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What plants DON'T gophers eat?

What plants has anyone had success with here in gopher country?


Aquilegia Achillea

Artemesia Arctostaphylos

Buddleja Armeria alliacea

Ceanothus species Coreopsis auriculata

Cistus varieties Coreopsis verticillata

Festuca californica Echium fastuosum

Juncus Geranium

Lavandula Lithodora diffusa

Lonicera nitida ‘Baggessen’s Penstemon

Gold’ Phlox

Mimulus Polystichum

Ribes species Rubus

Rosmarinus Santolina

Salvia (native & perennials) Scabiosa

Sidalcea Sisyrinchium bellum

Westringia Solanum jasminoides

Stipa arundinacea

Teucruim cussonii



I plant my cucumbers and tomatoes in gopher baskets that I make out of aviary wire. Works fantastic. I have had luck with radishes, beets and peas without gopher baskets. My asparagus have fared well too. Pumpkins do well and artichokes too.

Daffodills, Cala Lillies, Irises, most rambling roses. I have never had them eat my Shasta Daisies, succulents or geraniums.

Gophers HAVE eaten my pear tree (no kidding), artichoke plant, agaphantha and a tea rose. Usually they strike when the plant is about to bloom. I live near open fields and just co-exist with them. They are cute, the cat thinks they are tasty but she makes a bigger mess with the gore than the gophers do.

The gore! Oh dear, oh dear...It's "Nature, red in tooth and claw," isn't it?

And I always thought gardening was such a peaceful pursuit...

In bedding plants I've had no problems with Impatiens, lobelia, Alyssum and Marigolds. BTW Snails don't like Impatiens either and you don't have to dead head them to keep them blooming. They also don't seem to care for Echverias, succulents, coreopsis, europsis(margarite daisy) and Hydrangeas. (I have bunches of hydrangeas around the yard and they don't bother them.) My roses & vegi's are all in pots or cages though. Some years they find the vegi's (beans, peas,lettuce, root crops) not in cages and well that's that....

Also check the "Sunset Western Garden" book. This is great gardening resource refernce guide.

Gophers LOVE tulip bulbs...YUUMY GOURMET food to them! Don't plant them unless you put down wire. I use rolls of 1/4 inch hardware cloth available by delivery from Soil Farm.

Recently I started an "Edible Garden" out front (inspired by Palo Alto Edible Garden Tour - Web Link -coming up again soon: Web Link) I was so inspired that I immediately purchased a roll of wire mesh, plus some 4X4 landscaping timber to hold it down-(from Big Creek Lumber)-They also deliver! I used flathead nails to attach it and then some bulk planting mixture which also was delivered by the Soil Farm (Rice Trucking).

It may seems like overkill, but I have found that the cost and effort is worth it, as this method is preventative and will last for many years. I use it in all my vegetable gardens, flower beds, bulb beds and around individual trees (Figs, persimmons & my Datura). Other neighbors use Gopher traps or poison gas. (I just did not want to feel like some kind of Nazi.) The wire really does keep them out. I dig out all the soil occasionally to refresh it and add compost, and I laugh when I see gopher tunnels beneath the wire mesh of my raised beds.

Had I not gone to these methods, they'd be dining on my vegetables - instead of my family enjoying them!

Here is a Sunset Magzine link with photos & HOW-To.

Web Link

The article is called The Perfect Raised Bed by Jim McCausland. For some reason on my computer the link doesn't work, but it can be Googled.

Thanks for your ideas everyone!

(teeth clicking, squeaky voice)

I object. I most strenuously object to this thread. It is part of an utterly odious plot, cooked up by the humans against my species.

This is war, I tell you! We must go deeper underground now...to develop a new plan of attack! :=

Today I emerge from my hiding place, blinking in the sunlight, to celebrate yet another glorious morning of digging and tunneling in Mother Earth! I celebrate the mineral, and especially the vegetable, as begin my daily foray into the gardens of the coast. Squash flowers in their orange raiments bend down to me, as I invite them to return to their earthy home. Roses never smelled as sweet, as yours do to me--how I love to nibble at their roots! And tonight, under the coastal fog and the faint light of the stars and summer moon, the rest of your flowers will gently yield to me...

Yes, look down and all around you. There are so many little paths to bless, this day :=

i find that a 1500 dollar browning silver, three and a half inch buckshot, a beer and some patience.........tnen they simply vaporize into a thousand pieces....very satisfying......get yur self a fat shotgun and kill the a..holes

Oh gosh we have always had major problems with gophers in our yard and never been able to keep them away.

here are a few,

Thanks for the list of plants gophers dont eat....

Do you also have a list of plants that EAT gophers?

I now live in the foothills of the Sierras. I love Cannas and grew a variety of them in Santa Rose. Does anyone know if gophers leave the canna bulbs alone?



The Rodenator is pretty effective from the videos I've seen! Web Link

I laid screen under a raised bed and the greens and tomatoes were safe from gophers. Then the raccoons dug up around some tomatoes and actually pulled up some plants. They bit the fruit at all stages of development. I thought they would leave the green tomatoes alone! I have trapped lots of raccoons and I'm installing a new fence around the garden which raccoons will have to climb and they will meet electricity at the top. We'll see how that works against the clever devils.

I am surrounded by hundreds of acres of gophers....my cats are old and no longer interested, so the gophers have their way with my garden. I've hired the 'gopher guy' and his methods work for about a month..he's too expensive to have him come back every time I see a gopher mound. I have had great luck with California native plants ( except festucas amd sedges) and lavender


If you don't want them to gobble your plants try this "Preventative Barrier" method. It's passive, and non-toxic nor is it lethal. Humane-just out-wits them. Try as they may, they can't get in unless you use a staple gun instead of flat head nails.

LINK: Web Link

Raised bed : includes plans & Cost estimate with the hardware cloth for gopher proofing.

I wonder if gophers eat hydrangeas?

A gopher ate the roots of a young hydrangea i'd planted in the ground. I made a little screen basket for the root zone and no problems since the plant was established.

They sure seem especially hungry and BOLD this year! My neighbor's front yard seems down-right "Pock-Marked" by the holes and yesterday I saw one completely emerge from the tunnel to pull down a large tasty treat (a Lambs ear which had remained undisturbed all spring) right before my eyes!

Three of my Lobelia just disappeared this morning--- no wire basket used. I'll be getting some today.

All of my beds are protected with pre-installed hardware cloth. It just makes sense before planting anything to go to the trouble, because, while they may not bother things at first, they eventually will! -Cid

I don't have raised beds, and it is impossible for me to put everything in gopher baskets, but I started trapping gophers really early this year and after killing the first four and reburying them in their tunnels I have luckily been gopher free for the last couple months. Knock on wood they don't come back, but it seems to pay to kill them early before they can go crazy with the breeding. I use the pinch traps they sell at Ace and have found the key is to put the traps in a fresh hole where you just say a gopher. I just dig the hole open, set the trap as deep as possible and when the gopher comes back to plug up the hole, good night!

I don't have a ton of raised beds, but for large areas I simply roll out a long sheet of the hardware cloth before I begin planting a new garden or area.

I prefer the passive barrier or preventative method to the killing method. I dislike gopher damage but try to live in harmony with nature when possible.


I like living in harmony with nature as well, but when pests are destroying my garden, IT-IS-ON!!!

I have a question about an item on the above list that "here are a few" wrote, plants that gophers won't eat...

I'm about to plant a couple of Mexican sage plants in gopher baskets, and i'm trying to figure out how aggressive the gophers will be... I planted a nice little flowering plant and they ate it down to the bare stub inside the gopher basket! Very frustrating.

So... when you say "Salvia (native & perennials) Scabiosa", do you mean ALL Salvia, or is there a type of salvia called Salvia Scabiosa specifically? Cause I can't find it.



I think Thyme is the best plant for gophers.

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