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Reports available for candidate campaign contributions

This week, the Review had an article (Web Link) about the campaign contributions of the eight candidates for City Council. All the information we used in that article comes from mandatory pre-election reports the candidates filed at City Hall on Sept. 24.

Each candidate had to report every donation of more than $100, along with any loans or outside funds that are financing their campaigns. The only candidate who was not required to file a public report was Charles Hoelzel, who told the Review he has raised $645 so far from small donations.

We’ve decided to put these documents online so that anyone can browse through the donor information. Here's the public reports for:

Allan Alifano Web Link

Naomi Patridge Web Link

Dan Handler Web Link

Deborah Ruddock Web Link

George Muteff Web Link

Rick Kowalczyk Web Link

Sofia Freer Web Link


Links are no good.

Just a minor typo. Change the hmbreview.ocm (note "ocm") to .com at the end...

Very cool. Excellent idea to post the raw data.


The server name for these links has a typ0. What should be spelled ".com" is actually spelled ".ocm".

Until Mark re-posts these links, you can correct this typo in your browser and you'll be able to see the reports:

Sorry about the typo, folks. I reposted the links, so everything should be fine now.

Interesting Debra Ruddick and Ms Freer, collects donations from so many in Portola Valley and Palo Alto, What is their concern with our local “non-partisan” politics.

Interesting that Occupations tend to be noted as “Retired”; as Paul Harvey used to say, I’d like to hear “the rest of the Story”

In my mind, if you’re from over the hill, and not simply family, you should mind your own business. Whatever happened to that phrase, Think globally, act “Locally”.

I think any contributions from over the hill should contain an explaination / justifacation for meddling in Coastside politics.

Mr. Templar, have you ever noticed that retired people (i.e. seniors) often contribute to candidates and participate in elections? and they vote. Have you ever noticed that candidates for local offices often have friends and relatives who live elsewhere, yet pony up when asked for help?

Your suspicions seem rather excessive; almost every one of these candidates has contributors who are retired.

Not much of an issue, I think.

This may be an appropriate place to clarify something we handled a bit sloppily in the graphic that accompanied Mark's story in the print edition.

We show Naomi Patridge with $800 worth of contributions from people and entities outside Half Moon Bay. That is both technically true in a way and misleading. $500 of that total came from Sam's Chowder House and its owner, Paul Shenkman. While the restaurant lists an El Granada P.O. box (hence its inclusion as "outside" money), both the restaurant and Mr. Shenkman actually reside within city limits.

Hope that makes sense.

Hey Clay,

I wonder if you might redo the graphic with "outside" money subdivided into "Midcoast" and "elsewhere."

After all, the Midcoast is intensely interested in the election and, as your circulation demographic no doubt shows, we care for the same reasons that HMB residents care...calling us "outsiders"--as if we were sending cash in from far away--is odd.


I'm all for full public disclosure. But this smells like another ham-handed attempt by the HMB Review to insert its big, distorted, pro-development mouth into the City Council election.

I think Darin's suggestion is a good one. I would extend "local" to include Montara south to La Honda, including Pescadero. People living in all San Mateo coastside communities and personally interested in HMB politics are not outsiders. We coastsiders are all in this together.

Whats the matter Kevin,are you upset that the Review exposed all of the big $$$ your friends are raking in from outside special interests?

>>People living in all San Mateo coastside communities and personally interested in HMB politics are not outsiders. We coastsiders are all in this together.<<

Suzanne is spot on.


Gee, where was the Review four years ago when a current candidate that we all know was accepting big donations from Chop Keenan?

And why isn't the Review disclosing where Patridge's huge $10,000 war chest (left over from the 2005 election) came from?

Come on; With one notable exception, I would hardly call any of this "big money". The candidates did a fair job of explaining the nature and motivation of their contributors. This is a local election, and regardless who wins, our Council will represent the local voters.

The names of campaign contributors speak volumes in local elections, often more than the vague, tasteless pap served up in equivocating statements by candidates afraid to say anything that would alienate anyone. Hope we will see updates of this information whenever candidates file it.

Contributions from the unincorporated midcoast and south coast should be listed separately. Though neighbors of HMB, they are distinct populations and communities with many issues that do not overlap the city. On any common issue on the ballot, the votes inside HMB and on the midcoast are usually quite distinct when broken down, as are individual precincts within the city and outside.

Golly Wally, the things you can find out via Google. The contributors to Freer, Ruddock and Handlers' campaigns, many of whom are on each of their statements, reads like a who's who of the Committee for Green Foothills. Retired, super rich environmentalist action committee benefactors. Makes it seem "cleaner" and "greener" I think, for the money to appear to come from individual friends/families/couples, rather than from the Political Action Committee itself. Since I am one of the very much local (30+ years) voters who is struggling mightily just to stay alive in this economy and run a business locally, I have a hard time seeing the Coastside connection and commitment from these super rich contributors in Portola Valley, Los Altos, Hillsborough and Palo Alto. Maybe its envy on my behalf = I spend sleepless nights worrying about making the house payment on a modest house in HMB, these Green Foothills sponsors live behind gated walls of 20 acre mansions, 20 miles away, in far tonier neighborhoods.

NP opines: "Though neighbors of HMB, they are distinct populations and communities with many issues that do not overlap the city."

Though neighbors of HMB, they are distinct populations and communities and for the most part use many of the amenities of HMB, patronize its busineses and pass through it on a regular basis. Unlike residents of, for example, Palo Alto.

Contributions from other coastside communities should not be lumped in with those from over the hill. They may be from "outside" of HMB, but most of these people are affected in many areas of their lives by the policies of HMB.

Just to be completely clear... and factual... MORE THAN 60% of Debbie Ruddock's, Dan Handler's, and Sofia Freer's reported campaign contributions come from both OUTSIDE Half Moon Bay AND OUTSIDE the coast entirely. This outside financial influence is typical of their campaigns, and not of the other candidates, myself included.

No commentary offered here, just some facts. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

dont need forinners buying our election. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ says alot of who owns you!!!!!!!!!! lets vote for people who take the least amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

If they can buy up our land, why can't they buy our elections?

And now we see how the Review and Kowalczyk are teaming up.

BTW, we're still waiting for that disclosure about the source of Patridge's war chest.

And what about all the anonymous contributions she pulled in for her softball field construction?

the "treasurer" for Handler, ruddock and freer, Gregory Sanborn, works/runs a larger Democratic PAC in the East Bay, on of which has been repeatedly fined by the FEC for late filings of campaign contributions. Web Link

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