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"Trump, Carson have months to decide on third-party runs"

"Trump, Carson have months to decide on third-party runs", Web Link

This is both interesting and funny stuff. We've been aware of the GOP efforts to reign in all their candidates from the moment The Donald entered the race. Just think back to the first debate and all the consternation and fuss about the moderator (Kelly?) that The Donald stirred when they tried to corral him.

Then ... a pact or agreement was made where all the candidates pledged their support t party over individuals. Of course that was merely a pledge, not a contract, but still....

Now, because The Donald has caused such a stir and has been leading in the polls much longer than the GOP would like, things have ratcheted up a bit - to the point of a coup by two of the GOP candidates; Trump and Carson.

From this piece: "WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump and Ben Carson could dangle the possibility of independent runs for president well into the primary season next year, but they can't wait forever."

"State filing deadlines would give the two Republicans until about March to launch independent or third-party campaigns, experts said. That would give a well-financed campaign enough time to gather sufficient signatures on petitions so the candidate could appear on the ballot in every state."

"Starting next summer would be too late."

Probably the most important part in this piece: "An independent or third-party run by either Trump or Carson would be a nightmare for Republican leaders."

"If either or both take that step, the chances of winning the presidency would be a long shot. But one or both could siphon enough votes from the Republican nominee to hand the election to the Democrats."

"If you think about a Trump-Carson exit, then you're talking about 51 percent of the current Republican electorate, based on the polling," said Walter Stone, a political scientist at the University of California Davis."

And here are the thoughts from one expert on all that; "Karl Rove: Donald Trump Would Get 'Creamed' Up Against Hillary Clinton" / "The conservative called Donald Trump a "dream candidate" for the Democratic Party.", Web Link

From this piece: "Karl Rove, who served as an adviser to former President George W. Bush, warned Republicans that nominating Donald Trump could be a death wish for the party.

In a Wall Street Journal column published Friday, Rove acknowledged Trump's consistently strong standing among Republicans in the polls, and the impressively high percentage of backers -- 46 percent, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll -- who say they won't stray from Trump before the primaries."

"Hitting Trump for his antics -- citing the Republican presidential candidate's beef with Fox News host Megyn Kelly and insults of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for being captured in Vietnam -- Rove lamented that there's seemingly no line Trump can cross to lose the backing of his loyal supporters, who "eat up stuff like that."

"But in a matchup against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the general election, Rove wrote, Trump would get "creamed." He called Trump a "dream candidate" for the Democratic Party."

I have to admit, this is one of the most interesting Presidential campaigns I've seen and we have The Donald to thank for it. He has everyone flummoxed.

One can't help but wonder what would happen IF the GOP decided to, as Carson accused, manipulate who wins the 2016 nomination. One can't help but wonder how the GOP would handle the consequences, and if unfavorable as thought, would that be the final straw pushing the current GOP leadership out (just like what happened to Boner).

Interesting times.


I read this blog today after six weeks and George is still yacking. Some things never change.

"...George is still yacking. Some things never change." You've got that right. You still read it, despite the fact that you can clearly see the author without opening the thread - and you still bitch about it.

Some things Don't change.

Another coincidence, regarding things that don't change is in the US; we hold a Presidential election every four years.

I mention that to give Seal a heads-up. Expect what I do to last until the election ... and then expect it again in four more years when another Presidential election comes around. It is what folks do - talk about issues, candidates and so much more.

What a crabass; going out of your way to complain about something you don't like that someone else is doing that you could clearly avoid IF you wanted to. I'll repeat what I've said before - if you don't like what I post, don't read it ... very simple.

Have a nice day and Holiday Season, Seal. I hope things pick up for you in your world.

George when you write it's not sharing; it's argumentative and a real turn off. You aren't making any progress with readers. I haven't read this old form of TA in weeks. You are the samo-samo complainer.

Hopefully it'll be "weeks" (or months) before you do again.

"You are the samo-samo complainer." Take a long hard look in the closest mirror, Dr Seal. Mr Kettle, I'd like to introduce you to Ms Pot.

You've got some nerve, going out of your way to find my stuff, then bitching about it again and again - and all under the guise of anonymity. What a piece of work you are.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution - quit reading anything with my name attached. Problem solved.

Have a nice evening.

^^^ I read this blog today after six weeks ^^^

I hope you don't regret it.

Back on topic, Trump and Carson third party candidacies may not occur if Cruz's surge continues. Podesta thinks it will:

Web Link

I'm sure that is giving establishment Republicans the fits. We'll have to wait to see if George can talk about those latest developments without blood shooting from his eyes.

I think George's approach could improve if he read great books on the Art of Debating.

With Ted Cruz's surge, there will be much more scrutiny of his tax policy proposals which are 100% corporation-supportive and pretty much "go pound sand" for actual American people.

Ted's not going to be able to sell raising taxes on retired middle-Americans, which means he'll have to walk that back and look like yet another GOP douchnozzle pimping for corporations and crapping on average Americans, all while talking out of both sides of his pie hole.

Ted's real personality - the cockiness and nastiness that have made him the most disliked Senator in DC (not his "iconoclasticness, mind you, but his full-tilt jerk routine) - will shine through and Americans (other than the die-hard teabaggers who swoon when they hear Ted's nasal bloviations) will tire of him quickly.

This Ted Shall Pass.

Here is a bill proposed by Cruz and Sessions in the US Senate:

Web Link

First, it requires companies that use H-1B workers to pay such visa holders “either what an American worker who did identical or similar work made two years prior to the recruiting effort, or $110,000,” whichever is higher. What that does is it takes the incentive to pay foreigners less than Americans away from corporations, thereby ending the ability for the program to be abused in that regard.

Second, the bill requires that within 730 days—two years—of “an employee strike, an employer lockout, layoffs, furloughs, or other types of involuntary employee terminations other than for-cause dismissals,” a company cannot bring aboard any H-1B labor. That means it wouldn’t be able to replace Americans with foreigners. The bill also has more transparency requirements throughout.

That doesn't sound like policy proposals which are 100% corporation-supportive and pretty much "go pound sand" for actual American people., as "Coasters" claims. In fact, it sounds the exact opposite to me.

Another Breitbart link posted as 'evidence' of Cruz' alleged platform and intentions.

Just what we need to see - Breitbart, known to all as impartial, fair, transparent and just plain all around honest. Yeah, that'll work ...

I can't help but wonder how this will all play out should Trump and the good doctor do decide to abandon the GOP for an independent run. Wonder why the GOP doesn't encourage it? They should, but they won't. Can we say Vote Splitters?

As if, with the current GOP stable of candidates, the GOP has a chance this time ... as if.

If the TA babblemouth can't stomach Breitbart News, then he can read about it elsewhere. Here's the link to the bill at the website for the 114th Congress:

Web Link

We can have a pop quiz on the proposed legislation a bit later.

That doesn't sound like policy proposals which are 100% corporation-supportive and pretty much "go pound sand" for actual American people., as "Coasters" claims. In fact, it sounds the exact opposite to me.

Let's hear Teddy explain how that will be implemented without earmarks that completely neuter the effect. Cruz is a complete shill for corporate interests and those who make money off of more legislation and regulation that screws the people and benefit banks.

Who is Dathan Voelter and why has he raised $15M for Teddy? ? He's a banking attorney - a guy who makes sure we get ripped-off and banks get fatter. He is the guy pumping cash to Ted Cruz under the Super PAC "Keep The Promise III"". We all know who that "promise" has been made to and it wasn't you and me.

Guess who's shiny little parts will be getting polished by Ted Cruz if he gets the White House? His best friends, the bankers.

(OpenSecrets.org: Web Link)

Ted Cruz: Another phony "Man of the People" who's just another shill for big money.

^^^ Let's hear Teddy explain how ^^^

Let's hear "Coasters" explain why it thinks the proposed act supports corporations at the expense of the American people.

Well, it took me all of 30 seconds to find the first case where the bill would generate millions for a class of professionals with which Teddy has obvious affection: Lawyers.

“(I) any United States citizen or lawful permanent resident who believes his or her job has been eliminated or could potentially be eliminated as the result of the petitioner employer hiring or seeking to hire a foreign national pursuant to a nonimmigrant visa;

That's a pretty low bar and will be like clipping coupons for all of Teddy's lawyer buddies. Nearly every engineer in the US could bring suit.

Why not just end the H1-B program? If Ted's a big buddy of the working stiffs out there, why mince words? Shut it down and the problem is solved. We have SO MANY STEM workers without jobs, according to you, Francis. Of course, those engineers might have to move somewhere that might not have perfect weather and the best coffee, but if they're really out of a job that shouldn't be an issue. Right?

This bill is like every other bill that comes out of today's GOP: Nada mucho for the people, but lots of back-pats (and donations) for the Congressperson.

Let's hear "Francis" explain why Cruz wouldn't fight to shutdown the H1-B visa program and, instead, would create more legislation that does nothing. Why is that, Francis?

"Coasters" seems to be arguing that American workers won't benefit from the proposed law because they'd have to hire a lawyer to protect their jobs.

That sounds like nonsense to me. Even my old high school buddies that are union workers (including one that has been negotiating contracts with GM and Ford) thinks this is good legislation.

Then again, they aren't intransigent ideologues that lose their minds whenever they see a capital "R."

Yes, Reprobate does scare me, especially when one is polling well.

Sounds like more nonsense to me. That's "Coasters" for you. It is more concerned with how US policy benefits foreigners that Americans, which seems backwards to me.

"This is what happens if Republicans face a brokered convention", Web Link

"What is a contested convention?" Good question. This piece sports a video and print on the matter, for those interested.

"In election after election, generally (but not always) well before the voting starts, pundits start wondering about the possibility of a "brokered" party convention."

"For the casual observer, that term is meaningless — in part because casual observers are mostly not paying any attention to low-possibility outcomes of things eight months from now. But from the perspective of those who enjoy chaos and tumult (the media), it's a not totally accurate shorthand for an enticing prospect: a presidential race so close and so hard-fought that even on the night that the balloons are supposed to drop, no one knows whose head they'll land on."

"A "brokered convention," of the type that The Post reported Thursday had blinked to life on the radar screen of the Republican brass, is a convention in which the delegate (that is, voting attendee) votes of each of the states and territories don't add up to more than 50 percent for any one candidate. So after all of the voting and caucuses and conventions, for example, 1,000 of the 2,472 voting Republican delegates like Candidate A and 1,000 like Candidate B and 472 like Candidate C. There is no clear winner."

There's more, but it'll take someone smarter than I to explain it all.

One has to wonder how Carson would fund an independent run. Suppose he did, for a moment, think he had Trump's clout and .... money and told the GOP to take a hike and that he'd go it alone? Then what?

Well, we can only hope he has sold enough books to continue to campaign, I suppose.

But wait! There is something afoot that might save the 'good doctor' from falling flat on his financial keister should he go independent and not sell enough of his self-promotional books: "Ben Carson cat collars and other must-have candidate holiday gifts for your family", Web Link

Yep, now you can stuff a little something under the tree for your cat that will provide that backup should book sales slump! What a guy, huh?

I kinda like Cruz' "this vehicle makes right turns only" bumper sticker. I'm looking in the couch cushions now for the $10.00 it takes to get one.

It would make the purrfect gift for someone we all know ... and love. I'm Sure that if sent General Delivery to the Gualala PO they'd all know exactly where it belongs.

^^^ It would make the purrfect gift for someone we all know ... and love. ^^^

I wonder if I'm thinking what little girls think about creepy guys that pull over and ask them if they want some candy.

Candygram from George: ..... Web Link

Merry Christmas!

"I wonder if I'm thinking what little girls think about creepy guys that pull over and ask them if they want some candy."

Didn't your mother tell you not to judge others by your own shortcomings and perversions?

And not to forget uff; back atcha. I would ask, however, that you not use my name in vein. If something is actually from me, I'll make that clear.

You do not have the right, nor should you take the liberty of offering anything in my name. Any "offerings" you may have are from you. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you both.`

^^^ Merry Christmas! ^^^

Back atcha, uff!

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