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Council seeks public input on park failure

On Tuesday, Half Moon Bay residents will get a chance to vent to the City Council about the failed park property off Highway 92, a longtime source of bitter controversy for many locals.

The fallow land at the end of Stone Pine Road was originally championed as the future community park long demanded by Half Moon Bay citizens.

The city purchased the 22-acre property from Nurserymen’s Exchange in 2004. That sale was made possible with a $3.1 million loan from the Peninsula Open Space Trust with the agreement that Half Moon Bay would pay back the debt by 2007.

At various times, plans for the park included something for everyone: facilities for soccer, basketball, horseshoe competition, shuffleboard and bocce ball, as well as picnic areas, a community garden, a field house with restrooms, a parking lot, a children's playground and a labyrinth.

But the city never figured out how it could pay the POST loan and the shocking $14.5 million cost to construct the elaborate park. Years went by without any progress and the deadline for the POST loan was put off to October of this year. Now the city says it has to abandon the project. Blame Beachwood, council members say.

The city announced last month that rather than pay back the loan, it will cede the property to POST.

A spokeswoman for the land trust said the property could still become a public park, but probably not the one envisioned by the many Half Moon Bay citizens in planning for the park.

The Council will hear commentary and possibly decide on turning over the property to POST during their regularly scheduled meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at 535 Kelly Avenue.


hmb has no money to fix up this park. any extra money going to be for paying for Mike F & Co screwups. $1,100,000 a year for 30 years. thanks Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cannot afford a park without some sort of vision for long-term sustainable industry and it's tax base. Fishing is gone, floriculture on it's way to Chile (plus it's a high end, high polluting, high illegal labor and high chemical + energy crop). Tourism is not enough.

HMB and the Mid-Coast cannot have Open Space, slow growth, no real job base and plenty of City/County services. The Tooth Fairy is broke and we are out of teeth anyway.

It's a matter of time before the Nurseryman's Exchange or some other large floriculture property is up for sale. Figure it out NOW HMB.

Well said, former staffer. I hope everyone's paying attention.

Why not make Beachwood into a park? Perhaps Naomi Patridge can tap a bit more from her seemingly-limitless anonymous donors to fund a new park at Beachwood.

The 22 acre purchase was a surprise. Mike F dropped the bomb while paid consultants were designing the intended park site west of Highwy 1. Wasted that money. Then what a waste with all those public meetings and consultants for the pie in the sky gold plated 22 acres. I knew it wouldn't go anywhere. Much ado about nothing. We should have put some park benches and a little grass in for starters and then added as possible. Oh right we're bankrupt now.

Good thing we have the Ritz, we just need 28 more hotels like it and a stadium to pay off our bills.

I don't know why we need a meeting about this though. Seems like enough has been said.

what a dumb idea turning Mike's folly into a park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well be paying for decades for this stupid expensive move. we need to pawn that off on some sucker asap. were buried in debt cause of Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sick and tired of people picking on Mike. He's done so much for HMB. We should have taken his advice and appealed the crazy judge's decision. We would be in much better shape today. Please Mike come back and save us!

The LCP is selling Mike F. t-shirts for $19.84 over on Coastsider, what with his election bid coming up. It says "I Like Mike" on the front and there's a big bullseye on the back. Proceeds go to reviving Voice of the Ghost.

Is there a limit on many exclamation points one can use in a "comment" about Beachwood????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As an aside, I think Mike F. Failed should be banned. He has failed to provide any intelligent comment.

theres no limit to how many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to use when talking about Mike F & Co. they cost hmb soooooooooooooooooooo much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with there dumb policies. he did more damage to hmb than w did to america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don t they have a book called--------

how to be a supervisor dumdmie-------you already blew caost medical healht, whats next, i not voting for you, O to your ovey,,,,,,,,they are coming back Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

T-Shirts/Bake Sale...any way to raise money for a bus ticket for Mike F. to leave HMB.

Run Mike Run. Its getting easier with Bonnie not running. You can win!

The park purchase was illegal.

Mike engineered it.

You put 2 + 2 together.

If cant do nothing right HMB wants to see what a park should look or be like check out Twin Pines Park 1225 Ralston Ave in Belmont been there for art fairs etc. Great park. But of course we have better things to do with our money like Beachwood fiasco's. Lets not do anything for our coast people except whine that HMB would rather spend money on fiasco's or lawyers or pay raises.

Just put an old ratty picnic table in the middle of the wetland weedies & call it a park so over the hill people can have a good laugh.

In my opinion, Mark's headline (title of this thread) is a misnomer. It does not jive with Item 12 on tonight's Agenda. The Council is Not particularly interested in public input. They've been getting that for 5 years. Their intent is to 'give' the ground back to POST, who provided the City with the option to buy in 2004, and was the lending institution in the deal, providing HMB with the $3.1M for the overpriced, illegal purchase. I've always wondered why?

The City is washing their hands of this mess. It's about time.

Here is the link to the staff report for tonight's Agendized Item 12: Web Link

Here is the title for Item 12: Consideration of (1) Agreement to Transfer Title to Property at 325 San Mateo Road, APN 056-260-090 (aka 880 Stone Pine) to Peninsula Open Space Trust in Satisfaction of Promissory Note; and (2) License and Maintenance Agreement with Peninsula Open Space Trust for Subject Property

As I recently said on another thread, "I haven't missed too many meetings over the last 5 years. This is one I have to make. I am so looking forward to this."

"I wonder, is 144 Kelly next? There's still time, before the election, to right another wrong. We can hope."

Here's the link to go to if you're interested in the background and the location of the last quote above: Web Link

See you at tonight's meeting!

I saw a bumper sticker with the slogan "Run Mike Run!"

It was on...

the front bumper.

i smell a for sale sign soon on kelly ave. what a crock to waste soooooooooooo much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on a cc member. jim's toast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need some boxes to clean out your desk??????????????????

what are going to do with park on kelly ave????????????? half right george about Mike F & Co, itll take 30 years to pay for all his screwups. the new kid gonna need a big ass broom to clean up this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I deleted one comment that referenced a legal breach without specifying what he was talking about. Please don't make unsubstantiated claims of illegality. Thank you.

That would be me Clay is referring to, and there was more than one ‘legal breach’ identified at the meeting last night. I have written to this many many times, but since you are the Editor, I'll do it again and provide what you seek.

For reference and complete explanation, please see:

"What We Know" Web Link

"Was 'The Park' Purchase Legal?" Web Link

Both links will provide all the data you request and more, but let me provide a Cliff Note version for those that don't want the whole meal.

Grady admitted last night that the City had been negotiating the deal with Nurseryman's Exchange & POST for over a year prior to the purchase. We already knew that and I’ve commented on it and documented it many times.

No CA required legal appraisal was performed or accepted by the City prior to the purchase - and that remains accurate to this moment. According to CA law the City needed an appraisal before entering into negotiations. Nurseryman's Exchange provided an assessment of the property from Carolyn Sadler, who has never held a CA license of Appraisal. That doesn't meet the State requirement that a "State licensed real estate appraiser" must be "a person who is issued and holds a current valid license under this part" (State of CA OREA, Section 11302). (That's one)

The City knowingly and willfully obligated us, the rate payers in HMB, to a long term debt with complete disregard for, or at least ignorance of, the law - let alone a concern for our best interests. This one violates the CA Constitution. Specifically, the City did not meet the immediate obligation to comply with Article XVI, section 18 of the California Constitution, the "Debt Limitation" - which was discussed last night. (That's two)

I won’t bore the readers with more, but there is a lot more. The two links I’ve provided here will fill in more blanks, and for those wanting more than that, I can provide it upon request. Below is the piece Clay pulled. I’d like to repost it (excuse the additional length). I posted it originally because I felt the need. Now, with the data provided here, it should stand – because it’s true.


One by one, Mike's Follies are being dealt with. Finally, last night, as promised, the Council gave POST the Hwy 92 parcel back and eliminated $3.1M in long term City debt that Mike & company dropped in our lap.

Not only that, but a small detail (a legal breach) was admitted to in the process. Of course, we all knew anyway, but admission is admission. Other illegal aspects were also addressed.

Poor Ferreira; you have to wonder how he feels when another of his bogus, bloated self interest actions of past are identified and rectified (made right). Personally, I don't believe for a second that he has a conscience, but I'll give him credit where it's due; he's not stupid and he damn near killed HMB (with help from his ‘friends’).

One by one his misdeeds are corrected. The only problem I see is that at the current rate, it'll take 30 years to fix them all.

Thanks Mike, Toni and crew.

george dont ya think the kelly ave park is next to go? dont you think that smells of cronyism? you still only got it half right that well be cleaning up the mess from Mike F & Co for next 30 years, well be PAYING for it to. better here the footsteps jim, cause the big broom is sweeping you out in november!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I said. "One by one his misdeeds are corrected. The only problem I see is that at the current rate, it'll take 30 years to fix them all." - I also mentally included paying for it. That's one of the reasons I said 30 years. You're right, I should have been clearer.

Regarding your comment, "george dont ya think the kelly ave park is next to go?"

Are you referring to Oak Park? If so, that mess has also been "cleaned up" - settled. That one only cost us $100,000.00.

That gentleman that we've both identified (Ferreira) is nothing but trouble. He has cost us dearly and will continue to do so as one by one, his misdeeds are overturned.

I hope he was humiliated last night. Actually, I'm sure he was - to POST, but not to the public.

Never again can we allow this. All it requires is public participation. Never assume that those we elect will take care of us, or even give a damn about us. Stay vigilant, stay informed and ask questions.

You have to love the above exchange between George, who references himself as an authority, and Mike F Failed, who has no demonstrated authority on any matter (including simple written English).

"You have to love the" way nipper brings nothing of interest, substance or intelligence by any measure.

I bring facts. You should try it.

youre the last one to talk nipper. you never add anything to any topic. is there a point there other than you love Mike F & Co ???????????????????????????

I'm taping last night's meeting for my files. I forgot to mention any of the speakers that addressed this issue.

Some of the usual suspects were there and spoke. A few of them were the ones that supported the illegal Beachwood action and pushed for appeal; a fruitless wish, at best. A few of them spoke last night:

Sophia Freer, Mike Ferreira, John Lynch, and Dana Kimsey. What a crew. Lynch even told the Council that 'they' should be ashamed! What a joke, in more ways than one.

It's the same crew, time and time again.

Kimsey's husband, for example, was the President of HMB Open Space Trust - the recipient of the Conservation Easement from 144 Kelly that protects Grady's astounding view corridor, when the 2005 Council produced that sweet deal. Grady was President of HMBOST in 2000.

It's nice to have friends, I guess, but I'm a bit more selective on who I call friend. None of them would qualify.

They just continue to cause us harm, or at least try, while all the while making bigger and bigger fools of themselves.

Thank you to Marina Fraser for being the sole voice of reason years ago in voting no on the park purchase on 92.

I'm a little late here but just in response to George's "legal breach" thing: All of that may be true, some of it is common knowledge. But no charges have been brought, no one has been prosecuted.

I think it's going too far to call parkland maneuvers "illegal."

My opinion. Carry on.

Clay, you mention two different points, and they deserve distinction. Although I am not aware of any charges filed, yet, that has zero bearing on the violation of law.

The purchase of the hwy 92 property, that has been commonly referred to as the 92 'park', violated State Real Estate law, CA Code and the CA Constitution, as I've noted and supported.

Charges to those activities are a separate matter that deserves separate distinction. Just because a law was violated doesn't mean that charges have been filed. Further, just because charges have not yet been filed doesn't mean the law(s) weren't violated.

I'd like to use this opportunity to make a slight correction regarding Kimsey's title when he received and signed the Conservation Easement on 144 Kelly. He was Vice President of HMB Open Space Trust at the time.

Michael LaGuardia was President at the time, however, he did not sign 144 Kelly conservation easement. Kimsey crossed his (Laguardia's) name and title out and wrote in his name and title and signed it.

In response to Clay, George once again references himself as the authority.

But the real news is that Mike F Failed has joined the George and wemoan lovefest. Will jealousy rear its ugly head, or will the threesome arrangement be deemed okay by George, referencing his expertise on Hindu aesthetes, the status of elderly women on Indian reservations, and the role of krill in marine ecosystems off the California coast?

Is there any sense to the comments provided by the prior poster? Anyone get it?

What does anything said in the prior post have to do with the City returning the ill conceived attempt by Mike and Toni to further lock down HMB?

Answer? Nothing, as usual.

$3.1 Million....you must be joking. All so 92 would not be widened.

Thanks Mike, thanks Toni, thanks NE, and thanks POST.

Let's see what you do now.

np youre losing it. all i can say to your comment is????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Now that POST has that hwy 92 parcel back, the Council should excercise Eminent Domain, pay POST the REAL fair market value for that ground and rezone it for light industrial.

Then the Council should go out and seek long term relationships with the goal being establishing long term relationships with companies that would enjoy a presence in HMB, for their benefit and ours, to build aesthetically pleasing two story buildings while paying HMB for the right, for decades to come.

That would help us offset the 30 year bond payment while building and strengthening outside relationships creating partnerships that benefit everyone.

Say, is POST going to buy that other (now abandoned) nursury property on the south side of town? I noticed a huge for sale sign and thought all those old greenhouses would go great with the abandoned nursery/park land on Hwy 92.

What about it Audry?

Don't they already have too much presence in HMB?

Every time a "non-profit" like POST snags a property, it not only takes that property off the current tax roles, but also takes that property away from our future and what that property could potentially produce.


The education of our children and City services need those funds, and we don't need POST in our town. There are plenty of other places for them to play.

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