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Just How Hypocritical is The GOP Leadership?

I don't know of any one word answer to that question. Maybe someone else can come up with one.

It is shocking to me that some can be and are so mentally narrow and shallow, particularly at the expense of the facts. It seems further "proof" that people believe what they want to believe and the introduction of opposing facts only makes them dig in deeper.

We have been on the receiving end of a relentless national GOP attack on Planned Parenthood. According to the GOP, Planned Parenthood is evil, evil to the point of collecting federal funds to pay for abortions (which has been proven false) and selling baby parts for profit (which has also been proven false, Web Link).

It has been the very drumbeat of the GOP. That theme is such a dominant point held by the GOP that they have threatened to shut down the government (again) over it and All the GOP Presidential candidates have espoused No federal funding for Planned Parenthood at all. We've even seen a very rare coup of the House Speaker's position over it. In fact, some states have taken it upon themselves (illegally) to defund PP, effectively shutting them down (Web Link).

Yet we get this, after the CO PP killings: "Colorado shootings point to abortion debate dominated by extremes" / "The abortion debate is polarized by both sides, and the tone of that debate, when dialed up, can fuel extremism, experts say.", Web Link

From this piece: "The attempt to connect Friday's fatal attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo., to harsh new antiabortion rhetoric is "so typical of the left," Ms. Fiorina said on "Fox News Sunday." It is a bid "to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message."

"In the aftermath of the attack, in which three people were killed during an hours-long standoff, the president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains said in a statement: "We've seen an alarming increase in hateful rhetoric and smear campaigns against abortion providers and patients over the last few months."

The continuing attacks by the GOP against women, minorities, religion and more are staggering and blatant.

This coming from the same mouth that blames Obama for cop killings. You just can't have it both ways.

There are some very sick puppies out there. The scary part is some of them actually have influence of one sort or another - but the really scary part is that there are folks out there that support this type of extreme and proudly demonstrate their ignorance on forums and boards ... like this one, for example.

With so many things needing fixing and attention that belong in a Presidential campaign, this is the best the GOP can do?

It only shows us just how low the GOP has fallen. I would never have dreamed of the depths of despair the GOP has embraced and the pain they would cause others. I thought they were there to help us, to provide vision, forward thinking, leadership, unity and a good counterbalance for the democrats.

Boy was I wrong.


More examples of just how crippled the GOP is follow, just from today's news. From women's health to science, GOP 'leadership' is appallingly ignorant, divisive, factually dismissive and downright arrogant. It's almost as if they are deliberately trying to lose any shred of hope for any 2016 election wins.

"America’s Scientists To House Science Committee: Go Away", Web Link

"Seven major American scientific societies sent a letter to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) on Tuesday, rebuking the congressman and defending a paper published in Science last year that Smith has been investigating in his role as chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology."

“Scientists should not be subjected to fraud investigations or harassment simply for providing scientific results that some may see as politically controversial,” wrote the scientists.

"The paper in question — “Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus” — disputes the existence of a slowdown in global warming, a theory which has served as a popular talking point for people who do not accept the scientific consensus around climate change."

"Before Shooting, Cruz Touted Endorsement From Activist Who Called For Execution Of Abortion Doctors", Web Link

"But just days before the shooting, Cruz touted the endorsement from an activist who has called for the “execution” of abortion providers. In his 2003 book, Troy Newman said the entire country was “blood-guilty” for their failure to kill “abortionists.”

"In addition to our personal guilt in abortion, the United States government has abrogated its responsibility to properly deal with the blood-guilty. This responsibility rightly involves executing convicted murderers, including abortionists, for their crimes in order to expunge bloodguilt from the land and people. Instead, the act of abortion has been elevated to a “God-given right” and the abortionists canonized as saints."

"Consequently, the entire nation has the blood-red stain of the lives of the innocent upon its head."

"Rejecting that innocent blood is to reject the only standard that is effective against innocent bloodshed, excluding the lawful execution of the murderers, which is commanded by God in Scripture."

And Cruz ... after the assault?: "Ted Cruz Says Planned Parenthood Gunman Was "Transgender Leftist Activist"", Web Link

"It was Texas Senator Ted Cruz who took the prize this past weekend for the most outlandish claim regarding the man who opened fire on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado that left three dead on Friday."

"With details and facts still emerging over the Friday shooting, the junior senator first took the opportunity to denounce the "vicious rhetoric on the left, blaming those who are pro-life" to reporters in Newton, Iowa, the New York Times reported. Cruz, who called the gunman "deranged" also added that shooter Robert Dear was "registered to vote as a woman" adding, "it's also reported that he was registered as an independent and as a woman and a transgender leftist activist."

Then there is this one - "Juan Williams: The GOP at breaking point", Web Link

"The biggest political story of 2015 will also be the biggest political story of 2016: The Republican base has divorced the Republican establishment."

"The rupture has paralyzed Congress and polarized voters, both inside and outside GOP ranks."

"And no one knows how to fix this broken political party."

"The year’s top example of GOP dysfunction was the far right coup by — at most — 40 Republican members of the Freedom Caucus that ended John Boehner’s tenure as Speaker. Even with a GOP majority, the Ohio Republican could not get his team to move in the direction of constructive solutions to the nation’s biggest problems."

"The same political dynamic was at play in this year’s endless congressional votes to end ObamaCare; the 21st set of hearings on Benghazi; the calls to eliminate the IRS; the threats to damage the American economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling; and more threats to shut down the government to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood."

"The same forces are at play in the campaign for the GOP presidential nomination."

And this one, ... which is satire. It is funny because it nails the truth (good satire), but it is a very sad, sick and hurtful truth: "Fiorina: I Will Not Be Bullied Into Telling Truth", Web Link

"NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Calling criticism of her misrepresentations about Planned Parenthood “typical left-wing tactics,” the Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said, on Sunday, “I will not be bullied into telling the truth.”

"Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the former Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. denied that spreading misinformation about Planned Parenthood was “in any way incendiary,” but added, “What is truly incendiary is demanding that someone who is seeking the highest office in the land stop lying.”

"Fiorina noted that many of her rivals for the Republican nomination—including Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz—had successfully used lying as a key element of their campaign strategies. “All I am trying to do is level the playing field,” she said.

"Additionally, she argued that she had not singled out Planned Parenthood as the subject of falsehoods during her campaign. “Look at the things I have said about my tenure at Hewlett-Packard,” she said. “I have steadfastly avoided facts from day one.”

"Striking a defiant note, she said that she refused to allow a “tiny cabal of left-wing truth-fetishists” break her resolve. “Anyone who thinks I’m going to start suddenly telling the truth doesn’t know what Carly Fiorina is made of,” she said.I mentioned satire because the last time I posted a satirical piece, some went ballistic in response."

That seems like a fair and appropriate conclusion to this post. After all is said and done, come November 2016 the democrats should win the Presidential election not necessarily because they have discovered, nurtured and advanced the best leader in at least a generation, but rather because the GOP leaves voters no choice, no counter, no check and balance. All the GOP has is losers that range from bad to worse. Where else can/will voters go?

I suppose the question now should be; how long will it take for the GOP to redefine itself and reemerge as a legitimate political party, with real goals and the talent to achieve those goals? How long will it take the GOP to find a leader? It's been 7 years since Obama took office and they've come up empty to date.

"Scott Walker Bankrupts Wisconsin Food Banks—Just in Time for Christmas!", Web Link

"It is becoming increasingly likely that, come Christmas Eve, Scott Walker, the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage their Midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin, will be visited by three very angry spirits—the Ghosts of Christmas Past, the Ghost Of Christmas Present, and the Ghost Of Let Me Hit You With This Croquet Mallet."

"This is stupid. This is cruel. You rig your state's economy so that jobs flee by the thousands and then you tie food stamps to employment and—presto!—you've "cut government spending." Merry Christmas, all ye poor people of Wisconsin. You are nothing but a line item now.​"

The details are in the story.

This was the favored son, the next coming for the GOP as their prime Presidential candidate; The One! Some on this forum championed this gentleman at their own expense and peril. They took it personally and defended this gentleman at every turn.

Look at him now. And this guy was top tier, top drawer stuff. And he could have been our President (maybe)! GOP hypocrisy and another example of why the GOP needs to change.

Our GOP gem of the day? "Lawmaker: Planned Parenthood 'the real culprit' for violence", Web Link

"DENVER (AP) — A Republican state lawmaker from Denver blamed Planned Parenthood for a deadly shootout last week at a clinic in Colorado Springs."

"Rep. JoAnn Windholz wrote in a Facebook posting Monday that Planned Parenthood is "the real culprit" for violence." Yes, of course; just like the woman who is raped 'asked for it'.

"Violence is never the answer, but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit," Windholz wrote.

She called Planned Parenthood the "true instigator of this violence" because it provides abortions.

"Violence begets violence," Windholz wrote, concluding with a plea to pray for women who get abortions and doctors who perform them."

"The lawmaker confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday that the posting is accurate but said she had nothing more to say about it."

And This passes for leadership? Just more hypocrisy, ignorance and inflammatory hype from the GOP. I have to wonder what it must be like, what it must feel like to be perfect, live a perfect life and never be in need to the point of judging others and blaming the victim for another horrendous and tragic act of domestic terrorism.

I also have to wonder, as two of the victims were there for support, how Windholz might feel and what she might say had her son or daughter (or another loved one) been one of the victims ... there only to support a friend?

Anyone that could actually think this way, let alone state it publicly, is one sick puppy. She is condoning domestic terrorism because of her own twisted personal beliefs at the expense of those lost in this tragedy. Very sick.

She called Planned Parenthood the "true instigator of this violence" because it provides abortions.

I see. It's all about personal responsibility...until it's not.

Isn't THAT convenient?

"Carly Fiorina's False Claims About Defunding Planned Parenthood" / "Surveys show Americans support funding for the group, though the candidate claims the opposite.", Web Link

"The following post first appeared on FactCheck.org."

"Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina falsely claims “the vast majority of Americans” support defunding Planned Parenthood. Actually, national surveys show the opposite: most Americans support continued federal funding for the group’s health services."

"Fiorina, who has criticized Planned Parenthood for accepting compensation for aborted fetal tissue, made her claim Nov. 29 on “Fox News Sunday.” Host Chris Wallace asked Fiorina to respond to some pro-choice advocates who say “language like yours has incited violence” against Planned Parenthood, referring to the fatal shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado."

"Fiorina, Nov. 29: [T]his is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing the messenger, because they don’t agree with the message. The vast majority of Americans agree, what Planned Parenthood is doing is wrong. That’s why the vast majority of Americans are prepared not only to defund Planned Parenthood, but also to stop abortion for any reason at all after five months."

"There is support for Fiorina’s claim regarding abortions after five months. But she is way off on her claim that the public overwhelmingly supports defunding Planned Parenthood."

This and this type of vitriol and rhetoric is very disturbing on several levels, imho. First and foremost, we have a Presidential candidate knowingly making false claims; she is lying and doing it with forethought and malice. Not very Presidential.

She has been advised and provided the evidence needed to know the truth, but lies anyway. It is little wonder she lost previous campaigns and her job at HP. Nobody likes, wants or needs a self-serving liar as their 'leader'. Imho, she is an embarrassment, both to herself and to her party.

I'd follow with the same "logic" that others have exampled, in that she now has blood on her hands. Her hateful rhetoric may well have contributed to the level of derangement of the killer.

One more hypocrite, supported by a failed party who is destined to quit yet again; but regardless of whether she leaves voluntarily or is cast aside, she has zero chance of winning anything, although her hateful speeches might be driving more folks toward the "other party".

As long as I'm here, here's another story ... one that we all knew was coming: "Surprise! The Planned Parenthood Shooter Is Not Transgender", Web Link

"Conservatives have been bristling for several days with the possibility that Robert Lewis Dear, the alleged Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter, may be transgender because his voter registration identified him as female. Even Ted Cruz floated the idea at a campaign stop on Sunday. On Monday, the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office confirmed there had been a clerical error."

"Ryan Parsell, El Paso County’s chief deputy clerk and recorder, told the Colorado Springs Gazette that his office was responsible for the mistake, calling it a data entry error. When he received a driver’s license with the same error, Dear went to a different Department of Motor Vehicles office to request a corrected license, which he received."

"Cruz’s campaign suggested Monday that his comment was simply a reference to how little information was available about Dear at the time. That doesn’t change the fact that many conservatives used the rumor to further demonize transgender people as threats to public safety."

Of course this data shoots a hole in Cruz's public comments, but we're used to it. Seems he has a little hate in his veins that he likes to expel on a regular basis. It must suck to open your mouth only to change feet, but it seems all the GOP contenders have that issue. Pandering can be so tricky.

>>Nobody likes, wants or needs a self-serving liar as their 'leader'. Imho, she is an embarrassment, both to herself and to her party.<<

Yes, but a number of deluded individuals will vote for Hillary anyway.


Cute, uff.

Well, today has been a rough day. The San Bernardino killings are all over the news and rightfully so. Another sick tragedy that the FBI is saying they're not ruling out terrorism on. Can you believe that? If this act isn't terrorism, I'll kiss Carson's ass on national TV and give him a month to draw a crowd. One can only wonder how the FBI defines terrorism.

There are a couple of pieces worth posting on the never-ending hypocrisy of the GOP, though.

* "5 disgraceful GOP responses to the Planned Parenthood shootings", Web Link

* "Ted Cruz Says Majority of Violent Criminals are Democrats, Authors of Study He Cited Say He's Wrong", Web Link

Both pieces are self-explanatory and appalling, even after hearing this crap every day now for months. It's almost like each moron is trying to outline the other - and all over stuff that only divides America and will never move us forward. Sad lot these GOP 'leaders'.

Once again the Republican candidates refuse to acknowledge the reality of the mass murders that keep happening in our country.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims". Is the mantra chanted by these candidates. The same thing they have been saying after the previous 140 mass murders since Columbine.

Here is a clue for these gutless jerks

God ain't going to fix it---you must do something

"Here's Why George Carlin's 1996 Rant on Pro-Life Conservatives Still Rings True", Web Link

I always did like George Carlin.

God ain't going to fix it---you must do something

You'd need to disarm Americans. Minor gun control, e.g., California's set of regulations post 101 California massacre, have done nothing to decrease violent gun crime.

And there's that 2nd Amendment - right at the top of our beloved Constitution - that you'd need to amend.

Ain't never going to happen in our life times.

^^^ Once again the Republican candidates refuse to acknowledge the reality of the mass murders that keep happening in our country. ^^^

And once again the repugnant Left rushes to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans.

And once again the repugnant Left rushes to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans

I look at the current violence as the cost of allowing private gun ownership and I am willing to live (or die) with that violence in order to maintain our 2nd amendment rights. Just as we should not give up on law enforcement because criminals commit crimes regardlessly, we should not wrest constitutionally protected rights from law-abiding citizens because of other bad actors.

However, Boney has a point with which I reluctantly agree, which is THE ONLY way we're going to reduce gun violence in America is to all-but-eliminate private gun ownership. Until we do that, gun violence is going to be a fact of life. Minor restrictions like we have in California have done nothing to decrease gun violence. It's a conundrum. We have liberties that are DANGEROUS. That was done ON PURPOSE. We decided long ago that liberty was more sacred than safety. We also recognized that the gun was a huge part of our heritage an protected the proliferation of guns.

The fundamental issue, IMHO, is that we are a country that celebrates and cultivates violence. We are the world's largest arms dealer. We invade and violently disrupt sovereign states at-will. We bomb people in their homes halfway across the world and broadcast the results on network TV. Nothing sells in our cinema's or garners more attention on TV than good old ultra-violence.

We'll need to change our entire culture and country to solve this "gun control" problem and that will take a very, very long time.

That's because it's not a gun control problem. It's about a culture that really likes violence.

This one's for George:

Ex GOP lawmaker says Republicans are not rational, not conservative and have 12-year-old thinking

Web Link

Smart young lady that thinks for herself notes that Obama, not the NRA, arms the terrorists:

Web Link

The only thing she left out was Benghazi, where I believe they were bundling seized Libyan weapons for transport to ISIS- or al Qaeda- affiliated Syrian rebels. (I think Mike Rodgers, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee has his fingerprints all over that, too.)

Reason #5697 why FoxNews throttles the Clintong News Network and MSLSD:

Web Link

FoxNews reported what was happening and what was known. CNN and MSNBC gave us lectures on gun control.

^^where I believe^^ - And That is the core problem.

Not everyone believes as you do, and with good cause. Hypocrites, liars, phobia generators and dividers is all the GOP has to offer. What the GOP should have been and should now be seeking is leadership.

Unfortunately, the GOP has not found any. Apparently they have none. It appears that they wouldn't know a leader from a tire. The bench they "offer us" now will only serve Clinton's campaign.

So 'justify' away all you want. Your anger and ignorance will only serve to elect Hillary.

^^^ Your anger and ignorance will only serve to elect Hillary. ^^^

Only a pathetically stupid hypocrite would interrupt their hateful diatribe against Republicans to accuse others of anger.

Well, let's see now - might This be what you call leadership? "If you hated Ted Cruz's reaction to San Bernardino, you'll love Trevor Noah's takedown", Web Link

"On Thursday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah took a long, hard look at Sen. Ted Cruz, the No. 2 Republican presidential candidate in the most recent polls. Noah started with Cruz's reaction to Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernardino, California: Holding a "Second Amendment party" at an Iowa shooting range. "Fourteen people just lost their lives in a shooting, and Ted Cruz's first thought is: 'Oh, that reminds me — got to send out my invites to my gun party!'" Noah said. "Yeah, that seems like something you'd only do if you were an a—hole — which, it turns out, is exactly what voters are looking for."

Maybe that works for you, fdrouillard?

Maybe it is more along this line that you prefer to travel - “The age of terror”: NRA’s new fearmongering ad campaign equates American exceptionalism to more guns" / "In the wake of Colorado Springs and San Bernardino, the NRA warns of "demons at our doors" to promote membership VIDEO", Web Link

"In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting on Wednesday, the second high-profile attack in less than a week, the usual cycle of debate over gun laws has included an increased scrutiny of the NRA’s political spending and now the gun lobbying group is using its moment back in the spotlight to tout America’s exceptionally horrid history of gun violence to promote the NRA. Shocker."

I know what motivates the NRA: "Gunmaker Smith & Wesson up almost 100% in 2015",

Web Link Same thing that motivates other gun and ammo makers - money ... a good chunk of which seems to find its way into the pockets of politicians.

The question one must ask those that support this type of gun violence is simple; what motivates you?

You have firearms, George, and you've used yours within HMB city limits. Since you support gun violence when are you turning yours in?

Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark, "uff."

Nice spin, uff; nice try.

If That's the best you and your little clingon buddy can do you reinforce just how completely lost and hypocritical the GOP has become and just how desperate GOP supporters really are. It seems some are OK with just about anything ... if they're told to be.

When the facts don't support your position, go personal, go accusatory - spin it. Sad state of affairs and a loud and clear commentary on just how challenged you are with your political support.

And the question to those that support these GOP clowns remains; "The question one must ask those that support this type of gun violence is simple; what motivates you?"

Just saying... someone who fired his weapon to full effect defensively (some said offensively) is now trying to deny responsible gun owners their 2nd Ammendment rights?

I supported his right to make that decision even though there were probably other options. It's just hypocritical to denigrate the same people, the NRA, who make it possible for George to "protect his flock".

So it appears that some can and do make a leap between an individual protecting life and property - their property and life - with this ... another senseless terrorist mass murder.

Not only that, but at the same time that leap is being made, which is nothing more than a thinly veiled condoning of and justification of another terrorist act, it appears that those same folks are OK with citizens owning and using assault weapons on their neighbors, friends and associates.

Wow! I never would have guessed that anyone in our community would fall so low. Other communities, maybe - but not ours.

I guess I've been naive in this regard. Telling and frightening.

You're the one trying to take away self defense rights.

You support far left anti-2nd Ammendment extremists and condemn the NRA, which, while being one of the few groups standing between your extremists and the general public, also boasts the largest membership of any club in America, period.

And I'm sorry to say this in public, but what kind of a complete jerk, who has taken full advantage of the 2nd Ammendment, would say that anyone ELSE who is for self defense and the 2nd Ammendment must be "OK with citizens owning and using assault weapons on their neighbors, friends and associates."

Are you going on a rampage today? No? Because per your logic that's what you're saying.

"You're the one trying to take away self defense rights." That statement is pure, unadulterated assumptive garbage, which I find offensive and incredibly shallow on your part.

"You support far left anti-2nd Ammendment extremists..." says who? You? Really? "... and condemn the NRA," - yes, I sure do - "...which, while being one of the few groups standing between your extremists and the general public, also boasts the largest membership of any club in America, period." What a complete load of crap.

This thread is not about the 2nd Amendment. It is about another mass murder of innocence, another terrorist attack on our soil (this time) and the GOP's best responses. These morons and very sick puppies want our vote, our money, our support and our trust, yet they all act like 2 y/o. There isn't an adult in the room - and you gleefully embrace their garbage.

Again with your attempts at spin - attack those that attack your preferred candidates and party personally. Try to change direction of the narrative; going personal usually works. That is so yesterday, transparent and limp.

Again, I never would have guessed that Anyone in our community had sunk so low.

How about we try to stay on topic, uff, even if it is a difficult one for you. "Just How Hypocritical is The GOP Leadership?" - (a clue)

"Meet the Gun-Loving Lifelong Member of the NRA Who Just Submitted His Resignation", Web Link

"The New York Daily News generated no shortage of buzz Friday with a provocative cover dubbing National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre a "terrorist," not unlike Syed Rizwan Farook, one of two people authorities say carried out Wednesday's mass shooting at a San Bernardino, California, social services center."

"Syed Farook joins long list of murderous psychos enabled by NRA's sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit," the cover read.

"But with LaPierre's NRA and its congressional allies stymying even modest gun safety measures — including, on Thursday, efforts to expand background checks and prevent people on the terror watch list from purchasing guns — it's easy to forget that the NRA's hardline opposition to reform isn't only out of step with the views of most Americans. It's also out of step with the vast majority of NRA members."

"According to a 2013 study featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, 74% of NRA members favor a universal background check regime for gun purchases, while a 2012 poll found that 71% backed banning gun purchases by individuals on the terror watch list."

"Among those NRA members was John Oceguera, former speaker of the Nevada state assembly and currently a Democratic candidate for Congress from the state's 4th District. On Thursday — one day after 14 died and 21 more were injured in the San Bernardino massacre — Oceguera resigned his NRA lifetime membership in a letter to LaPierre, which he posted on his campaign website."

All of which reverts back to a comment I made above: "I know what motivates the NRA: "Gunmaker Smith & Wesson up almost 100% in 2015", Web Link

Same thing that motivates other gun and ammo makers - money ... a good chunk of which seems to find its way into the pockets of politicians.

The question one must ask those that support this type of gun violence is simple; what motivates you?

1. You have guns and ammo so what motivates you?

2. The firearms industry can thank Obama and his goons for fostering the current state of divisiveness, instability and fear which is fueling the high sales of defensive weapons.

uff states, in part; " ...the NRA, which, while being one of the few groups standing between your extremists and the general public, also boasts the largest membership of any club in America, period." Impressive ... "boasts the largest membership of any club in America, period." Wow. Well then, that must make them the baddest MoFos on the block and most certainly must make any statements from them sitting on the left hand of God - the right hand is already taken by Carson.

Well then, let's take a stronger look at who you, uff, hold in such high regard;

1) "Remarks from the NRA press conference on Sandy Hook school shooting, delivered on Dec. 21, 2012 (Transcript)", Web Link

2) "Wayne LaPierre with the NRA Response to Sandy Hook - December 21, 2012", Web Link (it's the video of the prior, for those who may be reading comprehensively challenged)

3) And here is an example of someone that follows LaPierre's nonsensical rants: "Liberty University president urges students to arm selves", Web Link

You know, there might be a point here, but I tend to agree with those that think the younger the better; so why not arm Kindergarten teachers with assault weapons across the country. Heck, we could even sport pictures of newborns with an AK resting on their chest as announcement pictures.

We could, or better yet the NRA could fund an account, a national account, to fund firearms for all teachers from nursery school through colleges. Give them all firearms. No need to concern yourselves with the risks involved. We can just call any senseless shootings "collateral damage".

Yeah, that's the ticket - you go LaPierre.

And in the meantime, another 14 innocent people are dead. More are injured and we all have to live with this.

How can you possibly defend this? Logically, factually you can't.

Turn in your guns and then get back to us.

And This, ladies and gentlemen, is a good example of one of the problems we face as a nation.

For the record (your record, uff), I do not own an assault weapon; never have and see no need to (for any civilian). That view may change, depending on circumstances, but that has been my position all my life (to date).

Again, this is not about the 2nd Amendment; it is about senseless and repetitive killings across our country and the GOP's best response to it all - buy a gun!

Sick, twisted and hard to comprehend ... until one adds in the profit margins by weapons and ammo manufacturers and the politicians they own. I can see their point; it's all about the money. I can't see the point of their followers.

Does a bigger gun enlarge your unit? Does the name Napoleon ring a bell? "Little man" syndrome? Whatever it may be, it is a personal problem and should not be impacting innocent lives across the country.

So, just how much is Your life worth? To the likes of LaPierre, it is worth an assault weapon and a few rounds of ammo.

Hey uff, maybe you can tell these folks your views on terrorism and assault weapon ownership: "$200,000 Raised for Father of 6 Killed in San Bernardino Shooting", Web Link

I'm sure his family, particularly his children, would appreciate your compassion, your understanding and your support for LaPierre and the gun industry as they will now have their entire future violently altered, for the worst.

And this is but one story of those left behind.

"America's Gun Business, By the Numbers", Web Link

But you have guns.

I don't.

You must support killing per your logic.

By the way although I just have friends with guns I could probably out-shoot you at the target range :-)

Reality can be so intransigent when if refuses to conform to George's illogical views.

Fortunately, not all Democrats are as deluded as George. Detroit Police Chief James Craig argues that an armed citizenry suppresses terrorism and mass shootings:

Web Link

Given that southeast Michigan (the greater Detroit area) has the highest concentrations of Muslim residents and citizens in the US, left-coast gun grabbers like George may want to hear him out.

Despite accolades from Senator Boxer, California gun laws failed to prevent two Islamic terrorists from obtaining assualt rifles then maiming or killing their coworkers at a Christmas party.

Web Link

Then again, laws against building pipe bombs and murdering other people were equally ineffective in preventing those two from their heinous acts.

Yet George wants more of those laws. Or anything else he can twist into another one of his delusional spews against Republicans.

Just take this thread as an example. He has expressed for more hatred towards Republicans and his fellow citizens than the murderous couple. That's quite common in George and the Democrat gas bags in the media that he mimics and amplifies.

Where to start, ...? How about here: "Detroit Police Chief James Craig argues that an armed citizenry suppresses terrorism and mass shootings:" Yes, good old Detroit. Lovely place: "Crime in America 2015: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Over 200,000", Web Link

* "Detroit is the Most Dangerous City in America for the second year in a row, according to data released today by the FBI. Detroit maintains this ranking despite an overall violent crime decrease of 2.5 percent over the course of 2013, the latest year for which the FBI has released crime statistics. Oakland also maintained its #2 ranking for the second year in a row, ..." "The Most Dangerous City in America for the second year in a row," Wow, impressive.

* Maybe the Detroit Police Chief mentioned above is looking for free recruits? Give em all assault weapons and ammo / the citizens will use them, reducing Detroit's population / The Chief will have less crime without new hires, saving Detroit tons of money ... and life is good - as long as you are one of the survivors. Nice.

* "Despite accolades from Senator Boxer, California gun laws failed to prevent two Islamic terrorists from obtaining assualt rifles ..." I can't help but wonder how many terrorists weren't able to get assault rifles, how many acts of terror have Not occurred under the same premise. Maybe you're using the wrong measuring cup?

*I also have to ask what problems you have with banning citizen assault weapons? Present your arguments as to why you don't want to see assault weapons off the streets. I would add that there is quite a leap between banning assault firearms (military weapons) and all firearms. It may not be a leap for you, but most rational people might see the difference.

* "He has expressed for more hatred towards Republicans..." Oh, I hope not. If I have, I apologize.

The recognition of the GOP failures in and of leadership, both within their own party and finding candidates with it, is what I have provided and may continue to provide. I do so for several reasons, but primarily in disbelief that anyone could be so stupid as to insult the vast majority of Americans so often in so many ways. The GOP is in serious trouble and even you know it.

^^^ I do so for several reasons, ^^^

I think you're driven by hatred. An all consuming and visceral hatred that clouds your judgment and renders you thoroughly ridiculous.

In what way does your comment 'contribute' to this thread?

How is yet another personal attack on me (this time) pertinent to the topic?

"I think you're driven by hatred." That's rich, coming from you.

I continue to post supporting pieces (in the form of links) to the points I make, and you ... don't. Are you able? Maybe, the jury's still out on that one, but it is clear you aren't interested in arguing a position (maybe you can't?). Your only apparent interest is going personal on those that disagree with your bizarre tales and pov. Name calling and "snappy rejoinders" are usually replaced with real discussion by the time kids hit 4th - 5th grade; but in some cases it stays longer ... and in rare cases (like you), it lasts a lifetime.

Constructive input is always nice. Topic oriented comments work best. For those that are sick, maybe it's bet to just stay home ... until you're feeling better.

"When Did the Constitution Become a Religious Document?", Web Link

"The U.S. Constitution is, by all appearances, a secular document. It prohibits the use of religious tests for federal officeholders. It guarantees the right to practice the faith of one's choice. It bars the state and federal governments from establishing an official religion. Some of its original provisions, including the fugitive slave clause, are so odious that is difficult to believe that any religious person could have agreed to them."

"Ben Carson, arguably the most visible evangelical in the field, recently published a book in which he pledges to return the nation to the "sacred principles" of the Founding. Strangely, Carson has also suggested that Muslim Americans should be ineligible to serve as President, at least if they do not "reject sharia and all the portions of it that are talked about in the Quran." He may be unaware the Constitution explicitly bans religious test oaths."

"On his campaign website, Mike Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, promises to return the nation to its constitutional roots. But his interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment is curious, to say the least. He believes that fetuses should be classified as "persons" who may not be deprived of life without due process. Meanwhile, he would revoke the long-settled Fourteenth Amendment principle that all persons born on U.S. soil are entitled to citizenship. (Huckabee, along with Cruz and Jeb Bush, would also impose a religious test on refugees fleeing violence in Syria.)"

"Ted Cruz, another devout Southern Baptist, boasts that "he has spent a lifetime fighting to defend the Constitution." Yet he - along with most of the Republican field - has enthusiastically championed the cause of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The idea that the Constitution might require Christians serving in government to refrain from discriminating against gays and lesbians is, according to Cruz, a form of religious "persecution" against Christians. (Not surprisingly, he seems less concerned about the "persecution" that, by his own logic, must result from requiring Muslim American bureaucrats to check their beliefs at the office door.)"

Hypocrites, opportunists and liars seems to be the best the GOP has. Is it any wonder the GOP has fallen so far and is in such dire straights?

"Hillary beating every Republican candidate in new poll", Web Link

"Hillary Clinton led all GOP White House contenders in hypothetical general-election showdowns, a new poll revealed on Monday."

"Clinton’s biggest GOP lead came against Republican front-runner Donald Trump, according to the MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll, with her beating him 52-41."

We have discussed this very point. The GOP has put such complete crap out there for consideration that folks really have no choice. The unbelievable part of all this is that there are actually some out there that not only find the GOP acceptable, they support the GOP! Yes, I know, very hard to believe.

Had the GOP made the trip to Oz instead of Dorothy, they could have gotten a brain which might help them find a leader.

^^^ Constructive input is always nice. ^^^

No one seeks your advice on the Republican nominee for president.

Were you as insightful as you believe yourself to be, you'd concentrate on the problems the Democrats are facing with their seriously flawed candidates, especially that fat-arsed one you're braying about.

Is That what you call a "snappy rejoinder", francis? Is That the best you can do?

I suppose that if all I had to work with was the current GOP, I'd be looking for "snappy rejoinders", too.

What a bunch of complete losers. All you and they can offer is spin, if that's what one wants to call it. Hypocrites, opportunists and liars, the whole lot.

Might want to loosen that collar, francis. It's going to be a long, painful road to the 2016 election for you and your ilk. I'm sure Hillary appreciates the additional votes, though.

Isn't life funny? In the post just above, I stated "Hypocrites, opportunists and liars, the whole lot." followed by "It's going to be a long, painful road to the 2016 election for you and your ilk."

And 10 hours later, what do I see? - "Ted Cruz Tells Fabricated Story About A Girl Threatened With Jail For Saying ‘Jesus’", Web Link

Oh, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, say it ain't so.

"During a town hall event in South Carolina on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz made the bold claim that he will defend religious liberty because “what kind of country are we living in where…we’re threatening teenage girls with going to jail if they say the name of Jesus?” Say what?

"Cruz made the remark after telling the story of Angela Hildenbrand, a high school valedictorian who he claims was “threatened with jail if she exercised her right to pray during her graduation speech.” At the South Carolina event and at other campaign events in the past, Cruz has discussed her story as an example of the government’s war on Christianity. As he explained on Monday, Hildenbrand was initially barred from leading prayer, but attorneys from the Liberty Institute filed an emergency motion and won an appeal shortly before her graduation."

"Cruz has named Hildenbrand one of his “religious liberty heroes”, and she appeared beside him on stage last month during his South Carolina Rally for Religious Liberty."

"But Hildenbrand was not actually threatened with jail for praying. In fact, every part of Cruz’s statement in South Carolina is incorrect, Greg Lipper, an attorney for Americans United for Separation of Church & State, who worked on the case, told ThinkProgress."

There's a word for that (actually, quite a few); Liar - that's the word.

It's no surprise, really. I've posted dozens of pieces on the mis-statements, misdirection, spin, lies, and more offered by the GOP and their Presidential flock on this board. You can't get through one - just one day without seeing something in the news. Sometimes they come in by the hour.

We all know the GOP and their offerings suck, but if they'd quit lying I would have to believe their chances would improve.

Now I feel compelled to ask: what kind of fool knowingly votes for, which means trusts a liar for President of the US?

"The Supreme Court Served a Major Blow to the Group Behind Planned Parenthood Sting Videos", Web Link

"Planned Parenthood is no stranger to both rhetorical and violent opposition, but few attacks have caused ramifications as long-lasting as the sting videos released by the anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress in July. The crucial women's health organization has hardly taken the blow sitting down, however, and recently won a victory in their attempts to fight back. On Friday, the Supreme Court demanded that David Daleiden, a key figure behind the videos, provide critical information about his organization that could undermine his mission and expose his bias, Newsweek reported."

"The Supreme Court's decision. Daleiden, the major force behind the videos, is currently embroiled in a lawsuit brought by the National Abortion Federation, which is suing based on the claim that Daleiden's team gained access to the meetings they filmed by lying about their identities and posing as Planned Parenthood employees, according to Newsweek. After a California district judge asked Daleiden to reveal the identities of his organization's supporters and donors based on this claim in November, anti-abortion activist James Bopp Jr. filed an emergency appeal to block the request based on the First Amendment "right of association," and Daleiden's rights as a "citizen journalist," the LA Times reported."

"On Friday, however, Justice Anthony Kennedy rejected these claims and refused to grant the appeal. While the Center for Medical Progress describes itself as "a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances," their attempts to defend themselves based on this claim are undermined by their history of clear anti-abortion bias. Daleiden has previously worked with conservative individuals who have pled guilty to similarly creating undercover sting videos and has employed noted anti-abortion advocates, RH Reality Check reported in July."

"It's time to end this shell game," federal Judge William Orrick said of the videos and ensuing legal battle in a November statement, according to the LA Times.

Yes sir, it is. Thank you.

Now if the GOP would just pull their heads out, that might be one more step toward credibility. I'm not holding my breath, though.

"Republicans Are From Mars; Democrats Are From Venus", Web Link

A little nugget to enjoy with the morning coffee and bagel; one man's thoughts.

^^^ Is That the best you can do? ^^^

Is that as civil as you can be? Seems that's a taunt a contemptible puke would use.

Ted Cruz is telling the truth. George's biased source is fibbing as the student was in fact threatened with jail for mentioning God.

From Reuters: Web Link

"On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Fred Biery had threatened incarceration if Medina Valley School District officials or students led the commencement ceremony audience in prayer ==> or mentioned what Biery called in his ruling "a supreme being." <==

[Subsequently] "The appeals court ruled that the order restrained the free speech rights of the students, who "are in fact not school-sponsored."

^^^ George's biased source is fibbing as the student was in fact threatened with jail for mentioning God. ^^^

He got the opinion he wanted, so those facts don't matter. It is already firmly emblazoned in his mind that Ted Cruz is a detestable liar. Everything is a "four legs good, two legs bad" scenario for George.

Were it not for the truthful end result, George would prefer that the letter "r" be removed from the word "Democrat."

"'Careful, you're a journalist': Carly Fiorina battles CNN's Chris Cuomo over Planned Parenthood shooting", Web Link

Here we go again; "Do you feel any sense of regret about how you characterized what was going on at Planned Parenthood after the attack in Colorado?" Cuomo asked.

"Cuomo told the Republican presidential candidate that it "seems as though he was influenced by some of the rhetoric that was coming out of you and others, that painted a very ugly picture — an unfair one — about Planned Parenthood."

"Oh please. Really Chris?" Fiorina shot back. "Look, nine video tapes have come out about Planned Parenthood. It is very clear what they have been doing. And in fact, Planned Parenthood several weeks ago made a quiet little announcement that they would no longer accept compensation for what they call 'fetal tissue.' That's about as close to an admission as you can get."

"That's not what they say," Cuomo interjected.

"Media fact-checkers have reported for months that Fiorina, a Republican presidential candidate, stretched the truth in how she described a series of Planned Parenthood sting videos that generated intense backlash against the reproductive-healthcare organization."

"Here's how The Associated Press characterized the dispute:"

"The flap began at Republicans' Sept. 16 presidential debate, when Fiorina brought up widely circulated videos secretly recorded by anti-abortion activists and showing Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal tissue to researchers."

"As regards Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape — I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes," Fiorina said. "Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain."

"That detailed scene does not occur in the videos, produced by the anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress. One of the videos, still posted on the center's YouTube channel as of Friday, shows a woman identified as an "ex-procurement technician" from a firm other than Planned Parenthood discussing harvesting the brain of an aborted fetus."

One of the key points? "That detailed scene does not occur in the videos, produced by the anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress."

So what do we call that? Lying. Fiorina has had a very long time to re-establish her narrative toward some semblance of honesty. She has instead chosen to dig in deep and stick with her lies.

Same old lies, different GOP candidate. Further, there's not enough domestic and foreign issues out there presently - these lying morons have to create issues through their lying lips.

And they all want your vote, your money, your time and your trust? Yeah, Good Luck with that. How on Earth is the GOP going to find enough voters with their heads so far up their kazoos that they'll win? They sure appear to believe that the American public are stupid sheeple that do as they are told.

I guess we'll see about that come November 2016.

Sorry, George. But thanks to "uffish thought" and Mark Humphrys, we have your number:

Political people love to blame their opponents for the acts of extremist and deranged people. Sometimes there is some justification for this. But often this is just playing politics.

George says: Blame Canada! Republicans!

It appears that Attention Deficit Disorder can be so debilitating.

Maybe the medical industry has a drug for that. One can only hope because until there's a cure, we will have to deal with and suffer through a zero attention span and more of francis' BS.

Drame queen troll at work. But, despite your best efforts at misdirection, we still have the topic - "Just How Hypocritical is The GOP Leadership?" to consider and discuss ... at least until we think we have answered the burning question posed.

Only 11 more months to search for that answer. The good news is bits and pieces come in the news daily, accumulating for our consideration.

Here is yet another demonstration of the hypocrisy, combined with pure stupidity of the GOP 'leadership: "U.S. Abortion Rate Hits Record Low", Web Link

Isn't that something. Good news. I wonder why that might be?

From the piece: "Effective birth control may be one reason that the U.S. abortion rate has reached its lowest number ever, experts say. (Photo: Image Source/Corbis)"

"The U.S. abortion rate has declined by 35 percent over two decades, according to a report from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released today (Dec. 11). The current rate is the lowest ever recorded since the government began tracking abortion data in the mid-1970s."

"Effective birth control may be one reason ...", you say? Hmmm

Isn't that what Planned Parenthood does across the country? And to make it ridiculous, these Einsteins, with all the experts your money can buy, have Banks of staff (usually pretty smart staff, too) to advise the GOP leadership and minions what issues can/will win the day and which ones don't.

One would have to believe that with the US abortion at its "lowest ever recorded since the government began tracking abortion data in the mid-1970s" that their experts likely suggested the candidates stay away from that tired mule - But No!!!

You gotta figure one of three things happened: 1) the GOP leadership didn't understand their experts' advice 2) the GOP leadership didn't listen to their experts' advice or 3) the GOP leadership heard their experts, understood what their experts were telling them - but said Screw those stupid experts!!! What do They know? I'm smarter than they are!!!

Somebody should be feeling pretty darn silly right about now; in fact, a whole group of morons should be feeling a bit silly about now.

Where's the leadership? What more is it going to take to clean house at the GOP? Another lost election? Another one after that? When will the GOP wake up and do their job? - which should include inclusion as opposed to division across this entire country. That, alone, would be a huge stride forward.

Some people have a very difficult time accepting that others have different opinions. That's why

George must prevail!

Or at least be allowed to think he did. Otherwise, he'll continue in his fanatical and boorish manner.

Nice touch!

Lookie here - francis, the clever little troll that he is, has figured out a new form of amusement for himself.

Isn't that cute? What a complex little critter francis is. Seems he'll do or try darn near anything to misdirect &/or hijack a thread. With what he has to work with, I'm not surprised. It must be quite the challenge and chore supporting a group of blatant liars and panderers.

Better him than the rest of us ... and it will appear that way come election time, too. The GOP has simply lost too much blood to live as it currently is. The only question at this point is what will the final straw be ... and when will it be delivered?

"Corker acknowledges millions in 'filing errors'", Web Link

"Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker had not properly disclosed millions of dollars in income from real estate, hedge funds and other investments until last Friday, according to a Sunday evening report from The Wall Street Journal. The Republican senator said these were oversights he has since corrected."

"Corker, who is the third-ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, did not properly disclose at least $2 million in income from investments in three separate hedge funds in Tennessee, as well as millions of dollars in income from commercial real estate investments because of an accounting error, and millions of dollars in various other assets and income from transactions."

“After completing a full, third-party review, we have corrected this oversight,” Corker said in his statement to the newspaper, adding that he had hired an accounting firm after the Journal began making inquiries.

"Corker, who is the third-ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee..."

"... adding that he had hired an accounting firm after the Journal began making inquiries."

"... did not properly disclose at least $2 million in income from investments in three separate hedge funds in Tennessee, as well as millions of dollars in income from commercial real estate investments..."

"... and millions of dollars in various other assets and income from transactions."

So, the third highest ranking republican, who happens to sit on the Banking Committee (one might think that has something to do with money) has an embarrassing moment, forgetting to file a few items and making a couple of accounting errors, too.

"...filing errors" - Well, we can all breath a sigh of relief now as Corker, the third highest ranking republican, has now hired an accountant. I know I'll sleep much better tonight.

George must be furious with Hillary Clintong over her re-filings:

Web Link

Then again, it's George, so their nefarious transgression aren't on his radar.

Poor francis - like the one on the side of the road, pulled over for a moving violation, yelling at the officer about the speed that "that guy" is going attempting to misdirect the officer and get out of the ticket earned.

Really francis? Btw, you mis-spelled Clinton.

"Ex-official told to apologize for crimes to donors, citizens", Web Link

"Dianna Duran is an American politician who served as the 24th Secretary of State of New Mexico. A Republican, she was the first member of her party in 80 years to serve in the position. Wikipedia

Born: July 26, 1956 (age 59), Tularosa, NM

Spouse: Leo Barraza

Education: New Mexico State University

Party: Republican Party

Previous offices: Secretary of State of New Mexico (2011–2015), Member of the New Mexico Senate (1992–2010)"

Another republican who seems to feel that the rules do not apply to her. In fact, it was her job to know and enforce the rules at the State level - but she was too busy stuffing her own pockets that she must have overlooked or perhaps forgotten the rules.

Poor little thing looks so sad, too - that she got caught, that is. Typical republican attitude; Look out for number 1 and screw the rest. If caught, cry like a newborn and beg for mercy. It is always easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Frankly, I'm surprised she didn't run for President. She would fit well with the likes of Perry, Cruz, Rubio (who hates his current job) and the rest. There's still time, if she's of a mind ... and the Judge lets her travel.

And you're claiming what, that she's part of the GOP leadership?

Well, I suppose one could make that argument, but I'm saying what I said. What didn't you understand, uff?

If it makes you feel better, I could characterize it by saying that a republican leader in New Mexico screwed the entire population by not only not doing her job, but by scamming for her own best interests over anyone else's.

It's just one more example of hypocritical behavior perpetrated by another top republican official within her state (NM). Heck, look at her bio. She was raised in NM, went to school and college in NM, was a State Senator for & in NM and Secretary of State in and for NM. Hell, she probably has NM tattooed on her ass - but that didn't stop her or even faze her in performing illegal actions and violating the public's trust - at the expense of the NM population, while taking their money and enjoying their trust. Nasty stuff, uff.

From the piece:

"SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Former New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran, once among the state's highest-ranking elected officials, wiped tears from her face Monday as she listened to a district judge outline what will be expected of her over the next five years as punishment in a campaign finance scandal."

"For violating the very laws she was expected to uphold, Duran must hand-deliver letters of apology to political donors, write another letter to the citizens of New Mexico, perform thousands of hours of community service and make at least four public appearances each month for the next three years to share her story with school children and civic groups."

"Duran pleaded guilty in October to felony embezzlement and money laundering charges and four misdemeanor counts while resigning from office under an agreement with state prosecutors — a deal the judge largely overwrote."

Now that's not nice, is it?

"Scott Walker Dramatically Rewrites Election Rules In Wisconsin" / "He signed bills loosening campaign finance laws and dismantling an independent state elections board.", Web Link

"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) quietly signed two pieces of legislation Wednesday that dramatically alter the election and campaign finance landscape in the state."

"The first new law dismantles the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board -- an independent elections and ethics panel -- which has been held up as a national model because it's run by six former judges rather than partisan political appointees."

"In its place will be two different commissions overseeing ethics and elections, ran mostly by partisan appointees put in place by the governor and legislative leaders."

"The second law relaxes campaign finance rules, doubling the limit for individual contributions, eliminating the requirement that donors must identify their employer and allowing corporate donations to political parties and legislative campaign committees."

"Walker held no public ceremony for these dramatic changes, signing the bills in a private event."

Some might say that Walker is a sore loser - or, that Walker is a hypocrite - or both and more.

I suppose that when one gets his/her ass whupped, one simply changes the rules to the game ... in one's own favor!

Yup, that's the ticket; loser's revenge?


Go back to sleep, francis.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the best the tea baggers can offer.

Yeah, go back to sleep, francis. Keep dreaming.

You know, as long as I'm here, might as well post one more example of hypocritical republican leadership: "Bush has considered backing out of pledge if nominee is Trump: aide", Web Link

Personally, I find this hilarious; but there are others that take this a little more seriously. In fact, it wasn't very long ago, during the republicans' first debate if memory serves, that the "pledge" caused quite the stir - only it was The Donald party leaders were so worried about.

Bush, just like the rest of them, has spent his time talking Trump instead of issues and potential solutions ... commonly referred to as vision. None of these candidates have provided any vision, other than their vision of The Donald.

And now it's Bush that's going independent? What a spoiled brat. One more example of how to screw up a campaign. He's made his bed and blames Trump for the mess - while he has contributed to Trump's success.

Interesting campaign, isn't it? Give your word on something, then renege. A top drawer qualification I'm sure we all want in our Commander-In-Chief. A great example to all, particularly our youth.

More hatred from George.


hatred? Is that the new word for facts from the tea bagging clan? Interesting.

I suppose that's one way to rationalize away the facts in a matter. Does it help You sleep at night, francis?

Nice try.

It's Christmas season, George. Give it a rest already.

Once again we see uff coming to francis' rescue. Isn't it cute?

Yes, it is Christmas Season, one of Christianity's biggest seasons or holidays; but I don't see francis taking any days off, nor are Any of the Presidential candidates. Funny how that works, huh? Must be that there's too much money involved, among other things (the candidates excuse, anyway).

I find it interesting that one or two others can personally paste a commenter here on TA and when that commenter responds, the commenter is the one that gets attacked.

"Give it a rest, already." Practice what you preach, uff.

With that said, and with the hope that that applies to all, may I take this opportunity to wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and a Happy Holiday Season. That, btw, includes francis and uff - 2 of TA's best!

World Peace would be a wonderful Christmas present, wouldn't it? Of course that would start with honesty, so here's to honesty. May it be contagious and infect all Presidential candidates and their supporters.

We won't know the full and complete answer to the question asked; "Just How Hypocritical is The GOP Leadership?" ... until after the 2016 election is over - maybe long over. Just from what has been presented here so far, we at least know that the "GOP leadership", if that's what one wants to call it, is some kind of perverted; sick to depths I know I'd never have imagined, with more evidence coming in daily.

Here are a few thoughts from a voice of the past that might be worth reading and absorbing. I have a sneakin' suspicion she might be onto something.

"Reagan's Daughter: My Dad Would Be 'So Appalled' By GOP Presidential Candidates

And Nancy Reagan supports the marriage equality decision!", Web Link

^^^ Once again we see uff coming to francis' rescue. Isn't it cute? ^^^

I think that was for your benefit, not mine.

"AP INTERVIEW: Carson suggests campaign shake-up is coming", Web Link

Apparently the good doctor doesn't care much for the "shake-up" that has already occurred.

"Gowdy's Rubio nod brings trouble for Benghazi probe" / "Democrats say the 2016 endorsement shows Gowdy is using his investigative powers for political ends.", Web Link

"White House hopeful Marco Rubio snagged a big-name endorsement this week from Trey Gowdy, the popular South Carolina congressman leading the House investigation of the Benghazi attack."

"But the boost for Rubio could mean trouble for Gowdy back in Washington. Democrats are already pouncing, saying it shows Gowdy is not the politically disinterested inquisitor he’s portrayed himself to be throughout his months-long look into the 2012 attack, an investigation that’s scrutinized Hillary Clinton's actions as secretary of state."

“We knew Trey Gowdy was abusing his power as chair of the Benghazi Committee to attack Hillary Clinton. What’s now clear is that he was doing so in order to help Marco Rubio run for president,” Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), former head of House Democrats’ campaign arm, said in a statement to POLITICO. “His actions in Congress and on the campaign trail are nothing more than to further his partisan political agenda.”

Not at all an unreasonable argument.

"Chris Christie Refuses To Help Unemployed New Jersey Residents Hold Onto Food Stamps", Web Link

"About 11,000 New Jersey residents are set to lose their food stamps after Gov. Chris Christie (R)’s administration said it won’t seek any waivers from the program’s work requirements."

"Christie, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, has not overseen a robust economic recovery in his state. Its unemployment rate has been worse than the national average, while the long-term unemployment rate is worse than 48 other states. In November, the most recent data, the state’s unemployment rate was 5.3 percent.

"New Jersey isn’t the only state that will no longer have a work requirement waiver. Ten others have made the same decision. While the incumbent governor of New Orleans plans to undo lame duck Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R) decision to reinstate the requirements, Jindal is refusing to reverse course before he vacates the office. An estimated 1 million people will lose food stamps this year as the waivers expire."

"This population is already extremely vulnerable: unemployed, able-bodied, childless adults on SNAP have an average gross income of just $2,200 a year for an individual. Their job prospects are also limited, as they are more likely than others who receive food stamps to lack basic skills like reading, writing, and math."

Very Presidential; One GOP candidate who already quit the race (and was ousted as Governor, too) and another GOP candidate who will be joining Jindal in the quitters booth, who appears not to have missed too many meals himself, both demonstrating the wisdom of compassion.

One can't help but wonder how many of those in need and being refused food will soon be taxing the Judicial system as a charged criminal ... just trying to survive?

Kick 'em when they're down. Very Presidential. Nice' and some wonder why the GOP is in such disarray? Really?

^^^ It's Christmas season, George. Give it a rest already. ^^^

You may have to try all caps next time, uff.

"Fiorina: Cruz says 'whatever' to get elected", Web Link

One more clear as a bell example of just how hypocritical the GOP candidates are. It was just 2 days ago that Fiorina, a Stanford grad and GOP Presidential candidate, dumped Stanford for Iowa in the 2016 Rose Bowl - and got the tar smacked out of her: "Carly Fiorina pandered to Iowans by rooting against her alma mater, and it backfired hard", Web Link

"The presidential candidate shamelessly turned her back on her alma mater to get Iowan votes."

"Except, Stanford is playing Iowa. And the Iowa caucuses – the first official voting in the presidential primary electoral process – are one month from Friday. Surely, that has nothing to do with Fiorina's view of this college football game."

Fiorina's 11:00 AM January 1 tweet: "Love my alma mater, but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today." Shameless is right.

And less than 48 hours later? - Fiorina is now spinning that quote as "tongue in cheek" after Stanford beat the snot out of Iowa (45-16) and Fiorina has been feeling the heat and backpedaling since ... until she rolls over on Cruz that is!

What a piece of work Carly and her fellow GOP candidates are. The whole lot of them are no better than those hanging out looking for "business" every night on street corners around America.

It's embarrassing and sad.

It sure is sad that you give a pass to the Clintons' many horrific abuses while pouncing on something so trivial you Fiorina.

"... you give a pass to the Clintons' many horrific abuses ..." Bologna!

IF a crime has occurred than charges should be filed, prosecution should transpire and let's see the outcome. Your colorful language, statements and insinuations, while emotional and salacious, carry no water; but that isn't really the issue, is it uff?

The real issue is you do not like Bill or Hillary, isn't it? In fact, your dislike could easily qualify as hate, a very ugly emotion (but perhaps a valid one in your view).

We were in high cotton when Bill was President. Ti ignore, or worse yet shun his experience and accomplishments for us as a nation would be (is) foolish, imho.

Folks all over the world cheat on their spouse. A very good argument can be and has been made that vows are vows and should not be broken once taken. I subscribe to that in my own life, but who am I to shove that in someone else's ear? It is none of my business what goes on behind the closed doors od another - until and unless it becomes my business. With Bill's questionable activities, that never became the case. I would add here that GOP res went after Bill with everything they had from before he was inaugurated and to the standards of most, that was unprecedented. It sure seemed that way when it was happening (and happening, and happening).

The question and whole point of our republic is electing leaders that will benefit our country both domestically and through foreign policy. We have not been fortunate enough yet to elect the "perfect" President, one that has done everything perfectly, anticipates everything perfectly and takes the perfect actions to either thwart the anticipated point or promote it.

Seems sometimes we forget we're human. We shouldn't.

Hillary has been in the public eye providing public service for decades. She is, for lack of a better term, tried and true. We know her strengths and weaknesses. She is a known commodity and in the opinion of many has done a good job - from First Lady to Senator to top State Department dog, she has seen and done just about all a person can do in government.

And the best opponents can offer is Bill is a pedophile (iff claim) and she is an enabler (another uff claim)? Really?

When determining domestic issues, does it matter who sleeps with whom? When sitting across the table from Putin, or Iran's crazy leadership or the genocide going on in the middle east, or that kid freak in N Korea, what is more important 1) that Hillary is bopping the driver, or 2) that the right and appropriate outcome of whatever the issue of the day is?

There is no changing your mind, uff, and it is not my intention to attempt to achieve that, Vote for whomever you like. I know I will and hope that every eligible voter across this land does the same - and let the chips fall where they may - we the people will decide when the time comes ... as it should be.

"... pouncing on something so trivial you Fiorina." Fiorina is a liar. She is a blatant panderer (some would say hooker). She is not leader. She is divisive and has a nasty attitude to boot. I have no respect for her and those like her (and there are some). Until the day she drops out, and it's coming, she is to be watched and judged for what she is; dangerous.

pander: gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire, need or habit or a person with such a desire, etc) Wouldn't that be the definition of a prostitute? If you like that, then Carly's your vote! She is not nor will be mine.

This is, so far, Hillary's race to lose; but there is a lot of landscape between here and election day. We'll see.

please excuse all the typos, most if not all of which I can and will blame on Yosemite OS. (I Might have made 1 or 2 of them...).

uff, why is it that these typos seem to happen most when I'm having a back and forth with you?

Some might suggest it's Karma, but I wouldn't know.

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