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GenecideĀ and Isis

What worries many is Isis' growth.. The atrocities of the slaughtering of children is now pictured on TV. The Isis terrorists are fully armed for the next two years. The money supporting these atrocities in arming these terrorists is growing and their numbers are growing exponentially. The rapes of innocent women is growing. What is America planning to do? The parallels to Nazi Germany is astounding.


^^^ What is America planning to do ^^^

It appears we're going to let Putin handle ISIS, no matter the cost to the alliances we've made over the past 5 or 6 decades.

That, and announce we're sending 50 troops to prove Obama's toughness.

What good can 50 troops do? Is this a suicide mission to save face for Obama??

Write to your representatives about Isis and what you think the US should do about it. Let's stop this holocaust.


I don't get why people go back to Carson's bio when people are dying everyday by Isis.

^^^ I don't get why people go back to Carson's bio when people are dying everyday by Isis. ^^^

I like Carson's proposal to seize oil fields from ISIS, starting in Iraq.

Yes, seize any oil fields ISIS controls in order to deprive them of it, but westerners should never use that oil! That would feed right into the middle east hatred of the west as robbing and pillaging etc.

Our problems are so minor when thinking about these atrocities. Some people on TA obsess over debates.

Our problems are so minor when thinking about what happened last night in France.


It sure puts the immigration and refugee settlement issue back in the spotlight, doesn't it?

And it makes the campus "crybullies" at MU look like pampered little jerks. (Some of them are whining about the Paris attacks stealing their thunder.)

I certainly hope the ignorant, xenophobic governors attempting to stop taking in refugees are handed their backsides in a bag. That sort of irrational, knee-jerk response to a problem of this magnitude needs to be met with a nice big slap across their collective fat faces. Governors can't dictate immigration policy.

Of course, the sorts who call Obama lawless and untrustworthy can't prove themselves as BOTH fast enough when all their little teabaggers start wagging their tongues about Muslims and terrorists and "taking back America".

^^^ I certainly hope the ignorant, xenophobic governors ^^^

It's not "ignorance" or "xenophobia."

It may not realize this, but given the ISIS success in embedding terrorists among the refugees is both necessary, prudent and reasonable until ISIS is defeated.

And unlike it, I don't believe President Obama when he claims that we're blocking "three year old orphans" from entering. I don't believe Him when he claims the refugees are fully vetted. Only ideologues believe Hime when he talks that nonsense.

ISIS posing as refugees:

Web Link

Who'd a thunk it?

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