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"Paris Victims Were ‘Devil-Worshippers"

This deserves its own thread. For many, if not most or all - this is so clear, so sick that it should put this GOP religeous stuff to bed.

"Pastor Who Hosted GOP: Paris Victims Were ‘Devil-Worshippers’", Web Link

"After standing with Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, Kevin Swanson says the 89 people gunned down in the Bataclan “loved the devil.”

"A Christian pastor who hosted Republican presidential candidates a week before the Paris terrorist attack says its victims received divine retribution for worshipping Satan."

"Kevin Swanson of Generations Ministries said last Thursday that the 89 people massacred inside the Bataclan theater were “devil-worshippers.” Two weeks earlier, Swanson headlined his own “Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference” featuring Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal."

"Swanson believes God will annihilate America for tolerating homosexuality and seemed to say God already made an example out of the Bataclan.

We've had discussion on this Swanson fellow before and recently. He is every bit as "out there" as any individual claiming 'membership' to ISIS. He is nothing but sick trouble looking for a place to roost, and he has current GOP Presidential candidates in tow.

What does it say about any candidate for any elected office in these United States that holds reverence for this Swanson fellow?

Seems just about all the GOP Presidential candidates have a use for (their) God, pandering to the religious right, which as we see is every bit as extreme as any alleged religious cult in the world today.

More from Swanson: “There’s certainly a providential irony here,” Swanson said of the fact that California rock band Eagles of Death Metal reportedly played “Kiss the Devil” as terrorists began firing AK-47s into the crowd. “They went from singing about the devil to meeting the devil face-to-face.”

“When you get a wake-up call like what happened at France’s 9/11 last Friday night at the concert,” he said, “I think we all need to pay attention to what’s happening: This is a message from God. God is shooting a shot across the bow and we better be paying attention to this.”

"Swanson had a message for those who weren’t killed, too."

“I think we need to ask the concertgoers, at least those who survived, did you love the devil? Did you love the devil’s works as your friends were being shot up in the massacre?”

"Swanson then claimed he wasn’t taking sides between peaceful victims and Islamic terrorists."

I have seen an awful lot in politics in my lifetime - but I can not recall anytime in my lifetime seeing anything even closely resembling this level of hate, bigotry, ignorance and the just plain whoring of our political system. It is beyond sickening and anyone that can sympathize, understand, agree with &/or support this sort of extreme should really consider moving to Oregon, where it is legal to commit suicide.

In closing, here's the closing of this linked piece: "Cruz and Huckabee’s presidential campaigns did not respond to a request for comment about Swanson."

"Previously, Swanson has said that gay people should face the death penalty; that the movie Frozen turns little girls into lesbians; and that natural disasters are the fault of godless fornicators."


Ever notice that nearly 100% of the religious folks who make it into the media are nutters? I'm certain that normal, reasonable, and pious folks are shaking their heads at hucksters like Swanson. Those folks don't make news, though.

Far worse is that these candidates would associate with a hateful loon like Swanson.

No worse than Obama and his hateful loon Reverend Wright. And he still got voted in so there ya go.

"No worse than Obama and his hateful loon Reverend Wright." So because of A, you feel B is OK? Really?

I have a difficult time understanding that type 'logic', and as bad as Wright is (and he is), Swanson is worse - measurably worse; but that's not the point.

The point is we have actual GOP candidates (multiple) that are pandering so hard, so unabashed that they embrace this type of sick individual instead of running the other way.

I think the polite word for that sort of behavior is prostitution, the oldest profession around. And I thought it was only legal in Nevada.

Is this sort of sick influence what we want for our next President? Is this just another example of how far the GOP has fallen? Is this really the best they have? And most importantly, will this translate into votes? That's the truly scary question because the answer is (obviously) yes.

Another us vs them snake oil salesman instead of a uniter (a real leader).

I would think we'd want a "leader" in the WH, not a follower; but then that's just my opinion.

Ever notice context is meaningless to some?

Anger expressed by an oppressed minority is no different than a vastly more powerful majority pleading for the execution of a long persecuted minority. These are, apparently, considered equivalent contexts in the Teabag Universe.

These Teabag people are dangerously stupid.

VERY well said Coasters.

Um, Coasters, I did not say because of A, B is OK. Those are your words, not mine. As are your incessant name calling and bullying. You and Justin need to get out of your hate mindset. Go for a walk in the sunshine or do something positive.

^^^ Um, Coasters, I did not say because of A, B is OK. ^^^

You're confusing the dumb one with the wretched one.

Again, sliding into home in order to prove the point. Thank you, Francis.

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