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Republican Candidates Ranked by How Fun It'd Be to Drink With Them

Republican Candidates Ranked by How Fun It'd Be to Drink With Them", Web Link

I put this under "sports" because that what it could be, were it to happen.

When all else goes to Hell in a hand basket, priorities boil down to something pretty simple. When all is said and done, I think I agree with the author's summation ... and conclusion; Linsey Graham probably would be the most fun to have a drink or 10 with.

Trump is second according to the author, and likely with good cause. I have very little doubt that Trump would be a blast to party with - it would be something / it would be the best / it would be like nothing anyone has experienced before / it would be awesome / it would be ... all the superlatives The Donald says all wrapped up into one - except for the fact that literally all the discussion would be about ... The Donald and just how great and innovative and right he is. I'd likely need a head start just to be able to tune out some of the Donald's BS ... but you know it would be interesting and fun.

Election talk can be fun, when viewed in the right perspective.

I can't imagine Hillary as a decent choice, but Bill? Now that would be another story ... but then Bill's not running.


I could see knocking back a few dozen beers (and several hundred pounds of curly fries) with Christie, but cruising gay bars incognito with Lindsey would be much more entertaining.

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