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Why are people in general so stupid when it comes to politics?

I was just sitting here reading all of these posts about the election and how Palin is o so horrible because she lies and McCain and Palin would just be another Bush and Cheney. But really why is it not ok for a politician to lie about something they want to keep private regular citizens do it everyday. And do you really think that Palin was such a bad choice i mean look at who all the spotlight is on...not McCain but Palin, who is the VP pick, she does not even have that much power really? So why is the media and the left side still stuck on it...move on! McCain's team outsmarted you!! And also you guys should really think hard about what the president actually does, if you remember back to your senior year government class you will see that the president really does not do as much as we think he does, he is really just the face of the government, his cabinet makes most of the decisions for him. I really just want to know why the older groups of voters and older generations don't realize that government is just there to keep secrets because the public could not ever handle what actually happens in the white house or senate. Do you really think you could handle knowing exactly where every bad person is...nope i don't think so. YOu all would crack under the pressure of what all of these people are trying to do. Government is just there to shield the people from what is really going on and just make sure that we are happy and spending our money!!!


Hello young adult wonders,

As you get learn more you'll find that the modern president is far more powerful than you realize--to say that his Cabinet makes most of the decisions makes me worry for your government teacher :) Remember, the President appoints all the top people in all those government agencies--they are not civil servants.

As for the election, write down your thoughts as it progresses to Election Day and beyond--it will prove quite informative.

--Darin (who has had a class or two in government...)


If you think the VP has no power, look again at what Cheney got us into and how he has almost single handily ruined our once great nation.

to power to VP, how is it cheney's fault? and to darin i wonder why you think that he is even more powerful? isn't it because the us is the most powerful nation in the world with the most influence on the rest of the world? and i do understand that the president is powerful but isnt it the people that make him stronger and more powerful? cause i know that it wasn't the president himself who made it that way.

It's also a question of balance of power within the US government. Over the years there has been a shift in power away from the Congress and toward the White House. One of the explicit goals of the Bush/Cheney Administration is to push harder on that, giving more power to the White House.

So, in short, which president we choose makes a very big difference in the overall policies set during that presidency.



Think of it this way: five hundred or so more votes in Florida and Gore would have been the president. The Iraq war never would have happened. Think of the billions of dollars and thousands of lives that would have been saved. That's just one example of a president leading the country into ruin.

We need you young people to register to vote and to turn out in droves if we are ever going to turn things in this country around, because your elders have screwed it up enough. Read the papers, read the news online, watch the debates and think whether you want things to go along as they are.

Older Voter is right. Voting is important and so is moaning and complaining by the loosers. Cry-babies have been around since the dawn of time. Take a good read of Older Voter and aspire to be more than a dried up prune that craves a past that cannot be changed and go out try to make a difference. If you loose, lick your wounds, learn from your error and give it another try. Older Voter bemoans her elders errors and the errors of all those before. But think of what good has also been accomplished. Older Voter is a fossel and needs to get find a river bed and go away so that you can take your turn at taking the blame by the next generation of babies.

And try to stay away from name calling and insulting people who don't agree with you. It just makes yourself look mean spirited and unable to state your case in a cogent manner!

older voter, Do you really believe that this war aganist terrorism was preventable? Do you really think that if Gore would have been pres dent that our country would be better? And why are people still stuck on the Florida thing? Something i have learned is that you cannot dwell in the past but rather live for tomorrow cause you never know when it will all come to and end. So why is it ok for everyone to bring that up still? And actually just to let ya know older voter there is the biggest amount of young adults registered and voting than ever before because we are sick of people like you telling us what to believe and what to do with our lives.

If Gore had won the election, I still think the Iraq war still would have happened. You don't know what "would have been" just wishful thinking I guess.

Now you really have me worried that there are a lot of young voters with your mind set. Have you never heard the expression that we must learn from past mistakes so as not to repeat them?

Of course the Iraq war was preventable (not the war in Afghanistan where the terrorist training camps actually were). Do you read the papers at all? People your age are the ones being sent to fight and lose your lives in these wars. And, yes! yes! yes! we would not be in Iraq at all if Gore had been elected. Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction! 500 more votes in the Florida "thing" and we would not be in Iraq.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in Iraq for a lie, that you apparently bought into, not to mention the billions of dollars daily going down that rathole. That's money and lives that could be used at home to build up our own country: to fund your mortgage loans, fund your student loans, build up our own infrastructure, fund health care.

I can't remember when I have been so frustrated with another poster. I pray you will educate yourself. Don't they discuss this type of think in high school civics or history class? Do you subscribe to a newspaper? Read it!!!! Learn. Wake up!

Young Adult... you adeptly point out that there is a lot of 'trash talk' here and very little substance. I'm glad you see that.

I, for one, hope that everyone that reads this gets your message and puts some substance behind their posts going forward.

I would say that, yes, if Bush-Cheney were not in office, we would NOT be in Iraq. Evidence grows each day and this week, Washington Post journalist Barton Gellman (Web Link ) has a newly published book, Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency " and has been appearing on talk shows this week.

A quick online search located this article: Web Link

In his book, he describes Cheney as “the nearest thing to a deputy president the country's ever had."

Gellman described how Cheney convinced former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, a leading Republican opponent of war with Iraq, to vote in favor of the war resolution.

"He told Armey two things that he's never said in public and that are not true," Gellman continued. "He said that Saddam personally, and his family, had direct ties with al Qaeda. And he said that Iraq was making substantial progress towards a miniature nuclear weapon."

Cheney told Armey that Iraq would soon have "packages that could be moved even by ground personnel" and "a delivery system in their relationship with organizations such as al Qaeda." These claims, writes Gellman, "crossed so far beyond the known universe of fact that they were simply without foundation."

Although Cheney's mini-nuke fabrication has not previously been revealed, Cheney did state somewhat cryptically in a September 2002 interview with Tim Russert, "That’s why it’s so important for us when we do identify the kind of threat that we see emerging now in Iraq, when we do see the capabilities of that regime and the way Saddam Hussein has operated over the years that we have to give serious consideration to how we’re going to address it before he can launch an attack, not wait until after he’s launched an attack."

"Armey is a very angry man at this point," Gellman told Stewart. "He was against the war. ... He was actually weeping in the well of the House when he cast his vote."

In his book, Gellman quotes Armey as saying, "Had I known or believed then what I believe now, I would have publicly opposed [the war] resolution right to the bitter end, and I believe I might have stopped it from happening."

"I deserved better than to be bullsh**ted by the vice president," Armey told Gellman.

The Iraq war definitely would NOT have happened.

That is a Bush/Cheney/Neo-Con disaster that would never have happened otherwise. There was absolutely no reason for it!

Young adult says, "But really why is it not ok for a politician to lie about something they want to keep private regular citizens do it everyday." and also this, "Government is just there to shield the people from what is really going on and just make sure that we are happy and spending our money!!!"

Obviously, our young soon-to-be-a-voter was raised to be an unthinking sheep, political fodder for the Republican Lie Machine. Too bad, but glad, not his dad.

...."Older Voter is a fossel and needs to get find a river bed ..."

Insults being what they are this one is classic! I know we are supposed to be nice, but this one was just too funny to not recognize....

Young Adult:

I can see that you were not brainwashed by academia into beleiving that the only evil in the world is the U.S. If you are one who speaks their mind (and I am guessing you are) then I would love to be an observer in some of your classes. The debates must be great.

If you truly believe that 500 votes was the difference, then you have bought into the lies that have been spread by the most liberal wing of the parties. The difference was much larger than that, albeit a very small percentage of the popular vote.

Your involvment in the political process is extremely important. The things you believe in and the actions you take to make them happen will set the table for the generations beyond you. That may seem quite a burden, but the youth in our country is energetic and can make it happen.

One of the most important ideas to dwell on is how much you want government intruding into your daily life. Should the government care for you from the cradle to the grave, or should you be responsible for making the decisions that will make you healthy, wealthy (not just monetarily), and wise?

Well i am happy to see such an avid response to my question but i still have more i would like to hear answers to.

As to civis lesson to late- The fact that number one you assume that i am a male is something of interest to me, since i wonder why you automatically assume that i am. As to your snide little father comment, i am also pleased that you are not my father because my father is one of the best men in the entire world as well as someone i highly respect and admire, who would never stoop to such a level as to reflect on my own father. As well as my father made me look up, educate myself and develop my own opinion on an issue before he would even start to state his side, along with the fact that i was given choices in my life that would reflect and helped me become who i am today.

To those who believe that Iraq did not have the ability to assemble nuclear weapons, i believe that you are mistaken since i do have many friends and relatives in the armed forces who have told me to believe otherwise. And also anyone i know who is in the armed forces believes in the cause and what is going on over there cause it is probably one of the most horrible things to actually have to watch everyday or be around. and hear how it was like before America came to save them! The war that we are fighting againist terrorism terrorism was inevitable. And if we are putting what ifs in the air, think about if Saddam was still in power? Do you think we would still be living our lives the same? I think that we would all be living our lives in fear of when the next attack would be or when the next bomb would drop.

To older voter---as for the expression we must learn from past mistakes as not to repeat them, it means to look back reflect, give/recieve feedback and move on so that we can not repeat the same exact mistakes but even if we do do that we also have the saying of history is doomed to repeat itself, and that is happening everyday. I mean really you can compare a lot of what the world is going through to way back in history. I am a big political/history junkie and if you have read as much as i have i would really enjoy to sit down and have an actual conversation with you about issues, even though my questions would probably just piss you off since i always seem just to ask why. And growing up in the public school system, i have learned that the question why is a very unliked question. I have been kicked out, taken F's on tests and other things just because i would ask why. I have realized that most people don't know how to answer the question of why too. It seems, through my experiences, that people just are just unable to articulate themselves fast enough or well enough to make their point when asked why.

Now to your comment of being frustrated with me, i have very well just proved my point that i just stated above, the question why is unliked and i am very sorry that have enraged and invoked anger inside of you but i am asking legit questions that should not enraged or invoke anger in people, shouldnt it invoke questions and logical discussion? why does politics always have to be angry?

And i do subscribe to many online newspapers as well as have a live newsfeed on my cell phone and laptop 24/7...so the fact that you seems it necessary to allude to the idea of me being uneducated seems to be a reflection of yourself and your being uncomfortable and unable to answer the questions that i ask.

As to casual observer, yes i have caused many issues in my short lifetime so far, since i always tend to just question and never show my opinion on issues it makes people very frustrated and my father and mother as well as my leadership and conflict managing training have always taught me to listen to all sides before developing an opinion or decision about things.

So to this i throw out another question: Why do politics invoke anger and rage? Why is it that people feel the need for violence when there are disagreements? Doesn't this kind of make the US look bad in general, when we have fights break out over politics between democrats and republicans just because they dont agree and yet we wonder why we can't do anything about gang violence? Doesnt that kind of defeat the purpose of the US?

"...my leadership and conflict managing training have always taught me to listen to all sides before developing an opinion..."

Good for you!

You discuss your thoughts in a reasonable way, and keep a cool head. You are miles ahead of most of us here on Talkabout, that's for sure!

My question is to you, young adult--are you in college, now? If you are, I would like to know how that experience has been for you. If you aren't, I hope you are planning to go :)

AYAW: the answer that you seek lies here:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

civics lesson too late and many of the others who post in this venue clearly like to opine, but through their words and actions show grave disdain for its true meaning and historical power.

you'll find it and a few others in a document called the Consitution.

good luck.

oh, and PS: they hate the next amendment even more...

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

AYAW said:

>>i believe that you are mistaken since i do have many friends and relatives in the armed forces who have told me to believe otherwise.<<

Sounds like your beliefs are not your own, but other peoples.


now that's brilliantly circular. of course that's what she said. her point was that she chooses to base her belief on more credible sources.


You know, I understood what the poster meant to say, so I think you might have missed it golda....I inferred from the comment that the poster had received information from many sources, including those in the military, that led her to believe otherwise. If I am wrong I am sure the poster will let us know.

BTW: Your name is a disgrace to you namesake if you truly don't believe that the second amendment applies to individuals. Your namesake must be rolling in her grave.

Dear Young Adult;

If you truly are a young person, you are really clear and logical in your thinking and advanced for your your age; you give great hope for a bright and wonderful future for our country. How could we clone you? We need more like you. Keep standing up to these fools who berate you; I don't think I have to tell you that, you're going to do it. Good for you. I hope you have political aspirations.

Dear professor, I never mentioned the 2nd amendment!!

You did in another string and I did not comment at the time. Sorry about bringing it up in this string, but the last line by serial reminded me of it.

I can see why you got F's in your classes. Your thinking reflects that. Did you graduate from high school?

Older voter - "Did you graduate from high school?"

Did you? Your attitude toward the youth stinks; you probably got your diploma from Sam Houston Instutite of Technology. Young adult shows intelligence and this transcends a bad grade; he/she can think!

Older voter - "Did you graduate from high school?"

Did you? Your attitude toward the youth stinks; you probably got your diploma from Sam Houston Instutite of Technology. Young adult shows intelligence and this transcends a bad grade; he/she can think!

Older voter: What I am read reflects the thoughts of someone who thinks for themself, after input and consideration, and thereafter sets about on a course of action based on his or her beliefs. You seem to have a knee jerk reaction that makes you want to denigrate the poster in some way. I have seen many blog postings on other sights that reflect the same manner of writing....I think it comes from text messaging all the time with initials and lacking punctuation. But that does not in any manner destroy the thoughts and arguments the poster makes.

You have reacted in a manner that proves his/her point..... you cannot answer the question, nor can you further the discussion by asking other questions. You simply dismiss him/her ignorant (by inferrence). That is very sad, and I can understand her frustration.

And you are a professor of???? You and her seem to be a the same misguided wave length. There are so many untruths and fallacies in both of your lines of thought that I don't know where to start. Some people are so far gone that they aren't worth arguing with. And I never thought I would say that. God help our country.

Okay.....caught me. I am not a professor, I just liked the handle. But just the same, you did it again. Because somebody has an opinion about something that differs from you, then they are misguided, untruths, and fallacies? Your correct in your fourth sentence, and I think that is what he/she is getting at....that you cannot even hold a rational conversation without denigrating the other party, or in some way holding them out to be stupid proves his/her point.

BTW: AYAW....maybe I missed it but, are you a male or female?

What difference does my gender make?

At any rate, these points (the Iraq war, the economy, and on and on)have been stated so many times over and over in so many other threads, by people who state them so much better than me, that I just leave you two with your thoughts.

Maybe I can sum up my side by just saying, read the papers! If things are going great in your eyes...then I just don't know what to say to either one of you. I am done here.

Again you missed the point. It is probably to far out beyond your field of vision, which appears to be just the here and now. I am sorry you don't appear to have anything further to add to the discussion. My bad, probably.

BTW: I did not ask YOUR gender. If you read what I wrote, you would realize I was asking the poster, not you. Toodles! :)

To answer your question professor, i am a proud and out spoken female, and that is why the assumption of me being a male kind of interested me because it seems as though people seem to think that young woman do not have an interest in politics or in general a lot of men tend to think down on women in politics. I saw a lot of support for Hilary but it really interests me to see such degrading comments and other things about Palin. It is very interesting.

And to mister older voter---I actually did receive a high school diploma with flying colors and many classes over what i could have taken to graduate. Also i received F's because of different opinion i had with various teachers at my high school. But let me just say that you are someone who is putting my theories and thoughts about politics to work, I can see that you take most of the things and questions i propose personally, which is something you should never do when speaking and discussing politics. Except for when they explictly say your name in them. And yes you can sum up your side by reading the papers because it is all one sided in the media and is never a100% trusted resource for information, read some books, take some courses and you will be enlightened.

As to others questions about me, yes i am a college student and love every minute of the intense debates and things i get into in college but yet some teachers still seem bother and dumbfounded by the question of why.

And arguing is never a good word to use when talking about politics, it should be a discussion and a debate but never an argument. Older Voter, you should look up the definition and also the connotation that is associated with the word argument and you will see that it is not positive, which is still something that will never cease to amaze me about politics...is the anger. Why is there always anger, argument and hatred in it? No one can answer this question can they? It will always be something to look into since it should be all in good spirit and education of various views and thoughts not the arguing of points and making sure that you are always right, since there is really no right or wrong in the since of issues there is only what you believe and what you dont believe.

To concerned Democrat---thank you very much for your positive vibes. It makes me feel like this is actually worth some of my time. But i do have semi political aspirations but mostly i want to teach and show the future of this country that they dont need anger and negative things in their lives, they just need to question things and not to mention ensure they understand things before they openly discuss them!

And to goldamyear----I am not using other people's opinions i am simply using reliable first hand sources (which in history and politics are always the best source) rather than relying on the media and politicians to lead me to my developed thoughts on issues. But really you should try talking to some first hand sources instead of sitting and watching CNN or reading Yahoo! news, it would really be interesting to hear what your thoughts are after you have traveled there or have friends and family in the front line or in secret missions there to save people's lives. I would just like to know where your information comes from as to things about the war and such because i doubt they are as reliable as people who are actually there!

O and also to older voter, just to let ya know about those F's i received, its because i wrote my papers about how the question was stated in a form that was to tell us how to answer not to allow us to explore various answers as well as things such as global warming, which something i believe mother earth does herself and it is very interesting when you get taught that we are causing it when that has yet to be proven by more than a few scientists and yet it is talked about more in politics than in the scientific world. But really i am offended that you would ever assume i do not have a high school diploma and frankly i think that these low blows to me are a direct reflection on yourself, and also you should really think about the golden rule of life: Treat others the way you wish to be treated. And you might see that your life has a very pleasant turn around!

O and i can't just leave without asking a question: I really want to know why people use the word argument when speaking/discussing politics? Do you feel that is the right way to phrase it?

...."Older Voter is a fossel and needs to get find a river bed ..."

"Insults being what they are this one is classic! I know we are supposed to be nice, but this one was just too funny to not recognize...."

I'm trying to figure out the meaning. It is pretty clearly a try at English, but the point is lost on me. Please translate.

"If you truly are a young person, you are really clear and logical in your thinking and advanced for your your age; you give great hope for a bright and wonderful future for our country. How could we clone you? We need more like you. Keep standing up to these fools who berate you; I don't think I have to tell you that, you're going to do it. Good for you. I hope you have political aspirations."

I'd like to add to the encouragement: quite simply, a remedial English class in order that your thoughts may be expressed clearly.

Damn it! you did it again. I agree with you once more.

AYAW said:

>>>But really you should try talking to some first hand sources instead of sitting and watching CNN or reading Yahoo! news,<<<

Why do you assume I watch CNN and read Yahoo news? I view CNN and the rest of the corporate tabloids as my last source of news.

You ask about the Iraq war and here is my response. True I cannot be there and get first hand information via my own experience, so I have to do like you, and tap into sources I consider honest and reliable, some who have been there and some who have not. No matter where you get your information there is no 100% reliable source outside yourself having direct experience. Even then, you would only have a small window of reference and not see the whole picture.

Here is a list of some sources I explore:

Dahr Jamail

Web Link

Dahr Jamail is an independent (non-imbedded) freelance journalist who spent 8 months reporting from Iraq. Read his hard news section especially the parts about Fallajuh.

Also his photo galleries documenting the horror of civilians women and children casualties of this continuing war crime. Warning the galleries labeled graphic images are difficult to view. For those that think it’s ok to launch massive weapons into civilian populations, just consider if these pictures were of your children?

Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

Web Link

A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 700 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S.

You can view the programs from the web site.

Some of the guest on the program have been:

Gore Vidal

Naomi Klein

Alan Greenspan

Noam Chomsky

Howar Zinn

John Pilger

Evo Morales

Paul Krugman

Bill Moyers

Robert Fisk

Gen. John Batiste

Scott Ritter

Seymor Hersh

And many many more.

Other useful sources:

Common Dreams


Information Clearing House


aljazeera (you want all sides right?)


One last thing, not all of our soldiers are supporting this war,


Web Link

I'm glad you are exploring these issues, keep your mind open and keep asking questions.

Careful, golda, these folks aren't ready to handle Dahr Jamail. The very thought of a journalist in Iraq not controlled by those he/she is reporting on is anathema to true-believing patriots.

So you think that known leftists (with several avowed communists as well) are good sources? I think they are the enemy, and if they could (and maybe they are), they would undermine every effort of our troops to succeed. Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, John Pilge, Paul Krugman, Bill Moyers, and Scott Ritter? Puhlease!!!!!!

Could you pull anybody further to the left out of your basket? You think maybe you are stuck in the sixties still.

As someone who has studied and found your namesake to be one of the most intelligent and fierce opponents of leftist neo facism, your use of the acronym is disgusting.

I am normally rational, but you made me lose it. Sorry, but you also lost all credibility.

hey golda:

I don't need your credibility...thank you!

You may not need mine, but your list undermines yours with an entire audience.

not the kind of audience you would want to care about.

leave em to rot: what or who are you referring too? If you are referring to my post, then you dismiss yourself as part of the audience. Odd.

And, had golda referenced other authors as well, then she might have gotten more credibility, at least with me, relative to her openness to thoughts, ideas, and the discussion of them. To not suggest some from other realms and beliefs shows that her mind is closed to other ideas, which is especially important in this stream of discussion in that we have someone who is young, who I am sure has been presented with the leftist ideals and a somewhat scewed view of the rightist ideals. I am sure that you would all be open to presenting both sides and letting someone make up their own mind.

But then again, you have all painted the poster as some sort of rightist ideologue already. My Bad. Maybe I just understand what she is saying and you don't. Too bad, because the rational discussion of ideas in an effort to reach a solution is what I think the poster is getting at, yet too many seem to be closed minded to such an idea.

"hey Golda" - How refreshing to see that there are even more people whose head is screwed on properly. Your words to "goldamyear" (a.k.a. Now Pitching morphed into yet another form) were right on the money. NP, I didn't think it was possible but you have slipped to an even lower space in the pantheon of the wretched, scorned and despised. You look for a way to demean "a young adult" because you don't agree with her. She is obviously a thinking person because she is in college and most of the professors are nothing more than agents of left wing indoctrination (YOU are probably a product of one of those sewer plants) but she has had the strength of her convictions and the clearness of mind to not fall into their trap. Again,"a young adult", I tip my hat to you. Keep going and, when you have run vermin like NP into the dirt, don't even look back.

acD - I think "leave em to rot" is simply another manifestation of Now Pitching. After reading Talkabout for some time it is quite apparent that he posts things in one of his forms and then responds to it in another. Just right; he thus spends most of his time playing with HIMSELF! Makes sense; there couldn't be too many others like him. Several of the other posters don't play with him either, they just pound him right back into the muck from whence he came.

hey golda,

i think you forgot Jerry Lembcke in your list...

If the solders in Iraq support this war so strongly, why are they donating six times as much to the Obama campaign as they are donating to the McCain campaign?

And why did they give huge amounts to Ron Paul who was against the war from the beginning and wanted to pull us out of Iraq immediately (along with all the other bases we have around the world as well).

Facts don't jive with your nonsense.

Now Pitching,

You have all these wing bats thinking up all sorts of conspiracy theories in regards to posts that they disagree with.

Love it. Keep up the good work. I love the mental image of them furiously pounding out responses while frothing at the mouth and yelling at the screen.

curiouses: got data for that?

"Your words to "goldamyear" (a.k.a. Now Pitching morphed into yet another form) were right on the money. NP, I didn't think it was possible but you have slipped to an even lower space in the pantheon of the wretched, scorned and despised."

"acD - I think "leave em to rot" is simply another manifestation of Now Pitching."

First the ongoing confusion with the multiple Now Pitchings, and now another rash of guesses at aliases for Now Pitching. See what happens, babes, when you concern yourself with who is saying it instead of what is said? Taking the middle-high school social approach instead of trying to deal with the real world? At least you all are good for a laugh as you stumble about blindfolded playing pin the name on the poster.

Aw, shucks, NP, you have such a unique, pompous, arrogant and condescending style that it is not mistakable. Beyond that, it is the putrid ideology, the defunct causes, the leftist pseudo-intellectualism and your fundamental hate and envy for those who are successful and prosperous that always give you away. Are you capable of saying anything nice? Do you love anybody but yourself? Did your mommy hate you? Were you a product of a failed abortion? Did your boyfriend recently betray you? There has to be a reason for this unfettered malevolence. What happened? I am willing to listen...

Oh, NP, I almost forgot...I think it is pretty clear that we actually have pinned the tail on the right jackass.

wemoan, babe,

You have no idea how delighted I (and maybe some of the others percolating around my screen name?) am to have provided you with such stimulation and emotional nourishment. Why, I even get the feeling I'm opening up aspects of the real world for you. Your bursting fantasies! Your vehemence! Yes! Excellent!

No charge, of course. I'll keep doing what I can to make your days.

Np, you are a funny guy. To bad you can't pitch worth a dam. Another batter walked. Try again tomorrow perhaps you can throw a strike.We can alwas hope.

No sweat, little echo. Keep hanging around and it may eventually sink in how the game is played.

See even now, it intrigues me to see that everyone just sits here and still talks smack to each other....i am just waondering when the first real logical debate will happen.

Carl: Charge? I truly believe he/she was planning to receive payment from you - after all, your're the one who needs therapy. I can see it now, a "Clockwork Orange" session: you're tied to a chair with your eyes propped open while we play films of Ronald Reagan and George Bush and the strains of the Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle and Hail Columbia are coursing loudly through your headset - all of this while you abuse yourself as you do every morning. Probably after a few months you would have a shift in values and you might be a worthwhile human being....no, I'm probably wrong. You would be best served by the therapy given by your heroes Mao and Stalin; that would fix it all and would help with your perceived problem of overcrowding on the coastside.

Ron Paul data, as requested:

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

This info is easy to find. Can't believe you don't already know this.

People have tried to talk to "u" and "u" won't listen.

And a link for Obama vs McCain:

Web Link

wow, AYAW. you must be learning a lot here...

You too, serial.

AYAW: Alas, NP has become involved, and as always is the way with those who really have no ideals or principles, he and others have resorted to name calling and devisivness rather than discussing issues. You would think that presumably wise and thinking people would behave differently, but some of those posting here are behaving in the exact manner that proves part of what you wrote.

Hopefully they will rethink the behavior and get back to real dialogue.

If you look at the original post this young lady begins in the headline by calling everybody stupid. She concluded the first post by saying the president knows what's best for us and we should all just go shopping.

People posted some rational remarks and they were berated, called "dried up old prunes" and told to go lay down in a dry river bed (?). What seemed like older men, were cheering her on.

The lack of good grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure caused one person to ask if she were in high school. Personally, I don't think people will take you seriously if you write in an illiterate style. One poster's suggestion that she take some remedial English classes was spot on.

AWYAW - Sorry about the hassles with NP and his other "forms" - I just can't help confronting him about his attitude and his basically anti-everything ideology and I am not alone. His general manner has a way of antagonizing many people; note his condescension with you and anybody else who does't agree with him. He likes to characterize people from this area as incapable of deep thoughts but, instead of focusing on what you thought he preferred to criticize your grammar and punctuation. To try to discuss anything with him is useless because he isn't like other, normal people. He is obsessed with anything "red" and extreme environmentalism - that's why he hates God, people, prosperity, success and progress.

U too and NP sittin' in a tree...

I think ayaw was really trying to address the behavior, not intelligence. But the banner did catch your attention, and then you bought into the same behavior. Is it not possible she smoked you out of the weeds as well?

Even though the style is different, the attitudes shown by NP and U TOO are the same. Our little friend, NP, is into doing this since he is getting hammered regularly under his "true" ID.

NP - realize that it is your attitudes and opinions that don't sit well, no matter what you call yourself. You're out of touch...just one more pitch in the dirt. Go to the showers.

People need to read more, from a multiplicity of sources, and then use your considerable assimmilative skills to digest and correlate the content, so that you can make an informed decision when you vote in just 45 days.

It helps to be a registered voter, and you need ot also have skills to interact with a voting booth beyond the capability displayed by Florida Voters.

Just trying to help you, and all of us.

Pat: Great suggestion! Thanks!

Brittany Spears was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on CNN several months ago. She said we should all go along with the president because he is our president and he is just trying to make us safe for democracy. There are millions of Brittany Spears out there.

I don't have much hope for this election outcome. I used to think that the young people would be the hope for our country's future. Have you seen the ads that say only 6 out of 10 graduate from high school? Scary stuff.

Just wondering how I can collect on providing an outlet for the tangential, psychotic upchuck of acD and wemoan? Anyone familiar with how cops arrange payoffs to anonymous helpers?

ok first of all i would liek to address my grammer and such. growing up in the generation that i did, we now understand the point of the writing without the use of proper punctuation, while some people of the older generation are too stubborn to adapt to the new way of writing. Its like a totally different format for writing in blogs....didnt anyone get the memo?? Cause i thought i sent one out to all older generation folks. Even though i can write with beautiful grammer and syntax i choose to write the way i do to prove the point of the generational differences between us all.

And i call everyone stupid in the title to catch everyone's eyes, it obviously worked....did it not? and also i didnt tell everyone to just go shopping...you are putting words into my blog, i said keep us happy and spending our money, so therefore we can then fund people on welfare and fund other things that this country just cannot seem to get rid of and never will be able to.

to serial....yea i am learning alot here, that my observations and theories about life, politics and the generational gap are looking more and more like the truth rather than just a hypothesis!!!!

Dey seem lii illiterate blatherings 2 me. Hows it gonna wok fer u in da reel wurld?

NP - You finally got it! Upchuck it is because your opinions are sick and way off base and your arrogance and condescension are revolting. It should be obvious that you disgust everybody except yourself. You remind me of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings.

Young adult and voter: You are correct. If you are a student this is a great study in how people can take facts and happening and twist them to fit their political perception. Many of the comments read as if they are coming from the same Prune. Keep true to your beliefs and let these blow hearts spout their fossilized dung. These blogs to share ideas. Bubbleheads concerned with image over substance, like writing style over content, are like those that blame older voters for the mess we are in. Stick in there and let the 'U too' and others die off and go the way of extinction, just like their political views.

Did you notice that NP, in his "U Too" screen name, pointed out that the original poster had referred to people as "stupid" - nearly every posting NP makes calls somebody stupid or refers them to his favorite extreme leftist, enviro-nazi readings as though they needed to be "educated" (a.k.a. - "brainwashed" or "indoctrinated"). The only amusing part is his creativity in pejorative terms relating to being mentally challenged - "open mouth breathers", "sub-simians", etc. I gotta give him credit for the laughs those have given me.

You have totally misconstrued this. I am not NP. I am not younger voter's enemy. She is probably the same age as my children. I am trying to encourage her to be better than her present writings, while you others are cheering her on in her present illiterate style.

That's not going to work for her outside of this forum or U Tube. I don't object to her opinions. They are hers. They are no better or worse than mine or anyone else's. You can't write like that in the business world. If I saw her employment application written like that come across my desk, it would go in the trash heap. You can't write one way here and not have it carry over to your business world without a lot of carry over. Why not strive to "write right" everywhere?

I used to think like that at her age. I supported the Vietnam war at its onset until I was a few years older. Why do we have to keep reinventing the wheel? At least the young people my age had mass demonstrations about the war, which is more than I can say for today's young college peolple.

I noticed your last little blurb about Nam. So at first you supported it, then changed your mind. Hmmmm. Is it possible the smoke got in your eyes and brain. Naw, man, its all cool.....

Then you go and in a way put AYAW down (in a sense) as being part of a generation that doesn't hold "mass demonstrations." Maybe that is because most of the younger generation actually supports the wars (yes, I used the plural) because our survival might depend on it. Do you think that possible? Is that why most of those you see protesting look like relics from the sixties street wars?

And as too the use (or lack thereof) of her generations text msg grammar and punctuation and splng, jst cuz it flips u out dsnt mean it gos in the bus wrld. C?

Scary stuff above.

I guess my generation was more involved because it affected us personally, what with their being a draft and all. Your future back then depended on what your lottery number was, whether you had to go in the army or not.

Today's young people can be content that they won't have to do the dirty work. Someone else is going to fight their wars for them. That only works as long as they get enough volunteers. The all volunteer army doesn't have enough people to fight in both Iraq and Afghanistan, so it's probably not working all that well. So stand by and get ready to fight yourself in these wars that you support.

In the beginning of the Iraq war, at least 80% of the people were for it. Now the tide has turned and at least two thirds want us out of there. It was the same thing in Vietnam....good idea at first....then not so good. In fact, bigger disaster than Iraq with over 50,000 Americans killed over there, plus even more Vietnamese, plus their country laid to ruins same as Iraq now. That's what I mean about reinventing the wheel all over again. If people like Bush, Cheney who were essentially draft dodgers, had to put their own lives on the line.... well things would be different.

"You remind me of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings."

Not surprised a fantasy world is your reference point.

"Did you notice that NP, in his "U Too" screen name,..."

Keep the lightweight playground guessing games going, babe. Fits right in with the attention to personalities rather than substance that dominates the political commentary of the kiddies on TalkAbout. Aside with providing "U too" with a twitch of amusement, you neutralize yourself by getting sidetracked with your childish impressions.

To all, check out the number of students who need to take remedial courses upon entering community and state colleges and universities, especially remedial English. It'll blow you away when you consider you are subsidizing students to learn something they should already know with your tax dollars. Now, I wouldn't mind those of you who condone idiotspeak and frizzythink as much if there were some way I could opt out of supporting it. But you seem to want the cost of your laxity to be borne by all. Perhaps this is just another of the simple correlations and consequences you are unable to fathom?

Don't know who Gollum is and didn't watch Lord of the Rings so your insult is lost on me. Unless it was a compliment?

For the ignorant single minded u-too Gollum is self-centered, egoistic; willing to his friends and family; and thought nothing of broking his oath. This is so like the prissy old rich that live in Moss Beach. Your generation is slowly dyeing off and going the way of the dinosaur. Dry up and may the wind blow your presumptuous advice far away from us.

I am so embarrassed: Too many typos.

For the ignorant single minded u-too. Gollum is self-centered and egoistic; willing to turn on his friends and family; and thought nothing of braking his oath. This is so like the prissy old rich that live in Moss Beach. Your generation is slowly dyeing off and going the way of the dinosaur. Dry up and may the wind blow your presumptuous advice far away from us.

I like U Too. You should not pick on the old. You too will be like this in 30 or 40 years.

Still too many errors. Take another crack at "braking". Also "egoistic" and "dyeing". Use your dictionary. See what I mean about people not taking you seriously if you can't write?

Not to mention the utter inability to use punctuation in any acceptable form.

"Doesnt that kind of defeat the purpose of the US?"

This is taken out of context from a message, but it is useless as a talking point as it appears in or out of context. It depends on the presence of a "purpose"--which is what, in your opinion? The rationale in the Declaration of Independence? The government structure and guidelines described in the Constitution and its Amendments? The geographic place? Some universal philosophical mandate? Or...?

Questions/statements/assertions, political or otherwise, mean nothing unless the facts and assumptions behind them are given or referenced.

Another assumption in some messages in this thread seems to be that one can be educated by the mass commercial and governmental media. That scanning a lot of news and opinion sources and getting RSS feeds, etc., provides real and sufficient information. That keeping up with these media puts one in a position to understand what is going on politically, generationally, etc., and to make wise and proper choices. If this is so (and it could be way off the mark because of the fractured, somewhat unclear writing on which it is based), what is the basis for this media-related assumption?

It has been around some years now, but a word usually considered to still be part of "young-speak" that is worthy of reflection, refinement, and application is "tool" as it pertains to a person. Start recognizing the tools for who and what they are, and a wide array of politicians, bloggers, money-worshipers, wage-slaves, talking heads, TalkAbout posters, religionists, patriots, Luddites, naturalists, and so on will emerge together with their habits and agendas. Naturally, some individuals will fall into multiple categories, and some of the categories will assort into groups of categories by affinities. The probable "why" of what most people do and say, and the agendas they pursue, quickly becomes apparent when the kind of tool they are, based on their own words and actions, is clarified.

People difficult to categorize as tools also emerge. These are the ones who do their own thinking to a greater degree, who include diverse and original sources in their information gathering, who look into the background of an issue, who do not spout an expected "party line" as a knee-jerk response to every challenge, who try to be objective, who try to discern how established principles pertain to an issue, who are comfortable with quantitative information and analyses, who see verifiable connections within and among issues, who are swayed by informational support and logic and not by personality or social pressure. After a while, you realize their category is created by the fact they are their own tools.

"Your generation is slowly dyeing [sic] off and going the way of the dinosaur."

A sentiment that has been repeated continuously most likely since the human brain and language evolved a capability of stating it. Which means those making it will have it said of them not so many years down the line. One of the assumptions behind it is that generations go along in discrete lumps, like mice moving through a snake's digestive system. Another is that members of a generation think alike and take the same positions on issues. Another is that the member of the generation making the statement believes their generation will behave differently.

Now Pitching,

You are my hero!

It's clear to me that I am dealing with, I think, mostly high schools students in this thread when Gollon is brought up and I don't have a clue who that is. It's been fun but I can't continue on this thread. Thanks for playing but it's gotten too nasty.

Now Pitching's alter ego, U too, bows out.

"I am dealing with, I think, mostly high schools students in this thread when Gollon is brought up and I don't have a clue who that is."

Did you mean "Gollum?" He has been around a lot longer than most of us, being introduced in 1937 in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Of course he's back in the Lord of the Rings movies, 2001-2003.

There's "The Golem," too. But he's a different fellow altogether...

"I used to think like that at her age. I supported the Vietnam war at its onset until I was a few years older. Why do we have to keep reinventing the wheel? At least the young people my age had mass demonstrations about the war, which is more than I can say for today's young college peolple.

U too, a resident of Moss Beach, on September 20, 2008 at 12:23 pm"

AYAW: glad ur learning :) as to U too's post, keep in mind these were the same media-fueled, anti-war types that spat upon our returning troops because they did not want the war. now, they'd have you believe that such treatment never happened. much like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would have you believe the Holocaust never happened. these people want nukes. and they're enlisting the U.N. to help them get some. they hate us. do you see U too or NP or whomever protesting against this? no.

ask yourself this: why?

Web Link

Web Link

You will note also that the Russians have sent military equipment (attended of course) to Venezuela, and announced that they will supply the Iranians with a missile defense system. So you may want to ask yourself why (your stated favorite word) people of the left would be so gullable as to ignore the inherent danger in not moving on Iran now, rather than waiting.

Remember that to "peacenicks," peace is standing by and doing nothing while those whith evil in mind go about doing evil. It is almost suicidal, and borderline psychotic.

Ah, but we learn quite a bit in our years.

careful, CO.

they'll start calling you a fear-mongerer again

Fact is, the die-hard, patriotic, true-believers of HMB could not go to sleep if they did not first check under their bed for a red. In another thread, someone brings up the topic of lessons learned and moving on from there. Learning lessons is not possible for those who never woke up to the horrific scams of Viet Nam, the first Gulf War, the Balkans, various Mideast "crises," etc., and all that has been put over on the compliant since 9/11.

"That's not going to work for her outside of this forum or U Tube. I don't object to her opinions. They are hers. They are no better or worse than mine or anyone else's. You can't write like that in the business world. If I saw her employment application written like that come across my desk, it would go in the trash heap. You can't write one way here and not have it carry over to your business world without a lot of carry over. Why not strive to "write right" everywhere?

I used to think like that at her age. I supported the Vietnam war at its onset until I was a few years older. Why do we have to keep reinventing the wheel? At least the young people my age had mass demonstrations about the war, which is more than I can say for today's young college peolple.

U too, a resident of Moss Beach, on September 20, 2008 at 12:23 pm"

To U too.....why write in "right" manner all the time, was your question. Well, i just think that if i were to write in the "right" way some people would not be able to understand my complex syntax and wording, just how in many of my college classes i have recieved papers back wondering if i plagerized my papers since they were written at such a higher level. So why nt write to a level that everyone can understand. It is just like giving a presentation or speech you must be at the same level as the group of individuals you are speaking too, and as for if my application came across your desk and you would not even look at it, you are assuming that i do not obtain the mental compacity to write in a "business like manner", you have mistaken my kind person. No one speaks the same around every group of people you are with, so i am writing here as though i am just talking to a group of individuals that are just here to conversate and also just here to understand other people, so why mix up my messages and my meanings because people cannot understand it based on the way its written. Everyone can obviously understand what i mean so why does the way i put it out there matter?

and also about your whole Veitnam war comment....yea college kids had large demonstrations as well as caused major choas within the US and also did you ever think about the fact that college students now-a-days might massivly support the war, or are just apathetic since the media and the opposition to the war have taken it such extremes that kids my age do not even want to get involved in this mess of what we call politics here in the US. Also im sure the only reason you changed your mind into not supporting the war was because of the mass media and the college students consistantly protesting and throwing anti-war slogans and such out. I mean your environment has a big affect on how you develop your opinions if you are not a strong-willed person who wants to look into and develop their own mind.

Now i wonder how many people in this blog have caught on to my point for even starting this. It is very interesting to sit here and see people still sitting around typing up these things with no real argument within their words and opinions. I wonder how many of you had ambitions of political careers and if you did, why arent you there now? what stopped you?

Cause i know alot of my friends and people i have met through out my life, through organizations and such, do not want to even start to go into this mess that past generations have made of the political system in this country. One of my best friends and i have sat and talked about his for hours about how everyone forgets our history, they just tend to look strictly into what everyone is doing wrong and not what people are doing right. Why has our culture turned into such a pessimistic one? Why do we never focus on the victories, just the defeats? Why do we not thank our troops with great things when they come home, not our spit and garbage? Why is that ok? I want to know how a person can even think about spitting on a solider in uniform, how is that even thought of as respectful? And also where has all the respect gone in this country? Most people do not have respect for any person except for themselves, where did this selfish, pessimistic, ego encouraging attitude come from? Cause i know my generation wants to move as far away from it as possible!!!!

see? now NP is referring to history as "scams".

AYAW: here is another 'why?' for you -this board has many active threads with various finger-pointings and blame-slinging related to current events in our financial markets and attempts by our government to inject liquidity into our economy by basically using tax revenues to purchase distressed loans out of the market to sell off at a later date. This is similar in context to its creation of the Resolution Trust Corp during the S&L crisis 20 yrs ago, just on a bigger scale. The hope factor here is to re-establish confidence in the financial markets to attract investment and increase capital flow. sounds good, right?

of course it does. in fact, if you consider it from the perspective of say, an emerging non-U.S. country needing capital injections to offset trade imbalances to spur growth, it is virtually identical. coincidentally (or not), your tax dollars have been paying into this very type of financial institution since 1944. it's called the International Monetary Fund, or IMF; another way to think of it is as a worldwide credit union of sorts, where various country members contribute to the fund to help other members during financial difficulties.

in fact, "The primary mission of the IMF is to provide financial assistance to countries that experience serious financial and economic difficulties using funds deposited with the IMF from the institution's 185 member countries. Member states with balance of payments problems, which often arise from these difficulties, may request loans to help fill gaps between what countries earn and/or are able to borrow from other official lenders and what countries must spend to operate, including to cover the cost of importing basic goods and services." neat, huh?

so, back to the why.

why do we (the U.S.) seem to be going about this all alone? where are france, venezuela, china and other member (U.N. also) countries during our time of crisis? why do our leaders feel we need to swipe the U.S. taxpayer credit card to fix an international problem rather than simply borrowing back from the IMF? why isn't anyone asking? why aren't any U.N. nations offering help?

i'm not suggesting that you blather on and on in a blog about your opinions, like so many do here. rather, keep on asking why, form your own ideas as to solutions and then go out and actively participate in reform. for whatever it's worth.

History is always rewritten by the victorious.

Alternative truths do exist. How would history have been written if the Native Americans had vanquished the settlers? Very different.

I will respect our nation when it starts behaving in a way that garners that respect.

Until then, I will call it as I see it, and we are not the "good guys".

NP now morphs into You Have to Earn Respect. How's your coffee NP?

You Have to Earn Respect.....i wonder what your father taught you about respect, because mine taught me that you give respect and then people can lose your respect by doing things that go against your own morals. Did you respect your father or have you ever respected as a person in your life?

And also why are you still living here in the United States if you do not respect it? Cause there is obviously something that you respect about it if you are still residing here.....and also you should move down to Venezula if you do not respect us here in the US. And really you should look up the defintion of respect and you should really start putting it in your life!

The Y.A. comes up with the "love it or leave it" gambit so boringly spewed by generations of true-believing simpletons. Well, she, being young, has an excuse in that she may not have had time to give what she is saying much thought.

No entire country is defined merely by a powerful few in office, especially politicians, who pull strings to make things dance their way. Yes, that may be the main reason they are in office, but neither the office, itself, nor the things they do have any measure of automatic respect associated with them. For many, respect for another is granted only when that other person actually demonstrates ability, integrity, and other positive characteristics--and not until those characteristics are shown. Up until then one can treat others according to the Golden Rule, but you are entirely justified in withholding respect. When another person shows little or nothing that deserves respect, in your judgement, then there is no universal law or "moral" that requires respect.

The Y.A. suggests looking up "the definition of respect," using the singular as if there were only one. She pops out the assumption that someone else doesn't have any respect because she doesn't detect any of the kind of respect that she, personally, wants from others. Good for TalkAbout, where the attitude that "if I don't know about it or understand it, it must not exist or be important" is rampant. Not good against any logical standard. She knows nothing about what YHtER does and does not respect and provides no support for her criticism.

People have many reasons for conducting their lives the way they do and living where they prefer to live, all personal things considered. There is no requirement for those reasons to include a government of the moment run by people one does not respect.

Equally simple-minded, but "fix it or forget it" makes more sense that the emotion-driven "love it or leave it." No one not causing harm to another is bound by anyone else's opinion on where they should live. "Freedom" does not mean kowtowing to someone else's arbitrary dictates.

More nonsense and drivel. The truth is you are amoral (everything is okay by you unless you don't like it, then it is not okay), and everything is grey, nothing black and white. Sometimes you do have to commit yourself to something other than nothing. Do you truly believe in anything? Do you have faith in anything? Or are you just a parasite sucking on humanity until your time has run?

AYAW: Clearly NP proves your original hypothesis. There are those who cannot, under any circumstances, stand up for something and work with others to make it happen. Instead they stand by, name calling, demeaning, and accomplish nothing except to dump any debate or action into the toilet.

I hope you are continuing to learn from this.

"Alternative truths do exist. How would history have been written if the Native Americans had vanquished the settlers? Very different."

Some anthropologists now estimate about 20 million people in North America before the European takeover. Within in few hundred years, those "first peoples" were down to 2 to 3 million, most living impoverished lives. How would history look if written by the peoples that were decimated?

Another interesting take on a period in history often the subject of knee-jerk assumptions today is one that was mentioned on TA a few months ago: historian Woody Holton's *The Unruly Americans*, a National Book Award finalist in 2007. If you don't know of the conditions and events that Holton discusses, you don't know all that motivated the creation of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, you probably don't know the primary reasons the Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution. It's relevant to today, with financial institutions, availability of credit, interest rates, accumulation of wealth by manipulation of paper, the value of money, polarization of the population over economic issues, centralization of government power over the economy, etc., dominating current news.

"More nonsense and drivel. The truth is you are amoral (everything is okay by you unless you don't like it, then it is not okay), and everything is grey, nothing black and white. Sometimes you do have to commit yourself to something other than nothing. Do you truly believe in anything? Do you have faith in anything? Or are you just a parasite sucking on humanity until your time has run?"

Aw, looks like someone has his/her girdle in a bind because someone else is not lock-step with their narrow, wasted view of "creation."

It's just so difficult to think anyplace or anyone counts except those confined to your little corner of the schoolyard, isn't it? Well back to your tea leaves, or Bible, or whatever else you are substituting for information and thought today. Careful about holding a mirror up to your messages, though. Might be something "amoral" in there.

I did not say anything relative to creation, and I don't believe I inferred anything of that nature either (no pun intended). I do believe that others count. I do believe that when my beliefs and others in some way collide, that reasonable people can sit down, discuss things, and come to some sort of resolution.

I also believe that there are those who can commit to nothing other than existential nonsense. And as evident in your posts, that is what you do.

Again do you have faith in anything? (Other than, of course, that your response will generate multiple responses?) Of course, that too could be the purpose in one's existence.

Read the words, babe.

Blind faith in anything? Nope. I at least try to avoid basing any trust on myth/magic or on unsupported (by data or experience) assertions by others. May not be 100 percent successful in that, but it's the clean way to go.

There is nothing about governmental positions or any other status of another that deserves respect unless the person in the position demonstrates they deserve it. Approaching such topics with faith rather than objectivity and analysis too often puts one in league with those who use their positions to serve only themselves and the special interests that "own" them. Once someone else has you on faith, they can pretty much dictate to you. Good for sheeple, bad for people.

By the way, if you were not knee-jerking, you might hav noticed I did not capitalize "creation." Something the Y.A. wouldn't care about, but language does have a structure that is involved in the meaning of what is said.

Though I do beg forgiveness for typos.

Have you ever heard the song "Existential Blues?" Again I say that in order to resolve differences or take action on something, most of the time it requires a meeting of the minds or at least some resolve to set aside differing opinions and come to some agreement on how to best proceed.

You seem to desire nothing. If you cannot deliver a pitch with something on it, how do you expect to achieve some desired result? Unless, of course, the desired result is nothing, and then you have achieved what you wish.

Ergo, you desire nothing?

Your words trying to frame what is said in my messages as existentialism show you do not comprehend what is written. Try reading what is said and maybe you can come up with a counter that has relevance.

The alternative view is more the truth.

I've watched this whole string with much amusement. What is it that people don't get? I think you made your point AYAW. But I still wonder:

Are you really young? Or are you much older posing as someone younger trying to stir things up?

If you are young, what would compel you to pose the question in the manner that you did?

Is it some sort of analytical experiment?

What do you hope to see in the next generation of leadership (if, indeed, you are part of that generation)?

Hey, her attempts to make points are whacked, but I love the Y.A too.

One of the better foils to make an appearance in the past couple of weeks. Is she genuine? Who cares? This is an anonymous thread. From the bad writing to the blind loyalty to what her daddy taught her, she's a welcome character.

To the Y.A., I'm intrigued by this link sent by a friend this evening:

Web Link

As a self-described expert on communication by young people, what do you make of it? Do you believe the guy? If not, why not--and how would you rate the acting? Is it targeting an older audience, or does it speak to you young-uns?

I guess we'll know when the baby is born!

So now she is just a wacked person with blind loyalty to what her daddy taught her? I think maybe you are coming unhinged at the thought that she might just have actually observed, studied, and come to conclusions that happen to be somewhat opposed to your views. And that you cannot mold her to your thinking drives you nuts and forces you to do what you do best....name call, mock, and smear. You try to denegrate her knowledge of communication by young people because your view of what she knows and is capable of is skewed by your own lack of principle. Sad.

Nope. Nope. Nope and nope. Don't think that's it at all! You go NP. Tell 'em!

NP and Hee hee, sittin' in a tree...

Grade school talk from a grade school mind.

Well, at least we know the mother will do everything possible to bring the baby to term rather than killing an innocent. More than can be said for those who would advocate the opposite.

Hee hee: So, am I to assume from your insult that you are a post grad from Ivy U?

I think maybe Romper Room.

...or NP, if you prefer

I knew someone like this young lady many many years ago. Another place, another time. She was very hard (strong) from a very young age, able to take alot of stress and pain and sorrow, but always kept a big heart for those who needed help. Because of that big heart, people saw here as a leader and looked to her for that leadership.

I watched from the sidelines and kept up to date through contacts in the old neighborhood as she finished high school and college, and then went on to bigger things.

Believe it or not, she was looked upon by adults as naive and foolish because her views differed from theirs, but she kept on, and later went into the political arena, and was very successful.

Young lady, I believe you have that same streak. Keep it up, stay focused on what you believe and how to get to where you are going.

I probably will not last long enough to find out who exactly you are and where you go, but will have at least had the joy of watching you grow through this computer.

Be well, be sturdy, be strong. It takes that. Just ask Caroline Kennedy.

I am not so sure about the authenticity of Admire, but I think they have the sentiment right.

Just don't know that Caroline is actually political except recently with her endorsement of Obama. The "old neighborhood" line also makes me skeptical, but it is a term that has been around for a long time.

Oh, that poor outcast, Caroline Kennedy. So deprived, and no one ever gave her support--or even a break. When it came time to go to college, she had to sell pencils out of a cup on the streets of New York to pay for used textbooks.

Just because she had tragedies in her life, like many of us, doesn't mean she had an uphill battle.

I'll save my tears.

Wow. That is pretty low. So, your father is murdered and you don't think you would have a tough time?

I think all of life involves struggle. In order to succeed, you must persevere. I think that is what Admire was getting at.

Your empathy for others is non-existent, but you demand that we all bear the burden of additional taxes to take care of others via health care.

You truly are a conundumb.

Oh my, the out of tune violin music never stops. I happen to like most of what I know about Caroline Kennedy, but Admire's bit is false and ridiculous. Whatever her challenges in life, CK had security and advantages in facing them that only a tiny few enjoy.

Where do you get that "additional taxes" bit. Just another of your out-of-touch playground slurs? Eat your vegetables and take your vitamins like your mommy says, and maybe some day you'll develop an adult brain that will help you get a grip. In the meantime, spend lots of time in the nurturing environs of HMB, where ignorance is popular and juvenile politics rule.

Got this tidbit from another string. Thought it interesting. Adds to the debate about REAL ways to communicate and resolve issues, doesn't it? What do you think AYAW

From Alcee Hastings, Florida Democrat

"Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks."

And if you're wondering who's backing the Boy Wonder these days, take a gander. (Before your goose gets cooked!)

"In 1981, Hastings was charged with accepting a $150,000 bribe in exchange for a lenient sentence and a return of seized assets for 21 counts of racketeering by Frank and Thomas Romano, and of perjury in his testimony about the case. He was acquitted by a jury after his alleged co-conspirator, William Borders, refused to testify in court (resulting in a jail sentence for Borders).

In 1988, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives took up the case, and Hastings was impeached for bribery and perjury by a vote of 413-3. Voters to impeach included Democratic Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, John Conyers and Charles Rangel. He was then convicted in 1989 by the United States Senate, becoming the sixth federal judge in the history of the United States to be removed from office by the Senate. The vote on the first article was 69 for and 26 opposed, providing five votes more than the two-thirds of those present that were needed to convict. The first article accused the judge of conspiracy. Conviction on any single article was enough to remove the judge from office. The Senate vote cut across party lines, with Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont voting to convict his fellow party member, and Arlen Specter voting to acquit.[1]

The Senate had the option to forbid Hastings from ever seeking federal office again, but did not do so."

Web Link

You recognize this quote?

"I got off the plane tonight to learn bailout is in shambles and WaMu went broke. Depressing and scary news. What's next?"

answer the question.

AYAW: Here's another 'why' for you...why do you suppose NP won't answer hey np's question?


Ah the playground kids. Going down in the quicksand but with their attention diverted by a little no-see-um on their left ear. Let's see, I can't vouch for anything but have heard wild suggestions that you can "tread sand" if it is real soupy or that you can float on your back on top of the mire. Give it a try and, if you survive, let us know how that little insect works out.

I asked you a specific question. You still have not answered the question......do you recognize the quote?

Now Pitching: What's up with the sand-pounding? Every time you avoid hey np, he asks you the same thing. Consistent, he is.

You, not so much. Except for the mud-slinging, of course.

Not good for the street cred, IMHO

Someone should worry about your imbecilic "street cred"? You're delusional if you imagine the questions and opinions of scatter-brained children have anything to do with assessments in the adult world. You might try another playground tactic if you feel frustrated. It won't work, either, but maybe it will provide a brief reprieve from your adolescent angst.

...and the Great NP morphs into yet ANOTHER form!

NP and Bite me, babies, sittin' in a tree...

Oh, and btw...if I'm 'imbecilic' then why are you so upset?

Answer the question Bob!

Dear friends in the common sense community; the NP's name is Carl, not Bob. I have been away for awhile but I am pleased to see others have taken up the struggle for what is right against the enemy of God and all that is good and you have done a great job. All his bluster and uselessly academic verbosisty is hiding the wounded beast. Do also remember, all those "people" who agree with him are just the same deluded, foul and twisted anthrophobe posting under a variety of names. Venezuela DOES sound like a good place for the NP, he and Chavez politically have a great deal in common.

And, NP, by the way, you don't understand YA's respect for her father because you probably never met yours.

Look at the poor confused kiddies, trying to whip up one another, acD rejoining the gang. You can tell they are at a loss for something to do when they get into these circle activities.

Hey, calm yourselves. Don't want to be too sweaty in case you get up the nerve to ask the Y.A. out for a soda. I'm sure she's very impressed with your erudition. And if she doesn't really exist? That's perfect for your fantasy worlds.

NP: Great idea!

Hey, AYAW, wanna grab a soda and talk more about NP?

Beanie, Beanie, Beanie. If you promise to bore her in the invitation, you'll never get a chance to meet the Y.A.

The Y.A. writes at great length about what interests her and her conclusions so far in her young life. Go with that stuff. Fake an interest in her linguistic approach. If you have not yet accepted your apology to yourself for what you are, at least pretend it is not all about you and that you are interested in what she has to say. First base is only 90 feet away!

my daughter will date only those approved by me. Completion of an application is required. The best ability any applicant must have is that he/she (must be politically correct here) should have the ability to run a very good "Z" pattern. Those who don't have the ability, well, I wish you well. Keep it up girl, you've got them confounded. :)

Heavens! Heavens!

Stop this wicked, shameful, atrocious, appalling, disgraceful behavior immediately, or I shall be forced to call out the Half Moon Bay Morals Committee.

(Swings purse around menacingly)

Remember, we are in the presence of youthful innocence here. The young lady's virtue must be protected at all costs! She's not to be dallied with, if I have anything to say about it. Harrumph!

AYAW: another chuckle for you...

Web Link

If you buy into the above slime then we deserve to continue on the present road......few more thousand killed in needless wars, few more billion to Wall Street fat cats. Yeah, let's just keep a goin' with that. We can't have change. Too scary.

Being blind to the reality of life must be so comforting for you. I hope you don't mind that those who are not will continue to help those who are disabled and protect all.

How are you helping and protecting?

The VOLUNTEERS of our armed services are fighting a NECESSARY war. That you and others like you can not see that truth, then I say you are blind. Being blind is being disabled. I am sorry for your plight, but know that we all will take care of you and assure your safety.

BTW: Guess you think that only the conservatives slime. Again you are blind to the truth. You simply forget the many slimy pieces the left makes and are quickly and easily found an youtube.

I just love you people who cower in fear every time a politician lies you in to quivering jello like shapes. Did you get the memo there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Wake up. It's old news. So you are content to send other people's children to support you and Bush's bellicose fantasy? Not me.

my son is serving. Stuff anything else you have to say.

I honor your son for his service, but not you who supports this war that never need to have happened in Iraq. The troops don't get to pick and choose what battle they have to fight. The blame goes to the whole Bush team and to people who believed him. Your son and his commrades deserve a better commander in chief who values their service and who will not take their lives so lightly.

You make the same damn STUPID assumption that all anti-war people make and that is that the mission they are on is wrong. Those who signed up post invasion I am sure believe that it is a necessary and honorable mission, and they believe they are doing right by the Iraqi people. OUR TROOPS JOINED THE MISSION VOLUNTARILY. You in escense spit on them when you state otherwise. I don't believe that Bush "takes their lives so lightly," as I do not believe any other President has taken the lives of our military lightly, regardless of which war it was.

The Iraq war and occupation is a war crime. It was a needless war of aggression and its' sponsors should be held accountable and in an international court of law. Would love to see Bush & Co. rot in a jail cell for the rest of their lives.

Then why do you suppose more active duty personnel in the fire zone support Obama than Bush? I am talking about troops in Iraq in the line of fire, the ones kicking down doors in Falujah etc.

We "types" want your son and his fellow soldiers out of Iraq. Bush and most of his team "avoided" military service, or as Cheney is famous for saying "had other priorities". I don't think they have any appreciation for what is required of the military men/women who serve over there. The Bush team are not fit to carry your son's helmet.

Make no mistake, the liberals as you call us, respect your son and the troops in Iraq and don't blame them for anything about the conduct of this Iraq because nobody asked them what they thought about it.

The Iraqi's themselves want us out of there. It is time for us to go. We should never have started this mess there. If I were you, I would support Obama, for your son's sake.

I am glad you and "Justice Served" have the right and freedom that you do to spew the invectives and lies that you do.

Justice Served: The war was sanctioned by the U.N. and Congress. Hence, no war crime as you would call it.

I think that the freedom of the Iraqi people is sufficient proof that it was a just thing to do.

I will never support for office somebody who has as a friend and mentor a domestic terrorist who should be rotting in a jail cell.

As to "Bush and most of his team" avoiding service, I will only comment that most who could "avoid" service during the Vietnam War did so. Clinton and many others did so as well. I am sure you were just a vehement in your opposition to any actions that Clinton took. (Read that as sarcasm, please.) Well, most probably, except for Monica's service.

Kerry volunteered. But you probably didn't vote for him, did you?

Please explain to me how the Iraq occupation is protecting my freedoms here.

You can't, because the occupation has nothing to do with American freedom. Its not defending our country at all, in any way whatsoever.

The Iraqi people are not free. They have an occupying army in their country. Put yourself in their shoes. If we had an occupying army in our country, would we not behave as they do...planting bombs to disrupt the occupiers' operations, sniping at them with any weapons available, anything to make their lives miserable?

The Iraq war was a mistake from day one and most congressmen now rue the day they trusted Bush to handle the faith they put in him. Clearly team Bush was not up to the job. Everyone associated with George Bush has their reputations ruined, ala Colin Powell. And Clinton did not lead us into a six year multi billion dollar war that has no discernible end in sight.

>>The war was sanctioned by the U.N. and Congress. Hence, no war crime as you would call it.<<

So a crime can be negated by the number of people who sanction it?

I notice a lot of comments about war, and I wonder how many of the young vividly remember 911, and the 20+ years of scores of attacks by Islamic Radicals leading up to 911. (starting with the assassination of Anwar Sadat in Egypt, one who dared to seek peace, but was silenced by terrorists)

Evil exists. If we do not agree on that simple statement it will be very hard to have a dialog.

Politics is about an engagement of ideas through communication with compromise when necessary. Slander and rancor taint the process and can destroy any hope of success.

This forum offered by HMBR could foster real progress....or NOT.

It is your choice, and responsible posters (or Clay) should ostracize or limit those doing serious damage to the dialog.

You are slandering the people of Iraq if you still believe they had anything at all to do with 9/11. Al Queda was not a factor in Iraq until the USA took over there. We went after the wrong target. We should have stayed in Afghanistan, where the "evil doers" were and still are.

People who let fear dictate their lives and their politics are the most dangerous type. They can't see the truth for all their quaking and irrational emotions. We are no longer the brave and noble country that we used to be. Time to re-discover our spines and our moral compass before we are just a footnote in history like all fallen Empires before us.

The postings by EWO read like the ravings of a nocturnal CNN and mainstream biased news-a-holic. The twisted history is second in BS to only the insane ranting of Catlady and Nancy. In the book, The True Believer, it was written that the only way to truth was to shout down all others opinions and ridicule their ideas and solutions. Accept it, EWO goal is to grind everyone down and make us question our positions. EWO needs to go back to ruling Oz. Go away you 'Evil Witch of Outspeak' and quit pretending to be better than everyone else.

You gotta turn off FOX News once in a while to see how things really are.

If I make you question your long held positions about the Iraq war or George Bush then that's a good thing! P.S. Name calling belittles yourself.

As an avowed Atheist when I was coming out of mass one day from church, I was lucky enough to have blown my nose hard enough to get rid of all that dogma and junk out of my head at the age of 13. It was like getting rid of a Blackberry.......a bunch of crap to keep my mind senseless and believing I had a pet brontosaurus that died when I was 3.......Now in this area easily manageable by Sarah Palin, I do hope you all have the sense to elect her, because if she did any worse than your cult heroes in these swamplands you all whine about while your houses are being pulled from your banks clutches, you are in no worse shape than you are for writing here every day with a spoon full of caca and then do nothing about it just as every other American did nothing to stop the war, or allow our country to drown in its own tears...floods. The interest on 4 TRILLION DOLLARS on a daily basis is about the same as the down payment Bush paid for the planet YOURANUS you idiots......IOW about 30 billion a day. Good luck on social security and never yell at your kids again or they might just kick YOU out.

"Dear" Karl: (aka, Now Pitching, Chuckling voyeur, Goldamayer, et. al. ad nauseum)

What an autobiography! Some choice words that fit you well and everything you say..."a spoon full of caca". Yet another; "your anus", hmm, yes, there IS some sort of fetish apparent, I do think Bubba will like you when justice is done and you are returned to prison. You will probably find your cellmate tittilating.

Hey, CONCERNED DEMOCRAT....Chuckling voyeur sure got you between the eyes......and he isn't any of those people you think he is....I sense a bit of paranoia or you must just be stuck on this site night and day........I am a sworn witness he gotcha and he ain't none of those you nitwit.

NP: why don't you go skug yourself...again? You aren't fooling anybody and your pompous arrogance always gives you away.

Then you must be Michael Savage.

I don't need anyone to be arrogant for me. That I earned on my own. If it makes you happy, ask Clay if I am any of those people you mentioned. They sound incredibly gifted and bright, but why would they choose to converse with the likes of you?....This is MY last response to you.

People are stupid about politics because they are generally stupid.

Ms. Skugged-up:

It is better to be silent and let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and have it be a known fact. If you are, in fact, another individual, you share NP's arrogance and condescension in thinking everybody else is stupid. Personally, I have a high IQ and two graduate degrees from a well-respected university. Part of my assumption that the posters I refer to as Now Pitching in other forms is based on the idea that even the Prince of Darkness would be incapable of making more than one individual who is more despicable and vile; I guess I was wrong?

So you're an elite.


Hugh: If you are speaking to me, I will say that I am anything but an elitist; I am very much a man of the soil and of simple and humble immigrant roots who was fortunate enough to have received an above average education - at my own expense, not a freebie. I know this country's history and its political system quite well and feel qualified to make some observations. I also love my country and am the enemy of those who want to bring it down...and I don't care which party they are in, what color or sexual persuasion they have or from which country.

Testy, testy.

You're still an elite.


My goodness. You go on vacation a few days, and return to the surreal again. AYAW, it seems that you have proven your point. The last few postings can be looked at as nothing but snippy name calling and foolishness...comments devoid of any rational thought or meaning. You are right. Lots of work must be done by your generation to remove the polarization caused by the self centered "Me-ists" that have had power and influence the past forty years.

Casual Observer....This really does keeps furthering my thoughts on the reason why our political system is the way it is now. I have just read all the new comments since the last time i was on this, since i have been very busy and have had no time to sit on this and write back to these meaningless bickerings. But now i have some free time! So first off the comment abnout who i date and things are completely and totally irrelevant and the fact that you assume i can only drink soda brings up some interest. Why is it ok to stoop to such a personal level on here? Why cant you just keep it on track? I mean really grow up! We are not in middle school anymore. Also you sit and wonder why our political syatem and economy is failing....look at yourselves reread this whole stream and you will see, there is no tolerance anymore, there is no respect. It actually saddens me to think that we have to fix what alot of the parental generation has messed up withon out democracy and politics. We are going to be the ones having to tell our children that no person is wrong just different. I mean where did that lesson go? and also we are going to have to stop the tactic of making fun of someone just because they have a different view and stop the name calling and the digging into of people's personal lives when they involve themselves in politics. I thinik that we have such a double standard, its ok for us to do something, like say experiment with drugs in college, but it is definatly not ok for someone in a leadership position to have ever done it and if they have they are bad people, and that is just not right. i mean why is it ok for one person to do it and not another? Aren't we all about equality?

o and i saw my father wrote on here.....hmm interesting and whoever is that guy writing about who i date you better know how to run in that "Z" pattern as well.

People from all countries are very stupid when it comes to politics. What I, as a Parisian with dual citizenship, observe in communities like this and throughout America, is that very few people actually read very much. It does not cost to get newspapers like the London Times (which I recommend), all of the Washington Papers,France Soir, Figaro, the BBC TV, but NEVER the American Television news whose stations are primarily owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch.

If you disagree with one another, do it with some sort of dignity and back your points. Another thing, I am horrified by the way so many of you spell.To see words like 'beleive','definatly' are just examples of the dozens of misspelled words which are not errors, but a sad commentary on the education Americans receive even in well heeled areas and from mostly the older posters.It would do all of you well to have a town hall debate and film it with sides opposing one another to verbalize and have it sponsored by this online newspaper which does a good job and let the people of your these coastal towns all see what the problems are, what the foreclosures are costing your townspeople, the young debating the older, and see what you can do working together. NOT like the city council meetings which are very amateurish and there should be at least six cameras to capture the audience emotions. There MUST be some young filmmakers who could set up this rather uncomplicated civilized meeting.IF it has to be put on film and edited for reaction shots,then do it.But, these insulting verbal exchanges are just useless.Truly dedicated citizens will not be afraid of showing their faces; and Clay Lambert should act as a moderator sponsored by the HALF MOON BAY REVIEW.Before anyone starts assaulting the French, let it be known I am married to a Stanford educator and have lived here for eighteen years and consider myself more American than French, except when it comes to finesse.

you say "never the american television news whose stations are primarily owned and controlled by Ruper Murdoch." Either your newspapers or other sources are misleading you, or you are trying to spread a lie that has been fostered by others, because your contention is blatantly false. BBC is a GREAT propaganda machine, I will give you that. So is the London Times, botht of which are unabashadely left leaning.

You comment on the spelling and the grammar errors. Have you ever heard of a paragraph? (Sorry, that was a slinging sarcastic invective that does not belong here.)

I would not slam the French except to say that in conversations had with people who have visited Paris, they return here with very negative feelings due to the rudeness and hautiness of the Parisians. I hope to find out for myself someday whether that is true or not.

And, I hope that you are appreciative for our help in the past, as we continue to show France our appreciation for it's help to us during our Revolutionary War. :)

In keeping with the level of political discourse in this thread, have the Y.A. and hey...whatever or acD hooked up yet?

I have not as yet received an application.

Too funny HEY SANSDOUTE....you never address what he took the time to suggest. These little boxes do not leave much room to debate his lack of the use of paragraphs.

BBC a propaganda machine? The LONDON TIMES stood by Bush until Blair and he got married.

Your attempt to slam the French truly makes you come off like a true Murdochian...I DO suggest you look up the amount of right wing newspapers, television stations, and radio talk shows.

Going back to the Revolutionary War is soooooo REPUBLICAN an answer which has nothing to do with today. THAT is precisely why he suggests hearing both sides and about TODAY not three centuries ago.

You quote your friends opinions of the haughtiness of the French which again is heresay.Americans stand out in France in such a vulgar and embarrasing way and are rude in the way you answered his very thoughtful and impartial suggestion.Paris would be way out of your league because most Parisians are news junkies yet have no one sided talk radio and an average person would bury you with facts.

In case you don't know, the average French school child speaks English and often a couple other languages because their education is not only better even in the provinces, but they go to school for two more hours a day than kids in the states and begin at 8 AM.

Oh..about their "help" in the Revolutionary War....they saved our asses.

Why not comment on his suggestion and then have the courtesy to apologize for coming off like such a hick.

Google "RUPER(T) MURDOCH who is Australian BTW, and learn a little about the man who dictates what Americans like you are supposed to think...a friend of George W.

The guy who answered Sansdoute saying the BBC was unabashedly left and that the London Times was too, is way off. Google was designed for this "hey sans doute" who repeats what "his friends tell him" and

then permit Now Pitching and "the father" to continue whatever they could not discuss on their Blackberries.

Ruppert Murdoch is responsible for almost every right wing radio, TV and now,feature film studio and stations.

This site is a perfect representation of what our county is like...A total train wreck.

Yes, they saved our asses in the Revolutionary War. Just as we kept them from becoming lampshades during WW2. Nuff said about that.

"A true Murdochian"? LOL! Can you truly show your bias more? Simply put, Murdoch does not have a monopoly on the press or the media. He allows his network to stand on their own. Much the same as MSNBC, NBC, ABC.......NYT, etc. Oh.....I forgot. In the world of the true lefty, all media is conspiring against liberalism.....sorry. I will remember better next time.

I almost forgot.....there was something about WWI as well........ah, nevermind. You would blindly flail about with stupidity in some sort of response.

Yes, they saved our asses in the Revolutionary War. Just as we kept them from becoming lampshades during WW2. Nuff said about that.

"A true Murdochian"? LOL! Can you truly show your bias more? Simply put, Murdoch does not have a monopoly on the press or the media. He allows his network to stand on their own. Much the same as MSNBC, NBC, ABC.......NYT, etc. Oh.....I forgot. In the world of the true lefty, all media is conspiring against liberalism.....sorry. I will remember better next time.

I like the idea which everyone avoids. Having an open debate between members of any affiliation discuss what is going on and if anyone gets out of hand, just make some rules to keep it real.

Also, to get to know the people and let them keep their clever names private, and see if they don't behave like mad dogs in person.

Personally, I would love to participate and ask questions not being as knowledgeable about about subjects which seem to get the majority of you behaving like kids.

I worry mostly about my kids, the schools here, and the anger which is absurd and those who feel political rivalry is a healthy thing.

Does anyone recognize that a lot of people are dealing with a very real WORLD CRISIS.

Who knows? Some good could come of it by those who have survived all of the chaos, stock market, investing,saving for their kids' college educations and even have time to not act like such woosies.

I've tried. And tried and tried, but still don't get it. What exactly does ENNUI8TH stand for? Is the eight silent? If it is, does that mean you are trying to be an individualist?

Gotta know.

I refuse to tell you if you cannot get to a dictionary..........

Will someone please tell "call me stupid, but"......

Then would you respond with your insults in a HAIKU?

there once was a poster named ENNUI8TH

who's postings were so full of hate

that Clay said "game over"

and cooked snowy plovers

and then they both sat down and ate.

HA! You earned your moniker......Not only is that not the correct form for a haiku, but the message is also wrong.

I didn't know what it was either till I looked it up in the dictionary as he suggested. Very clever name, indeed.

You seem to be the one full of hate. He is suggesting all of us have a meeting and not stop name calling.

Just so you know Chuckling, you didn't get it. But that's okay. IT WAS A JOKE! :) Don't take yourself and this stuff so seriously and you will be much happier, and not so quick to demean others.

Your Haiku may have been a joke, but even the youngest surfer in Pacifica could figure out the meaning of ENNUI8TH.

If everyone calls you stupid, why do you insist on boring people just because you aren't educated. Most people who make submissions here, are needy in the mental dept.

I think the name is really cool, too. Also, it is preventing you from posting knowing you are a genuine boor..No, not bore...but boor. Wait, make that a bore too.

Nigh the slinging mud

Fomented by such lemmings…

Lost is our green bus

For us clueless ones, what does it mean? No directions to porn sites please. If so, never mind. I have a hard time making out those double entendre license plates too. You're gonna get old some day too, you know.

SKUGGED says, "You quote your friends opinions of the haughtiness of the French which again is heresay.Americans stand out in France in such a vulgar and embarrasing way and are rude in the way you answered his very thoughtful and impartial suggestion.Paris would be way out of your league because most Parisians are news junkies yet have no one sided talk radio and an average person would bury you with facts.

In case you don't know, the average French school child speaks English and often a couple other languages because their education is not only better even in the provinces, but they go to school for two more hours a day than kids in the states and begin at 8 AM."

Interestingly enough, this years' election marks the 3rd and 1st anniversaries, repectively, of widespread rioting among the poorest French Muslim communities; France has 5 million Muslims, estimated 10%-12% of its population. French ghettos, which house most of their North African and Arab Muslim immigrants who participated in the violent outbreaks, have unemployment rates above 20% and in a few areas, greater than 40%.

It appears that France is much worse at immigrant integration than it would like the world to believe. In fact, Chirac opposed the Iraq war, not on ideals, but out of fear of how his Muslim population would react to U.S. support. This fear is also behind his criticism of Israel, his historical support for Arafat and his pressing for state sponsered cleric teachings. Nicolas Sarkozy has done little to overcome this stance so far.

Whatever you believe about French education, it obviously hasn't promulgated tolerance among its arrogant aristocracy; nor has it adequately addressed crime, violence and productivity among its rapidly growing lowest Muslim classes. Now that there is more haughty, vulgar and embarrassing than anything hey skugged said on this stupid thread. So what exactly is being taught to French youth?

If Paris is so "out of hey skugged(s) league" then I stand by all Americans that your French find so rude.


Lost is our green bus!

I agree with the initial posting "Government is just there to shield the people from what is really going on and just make sure that we are happy and spending our money!!!"

As you review the past 2-3 months Gov has been shielding us from what is going on, they are spending our money, trillions at a whack, and when Obama is president we will be very happy. Most probably not.

Bean at least got a Haiku written, with a good start and a flailing end.

Out of the many people who write here, it is amazing how few know so little. That would make almost five statements made by a few not even attempted or not understood by anyone but Bean.

The most troublesome to understand is Skugged Scud who has probably not lived or visited France recently because there hasn't been an "arrogant aristocracy" since the very literate French students has produced an almost obscene amount of brilliant intellectuals who think the whole world is composed of coprophilic minds and above all, Americans permitted GW Bush to let eight years go by without any of its citizens doing a thing about it....I tend to agree with French thinking although they weren't introduced to any of the Alegerian Muslims till they were well settled after the riots of the 60's. Most get along fine and quite sensibly; most are atheists combined except those who are waiting for their parents to die because they are plain dumb. It is really fun to sit near any schools and hear conversations between 15-20 years olds which, unlike Skugged Scuds points are never made with percentiles but quote from Moliere to Shakespeare to Trotsky right off the cuff and they raise their voices but never name call and there are a lot of Americans going to the same schools as well as from all over the world. France is about the size of Alaska but almost everyone reads, has an opinion and if they appear to be smart asses, is because they are. It is plain jealousy on our part because they do not want goverment control as most Americans permit and now have us in this imbecilic election where a McCain and a Palin are actually representing the conservative right whose voters are primarily illiterate and bible beaters and have to be REALLY stupid to believe dinosaurs walked with man. Think about who the Americans are who hate the French. If you are one of them, they really do not care. The Brits,at least, think of us as spoiled little children.

Just want to point out that this subject has been taken out of hand once again and people would rather pick on and make fun of the opposing view than argue why they believe what they believe.

I think i may become rich from the book that i am going to write about the lack of political debate in this country.

And in response to BackOnTopic....you took my words out of their intended meaning and made them into your own. I believe that you did not understand what my meaning was by that. But its ok, just ponder and wonder.

Also i would like to ask another question:


Thank you for showing your complete disdain for anything conservative. You obviously believe as you stated, that conservatives AND McCain/Palin supporters (note that there is a difference between the two) are "primarily illiterate and bible beaters."

You have provided nothing that gives any real insight into the unreasoned minds of the French. Drivel and babble, that's it.

Those who babble and argue or reason in a circular manner (assumption, perceived supporting points to the assumption, thereby arriving back at the assumption) get nowhere, and therefore, can never provide leadership. If what you do and condone is the same that you demand of leadership, we WILL fail. That to me is sad. And I find even sadder that you think that type of reasoning is in some way a measure of intelligence.

Your moniker notwithstanding, the rest of your posting is blather, although, you almost put Now Pitching to shame.

"...has produced an almost obscene amount of brilliant intellectuals who think the whole world is composed of coprophilic minds"

ENNUI8TH, way to prove Scuds point for him.

Flailing end, indeed!

ENNUI8TH has described the French perfectly in a single word: coprophilic.

Come to think of it, he has provided the perfect definition of liberalism.

Thank you for the sublime clarity.

Still no one has said what ENNUI8th means. Is it "in your eye, eat this"?


My name is Kathy and I am a 12 year old junior at Alma Heights Christian Academy. I have granted a scholarship at Stanford the upcoming session and am majoring in Physics and Art History.

For fun,my classmates and I read the HMB Review and San Mateo Times and local papers which have discussion boards. TALKABOUT is the most fun because it reflects the nation's attitude most accurately.

First of all, we liked the name ENNUI8th a lot because all of us got immediately and wondered what was so difficult.He gave you a hint when he said to go to the dictionary. ENNUI is a very often used word which means bored or tedium or tiresome.The addition of 8th was funny because together with Ennui which is a play on words for "Henry",and has been used in fiction for ages by authors like Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford to make fun of the name Henry;usually a dullard or bore. Now,adding 8th makes for a hilarious play on words on several levels.Mostly, REALLY tiresome or boring.

I think the idea of having two sides debating one point makes sense because you all seem to lose track of the principal thought.It ends up sounding like the tiresome politics which go nowhere. May I suggest you all look up the word as he told you and use it in a sentence. All twelve girls got it in my study group. We may have the advantage in that we read a book a week although I read 5 or more.


You got that kind of writing past the admissions people at Stanford? I am under the impression they look at the punctuation and grammar in application essays. Perhaps you got someone with more experience with the English language to help you with that?

You have a soul sister on another thread on TA who we have come to call the "Y.A.," for "young adult." She, too, likes to come on as if she has something to say from the young viewpoint. Trouble is, both of you read like someone older and undereducated, someone doing a bad job of trying to convey a young attitude. This quickly produces ennui among your readers. Good luck with fixing that during your academic career.

There are way too many here that don't get it, especially you:

1. I was asking you to explain what you meant only so those who read this could see that you are as obtuse and circular in you logic as Now Pitching is.

2. Did you not catch the "individualist" joke? If not, then you need to listen more closely to your Tom Lehrer records (if you are old enough to know of him, that is).

3. That you would pretend to be a 12 year old as a sarcastic means of a put down to AYAW is sad. Funny, but sad.

I think you so called adults are jealous of a 12 year old! I got a kick out of the fact she outwitted you even if she is 89.One of you criticizes her writing but neither of you figured out what Ennui8th meant and never have done anything but pretend to be educated.

I think NOW PITCHING went out of his way to punctuate with a polite


Einstein could not spell....she may hate punctuation...ee cummings could be a favorite of hers and you would then be a fool.When you might get a bit of help from a prodigy, you knock her off with an insulting criticism of HER writing when your's above is far from exemplary. She and her school chums just politely knocked you off your pedestal. As for the other response, he would appear to be your enemy except for the fact you wrote the emails 7 minutes apart.Enough to make another scotch and come up with obvious efforts not to sound like the first one you sent. I just looked up your responses and you both end up like you have Kosakoff's psychosis....Perfect description and I think the suggestion for a town hall meeting would serve us all well. Especially when it is so easy to spot the drinkers and frustrated writers.

"One of you criticizes her writing but neither of you figured out what Ennui8th meant..."

Huh? What makes you say that? Even the bozos of Moonie Bay Town got it right off. More original than most monikers on TA, but nothing special.

Doubt that your writing would make the grade on a critical admissions essay, either, sputtering Brad. Plus, your logic is flaky, assuming that our sweet, young Kathy, with her weak English and number of age-related slips, is who she says she in your attempted retort. You're on uncertain ground, swinging at illusions.

Should we all write in some secret code language? See if you can figure out what this means "%!!&*bebop()#xyz" .

Are you referring to "ENNUI8TH"? Not even close to "code." More like a minor phonetic amusement. All you had to do is sound it out if you had not seen it or something close before. Guess you don't like puns, either?

Not unless they're funny or at least clever. If people don't understand them, then what good are they?

The "minor phonetic amusement" was neither funny or amusing, but was fun was the rash of foolishness that followed by all who did not get it. I merely asked the question to see who would fall.....all did.

Guess I'm old school. Where I come from, people are taught to say what they mean and mean what they say and not make fun of people when they don't understand. It's mean spirited and there's already enough of that to go all around, especially on this forum.

Did you people not consider that NP probably IS Ennui8th? It is pretty much in his pattern of behavior; he either uses multiple screen names or has been cloned. I don't know what is wrong with me today but I am finding him to be very amusing despite his pomposity and condescension.

"Did you people not consider that NP probably IS Ennui8th?"

Which "Now Pitching" are you referring to? The name has been cloned several times over.

The name ENNUI8TH does not have to be "understood," especially not on an anonymous message board. By worrying about the name, you miss the target entirely, the target being what was said in the message over the name. So playground HMB, worrying about a made-up name rather than the substance of what was said or the effectiveness of the delivery. The strikeouts are so easy when the batters are incapable of keeping their eye on the ball and prone to guessing incorrectly as to what the pitch will be.

If we don't have to understand anything here, then what's the whole point of Talkabout? Prime example of a mean spirit above, always on the attack.

But NP, the pitches are always in the dirt, so it doesn't matter does it?

Someone mentioned a 12 year old outwitting you and another implying a little bit of drinking involved. The one thing nobody did was to take a suggestion to have a town hall type meeting.

Beach towns are notorious for big drinkers...most of you are online a lot so I figure you to be older, divorced, definitely without a spouse and not very knowledgeable about politics, spelling or humility.

The person Bean comes off the most educated but most of you are not too sophisticated when it comes to handling a 12 year old. Why not call her school and be nasty and get her in trouble? Then you will know what kind of people you really come off as being...Empty,alone and pretty nasty.Try sobriety and invite everyone to show up and do something suggested by the French man who has probably summed you up pretty well. I have.

Hate to tell you fellas but Ennui8th has been around here giving the San Mateo Council a really bad time about corruption and payola in regards to permits for over two years.

Sober up.

"But NP, the pitches are always in the dirt, so it doesn't matter does it?

"a concerned Democrat, a resident of Montara, 22 hours ago"

A pitch in the dirt can be extremely effective if it is the right kind of pitch thrown at the right time. All of the comments from dullards on TA about pitches out of the strike zone are from people who know nothing about pitching. Watch a little major league baseball and learn, kiddies. If interested after that, move on to any of a number of books on pitching or to pitching coaches.

The strategies involved might carry over to greater effectiveness for you all in other areas where you now only come on as true-believing simpletons.

I don't much like baseball.

Personally, I like rugby.

There you can safely allude to hookers and "balls out" and getting kicked in the scrum as much as you like :)

NP - the same old strategy of saying that those with whom you disagree are somehow less intelligent. There is little doubt of your intelligence but a certainty of your being either just terribly misguided, intentionally destructive and misanthropic or actually mentally disturbed. Which is it...or is all of the above? Will the real NP please stand up!

There, there, wemoan. They'll be bringing your baby food or something else easily ingested by the toothless any moment now. Relax and enjoy.

Really, NP?

Another baby reference to validate wemoan's point?


Got something against babies, Beanie? And please specify which Now Pitching you are addressing, as each one speaks for herself/himself and does not represent the others.

Now Pitching......Sad creature.

You are always ready for an attack around your third drink, like clockwork.........take a look at any of your missives.

Go to more AA meetings.I KNOW you must have needed them in your bitter past. You name call everyone from women to children. Get a life or a shrink.

You know who really LIKES you?


Now, now...NP gives so many of us something to do in our leisure moments. He has nominated himself as the community whipping boy and he must love it. Hmm, yet another psychological problem, masochism!

Others have noticed I keep the playground crowd busy with invective against me. The beauty of it is, there is no charge for this public service.

(Disclaimer: "me" is understood to be the Now Pitching writing this comment. No claim is made that opinions expressed in this message represent the other, lesser, Now Pitchings that chime in from time to time.)

NP - yet another problem - Alzheimer's Disease - you don't even remember that those entries under "NP" and several others are YOU. I know a good proctologist who probably can help you.

Dear Weamoan:

He forgot he had Alzheimer's. But, NP remembers he likes to drink a lot.

He used to sell surfers mostly weed but forgot where he grew his stash and he ALREADY went to a proctologist to have his head removed.

So, the Great Pumpkin this year is going to stink and not be orange in color. Bring air spray if you go to the festival....

16, 15, 14, 13...

Coast Kid - thanks for the update; I'm right behind him all the way.

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