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A Real, Actual Issue May Have Come From The GOP Debate

The GOP candidates, some of them anyway, were at it again last night; they had their 4th televised debate. Many say it was a snoozer, but an actual issue was discussed this time, as opposed to the constant back biting, bickering, damage control and name calling we're accustomed to with this bunch.

Taxes - it was discussed, at least superficially.

But was there anything realistic, tangible in the 'discussion'? Would any of the "plans" work? Is a flat tax, as discussed last night, The answer, or even an answer?

Here's one view: "GOP 'simple' flat tax proposals simply don't add up", Web Link

We've heard it all before, and more; but we have yet to see a "flat tax" work on paper. The numbers don't add up as defined to date. The rich, particularly the 1%ers, get richer and the poor get more burdened.

There can be little question that our tax code needs work - maybe, even perhaps a complete overhaul. But are any of the candidates' "plans", the ones that have at least presented something, workable, realistic, doable?

In other words, we hear the talk and like the idea of restructuring our tax code, but have we heard any plan, from anywhere or anyone, that can work and improve upon the draconian tax code we currently have?

The experts don't think so. How about us non-experts?


^^^ We've heard it all before, ... ^^^

But never from Democrats, the party of excessive government. We do hear them snipe about it, though.

There are other modes of communication than just attack. There are real issues in this race as there are in most election campaigns.

Most of us pay taxes. Most of us are concerned about our tax structure.

The question(s) are non-partisan. How about responding in kind or just sitting this ride out.

Thank you.

Another highlight/lowlight from last night's GOP candidate debate, depending on your personal POV, was this: "The Killer Question Republicans Couldn't Answer Tuesday Night" / "History hasn't been kind to GOP arguments about taxes.", Web Link

"... a question to Carly Fiorina from moderator Gerard Baker, the editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal ...": - "...in seven years under President Obama, the U.S. has added an average of 107,000 jobs a month. Under President Clinton, the economy added about 240,000 jobs a month. Under George W. Bush, it was only 13,000 a month. If you win the nomination, you'll probably be facing a Democrat named Clinton. How are you going to respond to the claim that Democratic presidents are better at creating jobs than Republicans?"

Good question / Fair question - no answer.

Perhaps, if the GOP candidates would actually consider, think about and act on "campaigning" instead of vitriol, hatred and disrespect for the many Americans they have seriously offended and just plain get past themselves, they might want to be prepared for tough questions like that so they could provide us some solutions, some answers, some real engagements on the issues that most voters are concerned with and about.

Of course that would take a modicum of intelligence, an endangered quality for the GOP of late.

One has to wonder; does anyone in the GOP really want to win the WH in 2016, or are they all just going to bitch their way through the next election?

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