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Victory for ISIS via D Trump

Reactionary and divisive fear is the goal of ISIS terrorism and Donald has handed them a victory. Since our 12 year, three trillion dollar military intervention in the Middle East the has produced the fertile soil for ISIS to grow, it seems only right that we should throw some fertilizer on the crop.


Expect the fertilizer to be spread for 10-11 more months. Once these guys see an opportunity to talk tough, there's no stopping them, regardless of how ridiculous their bloviations become.

If Trump had "handed terrorists a victory" then explain this:

Web Link't/ ..... "Hamas Terrorists Complain About Trump’s Immigration Policy"

Web Link

Overall, he presents a cliche, racist, knee-jerk facade to the world that provides extremists a back-drop for engendering hatred, fear and sympathy. Sort of what the tea baggers did when Obama was elected with the absurd birther nonsense. Not a coincidence that Trump jumped on that wagon, too.

^^^ If Trump had "handed terrorists a victory" then explain this: ^^^

They're just confused about which American that ISIS supports. This should clear things up:

Web Link

This should clear things up:

It surely does. Thank you. And you'll note my earlier response to your post was deleted by Clay, yet I'm making no global proclamation about the bits of sky that are falling or sniffling that Clay only allows certain types of posts.

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