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Marco Rubio wants to convene a constitutional convention. It won’t happen.

"Marco Rubio wants to convene a constitutional convention. It won’t happen.", Web Link

The start; "On Tuesday, Sen. Marco Rubio proposed a convention led by the states to create new amendments to the Constitution. We looked at this in 2014 when former Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn had a similar proposal. Since the political hurdles haven't changed, we're re-publishing this article now to explain why such an event is unlikely."

Oh Marco ...


After years of seeing editorial cartoons portraying Obama's ears as if they were pinwheels or enormous soup spoons jutting from his skull, I can't wait to see how Rubio's ear are portrayed by those artists. His ears are both nearly the size of his head. Once you notice their size, it's hard to pay attention to anything else. I'm thinking what isn't Cuban is mostly Ferengi. Seriously. I thought he was one of those people that shakes their head side-to-side in a subconscious indicator that they didn't really believe what they're saying, but I think it's the wind hitting those ears, causing his head to wobble uncontrollably.

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