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Welcome to talkabout

Maybe you have something to say about recent stories in the Review. You would like to know how the city can afford it’s new community park or whether the high school will be able to move forward with its plans to reconfigure the baseball diamond. Or perhaps you would like to sound off on the nation’s war on terror -- or even Paris Hilton’s new CD.

Now the Review has a place for everything under the sun. Welcome to talkabout.

It works like this:

If you are reading these words, you already know how to navigate our Web site. Once you’ve got hmbreview.com in your browser, find the talkabout box on our homepage.

From here you can start a conversation on a new topic or comment on one that already exists. A few featured topics are obvious by their red headlines. You can click on any of these, just as you did to read this notice. Or you can click on “view all postings” to see all the topics stored in the system. You can also start your own thread by clicking on “start a new topic.”

Before you begin you will have to create a log in. It’s simple. You’ll be asked your name, for a password, your e-mail address, the town you live in and your year of birth. Fill out the one-page form and click “submit.” Almost immediately you should receive an e-mail with “User confirmation from talkabout” in the subject line. Open the e-mail and click on the link and you are in business.

If it seems daunting, don’t worry. Regular users of the Web will be familiar with the drill.

The best Web sites are constantly evolving. Ours is no different. In May we launched a major redesign of both our printed newspaper and online edition. In the last four months we have posted more than 100 breaking news updates. We relayed every important development at Devil’s Slide as it happened. We’ve announced appointments to the Half Moon Bay City Council and Coastside County Water District almost before the meetings adjourned.

Now, with talkabout, we’ve added thousands of new reporters: We hope you will be our eyes and ears. Tell us about your parent-teacher association meeting, church gathering and Boy Scout troop. If it’s important to you, there is a spot for it here.

Go ahead. You can talkabout anything you like.

-- Clay Lambert


Hi Clay,

Congratulations to you and your team for a wonderful addition to our Coastside Community.........the TalkAbout section!

It already has inspired several lively on-line conversations, which, for the most part, are following your civility guidelines.

Keep up the good work!

Mary Ascher

PS: Here is an article from todays Wall Street Journal, which I would love to see in the paper and/or online....as a new TalkAbout Topic. My premise is that we are fast becoming a "Destination Resort" so the them here is quite relevant. What do you think?


Support for Resort Workers


September 1, 2006; Page W2

In wealthy resort areas, there is no shortage of glitzy charity benefits for causes with a social pedigree, from art museums to hospitals. But helping out the area's working poor -- the people who trim the residents' hedges, mow their lawns and clean their houses -- has never been much of a priority.

But now, as the cost of living puts the squeeze on more low- and middle-income workers and forces them to live far from their employers, a handful of social-services groups are trying to come to their aid.

Habitat for Humanity project in East Hampton, N.Y.

In the Hamptons, Habitat for Humanity's Peconic chapter recently reached an agreement to build low-cost housing on land donated by the town of East Hampton, N.Y. In nearby Riverhead, N.Y., the Peconic Community Council has expanded a program to house homeless people so they can receive shelter up to seven nights a week November through April, up from one night a month per person during the off-season four years ago. And about 40 miles north of Aspen, Colo., a group called Feed My Sheep, based in Glenwood Springs, Colo., is working with churches to provide food, showers and email, phone and laundry services to homeless people. According to the group's director, Karolyn Spencer, about 80% of the people she works with have jobs in the Aspen area but no place to live.

But even as more people reach out to help, tensions are rising. At a convenience store in Southampton this summer, day laborers looking for work have been met by protests from the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, better known for patrolling illegal immigration on the Canadian and Mexican borders. In Aspen, "resentment is growing" between the haves and the have-nots over traffic congestion caused in part by the long commutes that low-wage workers must endure to reach their jobs from their distant homes, since they can't afford nearby housing, says Nan Sundeen, director of Health and Human Services in Pitkin County, which includes the Aspen and Snowmass ski resorts.

Nonprofit groups that focus on social services for the poor say attracting support from second homeowners, who often have the most resources in a resort town, is a challenge. "So many people come out here and have benefits for causes in New York," says Katherine Ryden, board president of The Retreat, which helps victims of domestic violence in the Hamptons. But aid officials say helping the local working poor doesn't have the same kind of cachet. While East Hampton has been aggressive in trying to increase affordable housing, generally speaking "there is a lot of talk, but not enough action," says Felix McGibbon, president of Habitat for Humanity's Peconic chapter.

* * *


Is there a way to retreive talkabout blogs tht have been deleted from the site? I wanted to print portions of the sad news about the young man who was arrested last week for burglary. I felt there was valuable insight provided by some of the bloggers that I wanted some other young men to read.Thanks

It's not deleted; I found it this way - from the main page, click on Talkabout topic-main message view; then click recent comment, then click the single arrow at the bottom of the page which takes you to the second page. You'll see this post under "A big warning for our youth".

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