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Congratulations and Good Luck

To Clay and the Staff at the HMB Review: Congratulations on forming this Talkabout, and good luck in future participation! Like many readers, local comments, letters to the editor, and Matters of Opinion are amoung the most read and favorite pieces of your newspaper.

This venue provides a forum for public input on virtually an unlimited amount of topics, and I hope will prove valuable to what is really important to members of our community. I would be interested in hearing what your policy is to allow "unfettered" comment with regard to civility, and open-mindedness, so people will be inclined to participate with a sense of dignity and fair-play.

Once again, good spot!,,,,and Good Luck!



To Clay & HMB Review staff your new site is great! Now if my 67 year old technology senile mind can navigate it i will enjoy it.Another site on the coast bad mouths the Review but let me say i enjoy reading it so do my 2 daughters who moved away i bought them each subscriptions. I get calls from them "dad it's 110 degrees here"I tell them we are having a heat wave in HMB it's 75 deg. They say "wish we were back" Again Takabout site is great.

Yeah...and without heavy editorial censure/delete button by Clay it would be even better.

Hey, Clay can't help himself, he truly believes Mike Ferreria is a good guy and only means well!

It's such a shame this board did not develop into a place where the town's old guard, and developer/builders, and property wrongs types rule the roost. It is just not American that people are (sometimes) free to point out their greed and stupidities.

Charlie Gardner is recuperating from a life threatening illness.

God Bless.

Very kind words, Billy.

Charlie is currently going through some intensive Physical Therapy to recover from his near death experience. He is at Mills; the Therapy building. He has made what I would call remarkable progress.

Cliff Note version: Charlie flew into SFO in distress. He was there for approximately 20 hours before being rushed to Mills Peninsula in Burlingame. He had sepsis and didn't know it. Sepsis is a nasty little thing that shuts down your organs. Mills advised those close to Charlie that they need to say their goodbyes. Imagine how that went with his daughters; very tough. He was in a coma for over 3 weeks, and very close to death. He has made a remarkable recovery, although he has a ton of work in front of him before he gets all the way back.

Myself and others have been to visit. I've been three times since he's come back; each time he has looked much better. His cognitive skills are outstanding. His color is back. He readily engages in conversation, and still doesn't miss a trick or an opportunity to crack a joke. Two of his brothers have been here with him (alternately), with the third brother coming in later this week. I had never met his brothers before. I've met the two that were here. All I can say is that had I known just how large, bright and quick his brothers were, I'd have been a lot nicer to him. I'll have to remember that going forward.

The road laid out in front of Charlie has very few smooth spots, but Charlie is driven. I fully anticipate his complete recovery, if for no other reason than the experts were willing to pull the plug - and he has two little girls that love him and want him to stick around for a while.

Thank you Billy for remembering Charlie, the kind words and the post.

Charlie has every intention of going home this Saturday. One tough dude.

Oh, I need to add something important here for the rest of us.

One of the issues that SFO had to deal with was that Charlie had no 'in case of emergency, please notify...'. He also had not shared his itinerary with anyone, so nobody was expecting him.

This can be a good reminder to the rest of us. Nobody expects to have something like this happen to them, but it is very helpful to those that can help us if we do those two things:

1) carry the information necessary to get help

2) share your itinerary so at least one other person knows your schedule and expects you.

Apparently they went through Hell and back to figure out who this guy was and notify loved ones.

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