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I Had a Dream

TalkAbout's form wasn't working so I'll post it in the original TalkAbout form.

Last night I had a dream that some people on TalkAbout where talking bad about Big Wave. Instead of getting angry, I respond by inviting those people to our Big Wave farm during "farm day." I'm not really religious, but I think it's a sign. So I invite all those who oppose Big Wave, you are invited to Big Wave's farm day on Saturday at 10 am. Learn about the project, ask questions, meet the residents. I will be there taking pictures and helping out at the farm. Please RSVP on Facebook (Web Link) Thank you for reading and please be civil.


It's an out of scale, out of place, environmentally damaging business whose proponents take advantage of the community's desire to help the disadvantaged in get it passed.

We all know this never would have passed otherwise.

If a building project cannot fit in on its own physical merits then no amount of feel good hand waving will ever make it right.

This project doesn't fit into the environment and never will just because a small portion of it somewhat helps the disadvantaged.

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