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Sheriff should resign in wake of 'Operation Dollhouse'

Your San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks has been nabbed in a prostitution sting. As if that weren't embarrassing enough, he has the temerity to lie about it.

Bay City News is reporting today that Munks -- and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos -- were both briefly detained at an alleged Las Vegas brothel Saturday night. They were not among six people arrested at the alleged brothel two miles west of the famous strip. Neither man was charged.

The two top cops were in Sin City for a law enforcement run known as the Baker to Vegas Relay. They were detained as part of "Operation Dollhouse," a two-year investigation spearheaded by local and federal authorities aimed at putting a dent in the city's prostitution business.

But here is the most shameful part. Munks told reporters he had no earthly idea he was at a suspected brothel.

"I believed I was going to a legitimate business," he said. "I would not, nor did I, break any laws. Neither did the undersheriff."

Well, of course. Who hasn't been detained by police, the FBI, the IRS Criminal Enforcement Division and the Customs Enforcement Bureau because they thought the brothel they were at was, say, a cafe or perhaps a library? Who does he think he is kidding?

Munks went on to apologize for the embarrassment he brought his office. Now he should resign.


What a low down dirty shame!

Resign please!

If these guys worked in the private sector, nobody would know or care. Law enforcement is held to a double standard. When is the last time you read "marketing manager held in prostitution sting??" Or how about "bank teller arested for DUI." It just doesn't happen. Anything in their personal life is made public.

My uncle was a cop and used to get pissed when people introduced him as a cop at a party -- and it's true. it did happen all the time. I never noticed it until he pointed it out! My girlfriend pointed out that "a cop lives there" when I first went to her house. She didn't say "oh, a plummer lives there." Police are held to a higher, and double standard.

I'm not saying what these guys did is right, I'm just saying we all have things in our closet and they don't have the luxary of keeping them private like we do.

The courts have continually held that law enforcement officers can and should be held to a higher standard that the average citizen because they have a unique role in our society. Society trusts them with the authority and responsibility to keep our communities safe. People do not want to see, nor tolerate any abuse of that trust. Instead of asking for a resignation, an independent internal investigation (not by the Sheriff's Office) should be conducted so that we do not have to rely on the media spin. If ethical violations are uncovered, then the Sheriff should be accountable for his actions along with his appointed undersheriff.

Oh, please. He may have had 'relations' with someone within the brothel.

I would not tolerate this from my husband, but I could not care less about this


Upon opening this article, I thought it meant the Sheriff was operating a brothel.

Really, what IS this world coming to? I am not saying 'let boys be boys', but this

man is doing his job as the Sheriff and had some fun on the side, I didn't read anything

about him lying in a back alley with drugs.

I think it is about time people start looking at themselves, not others.

What would the Sheriff do if this was a Deputy. Do you really think he would believe that story.

Munks said I would not, nor did I, break any laws. Neither did the undersheriff.

That's because Undersheriff Bolanos wouldn't enter the building. He didn't think it was a legitimate "massage parlor," and waited outside for his collegue. Munks went in in spite of the looks of the place, or more likely, because of it.

You know, if you can't trust your Sheriff to follow the law himself how can you expect him to uphold it? Or, if you do believe him, who wants an incompetent sheriff who can't recognize a brothel when he's been in it?

Too soon to judge, Clay, though it garners the readership attention you crave, along with some happy folks down the hall in advertising. I would consider that we all begin to search our own pasts, including you, and reason with ourselves that we, too, made innocent mistakes, many a lot worse than the Sheriff, with nothing coming of it, and nobody finding out or being put on public display. Why should the Sheriff ave to say more than he already did? As if our muckraking society and, in this case, the media, doesn't have enough to snipe about, not having all the details, which YOU DO NOT, liables you more than the Sheriff, for foul play and further damage to someone's character you no nothing about.

As a cop myself, I can tell you it's not really the action itself that's unforgiveable, but rather the subsequent lying to cover it up. The Sheriff should have simply owned up to what he did, as bad a PR nightmare as that might seem, because once he lied his credibility was shot. In Munks' case, the lie is so absolutely unbelievable it's pathetic... seriously, a guy who's been in law enforcement for 30 years couldn't figure out he was not at a legitimate business until he walked in the door??? It was in a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood! Gimme a break! What, his hotel had no spa or massage facility therein??

I'm a cop too and it really is the lie that makes this such a big deal. We cops are humans and do some of the same stupid things other people, but lying isn't one of the things that can ever be tolerated. After all, if a cop lies about stuff like this what's preventing him from lying on the witness stand in court? Sheriff Munks needs to practice what he preaches and let the cards fall where they fall. Not too sure his publishing heiress wife will be too wild about it though.

A legitimate massage business is easy to find and is usually not easily confused up with the ones who will massage your "little brother". This operation was also to invesitgate trafficking in sex workers, and that is another common and upsetting feature of Massage Parlors. Cops are held to a higher standard - sorry but that's what we expect from you, Sherriff Munks. Resign.

On the one hand, you have a thirty-year Bay Area police veteran who should be familiar with this very typical prostitution M/O (method of peration). The Sheriff was just elected, so he or his advisors should know to steer a mile clear of ANYTHING, ANY PLACE or ANY PERSON associated with the words "massage" and "parlor," just to avoid the potential of - well, what actually happened.

On the other hand, the public doesn't have the facts as to what the Sheriff actually saw and thought when he arrived, assuming he actually DIDN'T know what was going on. If you are a true, practicing street cop with years of experience, you could "suspect" (now it's called illegal profiling) that a massage business located away from commercial areas in an unmarked private building with a manager and several Asian females is the same basic set-up found in most illegal brothels discovered by law enforcement in the past 20-plus years. The Sheriff could be trying to be politically correct and put the obvious out of his mind until HE had more facts, such as an actual solicitation for a sexual act for money or other object of value (needed as an element of the crime of prostitution and to definitively differentiate a w-----house from a legitimate massge business). As for the Under-Sheriff staying outside? Maybe he deferred to the Sheriff's judgment as any good subordinate might do, perhaps with the idea to let the Sheriff wants to make up his own mind.

OR they were simply 80 miles from the Clark County line and the legal brothels shown on HBO - and they just didn't know it.

By an Asian Copper (not an oxymoron)

Five out of five officers writing here said that what Munks did or how he lied about it wasn't acceptable.

However the San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff's Association Executive Board just issued him a pass that doesn't reflect the views of the cops who work under him. Isn't this a little premature? They're obviously sweeping it under the rug as fast as possible, perhaps due to his elevated job and social positions.

If the Executive Board doesn't care, let's remind them that the citizens certainly do. There's no reason to put up with illegal activities and lying when there are plenty of law-abiding, ethical and moral policemen who take their jobs seriously. It's hard to imagine that this was the first time Munks was engaging in illegal activities and that he just happened to be caught. Like street criminals, for every time they're arrested they've done multiple other crimes.

Let's keep this in mind when Munks is up for election again.


"We remain confident in their abilities and leadership and we look forward to moving past this incident." -- San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff's Association Executive Board.

What is wrong with a massage at your hotel? You would think that a Sheriff would be a bit more professional than to tell the limo driver that they wanted to go to a massage parlor.

This whole story will unfortunately continue to rerun until the truth is brought out.

I really feel sorry for his dedicated family. They deserve better than this. He's a bit too old for the "male change of life".

Just had to remove a comment. Please have your say, but do so without calling people names. If you can't do that, take your comments elsewhere.

This quote is right on the target

" The courts have continually held that law enforcement officers can and should be held to a higher standard that the average citizen because they have a unique role in our society. Society trusts them with the authority and responsibility to keep our communities safe. People do not want to see, nor tolerate any abuse of that trust. Instead of asking for a resignation, an independent internal investigation (not by the Sheriff's Office) should be conducted so that we do not have to rely on the media spin. If ethical violations are uncovered, then the Sheriff should be accountable for his actions along with his appointed undersheriff."

The realistic tragedy here is that they both will keep their jobs and go un-punished, while the wake of their actions are reflecting badly on the deputies in the field. Maybe Munks and his Under-Sheriff Bolanos should strip off their rank, and go work the street to feel the real repercussions of their actions. And more importantly become acquainted with the people who work under continued scrutiny courtesy of the under sheriff and the less than stellar ethical practices he brought with him from his days at Redwood City PD.

Let one of them step out of line even just slightly, so they can feel the rage of being subjected to an Internal Affairs Investigation for looking cross-eyed at a criminal, or raising their voice out of turn, or better yet, doing their job well, and still being investigated and subject to termination. Harassment of the first order, nothing more. Law enforcement officers today have enough to worry about, they should not have to worry about retaliation or retribution courtesy of their own chain of command, talk about a systematic hostile work environment. This continues on a daily basis. Look at Mr. Bolanos's track record at Redwood City, talk to any Redwood Cop who was employed under Bolanos and see how much they miss him. I am sure they threw a going away party for him, and forgot to invite him.

And yet after entirely too long having a politician (Horsley) running the Sheriffs' office into the ground, Munks was a glimmer of hope. When he made public his intention for Napoleon to be his #2 man, there was a collective groan in the deputy ranks. The morale of the deputies was at a low under Horsley, but this event has driven morale underground. The Sheriffs' Office is in desperate need of a serious overhaul from the top down. It is not a law enforcement agency; it is a political machine, nothing more. Law enforcement agencies need to be run by cops, not politicians masquerading as cops (Bolanos). Munks has put Napoleon in charge of the entire organization, and stepped back. Munks was an effective under sheriff, but was kept in check by the (political) power hungry Horsley. Munks time is (was) now to turn things around, but he has a very steep uphill battle to win if he is going to be able to restore faith and trust in his constituency, and more importantly his own troops.

Who are the members the San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff's Association Executive Board.

Who are people responsible for this statement?

Do they live in San Mateo County?

Web Link

Recall Greg Munks and dismiss Carlos Balonas.

These two men are responsible for our womens jail. and the boys and girls in Hillcrest

They are responsible for the investigation of Carlos Ordonez the 23 year old

San Mateo County Probation Department Employee who was caught having sex with a 15 year old girl who was a ward of San Mateo County. They protected Carlos Ordonez (San Mateo County Employee) not our children.

They kept his arrest secret for 13 days and even then no booking photo released at that time.

Their loyalties are to a different group of people, not San Mateo County residents.

As sworn law enforcement officers they must meet the highest standards of integrity and moral conduct.

We San Mateo County don't have that with these two men.

Greg Munks was just elected Jan 8, 2007 that makes him our problem the voters of San Mateo County. He answers to us only. Carlos Bolanos on the other hand has become an Employee of San Mateo County as of Jan 2007. The Board of Supervisors are his boss. He should be terminated ASAP. He has not worked for us 4 months yet....probation period etc.

I am confident the Greg Munks will not do the honorable thing and resign, so with that said I will be filing Notice of Intent to Recall him this next week. Sould have it filed by Friday.

Welcome to San Mateo County

Hey Michael:

Since when is the Sheriff's Office in charge of Hillcrest?

They are not now, nor have they ever been.

Hillcrest is staffed by probation. Two completely different groups.

You are not even a resident of San Mateo County? Do you just sit at home and write about goverments outside your own?

Your are on lots of San Mateo County message boards, and often quote yourself, which I find odd. You often have things to say about the Sheriff's office and law enforcement in general... However, I find it odd you had nothing to say about the redwood city police officers who were cleared of any wrong doing.

You would have much more credibility if you weren't so outraged by EVERYTHING and happy with NOTHING.

I'm guessing you were arrested by deputies at one point in your life between startrek conventions and now have a thing for law enforcement.


You bring up an excellent point. Hillcrest is run by the Probation Department.

The same Probation Department that hired Carlos Ordonez. The 23 year old man caught having sex in his car with the 15 year old ward of Hillcrest. Aslo after an investigation was completed in a short time it was discovered that a 17 year old ward of Hillcrest also had sex with the 23 year old San Mateo County Employee at Hillcrest...which you have pointed out is run by the Probation Department.

My credibility is not in question here. Your quess is wrong I have never been arrested and I have a high regard for Law Enforcement, and our Court System.

If you hav any questions feel free to call 650-921-7001


Again, if you knew the probation department ran Hillcrest, why would you say "These two men are responsible for our womens jail. and the boys and girls in Hillcrest?" By your own admission, is untrue... or if it came from someone in law enforcement, YOU would call a "LIE".

I think you make some valid points on occasion. I would like to have Sheriff Munks answer some more questions.. or just admit he was there to get laid and move on. It doesn't shock me... it just shows he is human like all of us.

It is CLEAR your view is slanted. As such, it DOES take away from your credibility. You are quick to accuse without knowing all the facts and when things like the Redwood City Police Officers are found not guilty of SERIOUS charges, you say nothing? Look at how many posts you have... HUNDREDS.. In fact, the message board on the SM Daily journal shows you as the Number 1 poster. You have something to say about EVERYTHING! You would think you would have some kind words for the people who risk their life every day for all of us and were wrongly accused.

Another example of how you "slant" things, you give a link to a news article about the Munks story. And you refer to the Photos of where they were taken at the scene (I forget your exact wording). However, if you read the caption, it's a stock photo taken somewhere in China. A clear case of exageration.

And yes, I think it's odd you are not even a resident of San Mateo County but are so critical of things that happen here... but only critical of law enforcement. You have an opinion on traffic lights in Millbrae... How about move here and become a voter and try to change it? What is your facination with San Mateo County?

I think the most outragious statment you made was wanting to replace Munks with Hernandez (can't remember her name a hispanic named Sheriff's Officer), simply because she was "the highest ranking female". Are you kidding me? What do you know about her? Specifically, her education and what would make her a good Sheriff. I'm not saying she's not qualified, but just to put her in because she's a female, is crazy! That's like replacing Bush with a member of congress who is muslim to "send a message". Another example of you opening your mouth without having the facts.

And if you want to know about me, I do have a connection to the Sheriff's Office. I was an inmate in the jail with a drug problem. I was Lucky enough to get into the CHOICES program that SHERIFF MUNKS supported and has recently DOUBLED.. thats right DOUBLED. Because of this program, I was able to get off drugs.. for the first time in my life, I'm holding down a job, being true to my family and a productive member of San Mateo County.

I feel very strongly about this program. Sadly, my brother also has a drug problem too. When the Choices program DOUBLED in size, he was able to get into the program. I hope he has the same experience I did... it will save his life.

I'm not proud to admit that I have been to lots of other jails in my life, but San Mateo County is the first one to reach out to me and offer a way out of my life style. I know that the Munks was in charge of the jails when he was undersheriff,... and he doubled the size of the program once he became Sheriff. As such, I feel he has the proper attitude.... and if he went to Vegas to get laid by some Asian chick, I don't care.

I remember hearing about a Sheriff/Undersheriff in San Francisco a few years back that did time for murder... If he can be Sheriff, I don't see how this guy being at a brothel would change things.

I look forward to your response.


I'm glad you had a good experience with Sheriff Munks, and the Choices program.

Trisha Sanchez, ans Susan Mannheimer are two of the potential replacements names I have posted about so far. Some other poster had thought that in order to recall Greg Munks I would have to have a relplacement name. I don't, and I was suggesting these two women as possibilities.

Best of Luck to You

This is what I posted about Trisha Sanchez.

Also I see many people around the County are having the same conversation. The important thing for now is to let Greg Munks know that if he does not resign he will face recall.That I and others promise

I am targeting for next thursday to have the signatures to file.

I would like to have discussions for replacement names.

Trisha Sanchez is our highest ranking female Sheriff Deputy, she is responsible for the Maquire Jail currently. I would like to know if she is interested and qualified...

let me know your thoughts

Cops are not held to a double standard, as I just read. While working the streets of San Mateo County, I never saw myself having to live a double standard. However,cops should to be held to a hirer standard of conduct and have integrity, sound character and demonstrate professional values.


Lets hold you to the same standard you hold others.

1)You still have not addressed your OUTRIGHT LIE about hillcrest being run by the Sheriff's Office when you KNOW it is not.

2) You still have not said a kind word about the injustice the Redwood City Police Officers have been subjected to.

3)You still have not addressed what your facination with San Mateo County is when you do not live here and as such, are not even a voter here.

Is it so easy to be a critic but unable to answer those questions yourself?


This is not about me. In case you haven't noticed

"You still have not addressed what your facination with San Mateo County is when you do not live here and as such, are not even a voter here"

I live in San Carlos, California where I have lived on and off since 1954.

I have raised my two children (China and Morgan) in San Carlos and Redwood Shores.

You are welcome to check with Warren Slocum to verify that I am a registered voter in San Carlos.

Any other questions: please fell free to call me 650-921-7001

Michael G. Stogner


You answered one of three questions.

Lets hold you to the same standard you hold others.

1)You still have not addressed your OUTRIGHT LIE about hillcrest being run by the Sheriff's Office when you KNOW it is not.

2) You still have not said a kind word about the injustice the Redwood City Police Officers have been subjected to.


You haven't called.

Any other questions: please fell free to call me 650-921-7001

Michael G. Stogner

This is a public forum where you made knowingly false statements. I have asked you to explain yourself.. IN PUBLIC...the same as you accuse others.

I do not wish to have a private phone conversation with you.

If you can not explain yourslef on something as simple as this, why do you expect others to?


Some valid points have been made. I hope you answer the questions. I have noticed you have said things in the past I know are not true, but don't have the energy to debate it with you.

I for one await your answer.


If you have a specific, that I have said something that you say is not true, I'll be happy to answer,



I thought we already covered this point.

"These two men are responsible for our womens jail. and the boys and girls in Hillcrest."

We are in agreement that Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos are responsible for our womens jail. Correct?

And the boys and girls in Hillcrest is incorrect. Correct, I was referring to the arrest of Carlos Ordonez being kept secret for a certain time period. and the Sheriff Department stating the booking Photo was not being released because of a pending investigation.

You have pointed out that they have no responsibility to the children.

You have stated that I do not live in San Mateo County, and I am not a registered voter.

Both of which are fasle. I do and I am. The Notice of Intent filing will veriy both.

You are unhappy I haven't made comment on a subject you are interested in, which I have no idea what you are talking about.

Baker to Vegas Relay results.

Web Link

This is the race Munks & Bolanos got sore in remember.

Wording for Notice of Intention...RECALL


A statement, not over 200 words in length, of the reasons for recall;

suggestions welcome.

OK, how about this for a draft ( and be sure to read through to the end):



WHEREAS, Sheriff Munks took an oath to uphold the law and has failed to honor that oath;

WHEREAS, Sheriff Munks was caught at an illegal house of prostitution on the night of April 21 2007 in a sting operation by Nevada and Federal authorities;

WHEREAS, Sheriff Munks chose not to accept responsibility for his actions and continues to deny wrongdoing;

WHEREAS, Sheriff Munks has, through his immoral, unethical and illegal actions, set a bad role model for the youth of San Mateo County;

WHEREAS, Sheriff Munks has lost the respect and trust of his fellow police officers and citizens of San Mateo county, and thus his ability to lead;

WHEREAS, Sheriff Munks began his term in January 2007 and would remain in office until 2011 if not recalled;

WHERAS, Sheriff Munks and his team embarrassed the County Of San Mateo in the Baker to Vegas run by finishing a pathetic 213th out of 218 teams.

Now why should I not be surprised that an admitted former inmate in our jail would:

1). want a lawbreaking sheriff to remain, and

2). say "I don't care" when the sheriff commits a crime...

Now you know why we don't let felons vote....

Sheesh. Did my flight land back on Earth, or some other strange planet.

Dear Oh, Please

Thanks for the wording.

The 213 place finish was for last years race 2006...for some reason the results for the most recent 2007 event has not been posted. There is no confirmation that Munks and Bolanos were in this years race, and they have refused to answer even that simple questiion,

Were you in the race, and what leg of the race did you run?

On the niye of April 22 07 Monks and Balanos got into a limo to hunt for younge girls to have sex with,fresh younge,Asiam girls.Girls braught over to this country to make money for their bosses ingaged in prostitution drugs.ect,ect.This type of girl is in much demarned all over the U.S.We have an on going problem in sanmateo.............So the Sherrifs finest end up being the hunted .Caught by no less than fore agencys including F.B.I I.N.S. Make no mystake they where set free because thease agencys didnt have time for enyone, other than the big fish They were very lucky the police were only playing catch and relice that night.............That night thease two old buddys crossed to the other side THE DARK SIDE They know it ,we,know it,other Police Officers know it. So why are they still in power? What is the leval of corruption in our Police,Police/Union Legal and Political system?.......If they are able to hide behind their badges so easly I ask how many other Officers have done the same? I think many. As there should be a Police and public outrage over this cover up,at all levals Monks and Bolanos refusal to say any thing behond a week apology ten days ago. Have managed to quiet the press,but mot there wife and kids. At this point now only a full independant incestigation into them ,and other Officers covering up for them now and in the past will will do.This is not just an isalated case for them. Like all criminals they got carless and over confident with getting away with things so long .For the sake of all the many fine Officers who wrisk there lifes dailys for us for the sake of there wifes,,, kids parents, who love and encorage them, and who have to put up with a lot of verbale abuse. Do the rite thing-----GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

For the sake of Robert Peel, can we get a little spell check?

I think Robert Peel's message was perfectly clear.

Robert are you a registered voter in San Mateo County, and if yes, would you like to be one of the 20 signatures on the Notice of Intent to Recall.

Best of Luck


This is the other resson I am calling for a Recall. The handling of the Carlos Ordonez arrest and booking photo not being released.

Web Link

It is well-known that law enforcement individuals are "held to a higher-double-standard" as point out in David's comment; their salary is also higher and more beneficial in many ways, than any everage worker's salary. I doubt that the Sheriff and the Under-Sheriff, while in Vegas, were staying at a roadside motel without the perks of a massager or a hot tub, or a jacuzzi to calm sore muscles.... to them it was unfortunate that they caught in a raid of a house of "ill-repute", - how funny is that? No amount of excuses could ever minimize the impact that both men were careless and that their character is now tarnished, -- this incident will follow them around for a while.

Michael, interestly enough in your declaration of intent to recall you said that Sheriff Munks violated his oath to uphold the law, Which law did he fail to uphold in another state? Sheriff Munks is not a law enforcement officer in Nevada, nor an elected official of that state.

You comment in that document that he "chose not to accept responsibility and continues to deny wrong doing" as I recall he publicly appologized for his lapse of judgement and an innocent man never accepts responsibility for something he did not do. I suspect that you have a few unspoken appologies in your life too..The news reports that you sell cars...hmmm I guess that speaks for itself.

Donald E. Thanks for your interest, you are ref. to the first draft, this is being created by several different voters in San Mateo County, not just by me.

This might come as a suprise to you, Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.

This VOTER car salesman was not caught by the FBI,Metro, in a HUMAN TRAFFICING Sting, known as

Operation Dollhouse........ Sex Slaves, ......Prisoners etc.....hmmmm.

Rob Ross of Channel 2 news did a report on the Recall efforts yesterday.

I heard he got a statement from Sheriff Greg Munks,

Something like he is not concerned it is a one person/man effort. Did anyone hear the quote.

also a Sheriff Deputy make a statement.

As a resident of the coastside, I resent the double standards by how our sheriffs and law enforcement officers in this rather small and "cushy" area on the Bay Area......I have had very good experience with some of the officers I know who do fine work on maintaining safety on the roads, and how quickly they respond to emergencies.

There have been those bad apples like a motor cop was dismissed for being a little too cocky and being fired for his arrogance which did come to the attention of higher ups...There are others who are lazy and do not bother to appear to take reports, and then there are those who get busted for being led by their "E.D",as the commercials put it.Lying is normally hard to prove, but it happens, and where a guy like Munks gets caught in a lie, is downright stupid on his part when the evidence is stacked against him. If he were in uniform and on active duty, I think he should resign.....otherwise, anything which even reeks of impropriety while off duty, is his own business and not ours.Every one from Devil's Slide to Pescadero has something hiding in his past...Those are the tight asses who have invaded this once pretty wild and fun place to live.

Boss its time for you to resign, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and thats why our residents trust us to keep peace. Telling your staff not to talk about this matter or ells only makes us suspicious of your over all character. PS: No county funds were spent because this was not a official county function? Our SWAT guys were there and they took County marked vehicles.. the gas was paid for by San Mateo County residents.. so if this was not official. .why did the boys take Marked County Vehicles?

Time to hold ourselves to the same standard we hold our residents.

What ells is going on within the SMSO?

Committee to Recall sample question that are going to be mailed to Sheriff Greg Munks soon by Certified Mail....He will have 30 days to respond.

Originally Posted by Michael Stogner

Sheriff Greg Munks

What is the address of the property you and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos were detained at in the Las Vegas Prostitution and Human Smuggling Sting known as Operation Dollhouse?

What address did the limo pick you up from?

Who ordered the limo for you?

Did the Limo driver wait for you or did he/she leave after taking you to the site.

How many minutes where you in the house/apartment?

Did Carlos Bolanos ever enter the house/apartment?

If Carlos Bolanos waited for you outside while you were inside, where specifically was he, was he in the limo, or if limo left you there was he just standing outside on the sidewalk?

Here are a few more questions for Munks:

Did you pay any money to anybody while you were at the house/apartment in Las Vegas where the sting took place? If so, who did you pay this money to and how can they be contacted?

What is the name, address, and telephone number of the limo company and the limo driver?

Have you ever been to this house/apartment in Las Vegas before?

How many times per year do you go to Las Vegas and when was the last time you were in Las Vegas?

What are the names and contact numbers for the people who own the house/apartment in Las Vegas?

Were the owners of the house/apartment in Las Vegas the ones who were arrested or were the people in control of the property renters? If they were renters, what are their names and how can they be contacted? If not, what are their names and how can they be contacted?

Have you had any previous contact with any of the people who were arrested at the house? If so, what was the nature of the contact?

Have you ever visited or been a customer at any massage parlors or houses of prostitution (legal or illegal) in Las Vegas before or since the incident in question? What are the addresses/contact points for these establishments?

Inquiring minds want to know..........


Thank you for organizing a recall effort on behalf of the citizens and please don't worry about the lame personal attacks.

How many signatures do you need and where do we sign? You'll probably need some volunteers, too. Please keep us informed so that we can help, thanks.

Dear Michael,

I feel compelled to respond:

"Depends on what your definition of the word 'is' is"

(Hey, it's worked before! :)

Dear Last poster....SheriffMonks,

You haven't felt compelled to to answer the most simple questions asked by reporters.

You will have an chance to answer several simple questions that I will be sending you in the mail this next week......Certified....... Please take your time.....30 days to respond

I look forward to your honest responses.

Best of Luck to you and your family.

Michael G. Stogner

Peg Collier Revises her advice and comments about Sheriff Greg Munks.

Web Link


I also have personal knowlege of Carlos Bolanos as the Chief of Police for the City of Redwood City.

In March and April of 2001..Incident Report #R01040099 Dated 4/4/01

Chief Carlos Bolanos Authorized or personally orderd an Illegal Order to his officer John Harp.

Officer Harp was ordered not to accept my criminal complaint of 30 felonies against one of San Mateo Counties most powerfull attorney, and personal friend of James P. Fox.

I let officer Harp know he was committing a crime by not accepting the complaint, he responded...I am going to follow the order.

If asked I will testfy under oath that this statement is true and correct.

Michael g. Stogner

I also have other evidence that shows false reporting under the leadership of Carlos Bolanos. I have worked as an advocate for a mother and daughter for the last several years. The girl will be 18 on May 19, 2007

San Mateo County Leadership will be answering a lot of questions as soon as she turns 18.

Happy Birthday Sarah

Did I miss something?

Michael, I would like YOU to answer these SPECIFIC questions. Please don't gloss over them.

1) Where is the proof that Munks violated ANY law? We can SPECULATE they were up to no good, but where is the proof? (Please list specific source with links)

2) Do you have a Police report?

3) If you do not have a police report, where are you getting your FACTS that a crime was committed? (Again, please list specific source with links)

4) Since when does the County of San Mateo have Limos? If they dont, why is this an issue?

5) Where is the proof that these guys knew these were under age girls? (Police report, witness statements, etc)

6) Where is the proof that ANY girls were under age at all? (Police report, news links, etc)

7) My understanding is this was one of 5 or so locations that were raided. What specifically was found at the location where Munks was detained and where is the proof he knew those items were there? Please provide links, police reports etc that you are basing your opinion on. Be sure to exclude news reports that list all people/ items confiscated in all raids. I have yet to see ANYTHING listing what was specifically found in the location he was detained and NOTHING to show he knew those items were there. I have a hard time believing he got into the limo and asked Please bring me to a place with under age women who are part of a sex slave/ ecstasy ring.

8) If in fact you have PROOF a crime was committed by these two, why are you not going through the proper channels to launch a protest against the FBI and Las Vegas PD preferential treatment of these two. In my opinion, that is more outrageous than anything else.

9) If you have nothing but speculation and no proof, When did we change the laws to let news reporters and speculation convict someone of a crime?

10) Do you personally feel speculation is enough to convict someone of a crime?

11) Do you personally feel speculation is enough to recall a public official?

12) If you have this proof, why have the newspapers not reported it.

13) If they have reported it, please provide the link(s).

I understand that some county vehicles were used for the race, but it is a charity correct? Wouldn't this be the same as using a county vehicle for a parade? I remember seeing a string of police cars for a special Olympics run a few years ago... perhaps we should launch an investigation into that? I was on El Camino Real in Belmont and saw 5 police cars.. perhaps more...

I'm very serious about this. I would like SPECIFICS, copies of police reports etc to back up your accusations. Right now, all I see is your opinions, and no facts.

If you do have VERIFIABLE FACTS, I will personally go to shopping centers with you to help get signatures.

If you do have VERIFIABLE FACTS, I think the bigger story is the cover up conspiracy that includes Las Vegas PD, the FBI and all newspapers and television channels. What are you doing to expose the conspiracy?


I'm 42 years old and my only police contact is when I occasionally get pulled over. And that is my fault. Once, the police brought home my kid who was caught with some beer.

Is it me or does Stogner have lots of police contact?

To me, it seems he brings excessive drama everywhere he goes. You seem to have a lot of negitive police stories... far more than anyone I know.

I think a prudent person should read his posts as though he is the local writer for the National Enquirer.... entertaining, but no truth behind it.

Steve and Richard,

I didn't say that Sheriff Greg Munks has committed any crime.

I said I am filing a Notice of Intent to Recall him as our Sheriff.

That is what I said. When the time comes to vote you can vote for him if you wish.


What exactly is the basis for your recall? What does your recall notice say the exact reason is? I for one am also curious about:

10) Do you personally feel speculation is enough to convict someone of a crime

11)Do you personally feel speculation is enough to recall a public official?

Have you filed the notice? If not, what is the hold up?

I admire you for taking a project like this on, but people who throw stones should not live in glass houses. When other people ask you valid questions, I feel you should answer them.


The notice of Intent will be filed after Sheriff Greg Munks responds to the questions he will be receiving this week. he will have 30 days to respond, and after his response I will file the Notice of intent to Recall.

Sheriff Greg Munks has stated he thought he was going to a legal business.

I would like to see a photo of the exact location...the house...the apartment.

Several Police Officers and Deputies have posted above....They don't believe him.

The day that I file the notice, starts a clock to get the signatures.....

I expect to file the Notice withen the next 35 days.

My basis for the recall is the Sheriff kept the arrest of Carlos Ordonez a secret for 13 days and then kept his booking photo from the public. Mr Ordonez was the 23 year old San Mateo County Probation Department Employee caught by SSFPD having sex with a 15 year old female WARD of Hillcrest. Another victim 17 year old WARD has claimed he had sex with her at Hillcrest.

Thank You for your interest.


Answers to Steve Foyer

Michael, I would like YOU to answer these SPECIFIC questions. Please don't gloss over them.

1) Where is the proof that Munks violated ANY law? We can SPECULATE they were up to no good, but where is the proof? (Please list specific source with links)

I Never said Sheriff Greg Munks violated any law.

2) Do you have a Police report?

NO.... why would there be a police report?

3) If you do not have a police report, where are you getting your FACTS that a crime was committed? (Again, please list specific source with links)

I Never said Sheriff Greg Munks violated any law.

4) Since when does the County of San Mateo have Limos? If they dont, why is this an issue?

I don't know, I Never said they did.

5) Where is the proof that these guys knew these were under age girls? (Police report, witness statements, etc)

I never said these guys knew.

6) Where is the proof that ANY girls were under age at all? (Police report, news links, etc)

Google Greg Munks check Las Vegas news sites.

7) My understanding is this was one of 5 or so locations that were raided. What specifically was found at the location where Munks was detained and where is the proof he knew those items were there? Please provide links, police reports etc that you are basing your opinion on. Be sure to exclude news reports that list all people/ items confiscated in all raids. I have yet to see ANYTHING listing what was specifically found in the location he was detained and NOTHING to show he knew those items were there. I have a hard time believing he got into the limo and asked Please bring me to a place with under age women who are part of a sex slave/ ecstasy ring.

Sheriff Greg Munks has refused to identify the address he was detained at.... please don't forget my answer to #1

8) If in fact you have PROOF a crime was committed by these two, why are you not going through the proper channels to launch a protest against the FBI and Las Vegas PD preferential treatment of these two. In my opinion, that is more outrageous than anything else.

please don't forget my answer to #1

9) If you have nothing but speculation and no proof, When did we change the laws to let news reporters and speculation convict someone of a crime?

We haven't...no conviction here...only RECALL

10) Do you personally feel speculation is enough to convict someone of a crime?

Of Course Not...

11) Do you personally feel speculation is enough to recall a public official?

No...But Dishonesty from highest ranking Law Enforcement Official is enough to RECALL...YOU BET

12) If you have this proof, why have the newspapers not reported it.

Proof of what?

13) If they have reported it, please provide the link(s).

Reported What?

I understand that some county vehicles were used for the race, but it is a charity correct? Wouldn't this be the same as using a county vehicle for a parade? I remember seeing a string of police cars for a special Olympics run a few years ago... perhaps we should launch an investigation into that? I was on El Camino Real in Belmont and saw 5 police cars.. perhaps more...

Who said this was a Charity?

I'm very serious about this. I would like SPECIFICS, copies of police reports etc to back up your accusations. Right now, all I see is your opinions, and no facts.

When we find the address and get a photo for all of us view for ourselves......We will be able to VOTE. Do we have confidence in these two gentlemen or not.

If you do have VERIFIABLE FACTS, I will personally go to shopping centers with you to help get signatures.

Thank You

If you do have VERIFIABLE FACTS, I think the bigger story is the cover up conspiracy that includes Las Vegas PD, the FBI and all newspapers and television channels. What are you doing to expose the conspiracy?

Some other people are working on that idea now..i'll keep you informed.


Thank you for your interest.


11 San Mateo County Vehicles were taken to vegas.

$14,000.00 and some employees were on payroll.

Web Link

$9,000 Cost ...or $14,000...

Team Building

Web Link

Team Building $1,677.00 Airfare for two Un-Named Sheriff's Deputies

to fly to LA.....

What did they fly in? And who authorized that?

Web Link

This is how it happens.

He gets only 1 year....


Swat Team Member, and Instructor with Sunnyvale Police Department.

Web Link

Oh My god! $14,000???

Michael... Does that include the cost of the black helicopter that follows you around?

Black Helicopter! Love it!

No...The Black Helicopter is under a different Budget completely....LOL

It's interesting to see some people here whose sole purpose is attempting to ridicule Michael Stogner into silence. Things that make you go "hmmmm...."

Keep up the good work, Michael.

There are many of us watching this issue who can see things for what they are. For every 1 person mocking you, there are probably 10 cheering you on.

I find Michael rather amusing... but it is obvious he has his own agenda....

Did anyone else catch in this thread how he was upset at Bolanos for not taking some report?

And he lists the reason for recalling Munks because he didn't release some booking photo? WTF?

I would say the statistics are more like, for every person mocking him, there are 5 people laughing at him...

As another writer put it, he seems to cry wolf far too much to be taken seriously.

Love to read the comments on the Sheriff, but please stop calling other posters names. Thank you.

Amused... I completely agree. One day he might actually stumble upon something that needs attention, but he is so far out there, normal people will not rally around him.

His recall will fail miserably. He needed to solicit people on here to get the 20 or so signatures to file the intent for recall. I'll be shocked if he gets more than 300 of the 35,000+ required signatures.

BUT, it should create some good laughs in the process!

Dear Amused,

You misqouted me.....Did anyone else catch in this thread how he was upset at Bolanos for not taking some report?

I said Chief Carlos Bolanos Authorized or personally orderd an Illegal Order to his officer John Harp.

Officer Harp was ordered not to accept my criminal complaint of 30 felonies against one of San Mateo Counties most powerfull attorney, and personal friend of James P. Fox.

That is a big difference from not taking a citizens criminal complaint.

Best of Luck



So you are saying that Bolanos ordered an officer not to take a report you were filing and it didn't upset you? PLEASE!!!

Open mouth, insert foot....

To the Editor of this board:

It's your board (obviously!) but I think it would be informative to leave the comments up that are only designed to try to get Michael Stogner to drop his recall efforts. The one that caught my eye the most was the poster who supposedly serendipitously stumbled upon this discussion claiming no stake in the matter. I've been on internet boards for a long time, and almost without fail those claiming to have accidentally found a topic (really, who cares how a poster found this discussion, so why offer a "reason"?) and then profer very strong opinions on one side generally aren't being candid...

Again, allowing such comments could be very instructive. I hope you reconsider and reinstate that post.

All I ask is that folks not denigrate others on the board. Make your point without suggesting those who disagree with you need their head examined ... or worse. That's all.

We all know there are two sides to every story. Stogner has taken one side, but when posters point out his "flaws and why he might have personal reasons to go after the Sheriff and Undersheriff, they mysteriously get deleted.

Freedom of the press is alive in well... as long as it's not on the Half Moon Bay Review's Message boards.

What a bunch of hypocrites! If your paper wasnt free, I would cancel it!

Dear Amused,

Of Course I was upset, but I wasn't as upset as Officer John Harp was. You see I came back three times and poor officer John Harp had to repeat how sorry he was but he was ordered not to accept the Citizens Criminal Complaint. Sometimes Police Officers follow orders not to loose their jobs, even when they know the order is illegal.

You are welcome to contact Officer John Harp to verify my report.

Best of Luck

Michael G. Stogner

So... As I put on my Perry Mason hat....

We have established Michel's motive for the recall....

1) He was previously upset with Bolanos for an incident that had nothing to do with this Las Vegas thing.

2) He wants to recall Munks because he didn't release a booking photo.

Funny how none of the newspapers have reported that....


I Agree!

Just as someone who "stumbles" across this board might not be genuine, a "Concerned Citizen" might have other reasons for his actions.

In the beginning of this thread, someone pressed Michael on why he cared so much if he doesn't even live in the community. He avoided the question, then said he was simply a concerned citizen who lived in San Carlos.

From that point on, Michael changed his postings from "outside the community" to "resident of the peninsula".

Now it comes out he has had previous negitive interactions with Bolanos and a huge light went on in my head...

So, I do agree with you... everyone has some motive for a strong opinion, and we've just established Michael's.

It would appear that Stogner isn't exactly the poster child for a "concerned citizen" with no ax to grind.

I'm sure glad you got all of that cleared up...Now we the voters will be able to vote.

Why on earth would a resident of San Mateo County be interested in equal justice? or Equal Law Enforcement.

Get ready to cast your one vote.

Best of luck

Michael G. Stogner

Dear Mr. Stogner,

With all the hits, and comments, I thought I'd check this blog out. As I cruised through, reading all the entries, I noticed your name a lot. I really don't have a position on this, although it's nice to see people expressing themselves, but of the 80 posts to this piece, you represent 31 of them, with as many as 6 in a row. Don't you have anything else to do?

Your passion is clear, but you may want to get out more.

Posted by Rocdad on another board.

Web Link

Thank You Rocdad

Hey Michael,

Have you ever initiated a recall before and for what? What other complaints have you issued for public officals. Just curious...

maybe this is your way to get some attention

Michael Stogner is not an elected official, nor a hired public official. On the other hand, Munks and Bolanos are, so why the focused scrutiny on a citizen asking legitimate questions?

If the Stogner-questioners/bashers spent half the time doing the same regarding their actual public officials, maybe this mess wouldn't have happened at all and it would have just been 2 private citizens in a brothel in Las Vegas.

The Used Car Saleman is calling a recall based on ETHICS hahahhahahah

too funny!


Its New and Used Car Salesman......

Its not an ethics issue as I am cofident you already are aware of. Also It is not going away.

Best of Luck

Michael G. Stogner

Response to John.

Hey Michael,

Have you ever initiated a recall before and for what? What other complaints have you issued for public officals. Just curious...None...This is my first RECALL. after I complete this one we can talk futher if you wish.

maybe this is your way to get some attention.....No Its not...

I'm always curious as to why people would tolerate corruption in Law Enforcement, or from there family and friends for that matter......as you can see I don't

Several other Law Enforcement Officers have posted their opinions on this site, I suprised you haven't challenged them on any issue.

Best of Luck

Michael G. Stogner

Perhaps if folks would care to debate the points brought up in the BASIS FOR RECALL we might have a decent discussion.

Please explain how we're supposed to trust a sheriff who engages in prostitution. Is it not hypocritical? Is it not immoral? How can anyone possibly defend what he's done? It's so sleazy.

And no, he does not have to be convicted to lose our respect.


Web Link

one of the letter writers served on the Grand Jury.

Vegas Trip Expenses still rising.

Web Link

Greg Munks Unbound....Thomas Casey III

Web Link


Will you please tell us what is happening with your recall!

If you're not actively pursuing it we need someone else lead the charge. If you are in charge then please give us the details so that we may push it forward. We don't want to lose momentum in this opportunity.

Where do we get a copy?



Here is the update...The recall effort is alive and well. I have been working on the questions which will be mailed by certified mail to Sheriff Greg Munks next week. In the letter I am requesting both Munks and Bolanos resign or retire that day......It occured to me that neither one of those gentlemen might even know that there is large group of people who do not support their actions. The Board of Supervisors...Support Them, Steve Wagstaffe supports them, Thomas Casey III supports them, James P. Fox supports them..The Sheriff Deputy Union supports them.....

In the letter I will be asking them to identify the exact address they were detained.

I want the public to see the exact residential house, where they were detained.

Detained means handcuffed. Why were they both handcuffed if they commited no crime?

I am asking Greg Munks if he would make the same statement underoath.."I thought I was going to a legal business.

Just because they were not charged with a crime doesn't mean a crime was not committed.

The filing of the Notice of Intent will be filed after I receive the response from Greg Munks or after 30 day have passed. Once the Notice is filed we have 160 days to get 40,000 signatures.

also leadership welcome at all times.

any other questions Michaelgstogner@yahoo.com


I am totally in support of your recall efforts. However, detained does not mean handcuffed so don't put that in there. Detained only means that a person is not free to leave, in other words, a detainee may or may not be cuffed. For example, when a person gets pulled over for speeding, he or she is being detained.

Thank you Michael!

"Just because they were not charged with a crime doesn't mean a crime was not committed."

Doesen't this go for anyone on any given day?

Kind of sounds like guilty until proven innocent. I would rethink that logic.


That is another reason I am waiting, I am confident on the handcuffs, waiting for one more source to verify. I am confident we will have them both inside. These are some of the questions for them.


You are right, I was usuing that statement because they used it to prove innocense...

It could be either way, no crime and no charge, or crime and no charge..

Don't forget the timeline and news of it, 4/21/07 9:30PM some first reports were 4/23/07 with no mention of Munks/Bolanos being there.

Jack Kirkpatrick says it very well...

Web Link

$1,900,000 Settlement for Women being Strip Searched in our Jail.

Greg Munks was the Under-Sheriff at this time.

Web Link

Lets look at Hillcrest....

More allegations for Sheriff Greg Munks.

Web Link

Web Link

Looks like other police departments use offical vehicles too. Are we being selective in our enforcement? These guys even put a picture of it on their web page.

I mailed letter to Sheriff Greg Munks yesterday....Requesting he and Carlos Bolanos resign.

32 questions voters would like the answers to. 30 days to respond.

Web Link


Terri Miller was part of the arrest team.

Web Link

Certified Letter to Sheriff Greg Munks has been received.

Label/Receipt Number: 7007 0220 0002 9139 7135

Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 11:57 AM on May 15, 2007 in REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063.

Questions from Voters


San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks

1) "I had no earthly idea I was at a suspected brothel."

Would you be willing to make that same statement under oath?

2) "I believed I was going to a legitimate business."

Would you be willing to make that same statement under oath?

3) After arriving by Limo at the private residence, and getting out of the limo did you still believe you were at a legitimate business?

4) After entering the front door of the private residence did you still believe you were at a legitimate business?

5) Did Carlos Bolanos enter the private residence with you?

6) How many minutes were you in the private residence before being detained?

7) What is the actual address of the private residence you were detained at.

8) Were you at any time handcuffed at the private residence?

9) Did Carlos Bolanos enter the private residence at any time before being detained?

10) Where was Carlos Bolanos when he was detained?

11) Was Carlos Bolanos at any time handcuffed?

12) SMCSO Lt. Lisa Williams "This years trip was not paid for by the County.

Was that a truthful statement?

13) Did county funds pay for the Limousine?

14) Did county funds pay for $1700 entrance fee?

15) Did county funds pay for hotels?

16) Did county funds pay for Bar tabs?

17) Did County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lt. Lisa Williams lie or was she lied to? regarding the expenses charged to the County.

18) Has there been any quick reimbursements back to the county since the story broke?

19) How many massage tables did you see?

20) How many minutes after walking through the front door of the private residence

was it before you realized it was not a legal business?

21) After coming to that conclusion, did you contact any law enforcement, before you were detained?

22) Did you in fact even come to that conclusion before you were detained? Or was it the handcuffs and the FBI that brought that fact to your attention?

23) What time did you arrive at the private residence?

24) What did Carlos Bolanos say to you as you arrived at the house?

25) Why would Carlos Bolanos wait in a Limousine for you to get a 1 hour massage?

26) Why wouldn't he have stayed at the Hotel?

27) What is the name of the Limo driver?

28) Who did you first contact after being detained?

29) Have you communicated with any member of the Service League of San Mateo County about this?

30) Did anyone from the DA's office or the Probation Department speak to you about with-holding arrest information on Carlos Ordonez?

31) Why did you with-hold arrest information of a Probation Department Employee by the name of Carlos Ordonez?

32) After the press found out about the arrest of Carlos Ordonez 13 days later. Lt Lisa Willams made a statement that the booking photo was not being released because of a pending investigation.

Did SMCSO Lt. Lisa Williams make a false statement?

From another board.

Joe Faulkner wrote:

Listen...This isn't going anywhere. The Munks "Sunset Magazine Money" is at work now with damage control.Other then you and a few others this is a non issue.

I say......Time will tell.

May 14, 2007

Michael G. Stogner

1655 San Carlos Ave #8

San Carlos, California 94070


Re: Resignation

San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks

UnderSheriff Carlos Bolanos

400 County Center

Redwood City, California 94063

Dear Sirs,

I am formally requesting both of you to resign or retire from your positions as

San Mateo County Sheriff Officers today. In the event you both should choose to remain, which you have every right to, I will file a Notice of Intent to Recall San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks. I am enclosing a 2 page document consisting of

32 questions for you to answer. These are questions some voters have asked me to present to you for your honest answers. You shall have 30 days to respond and mail back to me.

I wish the very best to both of you and your families.

I can not support you two as my top law enforcement officials as of April 21, 2007.


Michael G. Stogner


You sound like a complete lunatic. You seem to be seeking attention, and looking for a cause. Why don't you run for public office where you are sure to get a lot of negative attention. More than likely some stupid mistake you make will be all over the news, and that should make you really happy since you seem to take every opportunity to respond with your boring rhetoric -- just like a politician.

Munks has had a long run with an unblemished record. You just make yourself look really stupid with this smear campaign you are on. I suspect you have some hidden agenda here.

As a citizen disgusted with Munk's behavior (did you see the big news story on TV last night?), I really don't care what else might have motivated Mr. Stogner to initiate a recall. I do care that our sheriff is participating in illegal and immoral activies and isn't fit for office.

If Mr. Stogner has the energy to push this forward, good for him and good for us! It's through caring citizens that democracy works, and good prevails.

Thanks for the heads up...CBS REPORTS

Web Link

I just deleted one post and wanted to remind folks to please refrain from calling each other names. Thank you.

I can see that Clay Lambert is running a personal censorship program on his blog. I just sent a very factual and respectful posting to this site and he chose to delete it because it did not conform to his political agenda. He claimed that I called someone a name which I did not. I merely pointed out the fact that after reading susan's post last night I became suspicious of Michael Stogner's motives on his recall effort and his obsessive presence on this blog site. In five minutes of checking on the internet I discovered what Clay Lambert already knew.. that Michael Stogner has "issues" with authorities in the criminal justice system. He has levied irrational and unfounded attacks against our District Attorney, judges, police officers and detectives. The most disturbing fact was his passionate defense of Eddie Rapoza, the man who murdered his wife and two small children by driving them off of Devil's Slide into the pacific ocean(see link below). Mr. Rapoza was convicted by a jury of his peers and sentenced to life in prison. It is clear to me that Mr. Stogner's obsession with the blogsite is more about his hatred of authority than anything else. In another five minutes I discovered that Monks and Bolanos have served our communities for a combined 60 years. They are both highly respected and deserve our support.. lets let them get back to the work of protecting us and the rest of us get back to work period...

Web Link

You think it's respectful to write that someone has "a significant mental and emotional problem?" And how exactly do you know that is factual?

By the way, I don't know Michael Stogner from Adam, but I note that he has the courage to use what I assume to be his real name.

Dear Betrayed,

You have completely mis-stated my position on Eddie Rapoza and I am confident you have done so on purpose. What I have stated several times and I will continue to state.

I do not want San Mateo County Employees committing crimes in order to convict a defendant.

I state on October 9, 2002 Two San Mateo County Employees...Sheriff Detectives Gary Ramos and Joe Farmer have filed a false Police Report in the Eddie Rapoza III murder case.

I specifically allege that both Officers fabricated the existence of a Sobe Soda Softdrink Bottle. 8:30 PM. The above named officers have testified to the existence of the Sobe Soda Softdrink Bottle. They both in written report and testimony have stated that Eddie Rapoza was trying to break this bottle to commit suicide while in his bed in ICU at Stanford Hospital.

I have never said Eddie Rapoza is innocent or guilty.

This is a simple allegation to verify...James P. Fox, Steve Wagstaffe, Al Giainni, Gary Ramos, Joe Farmer....What is the number that was issued to this piece of evidence...Sobe Bottle.

Should have been booked in on October 9, 2002......It was the only reason the detectives re-entered his room after completing the interview at 8:00PM..

Betrayed get me that number#####

Also Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos had a great career until they got caught by the FBI.

Time for new leadership

Betrayed writes: "...I discovered that Monks and Bolanos have served our communities for a combined 60 years. They are both highly respected and deserve our support..."

Sorry, but the cat's out of the bag and things are much different now.

Munks should act like a man, step down, and take a desk job. He might then regain a shred of respect from the people... and himself.

The Insider also wants to know the answers.

Web Link

Mr. Stogner,

Of the 117 comments here, you made 51 of them (so far). It would appear, to most observers, that you are having a splendid conversation ... with yourself. Seems to me you 'talk' too much. Either do, or don't do, but talk is cheap, and you offer a plethera of cheap.

Really, get out more. You have way too much time on your hands. You must just sit in front of your screen 24/7. Get a life; Please.

I agree with Bill, but your numbers are off I would add the rest of the comments are mostly people rebutting Michaels constant attempts to glamorize this story. Michael has been caught in lies, exaggerating the facts of the story and its been proven you have had previously had issues with Bolanos. It doesnt take a genius to see Michael is not genuine in his motives and is seeking attention. He admitted that his reason for the recall is because Munks didnt release a booking photo about some guy who was arrested. That is so ridiculous, we all can see through that for the lie it is.

So, Bill the true statistics are 51 comments by Michael, and an additional 30 (+/-) of them are individuals (including myself) pointing out who and what Michael is. I think its important for a casual reader of this blog to realize that Michael is outraged at everything that deals with law enforcement and has previously defended a man that drove his wife and kids off a cliff. It makes me nauseous, but Michael views the suspect as a Victim.

Then there is another 3-4 complaining about the one sided deletion of posts by the hypocritical editor of the Half Moon Bay Review. Its amazing a newspaper.. that should stand for free speech would censor people like they do.

So, when its all over and done, 51 posts by Michael, 35 or so posts by people who obviously dont agree with Michael. There is no wide spread public outrage.... And if there was, I would hope the definition of "widespread" would be more than 40 posts from the public.... Not 51 posts from one guy... Widespread public outrage would be hundreds of posts from DIFFERENT PEOPLE. As the insider said, this story is dead.

All records SEALED...

Web Link

Dear Bill and Amused.......

You two sure spend a lot of your time and energy reading and calculating my posts. I would think two sharp guys/gals like yourself could find better ways to entertain yourselfs.

" some guy who was arrested."

That would be Carlos Ordonez the 23 year old San Mateo County Probation Department Employee, caught having sex with a 15 year old girl...a WARD of San Mateo County, Hillcrest.

Later another victim 17 girl also a WARD told investigators she had sex at Hillcrest w/him.

"this story is dead." .........about as dead as nuclear waste....

If you have not found enjoyment in reading my post so far....I am confident you are not going to like YOUTUBE starting in 25 days...please do not watch. get a good book instead.

This is not about media.....This is about San Mateo County..... 40,000,000 voters

Best of Luck

I meant 40,000 voters..........

Trip cost $15,000

Web Link

And your point?

Look at the date... May 8th... Old news...

Oh I am sorry...

The Sheriff's Department stated that NO COUNTY FUNDS were spent.....

Looks like that was another untruth from San Mateo County Sheriff's Department under the leadership of Munks and Bolanos.

That is my point.

Read the article again, Mr Stogner.

It clearly says that all participants spent their own money on travel expenses. That means airfare, hotel, room, board, limos and hookers. Who cares? The taxpayers paid for entry fees to the events, some vehicles that were obviously sanctioned for this purpose and this had nothing at all to do with the Sheriff. There were a couple dozen officers involved in this race, which they all went to attend. The specific officers in question had errors in judgement, yes, but who hasn't?

The question is, Mr Stogner, do you live in a glass house?

Another example of Michael creating his own news. Are you going to keep quoting old articles and pointing out random things forever?

You should have wrote, "There is nothing new, but I just like to talk and look important."

Another example of you trying to creat something out of nothing.

Recall update

On June 15, 2007 12:00 PM the papers will be filed, and served on the Sheriff.

Well said by Jack K.

Web Link

Not the first time Sheriff's refuse to talk.

2 Deputies refused to talk to the DA'S Investigators...Nice Trick on San Mateo County

Web Link

Katz family fo pay for our Sheriff's Trip.

In todays SMDJ

Despite the recent hoopla over his Las Vegas trip, San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks still has some fans on the Peninsula. On Friday, the Katz family will present a check for $9,475 to the Sheriffs Office at the county government building. The money will cover the entire amount listed for the trip including travel, accommodation and other expenses for Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos.

Munks and Bolanos were under fire after the trip for an annual run after being questioned at a home looking to get massages as it was busted for being a brothel.

That is a cute story......

April 21, 2007 @ 9:30 PM Sheriff Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos were both hancuffed and detained inside an illegal brothel residential house, which had underaged girls who were here illegally and held against their will to perform sex with men like our Sheriffs.

They were not looking to get massages, they were looking to have sex with underaged girls....Thats why they went there. and that is most likely what happened...The arrest records are sealed at this time.

For some reason Katz family is paying $9,475.00 for expenses that the Sheriff lied about...."No County Funds Were Spent."

Great Questions.

Web Link

Mr. Katz makes payment of $1,000 for Sheriff

Web Link

i've been to that house. everyone knows what goes on there. come on! it's vegas. there aren't underaged girls there... when did prostitution become an ethical issue? ask the rest of the world; it's always been a finanacial, one!

Here in Redwood City Monks, Incorporated has taken on an entirely new twist by Internal Affairs investigation of yet another naked sheriff whom the county believes may have had a sexual encounter with yet another female, as all 3 are classifed under the color of law. If there appears to be a problem with getting cops to stop manipulating the law, then why not add safeguards which only permits truthsayers to win? Web Link may help in that regard!

San Mateo County has set standards which they must abide by, Web Link However, even when order is set in place, it does not mean that it will stay in force. Web Link

Only when the truth can be determined will justice prevail!

"as all 3 are classifed under the color of law." HUH? What are you talking about? Sounds like a deputy was screwin' his wife/girlfriend. Not against the law last I heard.

FYI, none of your web links work.

I think these guys showed very poor judgement. As for what happens to them we shall see.

I am outside the area but have some little information you folks might be interested in. It does not directly relate to the recall, but might give some insignt in the way things work in the county courts, which to a great extent is where the Sheriff works.

During the Scott Peterson trial, I came down there to promote my website about corruption in my home county, Alameda.

I was illegally arrested down there, by the deputy in charge of courthouse security. He lied in his arrest report.

Eventually, the County paid me $5,000 as a settlement.

The deputy who arrested me was obviously lying in his report, and that could be confirmed by asking around the many, many witnesses.

Two interesting things. Though the charges were dropped and the County paid me, the DA, James Fox, opposed my motion for a finding of "factual innocence". Factual Innocence is when a perosn who was accused of a crime goes to court to prove they are not guilty.

The DA opposed my motion, but the deputy who had lied in the report did not show up for the hearing. The DA called him again and again, but could not get him to show up. But the judge, Foiles, would not grant the motion, even thought there was no opposition to it at all. Completely cynical, Judge Foiles apparenlty believes in backing up the authorities no matter what, even when there is no evidence at all to support that.

And besides the judge going that way, the DDA who handled the case told my lawyer that his boss, James Fox, ALWAYS oppposed factual innocence findings. This is true even when the County had already paid out a claim.

So, you have both the top prosecutor, Fox, and one of the top judges, Foiles, both supporting the police, whether they are right or not.

It's also kind of ironic that Fox is on a state commission, headed by John Van De Kamp, on fairness in the administration of justice, but clearly he does not believe in that, or else he would not automatically oppose factual innocence findings, he would consider each case on it's own merits.

Another interesting thing - this deputy, whose false arrest resulted in a $5,000 payout by the county, and who pretty clearly lied in his official report, got promoted not too long after to Lieutenant, according to what I was told.

Granted, the higher ups did not know for an absolute fact that he had lied in his report, but they could pretty easily confirm it by asking the many witnesses.

And they certainly knew he had not shown up for the factual innocence hearing, offering lame excuses, so they knew he had something to hide.

I related this to the current issue in that things are very protected for the law enforcement down there, so that Munks believes, perhaps very correctly, that he can just shut up and weather the storm, he will be protected. And I saw statements of support by the BOS member, and by the DA's office.

My lawyer says the fact there is not public defender's office in San Mateo is a big part of the problem, the individual lawyers hired to defend poor people do not create an institutional force to keep the other side honest.

So, anyway, I don't know exactly how big a deal this is, but I hope you will all consider looking hard at the system as a whole.

Someone also claimed San Mateo is a Democratic county, and the political machine makes all this possible. I think if one party controls a county, it has to have internal critics and watchdogs to make sure stay honest.

Sorry to be so long winded, but these points about how things are done is important. People have to understand, courthouses are very loosy goosy places in a lot of places. A lot of stuff is worked out off the record and under the table.


You bring up some excellent points re: San Mateo County Law Enforcement Industry.

San Mateo County is the only one out of 58 that does not have a PUBLIC DEFENDER.

I suggest you start a post at the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Web Link

Greg Munks is a Good Man... Leave him be..

Tina Ketchum

Riverside District Attorney Investigator Candette Hammond Lies and files false police report:

Even after criminal charges were dropped against him in 2005, Luis Bolanos, a former senior investigator with the Riverside County district attorney's office thought that was not enough.

So Luis Bolanos, of Cathedral City, took the rare legal step of asking a judge to declare him factually innocent, a move that would mean criminal records connected to the case would be wiped clean and sealed. Judge Gordon R. Burkhart this month granted Bolanos' request.

"I never saw it in my entire career as a prosecutor," said Ulrich R. McNulty, of Palm Springs, Bolanos' attorney and a former prosecutor with 17 years' experience. "To say it is rare is a great understatement."

The only crimes committed were by Investigator Hammond and Jolie Bolanos.

Burkhart said it was the second time in 22 years on the bench that he had granted such a request. He said there was no credible evidence that showed Luis Bolanos had ever committed any crime.

Bolanos' estranged wife, Jolie Bolanos, lied to state investigators that in September 2004, Luis Bolanos bruised her arms and made false statements to get her removed from the couple's home. Bolanos was arrested at his Indio office in July of that year.

During the preliminary hearing, Jolie Bolanos refused to answer questions by the defense (fearing she would be proseccuted) and invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, he said. She was the government's main witness. The case was prosecuted by the state attorney general's office to avoid a conflict.

McNulty, who at the time described the charges as "overly aggressive," said the decision shows that the charges should have never been filed in the first place.

Bolanos was terminated by the district attorney's office but has asked to be reinstated as part of a federal lawsuit filed against the district attorney's office and several officials there, McNulty said.

Bolanos had worked in the district attorney's office in Indio since June 2002. Earlier, he was a Riverside County Senior Investigator for 20 years, officials said.

Factual Finding of Innocence, Senior Investigator Luis Bolaños is 100% Exhonerated and Vindicated. FBI and Grand Jury Investigates Riverside County District Attorney's Office. Superior Court Judge slams Riverside District Attorney's office for "Incomplete Investigation". Riverside District Attorney Investigator Candette Hammond lies in her Investigation.

Joseph K. Stuart & Associates

P.O. Box 1443 – Palm Springs, CA 92263-1443 – (760) 774-8119

California License Number PI22887


December 20, 2007

Luis A. Bolanos

Cathedral City, California 92234

Subject: Review of Documents

Dear Mr. Bolanos,

The purpose of this letter is to provide an analysis of the documents that you provided with regard to the criminal allegations brought against you by your former wife, Jolie Bolanos, as investigated by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office and the California Department of Justice.

The following documents were reviewed;

1. Declaration in Support of Arrest Warrant by Special Agent Joe Somenek , dated July 13, 2005,

2. Investigative Report by Senior Investigator Candette Hammond, dated October 28, 2004,

3. DV-100 Request for Order, Luis Bolanos petitioner, dated October 12, 2004,

4. Declaration of Wayne Walker, dated _______, 2007,

5. Declaration of Michelle Bolanos, dated October 27, 2004,

6. Declaration of Kathy Mangione, dated May 8, 2007,

7. Kathy Mangione letter to Chief Hodson, dated May 19, 2006,

8. Olga Bates letter to Grover Trask, dated September 1, 2005,

9. Olga Bates letter to Grover Trask, dated September 6, 2005,

10. Clay Hodson letter to Olga Bates, dated September 19, 2005,

11. Declaration of Attorney Thurman Arnold, dated May 2, 2007,

12. Memo from PI Mike Lewis to Attorney McNulty, dated March 26, 2007,

13. Order on Petition for Judicial Finding of Factual Innocence, dated December 10, 2007.


The above documents have been listed in the attached four page spreadsheet with regard to the allegations in the arrest warrant declaration. It should be noted that the arrest warrant declaration was prepared by California Department of Justice Special Agent Joe Somenek “based on information obtained from other law enforcement reports and court documents”. Special Agent Somenek did not conduct ANY independent investigation or contact ANY of the witnesses. Therefore, Special Agent Somenek relied on the investigative report authored by Riverside County District Attorney’s Investigator Hammond.

Count 1:

Count 1 alleges a bruise to the right inner arm of Jolie Bolanos as a result of a domestic dispute on September 16, 2004. Somenek cites Hammond’s interviews with Lt. Walker, Kathy Mangione, Thurman Arnold (Jolie’s attorney) and Olga Bates. Somenek implies that each of the above listed individuals saw the bruise to Jolie’s arm when it would have been more accurate to state that they described the bruise as claimed by Jolie. Lt. Walker and Kathy Mangione only spoke with Jolie over the telephone and could not have seen the bruise. Thurman Arnold met with Jolie but did not see or ask to see any bruise. Olga Bates looked for a bruise and then confronted Jolie about what she was trying to allege.

A comparison of Hammond’s report of each of the above interviews with the declarations by Lt. Walker, Kathy Mangione and Thurman Arnold reveals discrepancies that need to be addressed.

1. Lt. Walker never made any statement to Hammond about the use of hands to push Jolie out of the way. Hammond’s attributing the hands statement to Lt. Walker (a fabrication according to Lt. Walker) serves to bolster the theory of the formation of a bruise to Jolie’s right arm.

2. Hammond’s report contains the following quote attributed to Kathy Mangione, “Luis said, I used my forearm and made my way past her and she fell on the ground”. Somenek parrots this quote in support of the alleged physical abuse towards Jolie. In Mangione’s declaration and letter of complaint against Hammond, Mangione clarifies the alleged abuse explaining that Jolie was physically abusing Luis and Luis used his forearms to fend off the assault.

According to Mangione, Jolie told a mutual friend (Leslie Scicli) that she fell on the ground during the incident to gain Luis’ sympathy. Further, Michele Bolanos informed Mangione that she saw Jolie after the incident and that Jolie did not have any bruises on her arms.

Hammond claims that Luis asked Mangione for Jolie’s telephone number “several times”. Mangione explains in her complaint letter against Hammond that she told Hammond that Luis did not ask for Jolie’s telephone number. Hammond claims that Mangione “was so mad at Luis that she never wanted him in her house again” concerning the alleged bruise suffered by Jolie. According to Mangione, she advised Hammond that if she found out that Jolie was truthful about the incident she would not want Luis in her house again. There is a difference between the two statements. Hammond’s version of the statement supports a theory that Mangione, a long time friend of Luis’, had judged Luis guilty of domestic abuse. Mangione’s actual statement is judicious as to Jolie’s truthfulness.

Further, Hammond declined to include a very crucial detail in her report of the interview with Mangione. Mangione stated to Hammond that she determined that Jolie’s version of the domestic incident with Luis was not truthful due to Jolie’s “inconsistencies” and omissions. The inclusion of Mangione’s true assessment of Jolie’s veracity would undermine Hammond’s theory of physical abuse.

In view of the above, it is evident that Hammond edited Mangione’s interview in order to include inculpatory information against Luis and purposely omitted exculpatory information. The fact that Hammond was not factual in her reporting was made known to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office by Mangione’s formal complaint.

3. According to Hammond, attorney Thurman Arnold met Jolie as a result of a consultation arranged by “one of his long time clients”, Olga Bates. This point has been refuted by Arnold and Bates as they had never met before the aforementioned consultation.

Hammond claims that Arnold saw a bruise “about the size of a quarter, on the under side of her upper arm” when he met with Jolie. Arnold refutes Hammond’s claim in his declaration stating “At no time during my participation in the consultation did I ask to see the bruise nor did I see a bruise on Jolie Bolanos’ upper arm”. Further, “If anyone attributed to me the statement that I saw such a bruise, that statement would not be correct. I have never made that statement to anyone”.

Attributing the observation of the bruise to Arnold, Jolie’s attorney, was erroneous but supportive of Hammond’s theory of physical abuse.

Counts 4 through 7:

These four counts all utilize statements fabricated by Hammond and attributed to Lt. Walker which have been refuted by Lt. Walker. Similarly, Hammond’s mischaracterization of Mangione’s description of how Luis used his forearms to ward off Jolie’s assaults became the force that pushed Jolie to the ground in Count 5.


It is apparent from the above that the arrest warrant and Hammond’s investigative report are inaccurate. As indicated above, the arrest warrant declaration by Special Agent Somenek relies on Hammond’s veracity in accurately reporting her investigation. Unfortunately, Special Agent Somenek did not conduct any interviews with Lt. Walker, Kathy Mangione, Olga Bates or Thurman Arnold. If he had, the inaccuracies would have been revealed. It is not uncommon for one law enforcement official to compile an affidavit or declaration based solely upon the investigation reports by other law enforcement officials. Therefore, nothing in the review of the above listed reference documents would support any bias or purposeful ethical breech by Special Agent Somenek. However, the same cannot be said for Hammond.

It appears from the above that Hammond purposefully fabricated witness statements and omitted favorable information in order to support her theory of physical abuse and perjury. Even when allowing Hammond the widest possible leeway with regard to reporting standards, it is evident that the report is inaccurate and biased. Arguments that the inaccuracies are immaterial, due to Hammond’s inexperience or incompetence are bogus. If Hammond, as a Senior Investigator, had accurately reported her interviews with Lt. Walker, Kathy Mangione, Olga Bates and Thurman Arnold it would have refuted five of the counts in the arrest warrant.

It appears that Hammond purposefully fabricated and edited the above interviews to support her theory of physical abuse and perjury. Why Hammond would purposefully bias her report needs to be asked. One possible explanation can be found in information provided by Olga Bates. Bates advised the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office in her letter dated September 1, 2005, that Hammond was biased toward Luis Bolanos. Hammond informed Bates that she knew how violent Latinos’ could be because she had been married to a Latino who had abused her. Further, Hammond and Jolie had formed a very close personal relationship which included dinners and gifts. Jolie destroyed a tape recorded conversation between herself and Luis which was authorized by Hammond as part of the official investigation. The destruction of this evidence does not appear in Hammond’s report. In addition, Hammond provided information from witness interviews to Jolie during the ongoing investigation which Bates found unethical.

It should be noted that Hammond did not tape record any of her interviews with the above witnesses. The official response from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office to Bates was that the witnesses felt intimidated by the tape recorder. Although this could have happened it is doubtful due to the quality of the witnesses and that two interviews were conducted telephonically. Unfortunately, a second investigator was not present during the interviews. Therefore, Hammond was unbridled by the normal ethical safeguards provided by use of a co-interviewer or a tape recorder. Hammond had the opportunity to fabricate some witness responses and edit others to fit her prosecutorial theory.

The above analysis and summary are not meant to be an exhaustive evaluation but rather a discussion of the salient aspects of the document review process per your request.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in this matter and congratulations on the favorable finding of factual innocence with regard to the above charges.


Joseph K. Stuart

(Retired Supervising F.B.I. Agent)

Status update regarding Munks resignation/recall.

July 22, 2007 I supplied the Board of Supervisors a six page packet, first 3 pages my letter dated May 14, 2007, to Sheriff Greg Munks demanding his resignation, pg 4 photo of the residence he and Bolanos were caught in by FBI and Las Vegas metro Police. Pg 5 letter from County Counsel Michael Murphy to me, pg 6 copy of two e-mails from Fox and Wagstaffe

James P. Fox and Steve Wagstaffe

e-mail sent 4/25/07 10:47AM

Greg and Carlos

"I just want to let you both know how sorry I am for what you are going through with the media frenzy. It isn't easy getting beaten up in the media, but hopefully it will all be yesterday's news by tomorrow, If there is anything I can do to help or provide support, please know I am more than willing."

Hang in there.


e-mail sent 4/25/07 10:20 AM

Greg and Carlos

Just a quick word of support from me as you go through a difficult time. To those who matter, your decades of outstanding work in law enforcement are all that count and your integrity is not the slightest marked by the modern media's efforts to make a story out of a non-story. Hard as it is to think it now, remember it will be yesterday's news and irrelevant by tomorrow.

My positive thoughts are out there for both of you.


To this day no investigation by SMC of Munks and Bolanos has occurred.

August 5, 2008 and August 12, 2008 I personally asked the Board of Supervisors to contact the Attorney General Office to investigate Sheriff Greg Munks to determine if in fact any laws were broken on April 21, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Operation Dollhouse.

I know it is not a crime for Munks to lie to reporters at his press conference. It is a crime to lie to Law Enforcement Officers during a Sting Operation of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves...Underaged


Thanks for the comments and emal from James Fox and Steve Wagstaffe to Munks. This removes any possible doubt how the two top prosecutors feel about hypocrisy, and also shows they have no moral authority to prosecute anyone for a prostitition related offense. I wonder what they will do if a brothel opens up down the street from their houses? Write letters to all the Johns who are busted to encourage them? Amazing. I hope the HMB is picking up this story.

Something not reported,

San Mateo County Board of Supervisor meeting August 12, 2008.

A woman came all the way from Pacifica to make a statement during oral communications agenda item 3.

She called for the resignation of James P. Fox, Steve Wagstaffe, Greg Munks, and Carlos Bolanos.

You can watch it on public TV, no mention of it in any news.

You would think this was an everyday comment they way the Board looked.

Welcome to San Mateo county

I'm glad someone is objecting, but it seems like a large number of people are just blowing it off. I personally don't care too much about prostitution, if the women are not coerced into it, but I think the Sheriff should have some moral authority to bust anyone for any crime, and the DA's likewise. That's what gets me. It's kind of hard to believe neither Fox nor Wagstaffe never prosecuted anyone for soliciting prostitution, or that neither Munks or Bolanos never arrested anyone for it. If none of them have ever been involved with any such prosecution, I guess they are not hypocrites. What are the odds?

Bruce Bower

Assistant Chief

Office of the District Attorney

4075 Main Street

Riverside, CA 92501

Re: Luis “Tito” Bolanos

Dear Assistant Chief Bower:

This correspondence is part of our continuing discussions regarding a possible settlement of the above-referenced matter, and as such, the letter is inadmissible in any civil, criminal or administrative proceeding.

At the outset of these settlement discussions, it is important for the Office of the District Attorney to realize the impact on Tito Bolanos brought about by the events of last year. As you know, Tito was forced to separate and divorce his wife, Jolie Bolanos, due to her ongoing psychological and emotional instability. He was arrested and handcuffed at work, charged as a common criminal and terminated from his employment based on charges made by his former wife. Despite her aberrant behavior and disjointed demeanor, the Office of the District Attorney accepted as truth charges she made against Tito, all of which that had no basis in fact or reality. It was readily apparent that she used these charges and the threat of these charges as weapons and bargaining chips in her relationship with Tito.

Tito incurred over $50,000 in attorney’s fees in the defense of these meritless criminal charges; all of which were ultimately dismissed after the prosecution presented its case at the preliminary hearing, but before the defense even spoke. At the beginning of the preliminary hearing, Jolie became aware that the two doctors who evaluated her and who diagnosed her unstable mental condition were going to testify. Jolie had no choice but to plead the fifth because she knew that the doctors would completely exonerate Tito; and that because of their testimony, Jolie would be liable for perjury if she testified. She pled the fifth to avoid testimony regarding her perjury, the domestic violence committed against Tito, and the fact that she filed numerous false police reports. In addition to the Doctor’s testifying, Jolie was also made aware of irrefutable evidence and numerous witnesses who would corroborate the doctors’ testimony.

Tito lost another $50,000 when Investigator Candette Hammond advised his former wife to take cash in her divorce settlement rather than support payments because, according to Inv. Hammond, Tito was going to be criminally charged and terminated from his employment. At the time, Tito did not know, nor did he believe in his wildest imagination that criminal charges would be filed against him and that he would be terminated. Who would? Having this insider information, Jolie settled the case for a large cash payment. In other words, Jolie got the gold in the mine and Tito got the shaft. Even worse, Tito was not permitted to see his minor children for three weeks and was threatened with never being able to see them again.

Of course, an impartial investigation of the facts underlying Jolie’s claims would have revealed that her allegations were all lies. Unfortunately, Investigator Hammond prepared an investigative report without actually conducting an investigation; a fact that was made painfully clear during her testimony at the preliminary hearing. Her investigative report is a collection of wrong assumptions, blatant misrepresentations, and represents a documented failure to investigate or even to receive exculpatory evidence. Her bias is plainly evident from the statement she made that she knew Latino males like Tito were violent and prone to anger as she was formerly married to one. But there is more. Her bias is also plainly evident from her improper, close and personal relationship with Jolie Bolanos. This relationship resulted in meals purchased, gifts bought and, as set forth above, insider information to help Jolie with the decision regarding settlement in her divorce. Jolie and Candette successfully conspired against Tito to bring about his ruin. Thus, Tito lost his job, temporarily lost his family, was threatened with the loss of his freedom and his family, lost $50,000 in attorney’s fees, and lost $50,000 in a cash settlement with his former wife. He was terminated merely because he was accused of a crime, even though he is, and always has been, innocent.

But that does not seem to be quite enough for the Office of the District Attorney. The District Attorney insists that Tito must also suffer severe discipline if he wants to return to work, as if what he has suffered to date is somehow not severe enough. In light of all that Tito has suffered, it is difficult to imagine an additional punishment to impose upon Tito in order for him to regain his former position with the Office of the District Attorney. What additional punishment is required when crucifixion isn’t enough? Moreover, Tito cannot accept lesser discipline for dishonesty and/or domestic violence because (1) he committed no act that would make him liable for those charges and (2) a district attorney investigator could not admit to committing acts he did not commit, particularly such disqualifying charges such as perjury or domestic violence. The appropriate remedy for the wrongs that were committed against Tito Bolanos would be as follows:

• Reinstatement to his former employment

• All back pay and benefits (Including and average of the overtime he would have obtained) that would have accrued but for his wrongful termination

• Payment of $50,000 for attorney’s fees

• Payment of $10,000 for the bail bond

These remedial actions would be the right actions for the Office of the District Attorney to take on moral, ethical and legal grounds. If after receiving this correspondence, the Office of the District Attorney desires to offer less that what is just and fair, please make the offer and Tito will give it serious consideration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Dennis J. Hayes

Attorney at Law

cc: Client

Is the Mr. Bolanos mentioned in the post above related to the Bolanos in the Sheriff's office? I am just wondering about the connection, though I do find it interesting in the same vein of possible corruption by law enforcement. Please let us all know.

I might say the Clay of San Gregorio is not me. Just to avoid confusion.

Riverside Superior Court judge issues "Very rare" Factual Finding of Innocence to Senior Investigator Luis Bolaños. As a result, he is 100% exonerated and vindicated by Riverside Superior Court. Judge SLAMS Riverside County District Attorney's office for conducting an incomplete investigation which resulted in the Attorney General's office "Rubber Stamping" this incomplete investigation. Lead investigator Candette Hammond developed an "inappropriate" relationship with Bolaños' ex-wife (Jolie Bolaños/Alfego/Morgan/Ryan/Ongley) and lied in the report that led to the attempted prosecution of Senior Investigator Luis Bolaños. FBI and Grand Jury Investigates Riverside D.A.'s office

Part 32: Chilling E-Mail Details 'Dangerous' Triple Murder Case

Posted: Aug 20, 2008 03:38 PM PDT

ONLY ON 3: Chilling E-Mail Details 'Dangerous' Triple Murder Case (8/20)

By Nathan Baca

News Channel 3

The Riverside County Sheriff's department is looking into possible connections between a triple murder in 1981 and murder-suicide in 2005 that claimed six lives.

A chilling email written by a detective shows just how dangerous this case is.

When this detective writes he "can't look his wife in the eyes" and risk his family's lives, you know it's a big case.

Nicauraguan arms deals, stolen computer databases, weapons testing on local Cabazon Indian land and a lawsuit alleging conspiracy from the highest federal officials for the past 30 years: all of these are now being investigated by the Riverside County Cold Case Division.

Three people were murdered execution style in a Rancho Mirage home on July 1st, 1981. There were never any arrests. The victims included Cabazon Indian Vice Chairman Fred Alvarez. Family members say he was going to blow the whistle on a business partnership between defense contractor Wackenhut Services and the Cabazon Indians to build machine guns and biological weapons for Central American countries.

Confidential sources close to the investigation recently handed over an email written by a riverside county sheriff's detective. The email's source was confirmed by multiple people inside the investigation. The detective who wrote the email hasn't responded to additional requests for information. We're not revealing his name to protect his identity.

The email states the Cold Case Division reopened the Alvarez triple murder several months ago.

Bad things seem to happen to those who get too close to uncovering Cabazon Arms and its dealings with the Federal Government.

There were three Rancho Mirage murders in 1981, and a Riverside County District Attorney Investigator left the office in the early 80's after threats on his life.

Journalist Danny Casolero investigated what he called "The Octopus" and was found dead in his hotel room in 1991. His reporter notes disappeared. The book on the conspiracy he was to name "Indio" was never finished.

The detective is also investigating whether DA Investigator David McGowan and his family of five were murdered in 2005 after McGowan looked into the case.

The detective writes he "doesn't want to continue on the case based on the number of people who have met an untimely demise while doing so."

But the detective is continuing the case. Newschannel 3 learned former computer programmer Michael Riconisciuto was recently questioned.

Documents show a secret government computer spy program named "PROMIS" was modified on tribal land in Indio. PROMIS is linked to a major spy scandal that has stretched for years.

With all of these national security implications, the detective states he "feels like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole" and he "no longer has a complete grasp on the real world."

The stakes are high, the secrets are growing, and the suspicious deaths remain unanswered. Even the detective desperately asks, "am i just another lamb to the slaughter?"

Part 4: Did McGowan's partner know too much?

Related Links

Part 5: D.A.'s Chief Investigator retires

By Nathan Baca

NewsChannel 3

Is former District Attorney Investigator Luis Bolaños the man who knew too much about the possible cause of partner David McGowan's murder-suicide?

McGowan shot his wife, three children, and his mother before killing himself in his mountain home.

"He confided in me that he was being pressured by Chief Clay Hodson of the D.A.'s and Assistant Chief Rick Nelson to change his findings in an investigation involving numerous police officers from Desert Hot Springs," Bolaños says.

Four officers were fired in Desert Hot Springs for filing false reports. Bolaños says McGowan was pressured to say they were guilty.

Before McGowan's funeral, family and friends asked Luis Bolaños to deliver the eulogy.

Bolaños says he knew McGowan feared losing his job if he didn't change his investigation findings. Work-related problems were quickly dismissed by the District Attorney's office led by Grover Trask at the time.

Bolaños' bosses demanded they read the eulogy before the service.

"He asks me ‘is that the eulogy?' I said ‘yes sir' that is. And then his next statement was ‘May I read it?' And I just knew where this came from. I looked at Clay and I told him the same thing I told Chief Hodson. ‘No sir, respectfully, no.'"

People leaving the funeral recalled who spoke at the service.

"Just a real represented service," one attendee said recalling the list of authorities who were there.

Bolaños says his bosses were afraid he would mention McGowan's work problems in the eulogy.

"Chief Clay Hodson had two investigators standing by the podium ready to pull me off the podium if I said anything inappropriate during the eulogy.

D.A.'s office spokesperson Ingrid Wyatt says they don't comment on employment actions or any allegations contained therein.

(Chief Investigator Clay Hodson resigned following this story)

Sources close to the original David McGowan murder-suicide investigation tell NewsChannel 3 that FBI agents have questioned them.

Agents are looking into alleged discrepancies with the official story from the Riverside County District Attorney's office.

They are also looking into the stresses McGowan faced at work and testimony he was being allegedly forced by his bosses to change a report.

But whatever caused David McGowan to kill his family and himself in 2005 has always been a mystery.

Investigators said, then, no suicide note was found but only a reference to a popular song.

McGowan's former partner Luis Bolanos is now filing federal lawsuit against the DA's office he and McGowan used to work for.

He says he was fired because he knew McGowan was being pressured by chief investigator Clay Hodson who left his position as our investigation began to change his findings on an investigation surrounding four officers with the Desert Hot Springs Police Department.

That case relied on the testimony of Officer Jacques Million, who was caught on videotape molesting a 14-year-old girl according to former DHS Chief Roy Hill and others on the force.

"I believe the FBI is taking this investigation very seriously," Bolanos says. "Especially on the depth of the individuals that they've contacted. They're asking all the right people all the right questions and it's coming out, it's coming out."

The FBI is now interviewing people connected to the David McGowan murder-suicide and people surrounding the alleged sex crimes from former Desert Hot Springs officers that were at the center of McGowan's last case.

The District Attorney's office has always said McGowan showed no problems at work and that he went on vacation before the murder-suicide.

But pictures uncovered by NewsChannel 3 of McGowan's workspace at the DA's office shows he cleared his pictures and other personal mementos days before.

Fellow investigators tell us McGowan confronted his bosses about intimidation to change his report findings before he cleared his things.

Now one of McGowan's closest friends is taking the offensive against the DA's office.

"We are requesting a jury trial and we were granted the opportunity to have this heard in Los Angeles County versus Riverside County which I think puts us on a more level playing field.

District Attorney's office spokesperson Ingrid Wyatt says that they cannot comment on Bolano's federal lawsuit and that they are fully cooperating with the FBI's investigations.

FBI and Grand Jury Investigative Riverside District Attorney,a resident of Pacifica, I just forwarded the page to your boss, and they would like to know your name.........phone number, badge,and why you are revealing privileged information.

Meanwhile I am with the AIC of Landensburg, sub station of Acropolis Greek World Investigative Options of Disreputable Officials of American Defense.

I tell you, I hope this place gets more land built up so that everyone loses their houses and the simple folk remain. I left town for three days and came back a rich man.This place sucks the blood out of people's minds.Or the teflon coating.

Was it ever confirmed that the Chief of Investigations Clay Hodson and Assistant Chief Richard Nelson pressured Dave McGowan to change the findings in his report? I thought Karen McGowans sister confirmed what Dave's partner told the media that Dave was pressured by his bosses? And what happened with Louis Bolanos request for a factual finding? Does that mean he has been telling the truth this whole time? Wow!!!!What does that mean for this case if he gets it? This case needs much more than just local media.

To Sandy...

Go to KESQ.COM. A local investigative reporter named Nathan Baca just won an EMMY due to his investigative work into the Dave McGowan case. Its scary what the D.A.'s office did to McGowans partner (Bolanos) on the homicide team. Even scarier what this case has evolved into. I pray the FBI is all over this one! You actually have homicide detectives who want OFF the investigation because everyone who starts looking into the case turns up dead? This is a movie in the making...........

good luck to you!


Riverside County D.A. Rod Pacheco has his own problems. He should NOT be pointing fingers at D.A. Ramos. Pacheco seems to be throwing stones when he lives in a glass house! (You get the idea!).

Please check out this ABC News linK....There is an FBI/Grand Jury Investigation that makes Postmus's acts seem dismal. Although if true......NOT ACCEPTABLE AND ILLEGAL.

Are D.A.'s like (Pacheco and Nyfong) with criminal intent ALWAYS protected via "Prosecutorial Immunity?" That seems like a law that is screaming to be re-visited???

Web Link

This is one of the most amazing stories i have ever followed. The scary part is that it is 100% true! Sandy, if you can go to the KESQ.com site and follow "FBI Investigartion in the Riverside County District Attorney's Office". This is the stuff top movies and novels are made of. Please let me know what you think...thanks.

A former investigator with the Riverside County District Attorney's Office is the target of a criminal investigation.

Recently retired D.A. Senior Investigator Candette Hammond is accused of perjury.

News Channel 3 has confirmed Sheriff's detectives handed over the case just days ago to the Palm Springs Police Department.

Candette Hammond is not under arrest tonight. But, she soon could be. And, dozens of criminal cases this DA investigator took part in her years of service are now in question.

According to internal affairs reports obtained by News Channel 3, Hammond first came under suspicion in 2006. Her immediate supervisors at the DA's office concluded she made up an entire interview while investigating a criminal case.

They brought the matter up to then Chief Deputy District Attorney Eileen Hunt. When Hunt told District Attorney Rod Pacheco about it, she claims in a recent lawsuit Pacheco told her "don't disclose anything." The DA's office denies this ever happened, calling Hunt a disgruntled ex-employee.

Hammond targeted former District Attorney Investigator Luis Bolanos for investigation. The State Attorney General's office arrested him in 2005 for domestic violence and perjury.

After losing his job, and his livelihood, a judge determined the case against Bolanos should have never seen the light of day.

Bolanos speaks out, "There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that because of Rod Pacheco, and his directions, there are individuals in custody right now that do not deserve to be there. For this man to supervise and direct, I could be sitting and talking to you in jail right now. Now, who would have listened to me then?"

We interviewed Olga Bates May of 2007. She knew Bolano's ex-wife. Bates says the DA's office ignored her when she told them the ex-wife admitted lying to her about the charges and the gifts she received from Hammond.

"I was interviewed by two FBI agents and they were amazed that after my letter of complaint to the District Attorney about Candette's investigation and her behavior, that no one bothered to talk to me from that office," said Bates.

The District Attorney's office discounts Bolanos as another disgruntled ex-employee.

David Downing is a former prosecutor and now a superior court judge. He testified in support of Luis Bolanos to get his named cleared.

Downing later claimed the DA's office tried to commit the act of "witness intimidation" against him. They call Downing's words "irresponsible." The DA's office claims Downing is yet another supposed disgruntled ex-employee.

The Sheriff's Department in Palm Desert handed over the Candette Hammond case to Al Franz with Palm Springs Police because much of the alleged perjury happened in that city.

The fate of dozens of criminal cases handled by Investigator Hammond now hang in the balance. But, Bolanos says his life is already ruined.

"I lost the ability to care for my kids. I haven't been able to take care of my kids for the past 5 years. Destroyed me. That's what Mrs. Hammond means to me."

News Channel 3 received a response late Friday afternoon from John Hall at the DA's Office. It reads: "The District Attorney's Office has no comment on this inquiry."

We have in depth reporting of this investigation on our website, KESQ.com. Just go to the home tab at the top left of your screen and in the section titles "Special Reports," click on "Inside The DA's Office"

California's Attorney General is now scrutinizing perjury allegations against DA Investigator Candette Hammond.

Internal affairs documents reveal Candette Hammond's supervisors at the DA's Office believed she made up an entire interview while investigating a criminal case.

In one of those questionable cases, the State Attorney General's office arrested former District Attorney Investigator Luis Bolanos in 2005 for domestic violence and perjury, based on reported evidence compiled by Candette Hammond. But, the case was so weak, it never went to trial.

The prosecutor on the case against Bolanos was Deputy Attorney General Michael Murphy from the San Diego office. Now, Murphy is handling the investigation against Candette Hammond. This case has come full circle.

Bolanos explains, "The history that Mr. Murphy and I have is clearly a conflict of interest for him, as the man who tried to prosecute me and the one that lost the appellate decision when the court gave me a finding of factual innocence."

As first reported on KESQ.com, during the 2002 investigation of D.A. Investigator Dan Riter for shooting a man in Coachella, Deputy Attorney General Murphy refused to listen to evidence from Bolanos that would have cleared Riter of murder charges, according to Bolanos. Riter is now in prison.

Local defense attorney Shaffer Cormell handles many of the same types of cases Candette Hammond was involved in.

Cormell gives his legal advice to people Hammond investigated, "What they want to do is make sure they consult the attorney that represented them initially on their case, and see how she played into that investigation."

Cormell adds, "One of the things when you have allegations of perjury, once you have these types of allegations, though, everything they've had their hands involved in, everything they have participated in, because they're really an intimate part of the DA's investigation in a domestic violence case. It's important for them to have their attorney evaluate their case based upon this new information that's coming out."

Riverside Sheriff's detectives worked the investigation against Candette Hammond these past few months. They handed it off to Palm Springs Police since that is where the alleged perjury happened. The State Attorney General's office tells us it just received the investigation files Tuesday.

Sources close to the Sheriff's Department investigation tell News Channel 3 there is enough in their findings for search and arrest warrants.

Last week, Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco's office told us they have "no comment" on this case.

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