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Thank Goodness For BS Detectors

"Fact Checkers Working Overtime: Top Whoppers from the GOP Debate", Web Link

Here's how this one starts out: "For a policy reporter -- or an engaged citizen with a reasonably sensitive BS detector -- watching presidential debates can be strenuous mental exercise. Falsehoods, exaggerations and arguments so flawed that, as one of Marco Rubio’s philosophy majors might put it, they are “not even wrong,” fly by so quickly that if you react to them all, it’s like trying to watch the debate in a house with a malfunctioning fire alarm."

Ain't that the truth? It can be an unrealistic challenge for many - trying to keep up with politicians when they're campaigning. Hence the difference between a campaign promise and a promise. For some stupid reason we don't hold our politicians to their campaign promises yet we take great offense when a friend to neighbor doesn't fulfill a promise. Go figure.

In addition, it seems most politicians will do or say anything, anything at all, with no regard for accuracy or accountability. It can be very difficult for many to sort through all the crap to discover actual truths and it also seems that the higher the office the worse it is. A Presidential run brings it to the max.

Thank goodness for those that dig into what is said to separate fact from BS for us.


Oh No! Another thread about the debates. Talk About used to attract many visitors with multiple themes/threads. Now it's just George.

Really sucks that there's a Presidential election coming, doesn't it? What, it messes with your schedule?

Yeah, four republican debates, so far, and more to come. I'm excited - and that doesn't even mention the democrat side!

So sweet of you to mention me; much appreciated. May I suggest that if you don't like what I post, start your own threads and post away to them.

One of the beauties of TA is that anyone can post a comment / anyone can initiate a thread that is of interest to them / and for the most part, we can say what we like, hopefully civilly.

As discussed before, if there is something that you voluntarily look at and it troubles you, may I suggest you stop looking there.

Great country, huh? All these choices, ...

Have a nice evening, Seal. All the best.

George this is effecting advertisers from this page because of the multiple threads on your repetitive GOP ideas and shares. It woudn't surprise me if the HMBR loses advertisers $$$. Why not stick to a couple of threads? If you were smart you would concentrate on one or maybe two threads. Beyond that your message comes across as boring and obsessive; i.e. OCD.

This will be the last time I have this 'discussion' with you, Seal, so please pay attention to what I've said in response to you so far and what I'm about to say - and of course I say it all with due respect.

Like many, I have been around politics and elections all my life ... all of it. I remember licking stamps and envelopes for the Kennedy campaign in 1960. My Mother, God rest her soul, was an AA for a big time lobbyist on the Hill when I grew up, hence I spent a fair amount of time and effort there.

That is not to say that my political acumen is any better or worse than anyone else's or that I know more than anyone else. It does mean, however, that I might have some insight into American politics and that when I state that I can't recall any election or any time in our history where we had this much vitriol, rancor, hatred, personal attacks and the most messed up political landscape that I've ever seen ... that it mat be right and it may be worth documenting and discussion. EX: there are members of Congress right now that are discussing plans to impeach Clinton ... and she hasn't won anything yet, and may not win anything! Can you imagine the pure hate it takes to waste the public's time and resources at such a rate in such a fashion? It's a sickness I think.

That You have a problem with it, well ... Sorry bout that, Seal. That would make it your problem.

I have avoided posting most stories I see. Lord knows, what I do post is almost overwhelming as it is. Do you look at the news? Story after story after story is political, and with good cause; literally dozens (plural) a day. The politics are nothing short of bizarre all the way around. Frankly, I don't see a leader in the bunch which is frightening and makes me wonder how we got here, what we can do about it and most importantly - where will this all lead?

That I document some of the stories is my privilege. That you don't care for it is your privilege. I will continue to post. You can continue to read those posts or not - may I once again suggest you not. Seems to trouble you and I don't want that on my hands.

But this is a Presidential run, the likes of which we've never had before and if we are at all lucky, we'll never have again.

So, get used to it, Seal. And you have the nerve to discuss advertisers? Really? That's rich.

Good grief...

^^^ Oh No! Another thread about the debates. ^^^

And started by someone that doesn't vote in Republican primaries that is from a deep blue state.

Heal. Inspire. Revive!

George "Lucy is in, 5 cents". Your obsession might get a discount of one penny. You are ruining the playground. Take your ball and go home.

Looks like we can reduce the stress on those BS detectors a notch: "Jindal says he is dropping out of 2016 race for president", Web Link

"BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he is dropping out of 2016 race for president, ending a campaign that failed to gain much support among Republicans." - or anyone else, for that matter.

"Jindal tells Fox News, "This is not my time." - Got that right.

The game of musical chairs continues.

Breathtaking news! Breathtaking!

Learn a new word, did we? Very nice, now pay attention ... you might just learn something.

I have for some time now posted to the complete shambles commonly referred to as the GOP. The depths the GOP have descended to have never been seen in American politics; other countries, maybe, but not here.

And yet we are witness to it daily, watching the GOP dig deeper, as if they were trying to dig a hole from DC to Beijing. The painful part of it all, aside from the extreme embarrassments they provide us daily, is that it appears they are digging that hole with a very small spoon; but, give them credit ... they continue, undaunted by their daily deserved ridicule.

And, as I've noted so many times on this board, it is the alleged 'leadership' of the GOP that has them spiraling to new depths on a daily basis. Apparently there is yet another that sees it and is concerned: "The Bobby Jindal Campaign Is a Testament to the RNC Errors of 2016 ", Web Link

Here's the start: "Want to know why Trump and Carson are on top while more serious candidates are stuck in the single digits? Look no farther than the Republican National Committee."

"Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was probably the smartest candidate in the field this cycle—a Rhodes Scholar who has a superb academic history and a career of policy innovation at the gubernatorial level—but he becomes the third governor to exit the GOP primary, and arguably the most tested. Jindal has dealt with hurricanes and disasters of enormous scale, he has drained the swamp of corrupt Louisiana politics, and he has pushed the issue of school choice to new heights—but he never caught fire in the presidential field. Why is that?"

"The answer is simple: Reince Priebus."

How's that for "Breathtaking"?

More BS detector fodder: "Fiorina to Obama: Instead of Attacking Republicans, Focus Your ‘Energy on Our Real Enemies’", Web Link

Carly has such a sense of humor - she is chastising Obama (who is Not running for President this time ... somebody please alert Carly to that fact) for chiding the GOP during a Presidential election campaign season which clearly shows where her attention is focused.

Anyone else see the irony here? How about some issue discussion, Carly, with perhaps an idea or two toward resolution of those issues. Just a thought.

And there's this: "Ted Cruz Challenges President Obama to 'Come Back and Insult Me to My Face'", Web Link

Yeah, as IF, tough guy.

These little ankle biters are a riot to watch as they step from bucket to bucket daily. Maybe somebody should remind the Cruz folks that Cruz might want to consider earning the right to debate the President on anything. After all, one is a Twice Elected President of these United States, ... and the others? wannabes, at best.

These upstarts ... Anyone have a fly swatter handy?

Oh, boy ... I sure hope 'they' haven't put that BS Detector away, yet. The hits just keep coming, and we are a long way from the 11/16 Presidential election, so hopefully 'they' still have it out and are able to use it.

Here's why (this time): "GOP congressman tries to connect refugees, Benghazi", Web Link

"There is literally nothing unhinged members of Congress can’t connect to Benghazi in some wild-eyed way. As hard as this may be to believe, this even includes Syrian refugees."

"TPM reported yesterday on an amazing exchange at a congressional hearing.

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck on Thursday blamed the President’s handling of the 2011 terrorist attack in Benghazi for Americans’ distrust of Syrian refugees today."

"In a back-and-forth with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez, Buck argued that no one should be surprised Americans are deeply concerned about refugees considering the way Obama handled the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks."

"Initially, I took this to mean that Buck was conflating terrorists in Libya and refugees from Syria, but that’s not it."

"Rather, the Colorado Republican was endorsing far-right Benghazi conspiracy theories, which leads him to believe the White House covered up some imaginary scandal, which then leads him to believe Americans don’t trust the administration, which then leads Buck to believe Benghazi is indirectly responsible for creating public hostility towards refugees from an entirely different country."

Yes Mr Buck, of course you're right again. Another conspiracy uncovered, thank goodness. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if between Obama and Clinton (if you pushed hard enough), you could get them to admit that they know who shot JR, where Hoffa is buried and who is really responsible for the JFK assassination - all of which undoubtedly are in some way connected to Benghazi, we're sure.

All I can add is that we are so lucky to have such insightful individuals in the GOP helping us all out at every turn and always looking out for us. What a crew.

This addition may just be a little too much for the old BS Detector. I hope it doesn't collapse under the strain.

"This Week in God, 11.21.15", Web Link

"First up from the God Machine this week is a look at the “presidential family forum,” held last night in Iowa, and hosted by a far-right religious-right group called The Family Leader, led by a conservative kingmaker named Bob Vander Plaats."

"Right Wing Watch explained this week a little about the man who ran the show: “”Not only does Vander Plaats want to remove from office or defund the courts of judges who find in favor of marriage equality, he believes that anything, like gay marriage, that ‘goes against the law of nature’ is by definition unconstitutional . He argues that the government is an institution of God and therefore its purpose is ‘to promote righteousness’ and to apply ‘God’s principles and precepts.’”

It appears Mr Plaats is confused and has blurred the fine line between our form of government, the US Constitution - and the Vatican (or some other religious center).

more: "So, how’d it go? I think this helped capture the flavor of the evening."

"Asked to name the first person they would call upon hearing about a terrorist attack, Carson and Rubio both said the Department of Homeland Security; Fiorina and Mike Huckabee both said they’d fall to their knees and pray."

"The question was quite specific. The moderator asked the candidates to imagine a scenario in which there were simultaneous attacks on Times Square and Yankee Stadium on Sept. 11, 2017. The question – who would you call first? – went to Rubio, who talked about federal resources and DHS. Huckabee answered moments later, saying he would get on his knees and “make a call to God.”

Funny; just a few days ago as Carson was backpedaling again from one of his zany comments, I could swear that he stated that he didn't do hypotheticals. Maybe he meant that he doesn't do them based on the question and who's doing the asking.

Honestly, this is beyond ridiculous. These folks have clearly lost their minds. To add to that, they pander to anybody, saying whatever the crowd of the day (or the money of the day, to be more blunt) wants to hear to open those wallets.

And they expect us to take them seriously? Clinton will eat this bunch for lunch and call for desert.

Here's another one; "A Particularly Ugly Dinner with Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and the Gang", Web Link

"DES MOINES—On Friday night, seven of the Republican contenders for president gathered around a mock Thanksgiving table on a stage at the front of an enormous ballroom, which was filled to the gunwales even though the year's first winter storm had come rolling out of Nebraska that afternoon. "Satan," joked Bob Vander Plaats, "is trying to disrupt our plans tonight. But it was laid on my heart that the people who would show up tonight were the people who really love this country."

"Vander Plaats is the head of the Family Leader Foundation. If you are a Republican candidate for president, and you run afoul of Vander Plaats and his legions, you are not going to get out of Iowa alive. They shake the hay with more enthusiasm, they bang their Bibles more vigorously than just about any group of people anywhere in the country, and they control the caucus process, if anyone does. Which is why the seven people who want to be president were sitting there at the table behind papier mache autumn leaves with Frank Luntz sitting in the Daddy chair at the end, and feeding them a series of questions that included the following:"

You'll have to read the rest for yourself; but if scary movies keep you up at night, you might just want to pass. A scary movie is one thing; 7 posers dancing to the Prostitute's National Anthem, for real, is much worse ... it is real and it is happening now.

Plaats = "king maker"? Interesting info.

I can only hope that the BS Detector is as Heavy Duty as they come, cause the strain is and will continue to be enormous.

Sheesh, all these pointless public ramblings.

Whatever happened to crawling into a dark closet with a bottle of whiske and muttering to one's self?

This one surely fits under this theme (BS Detectors); "Jeb Bush: ‘You can tell when someone is a Christian’", Web Link

Yeah, just like his brother "looked the man in the eye" and was able to assess Putin's character from that look! Remarkable.

It's a gift. The entire Bush family is blessed with it. We're so lucky to have them in this country.

Btw, regarding that closet thing; do tell us what it was like ... if you ever come out of that closet. Please don't forget to wipe the drool off your chin and clothing occasionally.

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