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They Have A "Manual"?!

"Here's the manual the Islamic State uses to teach its soldiers about encryption", Web Link

First, I'd like to once again recognize X-President Bush for his unrelenting need for power, without any thought what-so-ever of the consequences for his actions to our country or any other, regarding and for the genesis, nurturing and growth of IS and other radical "religious" organizations that have and continue to fill the void he created in the world's most unstable region in its history. Thanks George; you're the best.

From the linked piece: "They remind their members to always check “location services” to make sure their phones won’t reveal where they are. They urge them not to use Instagram because it’s owned by Facebook, which “has a bad reputation in the protection of privacy.” And they ask that no one use Dropbox, because former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is part of its board of investors, and Edward “Snowden advised not to use the service.”

"These are just a few of the extensive security tips from a 32-page Arabic document that analysts at the Combating Terrorism Center, an independent research group at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, have discovered after about a year of monitoring several known Islamic State online forums. The instructional guide includes a list of links and descriptions to over 40 consumer products that help secure written and spoken communications on almost every digital platform — the type of thing that would make online security advocates proud. It ends with a plea to spread the word."

"IS Encryption Guide" ....

Another Bush malignancy that we are stuck with; but no need to concern yourself with Jr. He's doing well playing on his ranch, avoiding the ever trigger happy Cheney (no hunting with Dick), while his brother asks for your money and your vote so he can get elected President and continue the Legacy.

I know we are all just thrilled with the prospect.


Absolutely breathtaking!

It is always nice to see our esteemed Gualala 'contributor' exhibit his language skills. Very deep / thought provoking stuff.

He might have been able to show off his new word in a better light had he been a little more patient; but then again, just because he has added a new word to his vocabulary doesn't mean he actually knows and understands the definition of said word.

We do appreciate the effort, though. Now, do you have anything to contribute (on topic, of course)? ... or is that the best you have?

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