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Leading GOP candidates anti-Semitic and clueless

Ben Carson believes that "hummus" is a threat to Israel. That sort of cluelessness must make some "conservatives"falafel. I pita the fool.

Web Link


Bless little Donald's heart - he tells it like he sees it and has apparently offended the Jewish money. Seems they didn't get what they wanted from The Donald ... and Carson? He's off in some opiate induced fog, still. Hasn't a clue, that one.

But heck, who needs a clue when they sit on the right hand of God?! He's got a picture in his house to prove it!

It seems only the ignorant &/or the angry (or both) have the ability to endorse any of the GOP offerings. That's a shame.

Web Link , "Trump To Jewish Republicans: 'I'm A Negotiator Like You Folks'"

I referenced The Donald, but neglected to post the documented link; sorry.

Web Link .... Watch as our esteemed Commander in Chief repeatedly refers to a "Navy Corpse Man". Doh!

Sure thing, Uff, Obama mispronouncing a word we know he knows is the same as Ben Carson calling Hamas, an organization h'd JUST gotten briefed on, HUMMUS.


I hope Trump asks the Retarded Brain Surgeon to be his running mate!!

That is a very scary image.

Besides, I think Trump is more a Palin kinda guy, and she'd be perfect; dumber than a bag of air, not bad on the eyes (after hours of prep) and very eager - all the sexist traits Trump would want.

Does anyone really believe that any running mate Trump might pick (should he have the opportunity) would actually have any input into anything?!? As far as Trump is concerned, just drop the running part and replace that with part-time and all would be swell in Trump's world.

"Oh, say ... Sarah, would you mind coming in here and taking notes?"

"Ben Carson Acknowledges Dip in Polls: ‘People Feel That I Don’t Have Foreign Policy Experience’", Web Link

"Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson acknowledged his slip in national polls Monday morning, pointing to his lack of foreign policy experience." One could have some fun with that comment; but to be more accurate, simple and truthful, something Carson has issues with, I'd just drop the "foreign policy" part, leaving it as - "Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson acknowledged his slip in national polls Monday morning, pointing to his lack of experience."

"Carson dropped 8 percentage points since mid-October according to a CNN/ORC poll released last Friday." Finicky bunch, huh?

>>Obama mispronouncing a word we know he knows...<<

But Obama did -not- know the word having mispronounced it several times reading his teleprompter.

>>...is the same as Ben Carson calling Hamas, an organization he'd JUST gotten briefed on, HUMMUS.<<

Versus the know nothing Obama learning about our US military forces through his "Word-A-Day Teleprompter Series." Luckily Version 2.0 comes with phonetic spelling.

It must be just beyond fun on the Pleasure Meter to complain, piss and moan ... as opposed to being, or at least acting like an adult by instead discussing issues and providing ideas for a better future.

**NEWS FLASH** Obama Will Not be our 45th President!!!

It is a (very distant) possibility that a current GOP candidate could win the election, so what they do and say is relevant - but Obama's term as President will conclude on Inauguration Day in January 2017. - so who cares how Obama pronounces anything, really?

Shallow thinking will provide shallow results at best. Those that hate Obama with every fiber might want to get with the program. Think future!

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