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Is THIS the One?

The Donald has said an awful lot of what most find both offensive and stimulative. He has proven himself an equal opportunity offender. Trump's anti-establishment comments have stimulated lots of discussion on real issues, issues that matter to most across this country; but will all his superlatives win him the GOP nomination? Better yet, will his 'outrageous' behavior earn him the Presidency?

He may have crossed The Line today. I've thought that before and been proven wrong. Will this time be different? Time will tell.

Just a few days ago, Putin praised Trump. For all we know, Putin may well be contributing to Trump's campaign. With super PACS and the Supreme's, we'll never know for sure, but they do seem to be cozy. Interesting.

Just today we see this: "Trump defends Putin on journo deaths, asks media to 'prove it'", Web Link

With all the people that Putin has killed, with his take-over of countries, intimidation of others - including flying his huge bombers over American airspace in apparent intimidation and muscle flexing, his nuclear threats toward both NATO and the US, Putin is far from approaching Sainthood - yet The Donald defends Putin over killing a (or more) journalists. My first blush response is why? With all the fodder Trump has to play with, why cozy up to one of the world's most ruthless leader? Better yet, will his support of Putin benefit Trump with voters?

Well, I don't have the answer to that. We'll just have to wait and see; but Bernie has a few thoughts on the matter: "Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump ‘a pathological liar’", Web Link

Just another facet of what I find as the most interesting and confounding Presidential election campaign; and it gets more-so by the day.


Btw, for those that don't believe The Donald has or will have any Super PAC's, look here: "Exclusive: Trump's Ex-Staffer Forms Super PAC to Help Power the Campaign", Web Link

The billionaire has a gift; he knows how to splash the front pages of newspapers all over the world. He knows how to get attention. He is a "reality" star and we are witness to that everyday.

What does all that mean? Well, for starters, Trump has spent significantly less than any other candidate to date - yet we can't escape his name and daily comments. He has attacked just about everyone and he's done such a thorough job of it that we have witnessed all the GOP candidates chasing Trump, instead of issues. It has been an amazing thing to watch.

And now Trump has at least one Super PAC, which can and likely will cloud transparency in campaign finance.

For example: how are we to "know", with certainty, that Putin hasn't or isn't contributing to Trump's Presidential show? We don't and we won't. That is by design.

Trump is a troll and the suckers are buying his trolling as a legitimate run.

There's a Republican born every minute (whether the mother wanted the baby or not).

Sounds like this might be a case for condoms, which of course leads us directly to Planned Parenthood, which of course leads us to all the lies ginned up by the GOP (as if we didn't have enough real issues) brewing about stopping the funding for the entire government just to cut the flow of funds to PP.

Such ignorance and hate all nicely wrapped up in a small red box with a bow for Christmas.

People have a difficult choice. Hillary's negatives give Trump more supporters. She has made some large mistakes going back to Arkansas which will follow her throughout the 11/2016 election.

I still like Bernie.

Bernie is both interesting and relatively straightforward. I can certainly see the appeal.

That said, does he really stand a chance? I don't see it. I'll go way out on the thin limb here and say that I believe Hillary will win the democratic nomination. What will be interesting from there is who Hillary might select as her running-mate.

Bernie would be an interesting choice, imho.

^^^ I still like Bernie. ^^^

It could be wisdom:

Web Link

The woman always lies, even when the truth would serve her better.

Calling families of the Benghazi victims liars doesn't help:

Web Link

And then there's that ongoing FBI investigation into her email server.

Not that those things matter to many Democrats.

Funny thing is, as stated at the last democratic debate; it doesn't matter which democratic candidate wins the nod; any one of them are head and shoulders better than Anyone the GOP has to offer.

Isn't life funny sometimes?

Even Linsey Graham understands just how crazy the GOP and their offerings are: “On our side, you’ve got the number two guy tried to kill someone at 14, and the number one guy is high-energy and crazy as hell. … How am I losing to these people?”

— Graham handicaps the presidential race on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in October

Pretty bad when it comes from the inside, isn't it? Fair question, too.

^^^ Funny thing is, as stated at the last democratic debate; it doesn't matter which democratic candidate wins the nod; any one of them are head and shoulders better than Anyone the GOP has to offer. ^^^

Just another one of your opinionated Emperor Norton type proclamations without any evidence to back it up. Nothing about what issues are important. Nothing about where candidates stand on the issues. You know, the kind of things that might lead to a civil and rational discussion.

But the wicked and fatuus may have a different goal as George's posts suggest on an hourly basis.

"Trump Says He Doesn't Deserve 'Lie of the Year' Award", Web Link

"Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump pushed back at suggestions by the fact-checking site Politifact that his collective campaign misstatements deserved their “Lie of the Year” award, he said during an interview with ABC News' Jon Karl."

“Politifact is a group that if I said something right down the middle they are always going to be negative,” he told Karl after taking the stage at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “They are leaning in a certain direction, and no matter what you do with them, I mean they are a very dishonest group in my opinion.”

"In the bestowing of their ignominious award, Politifact included Trump’s allegations that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. They also said that of the 77 statements they fact-checked, 76 rated "mostly false," "false" or "pants on fire."

“Donald Trump doesn’t let facts slow him down," Politifact wrote. "Bending the truth or being unhampered by accuracy is a strategy he has followed for years.”

76 out of 77? Well, in the search for perfection, The Donald is close, but it appears he's gonna have to Try Harder.

What a showman, huh? And Trump has held the lead in the polls for how long now? Maybe he wins the GOP nod. He is certainly a good solid example of what the GOP leadership stands for.

It could be that that's why the GOP leadership is completely flummoxed with Trump; that's who they all see when they look in the mirror and it scares the Hell out of them.

C'mon, Donald - fix that one 'mistake' and you can have a perfect record! Just gotta love this guy.

But the wicked and fatuus may have a different goal as George's posts suggest on an hourly basis.

It's "fatuous" unless you really meant fatuus which is a glowing, will-o-the-wisp gas cloud that floats above swamps.

I'm going to assume you meant wicked gas clouds for which we all know you've much personal expertise.

Even after much cajoling, the ever spurious and fatuus George can't bring himself to identify issues of importance to him or where the various candidates stand on the issues.

Babbling irrational populists that allow others to do their thinking for them can get that way.

I hear that ADD is controllable with drugs, francis. Seems it is a real challenge for you to focus, to stay on topic, to avoid personal attacks ... all the symptoms of ADD.

You might want to see a specialist on that. There might be hope for you!

Coasters, you have to bend just a bit. Our Gualala drama queen has apparently learned a new word and has been looking for an opportunity to use it. We should all be excited!

Spelling is secondary to "zingers" and "snappy rejoinders" for our Gualala buddy. He'll get it right (we hope) sooner or later.

"What a Putz: Trump Drops to a New Low", Web Link

"Having found itself in the gutter some time ago, the Donald Trump campaign now appears intent on slithering its way down into the sewer itself."

"Trump has learned over the past few months that the people who attend his rallies will cheer delightedly when he spouts barely-camouflaged racism, outright sexism and religious bigotry. Evidently, he’s decided to find out just how low his supporters’ bar really is when it comes to what kind of thing it’s acceptable for a presidential candidate to say."

"The Republican frontrunner, in a campaign event in Michigan Monday, was weirdly fixated on the fact that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton took a bathroom break when commercials were aired during Saturday’s Democratic debate. No fewer than four separate times, Trump referred to Clinton’s leaving the stage."

"Clinton was a few moments late returning to the stage when commercials ended, and Trump repeatedly remarked on it, saying at one point, “I know where she went. It's disgusting. I don't want to talk about it. No, it's too disgusting. Don't say it. It's disgusting.”

What a guy, huh? And he still leads in the GOP run!

"5 worst right-wing moments of the week — The Donald’s campaign spokesperson is the dead-eyed face of Tea Party lunacy" / "Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson hints at nuclear war during a chilling appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor", Web Link

This one IS scary. Here's a sliver of an example: "Then there is the lovely Trump spokesmodel, Katrina Pierson. A few weeks ago, Pierson went on television to defend Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from the country. She showed she is just as unencumbered by deep thoughts or conscience as Trump himself, when she pointed out, “So what. They’re Muslim.”

The clear sensitivity to others and compassion is Almost overwhelming.

"Paul Krugman: Donald Trump’s winning because GOP trained its base not to care about facts, truth", Web Link

"In his Monday New York Times column, Paul Krugman gave a brief history of the Republican Party’s commitment to political style over policy substance, concluding that the ascendancy of Donald Trump is merely establishment Republicans being forced to occupy the bed they made."

And what a messy bed it is ....... with new additional confirmation evidence daily.

It comes as no surprise that George would parrot the opinions of a Republican-bashing creep like Paul Krugman.

With all due respect, Krugman has forgotten more than our Gualala troll will ever know, particularly when it comes to economics.

For that matter, I've forgotten more than our Gualala troll will ever know about economics.

But - let's not deviate from topic, as our Gualala troll continues to try to do.

Trump has been labeled "anti-establishment" by many. Our Gualala troll is just plain "anti". So I suppose the question to fdrouillard, Mr anti, is; do you support Trump and do you believe he has crossed the line in his campaign for President?

"The Republican establishment gets one last Trump of coal in its stocking", Web Link

Maybe this will assist those 'undecided' voters, while confirming previously held positions of those for or against The Donald.

One certainty with Trump; he is a showman, the modern day version of the snake oil salesman from the 1800's. He's a pro at getting and maintaining attention - even if most of it is bad - and he is entertaining, too.

But the question remains; is he Presidential?

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