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Last Olympics comments...

OK, so there's two things that really gripe me about this Olympics (well, besides the ice dancing):

1- U.S. goes Gold & Silver for the first ever medals in Combined, and Billy Demong wears his sweat band upside down so the American Flag is upside down too. Probably just a uniform error, but what the heck? In front of the whole world.

2- U.S. Men's Freestyle Skier (I believe his nickname is Speedy) started every run yelling a completely audible, "Come on bitch!" Besides being way inappropriate for the Olympics (I mean, people were in an uproar for a boob-shot at the Superbowl fer crissakes!), it's unbelievably degrading to women. NBC deserves a beating about the head and shoulders for this one... (and for televising the ice dancing too!)


I think the worst showing was the gold medal Canadian ladies hockey team out on the ice for half an hour after their victory drinking beer and smoking cigars. That's off camera stuff in a bar. Talk about no class.

I share MBGrub's feelings. Billy was tacky and Speedy should have been disqualified. The Canadian Ladies whooping it up don't bother me a bit. Don't know why I feel that way, won't bother to analyze it, but I do.


You people are absolutely missing the spirit of the Olympics. You waste energy debating who should win gold, how much beer should the girls drink, which way is up for some atheletes, or the childish language used by the participants.

Here is the really important information

Web Link

----2- U.S. Men's Freestyle Skier (I believe his nickname is Speedy) started every run yelling a completely audible, "Come on bitch!"----

That's awesome!

re Boney BILLS input,


what do people think is going on, a kindergarten social

it's all about fun, and 7000 fit, healthy, youngsters with plenty of attitude had a ton of it

get over it,

be there an join in next time should you be so lucky

Maybe you all misunderstood my original post... I'm an old codger who still thinks like a teenager, and certainly can remember what it was like being one. I have nothing against any-aged folks enjoying themselves to the fullest, as long as it doesn't keep me awake at night. That said, at no time in my entire life would I have made the upside-down flag mistake. Nor would I have used some degrading epithet to get my adrenalin pumping. Even had I wanted to, neither my parents nor my teachers nor my coaches would have allowed me to. I'd have felt the operating end of a big wooden paddle (with holes in it to cut down wind resistance). I expressed my opinion about those two things, not about young people, nor young athletes, in general. That's what on-line forums are for... expressing your opinion.

and handing out birth control to young folks is one of the best, most progressive practices. I support it 100%!

Guess you're just so much better than everyone else. Go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back!

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