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Wanna Learn a Little About Fracking?

"INSIDE FRACKING: Chevron offers rare look at controversial practice", Web Link

"Patrick Niebuhr was chatting with a visitor outside a mobile command center in the Lost Hills Oil Field when suddenly a loud rumbling arose and exhaust began to stream from a series of red semi-trucks parked nearby."

"The commotion told Niebuhr, a Bakersfield-based technology manager with Halliburton Co., that the “frack job” he and engineers at Chevron had spent months planning was now at a critical stage."

"The trucks were pumping a thick slurry of water, sand and chemicals nearly 2,000 feet underground at close to 2,500 pounds per square inch. At that moment, highly porous rock composed of algae that lived there more than 10 million years ago was being cracked open to release its abundant oil."

That's the start of an interesting and informative explanation of fracking.


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