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Rich Gordon's bumpy parade ride

Reviewing the city police blotter for last week, I saw a report of reckless driving citing a driver for burning out, spinning his car tires in an unsafe manner.

At first glance, it seemed like a standard story of a hothead driver showing off his fancy wheels — in this case, a beautifully preserved ’56 Corvette convertible.

But what that story didn’t say was that Pescadero resident George Bristol — the driver who was cited — was steering the third car from the front in the downtown Fourth of July parade on the day he was issued the ticket. And here’s the real kicker: County Supervisor Rich Gordon was sitting right in the back of the Corvette, waving to constituents.

Numerous people watching the parade have described Gordon, waving to the crowd one moment and then gripping the car for dear life the next, as Bristol revved his engine to jackrabbit the car forward as the parade made its way down Main Street. Sitting on the back of the car, Gordon didn’t have the luxury of a seatbelt or even the back of a carseat to hold him in.

Gordon says he had never met Bristol before.

“It was just the car I was assigned,” Gordon said. “When the driver was going to do jackrabbit starts, he always warned me, ‘I’m going to rev up.’”

The county supervisor said he never felt his safety threatened and said he thought the city police felt the same way.

“My sense of it was that it was good humor,” he said. “At no point while I was with him was he cited or reprimanded.”

But city police later had a different perspective, saying Bristol’s antics were endangering pedestrians nearby.


Hey Mark,

I was about to suggest a second citation--for Supervisor Gordon for wearing that awful shirt!

But I just double-checked and the colors are just freaked out on that photo (the shirt is really a dull, brick sort of red--and for that matter the road is road colored, not green!).

Hmmmm. I wonder if the Corvette killed any humble-bees?


Dude... serously... you're getting paid for this?

You could have SOOOOO MUCH FUN with the position you have. I'm looking forward to seeing much better stuff from you.

I was riding in the "Bikes and Trikes" category with my 5 year old son right behind the yellow Corvette. The Corvette did its burn out thing right in front of Police union rep A.J. Johnson, who seemed to laugh and then point his finger at the driver. I guess he didn't think it was that funny after all.


Hit the nail on the head. Seriously (again) - there are so many interesting things and people to cover. Not just political, or educational or things that divide. Just people living their lives and making a difference in other's lives. There are plenty of them, and few get credit.

Twice in the past I have done burnouts in the 4th July parade on my crotch-rocket motor cycle Never had a problem with hmb.pd they were always good sports

I think Rich was a good sport the Vet driver was being as safe as he was loud

The real danger was the motor scooters driving round and round in circles very close to the kids who were running out into the street to pick up candy Bristol gets $20 spot from me,to help pay his fine. my kid and I got one hell of a kick out of seeIng these two grown men goofing around 60s style Oh my Oh my ! What ever happend to the "Good ol days" when hmb Police cars would burn rubber in REVERSE!!!! catching bad motorists on Main St driving in the opposite direction (No Police U Turns required)

Someones got a Bee in their bonnet

Hmmmm think about it folks if Bristol ever REALY hit the gas even once Rich would be on his butt

I can see the Headline now "Supervisor Looses his Seat!"

Not a smart thing to do in a parade. I saw alot of kids in and out of traffic during the parade. Thank god no one got hurt!! Grow up! I would expect more from a 60's+ man....

I saw that car burn out. At first I thought, "Wow, what a nice sounding engine" but then I started to wonder if that was legal to do in a parade... Guess not. But then again, you couldn't do that no matter who you are even on a normal day.

Incredible that this a post from a reporter, I would expect it from a viewer.

I know you are new to the coastside, but really there's nothing else you can write about?

This qualifies as a footnote in the Talk of the Town section of the Review.


Try harder, please.

Is this actually a footnote to the police blotter? Why do you care? More importantly, why should we, your readers, care?

I have no idea who you are, but from this brief entry, I get the sense you could give us something more interesting and relevant. Looking forward to it.

You guys seem to be missing something here.

There is a parade. A car in the parade (carrying Supervisor Gordon, no less) gets cited for reckless behavior that occurred as part of the parade.

This is not worthy of a blog entry? Relax people.

Now about those bizarro colors in the photo...hmmmm.



What you wrote for us is excellent good ole' common sense fun and fact and gossip. Thanks, I enjoyed it for a few interesting minutes late at night.

I did not enjoy the one (1) person who signed the "newsreader" and "disappointed" posts. Same writing, so it may have been sabotage of your own message from a web's person slightly to the North. But, I think not and hope not.

It's OK for me to call him a coward in hiding isn't it? Name calling is not permitted on this list, but I can hardly call a piece of fiction something he has a valid objection to. They attack you for no reason with what comes out as their hate to you which must be a maneuver of some type, and then Clay Lambert allows it to be up on the list, and I don't understand that.

You know, Mark, what we be great right know is for Clay to kill this message and the two hate messages from "readership-disappointed".

You are doing great, Mark, thanks.


Mark...who cares what these liberals think on what you said about the parade. You got an A+ from me for posting on here.

I love a parade, and enjoyed this one. But...would love to see a few

marching bands next year. A parade without a good marching band or two is kind of like...kissing your sister. How about it HMB High, next year, lets see you march down Main St.

Mr Kaye, you have misconstrued my comments.

The post was in no way a hate message to reporter Noak. He is the Reviews beat writer, the front page hard news articles, not the fluff, gossipy stuff which I read this piece as. I take things more seriously in the news paper, and on talkabout a bit less serious.

I felt it to be a strange post from him one week after the incident. Even past the Reviews Wednesday addition, which it could have been included. It is possible he was not at the parade and just heard this information.

Reporter Noak is a very competant writer and investigator of local news. To me this seemed odd and out of place here in the vast land of free fall postings. Others feel differently, that is their perogotive here on Talkabout.

To reiterate, my post was written not to have the intent to be hateful to reporter Noak. It looks as though I have typecast him as serious news guy. That is my problem.

After all is said and done, it was a good 4th of July parade wasn't it.

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