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To: lennie@greenfoothills.org, michaeljferreriara@gmail.com, Melissa Hippard

Cc: Julia Bott

Subject: AB 1991 (Mullin) Half Moon Bay Settlement Implementation Legislation

Hi all,

As I believe you are aware, AB 1991 (Mullin) is being used as the

vehicle to implement the City of Half Moon Bay's settlement regarding

the Beachwood development. I thought you might be interested in the

letter I sent to the Assembly Rules Committee yesterday to ensure

that the bill is referred to the relevant environmental committees.

It hasn't been amended with the settlement language yet, and is

currently referred to the Local Government committee. We'll want it

sent to the Natural Resources committee first, where we can stop this.

Also, Mark Massara suggested that you may be interested in joining me

for a meeting with Assemblyman Mullin, the bill sponsors, and some of

the other enviro groups opposed to this bill. That meeting is

tentatively scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. Let me know if

you would like to join us; I'll probably also set up a call-in. The

purpose of the meeting is to politely inform Mr. Mullin that even

though he's a nice guy and an ally, we're going to need block this bill.

Sorry for the late notice on the potential meeting, but things are

moving quickly over here.


Paul Mason

Deputy Director

Sierra Club California


Office: (916) 557-1100 x120

Cell: (916) 214-1382

Please note our new mailing address:

801 K St, Suite 2700

Sacramento, CA 95814


Guess the Sierra Club would like to see HMB fold up its' tent, am I suprised, no.

You've just seen a glimpse of S. O. P. (standard operating procedures) of the ' enviros ' saving the world ... one choke-hold at a time.

Curious who * michaeljferreriara@gmail.com * is ... hmmm

Looks like Mike got his fingerprints all over this one!

Well, what do you know ? There *IS* a 'J' in our very own 'MF' (I just checked - what everyone else probably already knew)

Couldn't be a KoinKy-Dinky could it ?

Well, it is crystal clear what the "usual suspects" will do to make HMB uninhabitable. Those "usual suspects" don't care if we have to pay $18M in the event AB1991 does not pass. My question is: What can people do that want to help keep HMB as the wonderful place it is, and support AB1991? Does anyone have those supporting emails, or upcoming conferences or meetings, or is that all going on behind doors?

What can HMB people do to support the Council? to support Assemblyman Mullin? Who do we write, what meetings should we attend?

Counter Measures

High five, George! I'm going to send MJF an email!

I am surprised by one thing :

Mullin is actually far politically savvier than the Conspiratorial Cabal trying to thwart this seem to understand. Make no mistake, he plays on their team - but there are shaded nuances in this county with other agendas at work - and those who play in that box know that.

That they don't appear to grasp that is a little surprising - and a *bit* promising.

Yee of course is an entirely other story. Being the genial hand-puppet of TWO aides, that is why he sometimes appears to stumble (hey, it can get crowded in there with two hands)

I've already heard one merry tale of the backroom fall-out of that little "mis-speak" of theirs('him') last week.

And the wheel turns ...

So George...how did you happen to "find" this great piece of info?

The Usual Suspects will be accusing you of making it up.

Nothing about trying to harm the City of HMB. All about trying to stop a bad precedent for the California coast. Poor property right wingers have their excitement on backwards, as usual.


Club Sierra is directing traffic through the committees in Sacramento. Big Surprise. This email clearly indicates Club Sierra controls the Natural Resources committee. Who is on that committee. How many funds did each representative receive from Club Sierra. I think there is a story here.

So, George, do you have the minutes from today's 330 meeting yet? or should I just email Mark or Mike?

Something really stinks.

Whose side is Mike on? This should remove any doubt.

And once again the infamous Lenny Roberts surfaces. Why can't this fraud pick up a shovel and finish the much delayed tunnel or take up a cause in Woodside or Tahoe....WHERE SHE LIVES.

Lennie lives in the pricey Ladera area of pricey Portola Valley, not Woodside.

I think the Tahoe getaway is sort of a cabin in the way that Camp David is a camp.

As someone who holds the unelected title of the Sixth County Supervisor and honorary Planning Commissioner, she certainly merits living under those trying conditions.

So, where are all of Mike's defenders?????????

I believe Roberts lives in California. It is the coastline of the entire state that is negatively affected by bad legislation like this.

Get ready to pony up the $18 mil or go bankrupt. Take the HMB 4 out to lunch and thank them for their clever attorney and foresight in agreeing to the straight-jacketed settlement. Maybe Keenan will join you.

FYI, Lennie's "cabin" is on Fallen Leaf Lake, even pricier yet.

I thought I would google all the names in the email to see who these people are and who they represent. What I could not find is why they all are working so feverishly to undermine our City Council. Here is what I found:

Lennie Roberts has been the voice of Committee for Green Foothills in San Mateo County for nearly 30 years--lives in Ladera & Tahoe

Mike Ferreira serves on SMC Grand Jury and past councilmember of HMB.

Melissa Hippard, Chapter Director for the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Julia Bott, Executive Director of the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Foundation (a 501c3 a charitable tax exempt corporation)

Mark Massara, a surfer and attorney, is the Director of the Sierra Club's California Coastal Campaign

Paul Mason, Deputy Director, Sierra Club California

A couple of things caught my attention.

Only Mike Ferreira lives in HMB.

Apparently these people are all very familiar with each other and our legislature and how to stop bills.

They appear to be able to "steer" legislation to committees they control.

It is not clear if all their collaboration is legal or ethical.

Ethics? That never stopped Mike before!

Radical pseudo socio-eco-enviro terrorists at their very best. All falls before the cause. With a value system like theirs plan on a massive relief effort to save the red legged frog during the next disaster and everything touched by the tsunami will automatically become a wetland in perpetuity, never to be set foot upon by human for eternity (is that redundant?). I'm an environmentalist-they are idiots.

This email is not a public document, but that doesn't stop the unscrupulous George from disclosing a conversation he was not sent. Like going through someone's mailbox when they are not home.

These environmental groups should be commended for taking a stand against a bill that is as corrupt as they come.The rednecks here think it is a scandal to lobby for upholding environmental laws while the City of HMB is paying 4 lawyers including John Knox to figure out ways to break those same laws.

George can you please request and disclose how muich the City is spending for its 4 lawyer-liar-lobbyists?

Oh Cillian, you call George unscrupulous and a redneck, along with everyone else that's trying to resolve the horrid mess mike and company created, then you ask him to acquire and disclose public information for you?!

You are a piece of work.

Thank you George for shedding the light.

Nice try, George, but you don't, and won't, ever have the makings of what it takes to be a prosecutor because you shoot from the hip with blanks. Your intercepted e-mail evidence is comical for starters. If Mike F was directing things, his name and e-mail address would be correct on Mason's email because he'd be returning correspondence. (The same thing goes for Lennie Roberts' name and email address, btw.)

The second thing is that things are obviously happening elsewhere, yet Mike and Lennie are being informed, as well as invited to participate. And the point is, of course, George, that to be invited to listen in is not to be driving the process, and fine prosecutor that you are, it doesn't even guarantee that either one would take part in it if they had the time.

Not that they shouldn't because they most definitely should represent those of us who still care about minor things like our environmental laws, not just as applied here, but throughout the rest of the state and the coastal zone.

George makes a big deal about spending on lawyers only when it suits him. That calls into question his true motives. If he really is the financial watchdog that he claims to be, then he should be just as concerned about the spending on our 4 new lawyer-lobbyists. But he's not. Why not? Because he is connected financially with Chop Keenan. His soapbox about excessive City legal spending was just a facade; he complains about big spending when the lawyers are not doing what he wants but then he keeps silent about big spending when the lawyers are doing stuff that will help make his friend lots of money. Some might call that hypocritical.

That letter is eloquent testimony to how lobbyists terrorize lawmakers. Whether they're representing corporations, unions, "enviros," etc. makes little difference: we need to end lobbying as we know it. Special interests should have about as much contact with their public officials as you and I do, which is precious little. Enough with the insider armtwisting already.

Some of you sound like that vandal who posted the "Locals Only" tag on personal property. If Lennie or any other living soul wants to chime in on this dangerous, wide sweeping proposed AB 1991 they have a right.

What office are you running for Lennie, because the above sounds like a campaign statement?.

The Beachwood property is neither open space nor is it farmland. Isn't zoned for it. Perhaps we should call it by exactly what it is: R1 land with a VTM.

Sleuth, since you obviously have Mike Ferreira's correct email address, how about providing that ? A few of us have a thing or two to discuss.

"This email is not a public document, but that doesn't stop the unscrupulous George from disclosing a conversation he was not sent."

Right, Cillian, I'm sure you're just as mad at Arianna Huffington for posting an unauthorized recording of Obama communing with a bigtime SF developer over how backward the less privileged can be.

Looks like you found a nerve with this one, George.

Keep up the pressure!



Thanks for the insight into how politics works. Special cabals like Sierra Club, have their agenda with not one care for the people that live in HMB. Where are the stakeholders (the ones that will be paying the bills). The HMB council needs to provide guidance to their allies to implement this Settlement agreement. Which committees should and need to hear from the people in HMB?

This email was found in my inbox, sent by someone that knew I'd have an interest. I published this email because I felt it needed to be public. As we now know, the meeting was indeed held yesterday, in Sacremento, to discuss our problems and shape our future, as noted by Julia Scott in the San Mateo County Times: Web Link

As I stated before, "I feel compelled to say that I'm surprised the agreement called for the Appeal dismissal Prior to the legislative vote. I would think that keeping the appeal ongoing would have been a cheap insurance policy for HMB, relatively speaking, until the legislation passed"( Web Link ), but it is what it is and we have to deal with it as it is.

I find it very disturbing that the very gentleman that, in my opinion, is at the very center of cause of the $42 Million Judgment is also at the center of the effort to stop the legislation to allow HMB the 129 units resolving this morass which will require HMB to cough up $18 Milliom + 6% interest. This particular gentleman, Mike Ferriera, was Chair of the HMB Planning Commission in 1999 that gave Keenan the thumbs down to Keenan. He and his No Growth buddies placed us in this position and now he's one of the leading opponents to stop the very bill that will save our City from his own illegal (according to Judge Walker) Constitutional bending.

I view this legislation (AB1991) as an opportunity for him to step up and admit his 'mistake' and make it right. He, on the other hand, has a different view. His view will continue to hurt us all. The only logical reasoning I can come up with is that he's in denial. Why is he so intent on destroying HMB? I just don't get the mindset. It is truely a shame to have this Benedict Arnold in our midst, still trying to hurt us badly when he has a clear opportunity to make some sort of amends for one of his 'mistakes'.

I read this email at last night's City Council meeting. I thought it was that important.

When is Ms Rich Lennie the lobbyist & her ilk Sierra Club, Green Foothill's etc going to put their monies [41mil] where their big interfering mouths are? Cant afford a tent no less a cabin in Tahoe or live in Mrs Rich Land, Ladera, Woodside etc. For crying out loud it's a dirt lot surrounded by homes that were "wetlands" & got built on. My out of town friends that i point the dirt lot out to can't believe all the fuss & expense!

" Oh no dont fix that pothole its a wetland" There's water in it or a wetland weed sprung up. But every wetland is important even if it's a ditch or pothole or our rain flooded back yards. Can't believe thats what the intent of save the wetlands is. It's become an excuse for not doing anything even if it's wrong.

George, you just can't resist telling the same lies despite all the available counter evidence. Mike's planning commission recommended 40 homes in 1999 based on the wetlands analysis. Keenan told them all or nothing so they said nothing. Appealed to the council Naomi sat on, she and four others said the same thing, Nothing. Get it right, George and stop lying.

Calling the 2001 to 2005 council No Growth is another lie you repeat. That council approved and permitted more homes than has the council that replaced it, you know, the one with all your friendly Keenan supporters on it.

You are nothing but Chop's stick. The Benedict Arnold accusation is a riot coming from you, the Trojan Worm in our midst, trying to redirect blame away from you and Keenan's surrogates on the council. Talk about Benedict Arnolds!

Speaking of Prosecutor George's problems with the truth, he has yet to address my points about the incorrect email address for Mike, or the function of Paul Mason's invitation to participate in the Sacramento based call. If Mr. Mason could not contact Mike by way of the listed address, why does George keep blame Mike without any evidence he got the email, or that he participated for that matter?

Ah, yes...the Enviro Nazis don't like it when THEIR Nuremberg trial comes. Justice shall prevail. George, as old Harry Truman would have said, "Give 'em hell" and keep it coming.

Dear Tired, You may wish to consider seeking professional help for your denial issue.

There are many ways to view this email, and to put it into context.

First consider the source of and the people on distribution in the email. Second listen to the tone of arrogance in the planning on routing and killing the bill. Third consider the continued assault on George for merely bringing it to the attention of the public and the HMB CC. Fourth read the Yamagiwa decision by Judge Walker, I can find no blame for Mr Keenan in the finding.

The tendency has been to blame the Beachwood situation on "prior" councils, but in another posting to Talkabout, it is noted there may be another group to blame, that is, the Coastal Commission See Web Link

You are absolutly right, without the CCC in his back pocket, Mike could never have caused this much trouble.

Which one is the gerbil in the back pocket is very much open to debate.

Sleuth, What makes you so sure that the email address for Mike is not correct? If he can’t be reached at michaeljferreriara@gmail.com which address do you use? Please advise because I want to send him a note to confirm all that is being said about him. He isn’t online defending himself so I’m beginning to feel sorry for him. He has so many people accusing him of bringing down HMB with his personal agenda, he must be very despondent. Don’t you agree?

And if this evidence is correct, he and his shameful crew outta be run out of town!

If anyone has my email please submit it to this post, so I can get my mail.

Oh, Mikey, you're so clever, how would you like to mow my lawn?

"What makes you so sure that the email address for Mike is not correct? If he can’t be reached at michaeljferreriara@gmail.com which address do you use?"

You aren't serious, are you?

Sleuth, of course I'm serious. How else can I believe what you are saying is the truth? Prove to me that you know what you're talking about. I already know that George does; he has shown his proof. Now you can, too.

Mullin will help his stepmother Dolores Mullin's

OLD GUARD friends,xxxxxxxx

Just to prove. The OLD GUARD is alive and well.

In Half Moon Bay.


Since 'publishing' this little gem, I've been contacted by a few regarding the authenticity of this email. It is authentic. I researched that very point Prior to posting. I wouldn't ever want to be confused with, or accused of, being an lcp'er.

Now, regarding the accuracy of the email addresses, I can offer this:

It's not my job to maintain the sierra club's contact list, and I have no intention of performing that task. I felt, and feel that this, once verified as legitimate, be put to the public for exactly what it is; a glimpse into the 'beast's' lair. Everyone that is interested is free to look, and come to their own conclusions. That's what I've done.

Every once in a while, I get gifts from the Gods (so to speak). This was one.

This is to solicit more "internal" Sierra Club or Green Foothills emails for viewing by talkabout. Anyone, please.

Please send said emails to clay@hmbreview.com so that a professional can provide further credibility checks, and post on Talkabout pending said review, and then we can spend time discussing the substance of the email rather than stoning the messenger.

Now, does anyone have the minutes from the Tuesday 330 meeting between Mason and Assemblyman Mullin that took place in Sacramento?

Ya it is a gift from the Gods OK

It dose give us" a glimpse into the Beast's'lair"

And what a beautiful Beast it is.

It lets me sleep well at night knowing the Beast will keep us safe.from the Jackals that band together under the name of the "OLD HMB GUARD"

George Lives in a very very small HMB world.with his OLD GUARD friends

At this moment the relationships between George Muttef,Chop Keenan,City Council members,Gene Mullin,and The Old Guard

Is under the "Beasts CSI.Microscope.

Me thinkith

Corruption is rampant in Half Moon Bay.

Soon I will show you what I have found


Guys, I found this website on a similar topic, you will find very interesting. Go to Website Web Link

Feel free to comment, but you will have to ID yourself.

Time to stand Up... or Stand Down...

Wow Terry, thanks! That's an interesting website!

If you go to this Web Link on that site, you might even be able to contact Mr. Mike!

(By the way, I am not using my real name when posting over there.)

Mike Ferreira, "trusted member"? What are they smoking over there at coastsider?

Zippety, Doo-Dah.

Mike, Mike, Mike,

Whose side are you on, really?

HMB? Sierra Club? Coastal Commission? Green Foothills? Ocean Colony? Grand Jury?

My Oh My, What a wonderful Day...

I await another $18M park in HMB, not knowing who will be the Payee,

Hoping it is not Me--ee.

Noting that for all their angst, fervor, and assertions,

"Environmentalists" put not their money where their assets..are.

My, my. All the angst in the local pitter-patter. It's OK. Truly. Your city council thought it all through before agreeing to a settlement, right down to the legal PR try by their attorneys to spin the deal. You only have to show up for their meeting next Tuesday, and they will hold your meek little hands in their big strong ones and explain it all to you.

Hey, Now Pitching, tell me this: Who's on first?

"Hey, Now Pitching, tell me this: Who's on first?"

Whomever Zito walked. Except for the opposing pitcher. He gives them hits.

Got a bunch of Zitos pitching for HMB. And their W-L record for 2008 is the same.

I don't know who's on first ..., or second, for that matter. I do know that there's nobody home when it comes to the lcp bunch.

That house is for sale, ... at a greatly reduced price - FORECLOSURE!

Did anyone see the front page of the Mercury News today--

Comparing home sales volume and prices from March 07 to March 08--

Down by 50% on volume and about 29% on price....

Yee--OOO--www. Fore---close---YOUR

Every time I think about the Beachwood morass I get sick. Every time I think of Ferriera I get sick. How could we have been so blindly stupid? The evidence just keeps coming, piling up, and just like this, shows he's bent on distroying our town. Why?

Anyone can see he's an unhappy person, but why does he feel the need to spread that sickness around and dump it on us?

And if he wants a small town feel, why doesn't he head toward Pescadero or La Honda or Baja?

Isn't mike's last name spelled ferriera? Looking at the email address at the head of this and applying the correct spelling of his name I'll wager that those wanting to email mike and say hello could do so.

Just spell the name right and the email address will be right.

I wonder ... Who wants to give it a shot?

DGAM,JGA writes: "And if he wants a small town feel, why doesn't he head toward Pescadero or..."

Thanks for sharing and caring. But sorry, never happen. We don't have golf links. Yet.

There are numerous areas just a bit further south of Pescadero that would work just fine, starting at the Mexican border and going south from there.

We surely wouldn't want to burden you, Rosemary, with our litter.

For those people fighting to stop AB1991 from passing: what do you offer in its stead? Lamenting that the Appeal was solid, does absolutely nothing to solve this current situation, or to preserve HMB. The Appeal is Off the table. Are opponents of AB1991 also putting up money to buy Beachwood? If not, what are you planning to do? Stand by while HMB slowly slips away. There is only 14 months to the Beachwood deadline of 30 June 2009. If HMB cannot produce "Development Rights" in 14 months, they have 60 days to produce $18M.

You're correct, Scientist, yet as we speak the battle lines are being fortified;

Web Link

Web Link

I think it's safe to say that we could use a little help here. I think it's just as safe to say that we're not going to get it, at least not from any of the Special Interest groups that are so generous as to offer conflict rather than conflict resolution (evidenced above). This matter is only going to get exponentially worse, as it appears that's in these groups self interest; unless someone of reason, some leader here, in this State, can step up before it spirals out of control. In the end, WE are the ones that will be left in the ashes of destruction that all these Special Interest groups propogate.

And Mike's again at the center of the storm! Way to help, mike.

Has anyone written to mike yet? michealjferriera@gmail.com All that fuss over the misspelling of a name. I know mike would love to hear from us on this.

Go ahead. Express yourselves. We should be thanking him for all his help.

Hey simple slip,

I think you also had a slip--

I think it is michaeljferreira@gmail.com


It is


maybe mike could just change his name and make this easier.

Finally got his name spelled right after six days of bee ess. What brainacs you are, especially George. When Paul Mason tried to send the above to Mike, it obviously bounced. Nothing to do with keeping Sierra Club files up to date, George.

So the point stands, that if Mike was actually driving the process as George claims, and not just an invitee to this telephone conference, Mason would respond by "Reply" to a correct email address rather than constructing it from something obtained elsewhere.

That, brainiacs, refutes George's circumstantial evidence, never the best kind under most circumstances, but still strong enough for wild-eyed finger-pointers like George.

Hey, there is nothing to keep Mike from having more than one gmail account. He could even deliberately misspell his name for one or more. I have several accounts like that myself!

Has anyone sent email to any of those various accounts to see if it actually bounces back?

I realze NOT bouncing does not mean the email was received. It just means that it did not bounce. But a bounce that you (as sender) get back means the email could not be delivered and most likely the account does not exist.




I feel sorry if there is a Mr. Ferreriara or a Mr. Ferriera who does not live in HMB!

Sleuth, I hope, for the sake of yourself and your family, that you aren't attempting to make a living as your alias would imply. If you are, you must be starving.

Please show me, and everyone else, where I've said; "...Mike was actually driving the process as George claims", assuming of course that we're discussing mike's level of involvement regarding AB1991.

What I did state: "I find it very disturbing that the very gentleman that, in my opinion, is at the very center of cause of the $42 Million Judgment is also at the center of the effort to stop the legislation to allow HMB the 129 units resolving this morass which will require HMB to cough up $18 Milliom + 6% interest. This particular gentleman, Mike Ferriera, was Chair of the HMB Planning Commission in 1999 that gave Keenan the thumbs down to Keenan. He and his No Growth buddies placed us in this position and now he's one of the leading opponents to stop the very bill that will save our City from his own illegal (according to Judge Walker) Constitutional bending."

It is not my concern whether Mason's email found it's mark, or not. It is my concern that, but for a misspell, it would have. That, Sleuth, is the whole point of this exercise.

I have no problem substantiating my comments. I do, however, have a problem defending something I never said. In the future, you may want to consider that.

Have a great day.

I hope that the HMB City Council will keep us informed on the status of this legislative action. The future of our city is very much at risk, especially if AB1991 is not passed. I think it is time for people to either stand up for the city, or identify themselves for what they are: NIMBYs or NoGrowthers that do not care about kids, roads, water or sewer infrastructure in our coastal town.

What can we do to help?

bill, Well stated; good points. I suspect that the Council will be offering data, a lot of data, very soon; probably at the next Council meeting, 05-06-08 - 1st Tuesday in May. We may get some sooner. You're right. We all need to be well informed.

Regarding your closing question, I also suspect there will be ample opportunities to help, and many ways to do it. As the data comes out, you might see something that you feel comfortable with. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for exactly that; an opportunity to help clean this up. It won't be easy, but there should be many ways to assist. Shouldn't be long. Thank you.

"I hope that the HMB City Council will keep us informed on the status of this legislative action. The future of our city is very much at risk, especially if AB1991 is not passed. I think it is time for people to either stand up for the city, or identify themselves for what they are: NIMBYs or NoGrowthers that do not care about kids, roads, water or sewer infrastructure in our coastal town."

When befuddled, march out the straw men.


all that cutting and pasting and so little substance.

You know full well that the Beachwood situation was caused by a small number of No-Growth proponents - Ferreira, Ruddock, Taylor, Coleman. Real people, doing real damage. Sadly, some continue to this day to try to do more damage.


Please demonstrate your Non-befuddleness.

And, you propose, what?

What would you like to see happen in our city?

"You know full well that the Beachwood situation was caused by a small number of No-Growth proponents - Ferreira, Ruddock, Taylor, Coleman. Real people, doing real damage. Sadly, some continue to this day to try to do more damage."

There's a good Disciple. No matter how many times you have been proven wrong, keep repeating the falsehoods and select out of context bits of the larger story. That will keep the lazy, unthinking sycophants with short memories puppy-dogging along on your side. But don't expect your flock to grow. Most people now know how the Beachwood mess got started and how the current City Council of HMB sold them out. May the innocent citizens of HMB expect to see the Lord and his Disciples front and center with those voluntary bail-out checks?

Sorry, nice try at just waving the "your falsehoods and select out of context bits" nonsense without actually making a point.

"Most people now know how the Beachwood mess got started"

How, tell us please? Details? Too heavy for you?

"how the current City Council of HMB sold them out."

Again, with specifics this time?

"Sorry, nice try at just waving the "your falsehoods and select out of context bits" nonsense without actually making a point.

"Most people now know how the Beachwood mess got started"

How, tell us please? Details? Too heavy for you?

"how the current City Council of HMB sold them out."

Again, with specifics this time?

Brian, a resident of Half Moon Bay, 2 minutes ago"

Short little attention span and even shorter memory bothering you? That's OK. You have pages and pages of messages full of material you failed to read, some of it on TalkAbout, even. Better take an off day tomorrow. There is so much you chose to ignore. And don't let the Lord know. He might not like it if a Disciple goes outside His words.

Now Pitching is beginning to sound like the person who posted as Researcher...

Please, do me a favor. Where exactly did you post the "pages and pages of messages" that show me the light?

It surely wasn't you. There are plenty of lies posted on the "other" site. Perhaps you posted some of them? Using your real name over there? Too weak to use it here? I am not going to bother with them right now. In due course.

Similar style, but Researcher seemed somewhat intelligent.

"Please, do me a favor. Where exactly did you post the "pages and pages of messages" that show me the light?

It surely wasn't you."

At last, you got something right!

Now Pitching,

Still waiting for anything constructive for our city from you.

You are Researcher, right?

Children, children. So sorry to see you still clamped together in your know-nothing daisy chain, bunny hopping down dead end rabbit holes.

The Researcher is always happy to help out those wandering the paths of ignorance with vacuumed out skulls and unseeing eyes. But on the matter of Beachwood, I already did. I told you to start at the beginning of the matter with a reading of the Coastal Act by which local government officials are bound (unless they are stupid enough to imagine the law will be set aside for them) and find out who made the first salient decisions on the Beachwood property in the early 1980s and find out what they actually did and failed to do on the property and find out the ownership sequence for the property and what that ownership entailed. And that was just for the beginning of your edification because you have so much to learn. I can't be repeating myself on this kind of advice because I must move on to other things that you hoppity hopping little mouth breathers also need to investigate.

Some few of you took the advice of the Researcher, and, oh my, you learned some things that cast the situation in a new light from what you were previously told to believe. Wasn't that fun?

If the rest of you want to have fun, too, and appear to be just a little bit less gullible when you chase each other around in circles with your vacant notes on TalkAbout, you know what the Researcher says, don't you?

Do the research.


I think I have you figured out. Just talked with a profiler.

You are the recipient of the notorious "buddy studies" from various local coastal agencies, like from past HMB CC, from MWSD, from SMC Lafco,etc. You may have a biologist degree, or possibly are a policy wonk.

You probably have a great retirement program at your communities' expense.

Now, you are here on this blog taunting the locals. Trying to generate more business, are we?

The Coastal Act was a great scam as long as it lasted. Its days are numbered, however. Nature over humans, sounds good, til people cannot pay the piper any longer. That time is now. Economy in the dumpster, if people cannot pay, then have to compromise with HIGH Ideals, while simply surviving.

"The Coastal Act was a great scam as long as it lasted. Its days are numbered, however. Nature over humans, sounds good, til people cannot pay the piper any longer. That time is now. Economy in the dumpster, if people cannot pay, then have to compromise with HIGH Ideals, while simply surviving."

I can see you are frustrated and flailing at a universe that is so beyond your comprehension. You make what is for you a Herculean effort to make some sense of it on your own, but your seven or eight cranial neurons short circuit before you can get to anything. You realize you have the point of your head stuck in a bunghole, then you decide that is the bunghole's fault.

Admittedly you must expend much more effort than most to get your stopped world working for you, for you do not have the rudiments of what you need to know for any sense to be made of your situation. But I'll keep the tiniest candle of hope burning on the very slight chance you can grasp the least bit of what the Researcher advises and...

Do the research.


You have me chortling, guffawing, and belly-laffing.

Your meandering platitudes are stupefying and ridiculous.

Let me simply give you one link Web Link to have you do research upon.

If you want to go Neuro on me I am game. Pick your game. But this is not about you or me. This topic is about AB1991, and the travesty of what the Sierra Club is trying to do to our City.

Got anything to say other than "Do the research."

Dearie, dearie,

Web links to known losers will only throw you farther off track. You must marshall your very limited mental resources and head them in a productive direction if you are ever to have a chance to break your feet out of those retarding tubs of cement. You may not be able to, but please try to read the advice the benevolent Researcher spent time directing toward you when there are so many others more promising that could be helped and, if that bitsy 4-watt nightlight happens to come on,...

Do the research--the real research and not the con the PR servants of the would-be rulers aim at the susceptible and feeble like you.

Sweet link NP2

Where are you mike? Hangin with the homies? Not much to say to us mike? How many emails, phone calls, etc do you think it'll take before you learn? The homies you hang with will tirn their backs on you too, once they're done using you.

And to think, you used to be a nice guy with tangeble assets. Look at you now.

Good question Got Vote?; where are you mike? Listening to the City conference call? Getting the $18 Million together?


Darlin' Researcher,

NP2 did her research, seems you are on xanax or zoloft. Your perambulations in the lexicon drifting across the landscape are lilting so much so that your dialog appears uplifting but for the self platitudes and adorations.

Be not feeble or a dork. Continue on. Somewhere else.

What's the matter NP2? Upset because someone called you on a link to a right-wing property rights law firm that loses far more cases than it wins? Almost everyone in the environmental protection game and the coastal protection game knows this outfit well and knows that they are kept alive with money from developers and industries exploiting precious natural resources. One of their roles is to try to overturn regulations on the use of property and to weaken appellate and Supreme Court decisions on such matters as takings.

Researcher may be convoluted and obtuse, but you clearly did not do the research suggested.

Where were you, np, in August 2005, when Zumbrun had your council buddies mike, toni, grady and gorn, in a hissy?

Zumbrun put a halt to another attempted illegal action by that bunch. The LCP Update. Remember that, or are we challenging too many of you 11 brain cells?

Zumbrun saved our City from certain ruin, and from that council's illegal intent. STOPPED THEM COLD. Your boys mike and grady couldn't say three words between them. And Adam, all he could do was object, object, object, and say he couldn't answer the questions.

Right wing, huh? Saved our keesters. Thanks Ron.


I remember that night. When that Council you mentioned stopped and took a breath. I think they got the fax a few hours prior to the meeting.

I, too, remember that night. You are correct, bill & SOS. The then Council did indeed receive receive a fax from Zumbrun the day before, just before the close of business, outlining the numerous illegal elements the Council was trying so desparately to implement. That fax set the tone for the Council meeting that same night when grady couldn't seem to fathom how he was going to escape unscathed. He was actually speachless, if you can believe that.

They thought (the Council) they had a slam dunk at giving our City to the Coastal Commission lock, stock, and barrel. The law, however, was in the way, and Zumbrun sent the fax to outline how.

The next evening Zumbrun came to HMB, to give a presentation to the Council, on behalf of the citizens of HMB, to further illustrate the violations personally. He did one heck of a job, and was confronted by a very defensive Lindgren who just couldn't keep his own feet out of his own mouth (clearly outmatched), and a Council that didn't welcome his presence or input. I was at both meetings, two nights in a row (Tuesday & Wednesday, if memory serves), and watched it all unfold.

We owe Mr. Zumbrun a large debt of gratitude for saving us from the many certain lawsuits that would have resulted from the arrogance and continued efforts of the lcp'ers to lock us up and take all of our rights from us.

Thank you, Mr. Zumbrun. I'm glad others remember.

Hard to believe. ferrera really is trying to kill HMB. I knew, but this is proof for eveyone. Sick man.

I just read the "Accountability" thread. Now this. That man needs help. He's costing us all. How could this have happened?

Still looking for Mike. Anyone seen him? There's a rumor that in between all that VIP elbow rubbing, he's posted on coastsider. I won't verify that.

I'm just concerned that he may leave town before we all get a chance to properly thank him for being the festering sore that he is.

He just enjoys control. Makes him feel important. His life has crashed, so he wants everyone else to be a miserable codger too. Sick.

Hi again, y'all. I was just over at another one of these blogs. Had some ideas for you.

Yeah, this is what I'm talkin about. This Mike fella here would look real good with horizontally striped pants and vertically striped shirt. Maybe with a spade in his hand and a nice big partner in his cell.

All that fuss about me and Monica? That ain't nothin compared to this, though. I did not have sex with that young lady, and this fella Mike is on this email by mistake, or it's just a coincidence, or, well I don't know what other excuse I can come up with. I guess there is none.

Maybe I still have Monica's phone number. I could give it to this Mike fella. He could get a visit, if you know what I mean. Then get caught, write a book like I did, pay the $18 Mil and get a life.

Honey, get Disney's guy, Mike Eisener on the line. Let's see if we can get disney to do a movie. We'll have J Edgar play Mike. What's that dear? He's Dead? Well, no matter. Maybe that fella Arnold can play Mike. We'll figure out the details later baby, just get that Eisener on the phone.

Say what? You aren't President yet. Until you are, there's only one President in this house. Now do what I said, or I'll sic the Secret Service on you again.

How can Mike be this rediculously stupid and mean. I think he's trying to hurt you folks. There's somthin wrong with that boy.

I have Eisener on the line for you Bill. Now do you mind if I go out and campaign somemore? That Bama is kickin the fat off my a.. It's my turn to be President. I'll get me a young stud in the Oval Office. Does Monica have a brother?

Oh, Bill, I just saw a picture of that Mike fella. Can I have him? I could have a ball with him.

If I lose this election, I want to move to HMB, right next to this guy. Nobody will know. He can stretch a yarn almost as good as me. Then I could write my own book on infidelity and make millions more. When I'm done with him he'll beg to go to jail.

C'mon Bill, whatta ya say?

...almost as bad as the sea gull post. stop putting down a guy who served his town. were you the bully on the playground Clinton Impersanator?

"stop putting down a guy who served his town". You're kidding, right.

Tell us, how did he "serve" anyone other than himself, at our expense?

This ought to be good.

"How can Mike be this rediculously stupid..."

And the jokes keep coming. With Lord George and the sycophants writing the lyrics, who needs comedians?

I'm happy for you, np, that you've got your new word, sycophant, down pat.

But what does that have to do with Mike's email address on the email above. You know that email, right? The one from club sierra for the purpose of crashing HMB. Try to stay on task.

Maybe next time you post here you'll bring a little something.

Pertinent Facts

"The one from club sierra for the purpose of crashing HMB."

Crashing HMB or saving it from its inbred dolts? Please be clear.

NP always brings his 'little something' as it is a part of his body. and I don't mean his brain.

Now Pitching, thank you for your kind reference. Please try to disregard the disparaging remarks above. May I suggest, that you also try to be nice.

Again, np, try to stay on task.

Maybe next time you post here you'll bring a little something.

Pertinent Facts

I keep coming back to this email, reading and rereading it. It troubles me in several ways.

Mason says: "It hasn't been amended with the settlement language yet, and is currently referred to the Local Government committee. We'll want it sent to the Natural Resources committee first, where we can stop this." Two things here show us what kind of organization we're dealing with and how their decision makers think, act and handle themselves.

They note the language hasn't been amended, yet. So, how do they know what they're opposing? And, they have their own Death Squad in the Natural Resources committee and they routinely guide our legislation to their Death Squad. Both those points are telling and concerning.

Of course, having Mike's name in the mix of primary players in all this, with this email only going to 4 people is most troublesome.

Someone made a comment on one of these Beachwood calling Mike a Benedict Arnold. I couldn't agree more. Out of all this mess, that's one of the most troublesome aspects here.

Well said, Got Vote?.

I second that. Let's keep this topic on topic in spite of those who would point it in another direction.

If this is what they are doing to us locally imagine how the Sierra Club is influencing statewide legislation!

Certain people do not want the general populace to realize this.

Sierra Club influences more than local and CA legislation.

Generally, I agree with their policy, but not in our *perfect storm, unprecedent-setting* situation.

How closely do all these alleged non profit enviro groups work together? What is the relationship betweem the Sierra Club and POST, or MROSD, for example? Where do their funds come from?

Brian posted a good piece on the special interest groups lining up against AB1991 here: Web Link

The connection between these groups (in Brian's post) is interesting, to say the least. The connection between the enviro groups is even moreso.

What are you thinking, George. You really expect answers to those logical telling questions? You won't get any straight answers from anyone in those groups. That's for sure.

You'd have better luck asking Mike. His email address is just above. Go on, try it. Please let us know his response.

Lets not forget how we got here and who the players are.

I wonder if Mike carpooled with Mason?

Hi Lord George and followers. Just want you to know how much I admire your futile attempts to stretch nothing into something. LG, couldn't you pull off a Big Bang or something else loud? Your Disciple and sycophants are dozing.

There you go again, np.

Don't suppose you have ANYTHING of substance to add, for a change? You know, rational dialog, facts, maybe even something nice to say?

Still can't figure out how NP writes so much without anything to say, nice or not.

Sam, it's easy. There are lots of sites on the web that will "generate" text for you. Like this one: Web Link (though it is aimed at "corporate speak").

The one NP uses is sequestered on the site of an organization in Palo Alto. They use servers provided by Verio Web Link.

I am not at liberty to give out the name of the organization. If you had the link to the generator you would still need a password to log in and use it. (I don't have that as I am not among the priveledged).

I am probably risking my status as a "friend" of theirs by divulging this information. But hopefully they won't recognize my name or posting style.

I like the first one. Funny. Instantly provides variations of pc terms plugged in. Thanks, cousin Bill Oneoff.

Bluster! (perfect word, BTW) > Now Pithing > Palo Alto/Keenan's home base. That's not even six degrees.

Thought we should keep this in front of our residents so we don't forget who's trying to hurt us.

Didn't want to see this one get lost in the shuffle.

Thought we should keep this in front of our residents so we don't forget who's trying to hurt us.

George, a resident of Half Moon Bay, on May 5, 2008 at 11:38 am

Lets not forget how we got here and who the players are.

Got Vote?, a resident of Half Moon Bay, on May 1, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Just a reminder that the one that started this is still at it. Yeah, mike loves HMB. His 'track record' sure shows it. Thanks, mike.

Thought I'd bring this back for np.

Has everyone seen this? Any of the names trying to crash us look familiar? Yeah, I thought so.

Thanks again, Mike.

George, how many times can you resurrect this thread with nothing to add?


Thanks Tired! Come back often to help!

There's nothing to add, tired of ..

The thread speaks volumes all by itself. If no one else keeps this front and center, I will.

It is my belief that every single person who is impacted by this needs to know (visual aids are good) who stands where, and why. Moreover, this email also demonstrates strategy of the opposition to HMB. To all those who try to crash HMB, I am here and will vigorously fight your demented goals. I will also seek the help of like minded others to expose you and your methods.

So yes, Tired of ..., I'll do what I have to. In this case, just bringing it back up under the Recent Comment header seems to work. Got your attention, didn't it?

I am tired of this resurrection as well (and I am only replying when its ugly head has already resurfaced recently). George, seems to want to keep patting himself on the back with getting this "scoop". Like it is shocking that MF was linked to the Sierra Club. C'mon we all knew that...and the people who elected MF in 2001 knew of this connection as well.

No one is trying to "ruin" HMB. This is BIGGER THAN HMB:

1. How one judge's poor rationale can bankrupt an entire town while padding the pockets of the man who is destroying Palo Alto and now will hand HMB to SMC.

2. How politicians will cut off their nose to spite their face by lobbying and twisting the arm of short sighted people like Mullin (Blind Mullin) and pass a bill that will rape the entire coastline by 2050.

Actually, today is the first time I've seen this thread -- and I was shocked to learn that one of the city council members who was apparently on the ground floor of the Beachwood fiasco is now fighting to prevent a solution.

To Stickleback: I'm tired of this whole mess. Eight years, or twenty, depending on one's perspective, is way too long.

This is clear, and self evident. This has nothing to do with patting a back. This has everything to do with one of the primary offenders in twisting our 'wetland' definition, resulting in the $41 Million Federal Judgment against us, now continuing (personal agenda) to support those that would crash HMB; All to stop growth, and at least part of it illegally.

So although I, along with a few others, keep 'resurrecting' this email to the dismay of some (seems like only those that support mike), I think it's worth it. The people in this town, the ones that will carry the imposed burden, need to know who the 'enemy' is. We all need to know.

Oh, me too. I'm a newbie, so fresh and pure. It is a great puzzle to me how one member of the Planning Commission during a period about 15 years after the Beachwood mistake began is somehow responsible for all the mistakes by others before and since. Is this "Mike," whoever he is, still running Half Moon Bay and telling the current City Council to come to stupid settlements with developers?

Me thinks Newbie, "so fresh and pure", is spoofing.

Oh no. I'm not spoofing. I'm genuinely eager to learn what makes this seemingly wonderful place tick. My sibling, News to Me, and I are just beginning to get around and read the really important stuff. Can't you tell by the sincerity of our "shock" and the innocence of our questions?

Me thinks Newbie, "so fresh and pure", is spoofing.

Kidding, right?, a resident of Half Moon Bay, 13 hours ago

I agree, but no matter.

Hey, it's fine to make fun of my political naivete. I admit I haven't paid nearly as much attention to local politics as I should -- especially considering the effect Beachwood will have on the community, no matter how it all plays out.

To people who hit the message boards daily, read the Review weekly and faithfully attend city council meetings, I'll cheerfully admit I seem like an idiot.

I'm so sleep-deprived, I feel like one myself much of the time. I've got three kids, a full-time job and I'm working on my master's degree. Sometimes it's hard to remember my own phone number, much less the intricacies of local politics.

Fortunately, though, it looks like I can always count on the Talkabout regulars for information -- and, um, comaraderie (right, Newbie?).

We wouldn't want anyone to miss this little nugget.

Is that Mike's name there on the Club Sierra's mailing list?

Just thought I'd pop this one up again, as the Assembly gets ready to Pass AB1991.

Another defeat for mike; another step towards a win for everyone else.

Back again, by popular demand. This one is for Lance Carpenter. Hope it helps. This, coupled with the links provided on the other thread ( Web Link ), should help to color the puzzle.

As a newbie, I'm confused about what I'm supposed to get out of this stream of messages since it was last revived. I'm trying hard to understand my new city. George brings up a lot of men's names. Is he George Michaels?

Yeah, uh huh, Newbie huh?

Is he George Michaels?

Never know. Does it matter? Don't let the messenger distract you from the message Newbie. It's an important message.

This is so intriguing. Do people meet him in public bathrooms to get the "message"? There seems to be quite a culture here in my new city.

Nice phishing Newbie. I tried to guide you back to topic, but I see you're not interested.

Then you come with, "Do people meet him in public bathrooms to get the "message"? Yes Newbie, Mike's bathroom, and it gets crowded what with Grady, Ken, and a few other close friends. If you ask nicely, they may let you play too.

Try again? Don't let the messenger distract you from the message Newbie. It's an important message.

I revive this again so everyone can see who is working to see HMB crash and burn, and the strategy to accomplish that end. Pathetic.

Oh I get it. Or should one say "I found it!" It's an EST thing. Werner would be proud of you for your persistence with so little to go on.

Let us go back to the first post in this session. Look at the people on the TO list-- Mike Ferreira (past Mayor of HMB), Julia Bott (Exec director of a 501c3 for Measure O, that spent about $500,000 in a failed effort), Lennie Roberts (lives in Ladera, over the hill, and wants to control the SMC coast and the peninsula), and Melissa Hibbard (please fill me in on this person?).

and Who was conspiring against the city of HMB in this email?-- THE SIERRA CLUB,

I think we need to compile a list of the people arrayed against this HMB Council, and it starts with Kevin Lansing, the Coastal Commission staff, Committee for Green Foothills, and many others that claim the environment is being threatened, but by what? It appears by the US and California Constitutions.

The Thread I started 22 hours ago "what effect has Beachwood and AB1991 had on HMB house prices" "has been stoped by Clay due to people breaking the rules.I have seen fare worse threads such as this one allowed to go on and on for weeks?

I think.I inadvertently by starting this thread upset the HMB real estate community that spends their advertising dollars at the Review each week I was following the posting at the time it was shut down The posting realy was'nt so bad ? Hmmmmm!

He closed a thread I initiated Tuesday, but I don't subscribe to conspiracy. In my opinion, that's simply rediculous. I've seen no evidence to support that theory.

Just start another one, if it means that much to you.

HMB Home owner: I wouldn't look to conspiracy for closing down a topic. From what I've seen, Clay removes the offensive posts before closing it down. Of course, then it seems like the discussion wasn't so bad at all.

If there was a conspiracy then this one would have been closed long ago due to pressure from the special interest groups.

So far we have a modicum of free speech.

Just so we can be clear on your self-elevated opinion, Anonymous George, what does "rediculous," a word you have used before in other messages, actually mean?

Absurdly communist?

From Webster's

Ri-dic-u-lous; laughable

Example: Kind of like 98% of your comments, np.

Example: The three minutes I spent to respond to your ridiculous point.

I didn't realize that my comments would be under such extreme scrutiny. Heck, I'm so concerned about your opinion of me now that I'm Almost too scared to put anything in print.

Most of us are human and do, from time to time make mistakes. If a spelling mistake is my worst offense, well, I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

Only those few, from a planet far, far away, with self implied IQs so high there's just no scale to measure it known to man, can sit where you do. Oh, please, Mr. Superior, do not pass judgment on our planet as a whole, or any species therein contained, on my simple error. We meant no harm.

Now, what's that got to do with your friend mike's continued attempts to crash HMB?

I'm not the one that set out to crash HMB 9 years ago, with malice and forethought, for personal gain (power), at the expense of us all -only to continue as we write these blogs.

I might remind you to scroll up and see.

Anyone can make typos or hasty one-time mistakes. But repetitive misrepresentations--spellings are representations--by one who would direct others let those targeted know something about the credentials of the self-anointed. Lack of knowledge of basic words sets a record of validity for all words one uses in their propaganda.

Where on the IQ scale would knowledge of the word "ridiculous" come? Does it ever show up on Stanford-Binet tests or others that use vocabulary as one of their indicators? I don't know, but judging by other words, probably pretty close to the middle--average, mediocre.

So now people have another indicator of the kind of person massaging his own image and pontificating to them when Anonymous George weighs in, as in an attempt to defame others by their association with causes he, in his mediocre way, disagrees with.

Yes Now Pitching he dose use the word "Rèdiculus" often.hmmm funny thing so dose Bill hmmmmm ridiculus the most frequently used word during

Now Pitching gives the school yard lout 1st an IQ test followed by a lesson in

Although we all appreciate the spelling lessons, I'm sure, it doesn't detract from the message. We now see mike's intimate level of involvement even to this day, to hurt HMB. He is, if nothing else, consistent, as are you, np, in your defense of the indefensible.

We clearly see mike’s name as intended recipient of this ‘inside’ plot. What we don’t currently know, however, is do we also see yours.

I don't subscribe to conspiracy in my opinion that's simpley ridiculous. I'v seen no evidence to support that theory.

What I do see is you returning to this (your) thread for ulterior motives. As we "have found nothing new only same-old same-old same-old-guard same-old

NP: Is this an example of being repetitive? I see that the poster describes AB 1991 as a “dog” in each post. Probably just another coincidence, huh?

Laugh of the day. It took 5 hours of cajoling, arm-twisting, political dealing, and the like after the failure of the 4:30 PM vote to squeeze out the votes needed for passage. Clearly, a lot of Assembly members did not want to go on record for this embarrassing dog. Web Link

Blah, blah, blah … In fact, he should be angry with the City Council and attorneys of HMB for soliciting his aid and then attempting to put him in the impossible position of acting as co-author of this law-denying dog. … blah, blah, blah… Web Link

Mike, in his continued efforts to dissolve HMB, is in Sacramento with Lennie Roberts right now talking with any law maker that will listen to stop AB1991.

That's the nature of spin (of the sort HMB's "leaders" are trying to sell on AB 1991), it goes around and around. Repeat anything often enough and those with eyelids at half mast will come to recognize it as "truth." Objectivity and accuracy have nothing to do with it.

Seeing how easy it is to get over on the townies who puppy dog along after the Old Guard now in charge, others with their personal fish to fry pick up the method and adapt it to rewriting history and defaming those they can't defeat on the merits of issues. And for what? The sake of a few short-term dollars for an out-of-town developer who doesn't care about the local values destroyed, the local expenses created for taxpayers, and the local lives cheapened as infrastructure is overwhelmed and public health and safety is diminished.

HMB, the city that doesn't know how. No telling if enough of its citizens will ever wake up and put in place a government that works to make it the much better place it could be.

We know what you are pitching. Same ol crap as before. Since you have all the answers, why haven't we seen your name on a ballot? I'm sure you'd get 1 vote anyway.

Talk about spin.

How do you know you have not seen my name on a ballot?

In the history of California, and the rest of these United States, there has never, repeat never been anyone on any US ballot with the incredibly identifiable name of Now Pitching.

What a stupid question.

What if "Now Pitching" is an anagram? Work on it.

Pinching Wot

Pinching Two

Pinching Tow

Winching Pot

Winching Opt

Winching Top

Pitching Own

Pitching Won

Pitching Now

Chowing Pint

Pinch Towing

Winch Opting

Pitch Owning

Notch Wiping

Chop Twining

So which on is it?

IF a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his butt.

IF ... the biggest word in our language.

What IF Mike had used the entire definition of wetland in 1999. What IF the 2000 Council had approved the project as they should have. What IF the Coastal Commission wasn't such a cult?

What IF ...

We could go on forever with what IF.

I've got one for you. What IF AB1991 Passes, and we can finally move forward and make this town whole again?

What if AB 1991 passes and is signed and members of the environmental legal community find cause to challenge it in the courts motivated by the terrible legislative example it creates in making a mockery of the state's environmental and public health/safety laws. The "finally move forward" may (or may not) take a while. And then there is that darn deadline in the giveaway, er, settlement.

"...mockery of the state's environmental and public health/safety laws."

What nonsense - public health/safety laws? What are you talking about? Just new misinformation to put on the fire?

Keep those blinders on and refusing to read. Or, for a dip into what you claim to have figured out, look at the list of exemptions in AB 1991. I'm assuming a high school education, so that may be overly optimistic.

Did not want to answer this one either? At least you are consistently missing the strike zone.

Effectively wild. It always works on those slow to get the bat off their shoulder. They bail, then also flinch and watch the next one go by down the middle. Got any idea where you are in the count?

Mike was seen with Lennie Roberts door banging in Sacramento this week.

I wonder what he intends to accomplish?

After votes of 5-2, 10-5 and 46-18, probably 2:1.

With the Senate analysis out, I think 3:1 by next Wednesday lunchtime.

Thought I'd tap this one again to remind everyone who we're fighting; still.

Also, I wanted to afford mike, the center of our Beachwood problems, the opportunity (again) to explain himself to us. IF his position has merit, which I sure don't see, why not share it, mike. You don't seem to have any problems talking to others about our town and the mess you helped create. In addition, you don't seem at a loss for words on coastsider.

Is there something about Talkabout that locks your unique forms of expression down? Cat got your tongue? Fingers won't cooperate? What?

Mike: I'd be interested in hearing your position. Thanks.

Why would anyone who has already made their points repeatedly and in detail feel it necessary to re-explain themself to a sad few people who are either too stupid to understand, are merely engaged in petty playground games, or are suffering from attention deficit or dementia that prevents them from internalizing and recalling anything that is said?

When was it that Mike made his point "repeatedly and in detail"? I missed it.

Are attention deficit and dementia humorous to you?

"When was it that Mike made his point 'repeatedly and in detail'? I missed it."

Is anyone surprised? However, excellent contribution, in my opinion, to a thread that started about nothing.

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