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What Do The GOP and George Orwell Have In Common?


"The GOP has become the party from George Orwell’s nightmares", Web Link

"Between the nascent fascism and the preponderance of doublespeak, could it be any more clear?"

"In a recent column by Dana Milbank, the Washington Post columnist addresses what has become the ultimate straw man for Republican presidential candidates this year. Ever since Donald Trump dodged Megyn Kelly’s question on his derogatory comments about women at the first debate with his declaration that “the big problem this country has is being politically correct,” political correctness has been the go-to boogeyman for the entire field of GOP candidates. Whenever challenged on controversial or offensive comments, political correctness is to blame. Whenever the media fact-checks a statement, political correctness and that other boogeyman, “liberal media bias,” is to blame — and not their factually challenged statements."

"As Milibank writes:

“Once a pejorative term applied to liberals’ determination not to offend any ethnic or other identity group, it now is used lazily by some conservatives to label everything classified under “that with which I disagree.” GOP candidates are now using the “politically correct” label to shut down debate — exactly what conservatives complained politically correct liberals were doing in the first place.”

"When an entire field of candidates tend to thrive on bullshit (especially the current front-runners), it is not at all surprising that they have certain reliable terms that vilify critics of their bullshit and shut down debate. The truth is, Republicans have long utilized a manipulative phraseology, full of euphemisms and doublespeak, used either to shut down criticism and debate, as shown above, or to acerbate the listener’s emotional state — think “baby parts” and “death panels” — or provide a positive light on something that is generally frowned upon. (Ergo: Tax-avoiding billionaires become “job-creators.”) The GOP has become truly masterful at distorting political discussion through language, and at each Republican debate, just about every candidate showcases this manipulation. In George Orwell’s classic essay on this subject, “Politics and the English Language,” he seems to describe modern Republicans to a tee, repeating the same tired, yet convenient phrases (the phrases have changed, of course). Orwell writes:

“When one watches some tired hack on the platform mechanically repeating the familiar phrases — bestial, atrocities, iron heel, bloodstained tyranny, free peoples of the world, stand shoulder to shoulder — one often has the curious feeling that one is not watching a live human being but some kind of dummy: a feeling which suddenly becomes stronger at moments when the light catches the speaker’s spectacles and turns them into blank discs which seem to have no eyes behind them. And this is not altogether fanciful. A speaker who uses that kind of phraseology has gone some distance towards turning himself into a machine.”

Interesting stuff, huh?


I posted a piece on "Academic Freedom" on the New TA. "Academic Freedom" is another phrase that pays for the Teavangelistas. It's an incredibly transparent attempt to place opinion squarely on the mantel next to actual science. Opinion as a valid substitute for knowledge.

If you don't like what science has to offer, you don't need to do your own research anymore, just Google some spiteful leprechaun with a website and get their opinion that science is crap and that you're smarter than scientists for realizing that your untested and unverifiable opinion is better than science.

It's so simple! Mexicans are rapists! They're taking our jobs! The gays are like the mafia! Sex education makes kids unsafe! The best approach is crossing your legs! Hillary is a lying liar who has told more lies than pin heads have angels! The surge would have worked! The WMD's are right over there next to all that cash we gave Ahmed Chalabi! George Soros is one of the Illuminati!!

And on and on...

Not one of the predictions from right-wing "conservative" religious leaders came true in 2015.

Web Link

Is anyone the least bit surprised?

At what point do can we hold these bloviators accountable for spreading ignorance and panic? Notice "conservatives" aren't holding forth on committees meant to get to the bottom of things? They like it when we're ignorant. We're more likely to vote for them.

The GOP knows all this religious evangelism is bull-crap, but they desperately need the votes, so fan the flames of the fires set by folks like Kevin Swanson who spread fear and hatred. The 'conservatives" do so just to get a few measly votes from people who are afraid of things like The Blood Moon. The people with the sophistication of a Safeway Frozen Dinner.

I guess you'll get it where you can, if you're not very picky.

Coasters; "Not one of the predictions from right-wing "conservative" religious leaders came true in 2015." And you are surprised? Obviously not.

When your entire basis is, as you say, built on fear, the boogieman and God, what else would one expect?

Any organization that has folks like Michele Bachman and Ann Coulter as their benchmark touchstones needs all the help they can get.

Web Link a few words of wisdom from Michele

Web Link God is calling (more than just one)

Web Link

And from this link, one of my personal favs; "Former Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on the End Times broadcast “Understanding the Times with Jan Markell” over the weekend, where she claimed that America is facing the wrath of God in the form of “natural disasters” because of President Obama’s Mideast policy. Later in the program, Bachmann said that Obama has thrown the world into the End Times."

Then we have the infamous Coulter helping the GOP out where she can: Web Link , with comments like "How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" & this,Coulter has her own history of making inflammatory comments directed at Jews: she famously told the Jewish interviewer Donny Deutsch that Jews should convert to Christianity because “Jews need to be perfected.”

"Full of hate, with an appetite to offend and shock, Coulter is just like Trump."

"Coulter has fallen far in the past 10 years. She rose as a text-based corollary to Fox News and in 2005, Time magazine described her as “Ms. Right.” Now she complains she can’t even get on CNN." Wow! Can't imagine why that is.

"Fearful of being forgotten, Coulter has reacted by becoming ever more offensive." Funny how that seems to be the mantra for All GOP candidates and (ahem) leadership.

If I could have just one wish, I think I'd wish for all the money the GOP will just throw down the drain campaigning for a position they are clearly not qualified for ... Presidency of the US in 2016. That'd be better than any lottery in history! Might even put me in the top 1%, qualifying me to create legislation to protect my new found wealth!

Trickle down and all that...

To those that might offer that those two are so yesterday; "Accomplices in Ted Cruz’s fact-free campaign: How conservative media is making it incredibly easy for him to lie", Web Link

Here's how this one starts out: "The Republicans have a significant comparative advantage over the Democrats when it comes to information. There are left-leaning media outlets, of course, and they cater to liberals and progressives. But the right has a vast conservative media-industrial complex, anchored in talk radio, that delivers a worldview to an audience whose only source of information is Fox News and talk radio. There’s also a near-uniformity of opinion on the right, which helps to reinforce the prevailing narrative."

"That’s enormously powerful."

"When you have a devoted audience that lives inside an information bubble you’ve created, fact and fiction is a distinction without a difference. All that matters are the talking points and the narratives, and if they’re sufficiently preached, they become gospel."

It seems that those who actually try to support their lying candidates by blaming the "liberal media" have media of their own that they love. Breitbart would be one example, RightWingWatch would be another, but there are many.

So the next time a GOP candidate cries about that damn liberal press, just remember it's only the damn press that is honest, which places them in direct opposition to their (GOP) "fairy tales and pixie dust".

Good Luck with that approach.

This seems to fit here, what with Orwell being in the mix and all: "Condoleezza Rice-George W. Bush Affair: Boorish Book Makes Outlandish Clinton-Streisand Romance Allegations Look Tame", Web Link

"As election years approach, book hawks circle about like buzzards waiting for the right moment to pounce. The 2016 Elections cycle is no exception. A conspicuously contemptuous book claims Dr. Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush had an affair."

"And here's the kicker: the boorish tell-all says the feds are trying to cover up the past romance between the former Secretary of State and President. If true, this Pennsylvania Avenue trysts rumor makes Bill Clinton's reported romp with Barbara Streisand tame by comparison."

"Citing a previous Starpulse report, the National Enquirer reported on President Clinton and the Grammy Award-winning singer's secret romp. Reportedly, it all went down while Hillary was away from the White House. Those allegations reeked of sensationalism, and the latest news about Bush and Rice takes the cake."

Well, anything is possible, I suppose; but I'd give Condi more credit than that. Besides, the image presented is just too difficult to grasp!

Can you imagine George explaining himself to Barbara? Somebody get me a drink ... a very strong one. I mean, with the likes of The National Enquirer as a documented source, what could go wrong?

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