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Contrast In Ownership / Management Styles

In 2010 the Warriors were at the genesis of change, change for the better, change for the Much better. So were the 49ers, who went 6-10 under Coach Singletary. 2011 cut Singletary and replaced him with Jim Harbaugh who took the same team to the NCF Championship on a 13-3 win/loss record.

Meanwhile, the Warriors were, under new ownership, building what they believed would be a winning franchise. They changed admin, drafted and traded their way up as they started their meteoric rise ... almost as meteoric as the hers (at the time).

Fast forward just a few short years: Harbaugh is now coaching Michigan, his alma mater, for the same price he coached the Niners - and he is winning. The Niners are now coached by one of Harbaugh's underlings (that he did not hire and that apparently scammed Harbaugh behind his back), and they are sporting a losing record at 4-9 under this new coach.

The Warriors, on the other hand, just won an NBA Championship and Curry got the NBA'a MVP Award last year. To further make a statement, the Warriors have and continue to set records this season, starting out winning their first 24 games!

Talk about opposites!!

Here's how the tech moguls who own the Golden State Warriors celebrated their NBA championship", Web Link

"The York 49ers at 4-9: The lies and half-truths they tell their fans are the same ones they tell themselves, and that’s almost worse than anything", Web Link

Such an obvious contrast & a very good example of a winning approach and a losing approach.


Another week, another loss ... 4-10. Thanks Jed; you're the best.

"49ers CEO Jed York trolled by banner over stadium", Web Link

"SANTA CLARA -- For the second consecutive home game, an airplane flew over Levi's Stadium carrying a banner condemning 49ers CEO Jed York."

"HOLD JED ACCOUNTABLE," read Sunday's banner, some two hours before kickoff against the Cincinnati Bengals.

"Prior to the 49ers' previous home game -- on Nov. 29 against the Arizona Cardinals -- frustrated fans sponsored a banner that read: "Jed & 49ers should mutually part ways."

"At a news conference last December, following the "mutual parting" with coach Jim Harbaugh, York invited the public to "hold me accountable."

"York has barely spoken publicly this season."

"The 49ers (4-9) have clinched their first losing season since 2010, when they went 6-10."

Compare that to: "NBA: Warriors avenge only loss by rallying past Bucks", Web Link

"OAKLAND, Calif. — The pregame chatter about Milwaukee’s exuberant celebration after handing Golden State its first loss of the season last week carried on throughout the game, peaking in a postgame dustup between Draymond Green and O.J. Mayo."

"Before that, the Bucks and Warriors played a thrilling game."

"Stephen Curry scored 26 points and Green fueled a key fourth-quarter run that helped the Warriors avenge their only loss by beating the Bucks 121-112 on Friday night."

Golden State is now 26-1!

Once again, two opposite approaches and two distinctly different results. I know which one I prefer.

Maybe Jed should consider the banner advice? or bone up on how to win by taking a good, long hard look at the Bay Area's professional basketball team - last season's NBA Champion and this year's amazing step up from just last season the Golden State Warriors.

And to think, he was so close ... so close to the NFL Title. Now? The closest York will get to an NFL Title will be watching whoever it is that will be playing in this season's Super Bowl ... on the field that Jed built!

What a putz!

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