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Whence do Radical Extremists Come?

How to stop ISIS radicals? Know where they're coming from.

"Defying any cookie-cutter profile of the American ISIS supporter, these 71 individuals constitute an incredibly heterogeneous group," according to the report. "In fact, they come from an array of ethnic groups and a range of socio-economic and educational statuses."

From the CS Monitor:

Web Link

Here is the study from GWU regarding radicalization that the CSM article refers to:

Web Link

Interesting reading. I posted a link, long ago, to a Jane Harman presentation re. this subject on TA - you may have listened to it. She supplied the foreward for that aforementioned study.

One resounding missing piece is that none of the radicals are refugees.

The vast majority of individuals charged are U.S. citizens

(58) or permanent residents (6), underscoring the homegrown

nature of the threat. Researchers were unable to

determine the legal status of seven individuals.


Can you imagine? A bunch of folks screaming about security and terrorism, but the facts don't matter.

San Bernadino shooter passes DHS "vetting":

Web Link

Syrians linked to ISIS plot attacks on Russian interests in Thailand:

Web Link

Significant minorities of US Muslims "embrace supremacist notions that could pose a threat to America’s security and its constitutional form of government."

What I see as more troubling is that:

More than half (51%) of U.S. Muslims polled also believe either that they should have the choice of American or shariah courts, or that they should have their own tribunals to apply shariah. Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts.

Now, why we should believe anyone that insists we have no reason to worry about the tens (or is it hundreds?) of thousands of Syrian refugees that can't be properly vetted, all while they viciously mock and ridicule anyone that challenges those claims?

With that logic, we should be keeping Christians out of the country.

It's difficult to predict who'll be radicalized, but they have isolated a specific gene linked to failure. Read more here:

Web Link

On Pearl Harbor Day consider how Obama might have delivered FDR's "Infamy" speech today. Because after all, the self-professed elite thinkers say bombings and terrorist attacks are all relative: the man you see in your mirror could just as easily be the next Bomber.

Web Link

Uff, you should read more. More than Breitbart.com, at least.

It has been my experience that once one has fallen so low as to actually consider, let alone actually believe anything from breitbart ... it's too late. It takes a very rare (and very strong) individual to break those bonds.

All we can do for those individuals is ... prey.

Hehe, it's fun watching you two dance the Hokey Pokey when you turn yourselves around, one blindly following the other's wrong lead.

That piece was not from Breitbart. Second, you're not supposed to "believe" obvious fictional humor (it's not real, kids, stop crying!). And third, please don't "prey" more. We've had enough of that, thank you very much.

Web Link .... more from "Breitbart" (not, lol).

On a serious note, I hope everyone had a moment today to reflect on the lives lost 74 years ago and in the war that ensued. Hats off in gratitude to the Greatest Generation.

Let's honor those who wanted to and had to serve instead of those who never served, but think their military school counts as service and easily wax bellicose on December 7th.

Oh, and one of the reasons that is and was the greatest generation is that they had union support and lots of pensions. We should look to history to understand the very close relationship between a successful labor force and strength in the military. Without the civilian corp, a very socialist program to keep people working and eating in tough times, we would have been much less prepared for WWII.

One of the best ways we can honor people who have served is to make sure that no US soldier is never allowed to be homeless or left without access to healthcare.

Do you agree, Uff?

Any not no

>>One of the best ways we can honor people who have served is to make sure that no US soldier is never allowed to be homeless or left without access to healthcare. Do you agree, Uff?<<

Well of course we need to take better care of our vets. And the VA isn't doing a good job. What do you think of giving vets a health care plan of their choosing instead of locking them into the VA?

They actually do, Uff. It's called Medicare and Medicaid. The thing "conservatives" keep trying to kill or privatize.

Who is "they" and what are you talking about.

By the way your flame fest today on the new TA is BS.

Looks like somebody could use a timeout!

I happened to read dce's (other) TA thread on Muslims, along with the comments. Seems poor old francis got deleted. Real shocker, huh? Now it appears uff is pissed at Coasters because of francis' deletion. Oh, what a tangled web....

Well, I read Coasters comments and didn't find anything outrageous, out of line, inappropriate or in any other way offensive. He merely stated his opinions, stating what he sees, feels and believes based on his experience.

But then babies do cry and whine and pitch fits and try to bully and ...why go on - just read a few of the posts from the Gualala troll and you'll see what I mean.

"flame fest" indeed. How Anyone can complain about the responses against the continued all out assaults from francis, which by extension endorses francis' antics, is beyond reason. francis was deleted for a reason; the same reason most of his crap should be deleted. He's a troll, attacking others as a common practice form of bullying.

He does, however, provide fair entertainment, if you have your head on right and recognize him for the drama queen troll he is.

By the way your flame fest today on the new TA is BS.

That's close to how I feel when I see posts encouraging Americans to tolerate the persecution of a group based on their creed, race or color, Uff.

I'm upset, but i'm also embarrassed and mortified by the intense, willful ignorance regarding our history, our constitution and navigation of complex situations that such posts demonstrate.

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