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Police crime logs now available for all

The Half Moon Bay Police Department has today started posting its summarized crime reports online as a way to make information more readily available to the public.

The police department compiles the crime log daily and plans to post it immediately on the police section of the city’s website, Web Link.

The crime summary will be available with no suspect names redacted. That means every crime, from a misdemeanor DUI to a felony assault, will include the suspect’s name, age and hometown (except for juveniles).

Traffic citations are not usually included in the crime log.


Will that include any of the cases which will be brought up for crimes committed outside of HALF MOON BAY?

Do El Granada, Princeton, Moss Beach, and Montara have to put up with the same recorded logs?

WHO does patrol and watch each of these counties?

When ambulances, Sheriff's cars, and fire trucks arrive for an incident, who controls the expenditures even if it is a minor accident yet bringing the entire armada?

I admire and thank Mark Noack for alerting us to an important new procedure at the Half Moon Bay Police Department which is now printing at their web site each day"daily case activity" including names of adult arrestees; a new-knowledge procedure that certainly helps protect neighbors against the unexpected (until now) danger that lives right next door, or across the street.

Noack gave us one web link, but this one here cuts out a couple of steps.

Web Link

if you paste the url to your address bar as many must do, that address for you to paste is:


The following few excerpts from the Monday, June 15th. HMB Police log cannot show the professional easy to read .PDF report provided to you by the Police Dept. at the web links. The info you see below is to encourage you to please be aware of, and use this valuable new resource Mark Noack has called to our attention.

Half Moon Bay Police Department

Case Log

Information on selected incidents and arrests are taken from initial police reports. Not all incidents are listed due to investigative restrictions and victim privacy rights.

Don O’Keefe

Police Chief












Name and City

of Residence



0962 06/12


Spruce St. 273.5PC-

Domestic battery

591 PC-

Officer dispatched to report of

domestic battery when the

female victim reported her

intoxicated boyfriend had an

argument and the man reportedly

grabbed the woman by the neck

and pushed her against a door.

The victim reported that the man

threw the phone on the floor

when she tried to call police. The

woman sustained minor injuries.

The man had fled the scene

before police arrived, but police

made contact with him later and

arrested him on charges of

domestic battery.


Julian Vaughn

Age 58

Of Moss Beach

0963 06/12 1156 San Mateo



Minor possession

of alcohol

Officers dispatched to report of

reckless driver and contacted the

driver who was found to be in

possession of alcoholic

beverages under the age of 21.

He was cited and released on his

promise to appear in court.

Reger, Gregory

Paul McClintick

Age 19

Of San Gregorio

0964 06/12 1425 Purissima St. 273.5 PC-

Domestic battery

Officer dispatched to domestic

battery when the victim reported

her child’s father hit her in the

face, causing visible injury. The

17 year-old male was arrested

and transported to Hillcrest

Juvenile Detention Facility.


Age 17


0965 05/24 Myrtle St. 530.5(A)PC-

Credit fraud


Make fictitious


Officer dispatched to report of

check fraud when an unknown

suspect created a check using the

victim’s checking account

number with another person’s

name and address.

0966 10/13 HMBPD 10-22-

Cancelled case

Cancelled case #

0967 06/12 2230 Spruce St. 422 PC-

Threaten crime


Prohibited to own

ammunition etc.


Exhibit deadly



Obstruct peace


Officer dispatched to report of

an adult probationer brandishing

a knife and threatening to kill the

victim, a male party known to

him. The victim told police the

suspect holds him responsible

for his prior arrest. The victim

reported the crime to police

approximately 30-45 minutes

after the incident occurred and

identified the suspect to police in

a photo line-up. Police made

contact with the suspect at his

home, and the man would not

open the door for police to

conduct a probation search.

Police detained the man as he

exited his back door. Police

located the suspect knife, along

with several ammunition rounds.

He was arrested and transported

to SM County Jail.

Yousif, Osman


Age 26


0968 06/13 1225 Kelly Ave 11-82-

Traffic collision

Traffic collision-property

damage only

0969 06/13 San Mateo



Information report

Officers took report of the

possible theft of a transient’s

backpack from a shopping cart at

a HMB store. A store employee

said the transient pushed her in

an effort to get to his backpack,

but not with the intent to harm

her. There was insufficient

evidence to support that the

backpack had been stolen from

the transient male.

0970 06/13 1430 Laurel Ave 10-415DV-



Domestic disturbance

0971 06/13 1630 Bloom Ln 11-82-

Traffic collision

Traffic collision-property

damage only

0972 06/14


Correas St. 488 PC-

Petty theft

Officer flagged down by a

juvenile who reported his bicycle

was stolen from the bike rack at

the library.

0973 06/14 1456 Railroad Ave O/W Felony-

Felony warrant

Officer on patrol performed

traffic stop on a vehicle with a

cracked windshield and found

the driver to be wanted on a

felony warrant out of Placer

County. He was arrested and

transported to SM County Jail.


Bertram Victor

Age 50


0974 06/14 1515 Pine Ave 243(E)PC-

Domestic battery

Officer dispatched to report of

battery between two brothers-in-

law. Report not complete

0975 06/14 1515 Pine Ave 242 PC-

Battery on person

Officer took report of battery

involving family members.

Report not complete.

0977 06/14 HMBPD 10-22-

Cancelled case

Cancelled case number

0978 06/14 2355 San Mateo



Fight in public




Officer dispatched to report of a

disturbance at a HMB restaurant.

The RP, a security guard for the

business, advised that two

suspects were attempting to fight

him after he directed them to

leave the restaurant. The RP

was not injured but elected to

press charges against the two

men. The two suspects were

found to be under the influence

of alcohol and were arrested on

charges of public intoxication

and fighting in public, and

transported to SM County Jail.

Solis, Rafael


Age 38

Of Moss Beach

Aguilar, Manuel


Age 45


That's great to know. Much better than the "Police Log" in the Review. Now if only we could get better coverage of sheriff activity in the unincorporated areas!

There sure are a lot of people driving fast, without licenses or insurance. Hmm, and these are the same people who say they will voluntarily appear in court. I must admit, I am skeptical.

I went to traffic court once about 10 years ago - maybe things are different now - but many people appeared in court because they had no license, insurance or registration. They were told to obtain the missing item and given a new court date. I wonder how many actually did obtain license, insurance or registration in the end?

Muriel... regarding your information just above... if the cited defendant does not show for the new court date with the required documents in order and in hand, the Court Clerk (meaning her staff) will send notice to DMV to suspend or revoke the driving license.

For the court to do otherwise, would involve a huge crush of defendant-mishandled pending cases with the Court allowing its rules to be ignored. There are already enough pendings.

The Court will not be ignored. Serious items also sometimes bring the issue of an arrest warrant.

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