or no one and this writer who obviously works with the paper can contribute to the paper so why not do so?

It's no big deal to me wither way but I just like to bring the attention to those who are setting the rules how it appears to be to those who have to go by the rules... Not that. Stupid yes, but hey someone has to bring it up but quick this will be deleted before anyone can read this.

Kiki - I imagine there are several reasons why an article may not make it into the Review in a particular week - space and time constraints are 2 obvious ones. Yet this was to note an event to which the public were invited and therefore I assume that Stacy chose to put it on TA in the interests of letting people know in a timely fashion, if it wasn't able to be put in the paper. Plus, as I see it, it doesn't per se advertise a business, but rather acknowledges a good man's years of contributions to the community.

Heather - you have to explain the Sir Toby Belch reference - inquiring minds need to know......

I hoped someone would ask! Mark and I graduated from the same high class down in Ventura County and his dad was our vet. Senior year in high school, we did a production of Twelfth Night and Mark played Sir Toby Belch. He was very funny!

Thanks Heather! I hope there is photographic evidence......

ah yes, Sir Toby Belch. It was in high school when the drama bug first bit me and I would come close to following that passion into the world of theatre but alas I stuck to the health care profession. I still love the stage but my life as a chiropractor in a small town married to an amazing woman is more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. I am, among all peoples, most richly blessed!

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