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Ben Carson Just Doesn't Get It

"Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East,”

That was said of Ben Carson. Not by his Republican challengers, not by the Democrats, but by Duane R. Clarridge, a top adviser to Carson on terrorism and national security, in an interview.

Web Link

Knowing anything about the Middle East is not a prerequisite for being a leading Republican candidate for President of The United States.



Perhaps there is hope for Dr .Carson

"DES MOINES (The Borowitz Report)—In a major foreign-policy announcement on Wednesday, the Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson unveiled a detailed plan to Google Syria.

Speaking in Iowa, the retired neurosurgeon told an audience of supporters, “Any responsible policy on Syria must begin with a fact-finding mission, and such a mission must begin with Googling.”

The impetuous boy in the WH is withdrawing from the mideast.

The angry old white folk seeking the Democrat nomination for President either contributed to the current mess in the mideast or downplay its significance. (They laughably consider Global Warming a bigger threat to the US than ISIS, even after the Paris attacks.)

None has a realistic position on fighting ISIS, whereas the highly accomplished black man you're trying to ridicule does have a realistic approach.

The NYT is really going to have to try harder to take down Dr. Ben Carson. The story linked by the OP seems to have the same odor as the one peddled by Politico a few weeks ago:

Web Link

“He’s not my adviser. He is not my adviser. He is a person who has come in on a couple of our sessions to offer his opinions about what was going on …. To call himself my adviser would be a great stretch, and he has no idea who else I’m sitting down and talking to.”

But there's no liberal bias in the press, right?

As we are all painfully aware, Mr Carson doesn't have to stretch his reach to the middle east to demonstrate his oh so bizarre "knowledge" (complete ignorance) of things that might come in handy as a Presidential candidate: "Ben Carson’s campaign made a U.S. map and put a bunch of states in the wrong place", Web Link

And with such a thoughtful image on the side of his bus, too.

Call me crazy, but I would think that as an alleged legitimate GOP US Presidential candidate, Mr Carson might have boned up a little more on ... well ... the US. At least get your geography right before posting it! But hey, that's just my 2 cents.

* Breaking News Flash* - I wonder if Carson is aware that we now have 50 states? Yes, Alaska (Palin included) and Hawaii took the plunge and joined the other 48!

Oh, from the piece linked just above: "As you can see, in Carson's map the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are moved northeast by about 150 miles or so. Vermont and New York now have hundreds of miles of new beachfront property. Massachusetts shares a border with Canada. Maine straddles what is now the Gulf of Saint Lawrence."

The folks in NY will certainly show their appreciation for the much needed additional 150 miles of beaches come election day, we're sure. The only possible itsy-bitsy rub that I can see there is Carson won't be on that ballot.

Somebody help this guy ... Please! He probably should understand that the world, including all the of US, is a much bigger, more more complex place than the ER.

Maybe Carson should stick with what he (allegedly) knows. And the rub there is obvious; we don't yet Know what he knows! But we do get a peek of what he doesn't Know on a daily basis.

We are so lucky. Is this a Great country or what? An individual that can't even get a US map right (let alone all the other absolutely bizarre knowledge and positions he's shared publicly) can run for President and actually find folks that support him!

Gotta love it.

The Retarded Brain Surgeon (RBS) is yesterday's news. Trump will continue spreading fascism around like catnip, for folks such as Uff and Francis who will lap it up and go nuts, thereby eclipsing any reasonable candidates.

As my oldest, who identifies as a Republican, said yesterday, "It used to be the Democrats had all the crazies. What the hell happened?".

Indeed. Sarah Palin happened. Evangelicals happened. 9/11 happened.

Now we got crazies.

Wow, I didn't know I was an evangelist for Trump.

What would "Coasters" and its ilk do if they couldn't make stuff up to mimic the vitriolic argument de jour of their ideological masters?

They've arleady reduced themselves to mocking a highly successful black man simply because he dared leave the Democrat plantation.

Ben's not the only one that doesn't get it. It seems he has surrounded himself with campaign folks that don't get it either: "The Joke About Mrs. Ben Carson’s Appearance Is No Laughing Matter" / "She Matters: Social media is having a field day about her looks, and even though critics may have a point, she didn’t ask to be in the spotlight."

That is one frightening image. The possible hilarious captions are unlimited. SNL would have a field day.

Here's the closing comments: "She doesn’t have to slay in off-the-shoulder, hip-hugging ball gowns, but it would be helpful if the team that works with his presentation, if he has one, would add a little oomph for her. And if there is no team, Candy Carson would be well-served to enlist the help of a glam squad. Not because social media has no chill, but because appearances matter, and when it comes to running for president, her husband needs all the help he can get."

I'm sorry. It appears I forgot to post the link to the titled piece: Web Link - "The Joke About Mrs. Ben Carson’s Appearance Is No Laughing Matter" / "She Matters: Social media is having a field day about her looks, and even though critics may have a point, she didn’t ask to be in the spotlight."

There, now it makes sense.

he dared leave the Democrat plantation

And lept into the hands of a cult like the 7th Day Adventists.


It seems there's an awful lot that Carson "doesn't get", which of course will end up meaning he justifiably also will not get the nod of his party. They are a complete mess, as has been repeatedly pointed out and documented here on TA and around the world, but let's get back to what poor Ben gets wrong this time.

"Carson says, wrongly, that Thomas Jefferson crafted the Constitution", Web Link

"Of America’s Founding Fathers, Ben Carson is most moved by Thomas Jefferson, partly because of the way he “tried to craft our Constitution,” the retired neurosurgeon said this weekend."

"In a Sunday interview on C-SPAN as part of its “Road to the White House” series, Carson said he was “impressed by a lot of them,” referring to the Founding Fathers."

“But I’m particularly impressed with Thomas Jefferson, who seemed to have very deep insight into the way that people would react and tried to craft our Constitution in a way that it would control people’s national tendencies and control the natural growth of the government,” Carson said.

"The problem: Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution."

Another oops, and they continue to add up; and not just for Carson, either...but you gotta give this guy credit - he's good at ignorance and is not at all ashamed to demonstrate it at every turn, everyday.

Thanks for the laughs, Ben.

Hillary loses to all Republicans, even the black ghetto dude that Spurious George needs to belittle so he feels better about himself:

Web Link

You go girl! Spurious George is counting on your sex parts to carry the day!

"...even the black ghetto dude that Spurious George needs to belittle so he feels better about himself:" - heck, francis, no need to be so humble. Carson is doing a Fine job belittling himself. He obviously needs no help in that regard.

What is that old saying about lies? Lies beget more lies? ... or something like that. The good doctor is learning all about how that works. Between his "embellishments" and his complete dumbfoundedness, why he's providing us all with quite the show.

So, hypothetically speaking, if Ben Carson made the trip to Oz, what would he ask the Wizard for? Brains? Knowledge? Courage? a Heart? Maybe a good dose of Common Sense?

Poor francis; tied your horse to the wrong hitch gain?

You go girl! Spurious George is counting on your sex parts to carry the day!

Look! It's the answer to the riddle, "What sound does a reactionary male chauvinist pig make?".

For spittle-cackling extremists like Spurious George that like to trash talk their betters:

Web Link

Saith the ACLU: "The American Bill of Rights, inspired by Jefferson and drafted by James Madison, was adopted, and in 1791 the Constitution's first 10 amendments became the law of the land."

How did Jefferson contribute? By letter. To Madison. And Washington.

Score that Dr.Carson 2 or 3 and Spurious George 0.

Yeah, we must have forgotten about the US Mail - that lightening quick, very persuasive means of communicating back then; A blink of an eye slower than today's social media, huh?

Yeah, that Pony Express sure could move. What with the lightening speed they demanded of their deliveries, it is easy to see how a person could really have substantial input (using the mail) into something as critical as the US Constitution. Why I'll bet it was almost as if he were there, huh?

Poor francis; tied your horse to the wrong hitch again? Btw francis, you must have missed the questions asked because you neglected to answer any of them - shock of shocks!!

Here they are again for your answering pleasure: So, hypothetically speaking, if Ben Carson made the trip to Oz, what would he ask the Wizard for? Brains? Knowledge? Courage? a Heart? Maybe a good dose of Common Sense?

Based on what we've seen from the 'good doctor' to date, an endless supply of Mulligans might be his best bet when chatting with The Wizard.

"Republican candidate Carson may consider independent bid: media", Web Link

Who does Carson think he is ... Trump?

Poor Ben; he's having a bad day this month.

And the GOP version of musical candidates continues. It all could have been so much easier had the GOP found an actual leader to compete in the 2016 Presidential election.

Maybe next time?

Breathtaking news! So glad you rushed to share it here at the obscure TA forum. We would never have noticed it without you. You are such a treasure! Keep it up!

Well, since you appreciated that nugget so much, here's another: "Republican candidate Carson may consider independent bid", Web Link

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson threatened to leave his party and launch an independent White House bid on Friday, accusing Republican Party leaders of trying to manipulate who wins the 2016 nomination." Is he serious? Really? Accusing the "Republican Party" of "manipulation"? There must be some mistake, right? Lousy, stinking press; can't get anything right and spin what little is left (play intended).

"Carson's threat came a day after party operatives said the race is so unpredictable that it could result in a contested convention in July when delegates meet to formally pick their presidential nominee."

"Carson's concern is that party officials will rally around a candidate of their choice and exclude him."

"The party should not be doing anything that is deceptive and under the covers," Carson told reporters in Burlington, Iowa.

"...deceptive and under the covers"? He really is an outsider, isn't he. How cute, that he can be so naive. Maybe the good doctor should have done a little more homework Before he entered the world of politics ... perhaps starting small (like a City Council election or dog catcher or something), then moving up the ladder. Just a thought.

Further, I doubt that anyone would even know this guy's name had the GOP not placed him front and center. And he actually believes that he has a better shot on his own? Right ... that's rich.

If the good doctor now seems to want to stand on principle, because he is feeling left out, maybe he'd have more cred had he stood on honesty from the start. The cat's out of the bag already.

Now he has a problem? Good Luck with that, Carson (and those who actually support this clown).

Wow! Another amazing scoop! Impressive!

What would anyone do without you!

It appears Carson isn't the only one that doesn't get it; but we continue to have hope - even against such stiff odds.

I'm still waiting for George's sense of outage to kick in over Hillary's litany of lies and corruption. But that might be waiting till hell freezes over.

^^^ I'm still waiting for George's sense of outage to kick in over Hillary's litany of lies and corruption. ^^^

To paraphrase my mother, when it comes to Democrats he wouldn't say "poop" if he had a mouthful. That seems to be a common condition in these parts.

So that's it, huh? Carrying on a family tradition? Labeling, name calling, drama, trolling - wow, you have quite the pedigree, don't you?

While that's all well and good, it neither adds to the discussion of Carson's apparent self-importance nor the fact that he just doesn't get it.

I realize that it can, at times, be difficult to maintain topic; It happens. When it happens to me what I try to do is scroll up and re-read the title, which is more times than not a very good hint to topic.

May I suggest that others with the occasional forget gene at work do the same. You may find that trick helpful.

As to Hillary: There are threads on her going back months, maybe even longer. If none of them seem up to current snuff, may I respectfully suggest you start a new one. Then we can all discuss Hillary and maintain topic.

What an idea, huh?

Pretty bad when your senior paid staff can't stand ya; "Ben Carson’s top aides resign", Web Link

"2016 is already off to a rough start for Ben Carson, with two of the Republican presidential candidate’s top aides calling it quits ahead of the new year."

"The Hill reported Thursday that Carson’s campaign manager Barry Bennett and communications director Doug Watts had both notified the retired neurosurgeon of their resignations, “effective immediately.” - "effective immediately"! Wow, couldn't stand him long enough to stick with him through the upcoming Primary?

"Carson himself had prompted speculation about potential staffing changes in recent weeks, but with the Iowa caucuses just one month away, now hardly seems like the best time for such a shakeup. Especially since questions about Carson’s personal history and his foreign policy chops appear to have caused a recent drop in his poll numbers."

What's that you say ... one month away?

"This isn’t the first dramatic exodus from the Carson camp. In June, four senior staffers had already quit the campaign within a month of its launch."

It is as clear as the nose on one's face - the good doctor has issues...issues so serious and so troubling that his own senior (well) Paid staff can't get out the door fast enough. At least they have the decency and dignity to wish him well (citing their contributions, of course). That's more than the good doctor has done.

President? Really? of what?

Apparently this "Ben thing" is a little worse (from everyone's perspective, except 'the good doctor's) than advertised: "Republican Carson's campaign manager, 20 staff quit", Web Link

"NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Republican Ben Carson's 2016 presidential bid was thrown into chaos on Thursday when his campaign manager and some 20 other staff members quit amid infighting, dropping poll numbers and negative media coverage."

"Barry Bennett, who oversaw Carson's rapid rise to the top tier of Republican contenders and his later fall, said he quit over differences with another top adviser to Carson, Armstrong Williams."

"Specifically, Bennett blamed Williams for an interview Carson gave last week to The Washington Post suggesting that the campaign was in disarray. "It's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen a candidate do," Bennett said."

"Things had "boiled over" with Williams, Bennett told Reuters. "For the past seven weeks, I’ve been doing nothing but putting out Armstrong Williams-started fires," Bennett said.

20, huh? Gee, that sounds like a lot.

"Former Ben Carson Campaign Manager Gives an Inside Look at Campaign Dysfunction", Web Link

"After announcing his resignation from the Ben Carson campaign, former campaign manager Barry Bennett tells ABC News that the staff changes were revealed in a scheduled call this morning. The main change Carson wanted to make was with his Communications Director Doug Watts, Bennett says."

"Bennett told the Republican presidential candidate on the call he would not support that decision and told Carson “it’s time for me to go.” Bennett said Carson was surprised and asked him to think about staying on as his campaign manager to which Bennett quickly told him no."

“[Carson] tried to blame some of the problems in the campaign on silly things and I said Ben we all know the root of our problems, let’s not pretend it’s not Armstrong Williams,” Bennett told ABC News on the phone. “Ben said I’ll talk to him, I’ll talk to him. But I’ve heard that for nine months now.”

"Williams did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment."

This Armstrong Williams name has been popping up for a while now. It would appear that Armstrong has Carson's confidence, so much so that this Armstrong is overriding and countering professionals in the business that know how to get things done. Al Davis comes to mind - hire a new head coach and still call all the plays! Not good.

I'm sure Williams means only the best, but he is and has been a wrench in the spokes for some time and it has become painfully obvious that Carson, after being warned repeatedly over a long period of time, makes poor choices.

Stick a fork in this guy - he's done. Next!

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